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List 695 - Zygophyllaceae - 6/13/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Augea capensis	52597	 1p6
Balanites aegyptiaca	40728	 100g38 250g120 1000g115
Balanites aegyptiaca prov. Mlomboji Tanzania	505701	 1000g115
Balanites maughamii	80026	 1p13
Balanites rotundifolia	461967	 1000g120
Balanites wilsoniana	461968	 1000g137
Guaiacum officinale	82914	 5s8 100s35 1000s270
Larrea tridentata	25094	 5g8 10g10 25g18 50g29 100g43 250g107 1000g205 1p8 100s14 1000s18 10000s46
Morkillia mexicana	510087	 100s45
Nitraria billardieri (name unresolved)	16327	 10g15 25g18 100g59 250g194 1000g310
Peganum harmala	32453	 1g8 10g8 25g12 50g17 100g27 250g60 500g113 1000g217 2000g316 4000g488 8000g789 1
Roepera fuscatum	552740	 1p10
Roepera morgsana	52335	 1p10 100s14
Roepera morgsania	463079	 1p12 100s18
Sisyndite spartea	68624	 1p12
Tribulus cistoides	400732	 2g8 5g14 10g23 100g128 1p8
Tribulus platypterus	434539	 15g23 25g35 100g123 1000g738 1p4
Tribulus platypterus aff.	400223	 1p4
Tribulus pterophorus	552755	 1p9
Zygophyllum aurantiacum	439559	 25g17 100g56 1000g286
Zygophyllum eremaeum	34021	 25g18 100g59 1000g310
Zygophyllum fruticulosum	439560	 10g23 25g48 100g179 1000g2000
Zygophyllum lodocarpum	439561	 25g24 100g78 1000g437
Zygophyllum maculatum	548829	 100s19 1000s153
Zygophyllum ovatum	439562	 25g20 100g66 1000g362

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