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Salad Vegetable Seed List
USDA Cold Hardiness Zone: 7   0° to 10°F   (-17.5° to -12.5°C)
Plants hardy in slightly colder minimum temperature zones will usually thrive at zone 7

Click here for the complete Salad Vegetable Seed List including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Salad Vegetable Seed List Photos

Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Abelmoschus manihot zone 7
Achillea ageratum zone 7
Agastache foeniculum for micro anise hyssop zone 4
Agastache mexicana Sangria zone 7
Allium fistulosum Ishikura bunching onion zone 5
Allium fistulosum organic seed zone 4
Allium fistulosum Red Ninja zone 5
Allium fistulosum Welsh bunching onion red zone 5
Allium fistulosum Welsh bunching onion white zone 5
Allium ledebourianum zone 5
Allium ramosum zone 7
Allium schoenoprasum Chives thick for micro chives zone 5
Allium schoenoprasum fine leaved zone 5
Allium schoenoprasum Forcing Chives Grolau zone 5
Allium schoenoprasum Polyvit zone 3
Allium schoenoprasum Polyvit organic seeds zone 5
Allium schoenoprasum thick - broad leaved zone 5
Allium senescens zone 5
Allium synnotii zone 7
Allium tricoccum zone 3
Allium tuberosum zone 7
Allium ursinum zone 5
Amaranthus hypochondriacus zone 5
Amaranthus tricolor Early Splendour zone 5
Anagallis arvensis zone 7
Anaphalis margaritacea zone 3
Anchusa officinalis zone 5
Anethum graveolens Diana organic zone 6
Angelica dahurica Bai Zhi zone 7
Angelica dahurica organic seeds zone 7
Angelica sylvestris zone 6
Anthriscus cerefolium zone 7
Anthriscus cerefolium Crispum zone 7
Anthriscus cerefolium d hiver de Bruxelles Massa zone 6
Anthriscus cerefolium Fijne Krul organic seed zone 6
Anthriscus sylvestris zone 5
Anthyllis vulneraria zone 7
Aphanes arvensis zone 6
Arctium lappa zone 3
Arctium lappa organic seed zone 3
Arctium minus zone 5
Artemisia dracunculus Russian Tarragon zone 3
Aruncus dioicus zone 4
Asparagus officinalis Connovers Colossal zone 4
Athamanta cretensis zone 5
Atriplex hortensis zone 6
Atriplex hortensis Plume Red zone 6
Barbarea verna zone 6
Barbarea vulgaris zone 6
Bellis perennis zone 4
Bellis perennis organic seeds zone 3
Beta vulgaris v flavescens Chard Rhubarb - Red Cha zone 5
Blitum capitatum Strawberry Spinach zone 5
Borago officinalis organic seed zone 7
Brassica campestris zone 7
Brassica napus zone 7
Brassica nigra Black - Brown Mustard zone 7
Bunias orientalis zone 7
Cakile maritima zone 6
Calendula officinalis organic seed zone 5
Calendula officinalis Star Orange zone 6
Camelina sativa Game Cover zone 7
Campanula rapunculus zone 3
Capsella bursa-pastoris zone 7
Cardamine pratensis zone 4
Carum carvi zone 3
Centaurea cyanus Ball Black zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Ball Blue zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Ball White zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Boy Blue zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Boy Red double zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Choice Double Mixed zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Emperor William single zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Frosty Mixed white tipped zone 6
Centaurea cyanus hort. zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Jubilee Gem blue double semi-dwar zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Lady Mauve double zone 6
Centaurea cyanus organic seed zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Pinkie tall double zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Polka Dot Double Mixed dwarf zone 6
Centaurea cyanus Victoria tall double zone 6
Centaurea cyanus wild form zone 6
Centaurea nigra zone 4
Centranthus ruber zone 6
Centranthus ruber Albus zone 6
Cercis canadensis zone 4
Cercis canadensis Alba zone 4
Cercis siliquastrum zone 6
Cercis siliquastrum Album zone 6
Chenopodium album zone 5
Chenopodium berlandieri Huazontle zone 5
Chenopodium giganteum zone 6
Chenopodium quinoa zone 6
Cichorium intybus zone 3
Cichorium intybus Chicory Brussels Witloof zone 3
