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Canadian Natives Eastern
USDA Cold Hardiness Zone: 7   0° to 10°F   (-17.5° to -12.5°C)
Plants hardy in slightly colder minimum temperature zones will usually thrive at zone 7

Click here for the complete Canadian Natives Eastern including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Canadian Natives Eastern Photos

Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Abies balsamea zone 2
Abies balsamea v. phanerolepis zone 2
Acer saccharinum ww zone 3
Acer saccharum northern prov. d.w. zone 3
Acer saccharum northern prov. w.w. zone 3
Acorus americanus zone 3
Actaea pachypoda zone 3
Actaea pachypoda Silver Leaf zone 3
Adlumia fungosa zone 5
Ageratina aromatica zone 4
Alisma plantago-aquatica zone 4
Allium tricoccum zone 3
Amelanchier canadensis c.s. zone 4
Amelanchier lamarckii zone 4
Anemone virginiana zone 3
Angelica atropurpurea zone 4
Antennaria neglecta zone 3
Antennaria plantaginifolia zone 3
Apocynum cannabinum zone 4
Aquilegia canadensis zone 6
Arenaria stricta zone 6
Aronia melanocarpa c.s. zone 4
Aronia prunifolia x c.s. zone 4
Asclepias incarnata zone 3
Baptisia alba zone 3
Betula alleghaniensis zone 3
Betula nigra northern prov. c.s. zone 4
Betula populifolia zone 4
Calla palustris zone 4
Campanula rotundifolia zone 3
Carex crinita zone 4
Carex grayii zone 7
Carex muskingumensis zone 7
Carpinus caroliniana zone 5
Carya ovata zone 4
Ceanothus americanus zone 4
Celastrus scandens zone 2
Cephalanthus occidentalis zone 6
Cercis canadensis zone 4
Chelone glabra zone 3
Clematis virginiana zone 4
Conyza canadensis bs zone 7
Coreopsis rosea zone 4
Cornus alternifolia zone 3
Cornus amomum zone 5
Cornus canadensis zone 2
Cornus racemosa zone 5
Cornus sericea zone 2
Corydalis sempervirens zone 6
Crataegus crus-galli zone 5
Crataegus mollis zone 5
Crataegus punctata zone 4
Desmodium canadense zone 2
Dicentra cucullaria zone 5
Elymus canadensis zone 3
Eriophorum vaginatum zone 252
Erythronium americanum zone 3
Euonymus atropurpureus d.b. zone 4
Eupatorium maculatum zone 5
Eupatorium perfoliatum c.s. zone 3
Fraxinus pennsylvanica d.w. zone 4
Fraxinus pennsylvanica v subintegerrima d.w. zone 4
Gaultheria procumbens zone 4
Gentiana andrewsii zone 3
Gillenia trifoliata c.s. zone 4
Glyceria canadensis zone 5
Gymnocladus dioicus zone 4
Halesia monticola zone 5
Helenium autumnale wild form zone 3
Hypericum punctatum zone 3
Hystrix patula zone 4
Ilex verticillata zone 3
Iris versicolor organic seed zone 3
Jeffersonia diphylla zone 5
Juniperus virginiana zone 3
Juniperus virginiana northeastern U.S. coastal for zone 4
Kalmia angustifolia zone 2
Larix occidentalis zone 4
Liatris aspera zone 5
Liatris punctata zone 3
Ligusticum scoticum zone 4
Lindera benzoin zone 5
Lobelia cardinalis zone 3
Lysimachia ciliata zone 3
Magnolia acuminata c.s. zone 4
Maianthemum racemosum c.s. zone 4
Maianthemum stellatum zone 2
Menyanthes trifoliata zone 3
Mertensia maritima zone 3
Milium effusum Aureum zone 6
Myrica pensylvanica d.b. svs zone 2
Opuntia humifusa zone 6
Pedicularis canadensis zone 3
Penstemon digitalis zone 3
Penstemon hirsutus v pygmaeus zone 3
Physocarpus opulifolius zone 2
Picea engelmannii zone 3
Picea rubens zone 3
Pinus banksiana zone 2
Podophyllum peltatum zone 4
Primula laurentiana zone 3
Prunus serotina zone 3
Ptelea trifoliata zone 5
Pyrola asarifolia zone 3
Pyrus decora zone 2
Quercus bicolor svs zone 4
Quercus coccinea svs zone 4
Quercus macrocarpa svs zone 3
Quercus palustris svs zone 5
Rhexia virginica zone 3
Rhododendron maximum zone 3
Rhus glabra zone 3
Rubus allegheniensis zone 3
Sambucus canadensis c.s. zone 3
Sarracenia purpurea ssp purpurea zone 2
Sarracenia purpurea typical form zone 6
Scutellaria galericulata zone 5
Scutellaria incana zone 5
Silene suecica zone 5
Silphium perfoliatum zone 4
Solidago canadensis zone 3
Solidago ptarmicoides zone 3
Spiraea tomentosa zone 3
Stylophorum diphyllum zone 7
Symphoricarpos albus c.s. zone 3
Symphyotrichum novae-angliae zone 2
Symphyotrichum novi-belgii new mix zone 2
Thalictrum pubescens zone 4
Thuja occidentalis zone 2
Trillium erectum svs zone 4
Trillium grandiflorum svs zone 5
Tsuga canadensis zone 4
Ulmus americana d.w. zone 3
Vaccinium angustifolium zone 2
Vaccinium corymbosum zone 2
Vaccinium macrocarpon c.s. zone 2
Vaccinium myrtilloides zone 2
Verbena hastata zone 3
Vernonia noveboracensis zone 5
Vernonia noveboracensis White Lightning zone 4
Veronicastrum sibiricum zone 3
Viburnum acerifolium zone 3
Viburnum cassinoides c.s. zone 2
Viburnum lentago zone 2
Viburnum trilobum zone 2
Viola labradorica zone 2
Viola labradorica Purpurea zone 2
Viola pedatifida zone 2
Vitis riparia zone 2
Zizia aurea zone 3
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