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USDA Cold Hardiness Zone: 7   0° to 10°F   (-17.5° to -12.5°C)
Plants hardy in slightly colder minimum temperature zones will usually thrive at zone 7

Click here for the complete Croatie including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Croatie Photos

Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Abies alba zone 4
Acer campestre d.w. zone 4
Acer tataricum d.w. zone 4
Alnus glutinosa zone 3
Alnus incana zone 2
Alnus viridis zone 4
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi zone 2
Betula pendula b.s. zone 1
Betula pubescens zone 1
Buxus sempervirens zone 5
Campanula hofmannii zone 3
Campanula portenschlagiana zone 5
Campanula poscharskyana zone 3
Carpinus orientalis zone 5
Cercis siliquastrum zone 6
Cistus creticus ssp eriocephalus (Viv.) Greuter - zone 7
Clematis alpina c.s. zone 4
Clematis flammula c.s. zone 6
Clematis viticella c.s. zone 6
Colutea arborescens zone 4
Cornus mas svs zone 5
Cornus sanguinea zone 5
Corydalis ochroleuca zone 5
Corylus avellana svs zone 4
Corylus colurna zone 5
Cotinus coggygria zone 5
Crocus tommasinianus spring flg. zone 5
Cupressus sempervirens zone 7
Daphne alpina zone 5
Daphne laureola zone 7
Daphne mezereum c.s. zone 3
Daphne mezereum d.b. zone 4
Dianthus cruentus zone 6
Dianthus knappii zone 3
Dianthus monspessulanus zone 4
Edraianthus tenuifolius zone 4
Euonymus europaeus zone 3
Euonymus europaeus c.s. prov. U.K. zone 3
Euonymus europaeus stratified seed zone 4
Frangula alnus zone 3
Frangula alnus prov. UK zone 3
Fraxinus angustifolia zone 6
Fraxinus angustifolia ssp. oxycarpa zone 7
Fraxinus excelsior zone 4
Fraxinus ornus zone 6
Genista sagittalis zone 4
Genista tinctoria zone 2
Hyoscyamus albus zone 7
Ilex aquifolium c.s. zone 6
Juniperus communis zone 7
Juniperus sabina zone 3
Kitaibelia vitifolia zone 4
Larix decidua zone 4
Lonicera alpigena zone 6
Lonicera etrusca zone 7
Mandragora officinarum zone 6
Onosma stellulata zone 6
Ostrya carpinifolia zone 6
Ostrya carpinifolia c.s. zone 6
Petteria ramentacea zone 6
Picea abies zone 4
Picea omorika zone 5
Pinus nigra ssp. nigra zone 5
Pinus peuce zone 5
Pinus sylvestris zone 2
Polygonatum multiflorum zone 4
Prunus avium zone 3
Prunus laurocerasus zone 7
Prunus mahaleb zone 5
Prunus padus zone 3
Prunus spinosa zone 4
Pyrus communis zone 4
Quercus coccifera svs zone 6
Quercus ilex svs zone 7
Quercus petraea svs zone 4
Quercus pubescens zone 5
Ramonda serbica zone 6
Rhododendron ferrugineum zone 3
Ribes alpinum zone 6
Rosa canina zone 4
Rosmarinus officinalis zone 6
Rubus idaeus zone 3
Silene alpestris zone 5
Sorbus aria c.s. zone 5
Sorbus mougeotii zone 6
Sorbus torminalis zone 6
Tamus communis zone 6
Tanacetum cinerariifolium High Potency zone 6
Tanacetum cinerariifolium organic seeds zone 6
Taxus baccata zone 6
Teucrium polium zone 6
Thymus serpyllum zone 4
Thymus serpyllum organic seed zone 4
Tilia cordata dry seed zone 3
Tilia platyphyllos dry seed zone 5
Tilia tomentosa dry seed zone 6
Ulmus glabra zone 5
Viburnum lantana zone 3
Viburnum lantana prov. UK zone 3
Vitex agnus-castus hort. c.s. zone 7
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