Cichorium intybus Radicchio Rossa di Chioggia mid- zone 3
Cichorium intybus Radicchio Rossa di Treviso sel. zone 3
Cochlearia officinalis zone 6
Cochlearia officinalis organic seed zone 5
Crithmum maritimum zone 7
Cryptotaenia japonica Mitsuba zone 7
Cymbalaria muralis zone 3
Cynara cardunculus Cardoon zone 6
Cytisus scoparius zone 6
Dianthus barbatus zone 4
Dianthus caryophyllus Dwarf Vienna Mixed double zone 7
Dichelostemma capitatum zone 5
Elsholtzia stauntonii zone 4
Eruca vesicaria ssp sativa Rocket salad zone 7
Eruca vesicaria Wild Rocket zone 7
Foeniculum vulgare Berfena zone 5
Geranium pratense zone 4
Geranium viscosissimum zone 5
Helianthus annuus single tall zone 6
Heracleum sphondylium zone 6
Hesperis matronalis zone 3
Humulus lupulus zone 5
Hypochaeris radicata name unresolved zone 7
Lactuca sativa Coventry sel. from Little Gem pelle zone 6
Lactuca virosa zone 6
Lamium album zone 4
Lathyrus tuberosus zone 6
Leucanthemum vulgare zone 3
Levisticum officinale Lovage zone 4
Ligusticum scoticum zone 4
Mahonia aquifolium c.s. zone 5
Malva sylvestris Mauritiana zone 5
Malva sylvestris v. mauritiana organic seeds zone 4
Malva verticillata zone 6
Medicago sativa zone 5
Mertensia maritima zone 3
Mimulus guttatus zone 6
Monarda didyma Panorama mix zone 4
Myrrhis odorata zone 5
Nasturtium officinale zone 6
Oenothera biennis zone 4
Origanum majorana zone 7
Origanum vulgare zone 5
Orychophragmus violaceus zone 7
Oxydendrum arboreum zone 5
Oxyria digyna zone 2
Perovskia atriplicifolia zone 4
Perovskia atriplicifolia Taiga zone 4
Petroselinum crispum double curled organic seed zone 5
Physalis pruinosa zone 5
Phyteuma spicatum zone 6
Phyteuma spicatum Caeruleum zone 6
Plantago coronopus Minutina zone 5
Plantago coronopus Minutina organic seed zone 5
Plantago lanceolata zone 5
Plantago lanceolata Hercules zone 6
Plantago lanceolata Libor zone 5
Plantago lanceolata organic zone 5
Plantago major zone 5
Plantago major organic seed zone 4
Platycodon grandiflorus zone 4
Platycodon grandiflorus Blaue Glocke zone 4
Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Blue zone 4
Potentilla anserina zone 5
Primula veris zone 5
Primula veris organic seeds zone 4
Primula veris select form zone 5
Prunella vulgaris zone 3
Pulmonaria officinalis zone 6
Raphanus sativus f1 Leaf Radish Daikon 1805 zone 6
Raphanus sativus f1 Radish Minowase Summer Cross m zone 6
Rhexia virginica zone 3
Rhodiola rosea zone 1
Rumex acetosa zone 3
Rumex acetosa organic seed zone 3
Rumex acetosa Sorrel Green de Belleville zone 3
Rumex acetosa Sorrel Green de Belleville organic s zone 2
Rumex acetosella zone 3
Rumex sanguineus zone 6
Rumex sanguineus v. sanguineus c.s. organic seed zone 5
Rumex scutatus zone 6
Ruta graveolens zone 5
Ruta graveolens organic seed zone 5
Sanguisorba minor Burnet zone 5
Sanguisorba minor ssp muricata zone 5
Sanguisorba officinalis zone 3
Sanguisorba officinalis organic seed zone 6
Sedum rupestre zone 4
Sedum rupestre organic seed zone 4
Sedum telephium zone 6
Sempervivum tectorum zone 3
Silene vulgaris zone 6
Silybum marianum zone 7
Sinapis alba Fine White Kingston Mustard zone 6
Smyrnium olusatrum zone 5
Stellaria media zone 5
Tanacetum balsamita zone 6
Tanacetum balsamita organic seed zone 5
Taraxacum officinale a coeur plein ameliore zone 5
Taraxacum officinale Dandelion zone 5
Taraxacum officinale organic seed zone 3
Taraxacum officinale Thick-leaved Improved zone 5
Thymus vulgaris organic seed zone 7
Tragopogon porrifolius Salsify zone 5
Tragopogon porrifolius Salsify Sandwich Island zone 5
Trifolium repens zone 4
Trigonella foenum - graecum zone 6
Veronica beccabunga zone 5
Viola cornuta f1 Sorbet Mixed zone 7
Viola odorata Alba - Reine des Neiges zone 5
Viola odorata fa. rubra zone 5
Viola odorata v. sulfurea (name unresolved) zone 5
Viola sororia Albiflora zone 3
Viola sororia Freckles zone 4
Viola tricolor zone 4
Yucca filamentosa zone 7
Yucca rostrata zone 6
Zea mays f1 Early King - Earliking zone 7
Zea mays Golden Bantam zone 7
Zizia aurea zone 3
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