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Acacia acradenia

Acacia macradenia

Acacia pentadenia

Acacia pulchella v pentadenia

Acmadenia alternifolia

Piptadenia pteroclada

Tetradenia barberae

Tetradenia riparia

Botanical Synonym results for "Adenia":

"Adenia palmata" - Adenia hondala

"Anadenia ilicifolia" - Grevillea ilicifolia

"Angadenia sagraei" - Angadenia berteroi

"Bigelowia acradenia" - Isocoma acradenia

"Dipladenia sanderi" - Mandevilla sanderi

"Dipladenia x amoena" - Mandevilla sanderi

"Hemizonia macradenia" - Holocarpha macradenia

"Impatiens macradenia" - Impatiens comorensis

"Mesadenia decomposita" - Psacalium decompositum

"Odontadenia grandiflora" - Odontadenia macrantha

"Odontadenia speciosa" - Odontadenia macrantha

"Picradenia lemmonii" - Hymenoxys lemmonii

"Piptadenia africana" - Piptadeniastrum africanum

"Piptadenia cateniformis" - Cedrelinga cateniformis

"Piptadenia cebil" - Anadenanthera colubrina v cebil

"Piptadenia colubrina" - Anadenanthera colubrina

"Piptadenia communis" - Piptadenia gonoacantha

"Piptadenia communis var. excel" - Parapiptadenia excelsa

"Piptadenia communis var. stipu" - Piptadenia stipulacea

"Piptadenia constricta" - Piptadenia obliqua

"Piptadenia contorta" - Pseudopiptadenia contorta

"Piptadenia excelsa" - Parapiptadenia excelsa

"Piptadenia falcata" - Anadenanthera peregrina v falcata

"Piptadenia grata" - Anadenanthera colubrina

"Piptadenia hildebrandtii" - Newtonia hildebrandtii

"Piptadenia macrocarpa" - Anadenanthera colubrina v cebil

"Piptadenia nitida" - Pseudopiptadenia contorta

"Piptadenia oudhensis" - Indopiptadenia oudhensis

"Piptadenia peregrina" - Anadenanthera peregrina

"Piptadenia rigida" - Parapiptadenia rigida

"Rhabdadenia sagraei" - Angadenia berteroi

"Stemmadenia mollis" - Stemmadenia obovata

"Stemmadenia obovata var. molli" - Stemmadenia obovata

All the "Adenia" from our database

including currently available Adenia, and Adenia for which we do not have a current source.

Acacia acradenia

Acacia macradenia

Acacia myriadenia

Acacia pentadenia

Acacia pulchella v pentadenia

Acmadenia alternifolia

Acmadenia heterophylla

Acmadenia mundiana

Acmadenia obtusata

Acmadenia tetragona

Acradenia franklinae

Adenia aculeata

Adenia aloboaensis

Adenia cladosepala

Adenia dadosepala

Adenia digitata

Adenia fruticosa

Adenia glauca

Adenia globosa

Adenia globosa ssp. pseudoglobosa

Adenia gummifera v gummifera

Adenia hastata

Adenia heterophylla

Adenia hondala

Adenia isaloensis

Adenia keramanthus

Adenia kirkii

Adenia lobata

Adenia natalensis

Adenia olaboensis

Adenia palmata

Adenia pechuelii

Adenia perrieri

Adenia pyromorpha aff.

Adenia repanda

Adenia rumicifolia

Adenia spinosa

Adenia venenata

Adenia volkensii

Adenia wightiana

Aloe sladeniana

Anadenia ilicifolia

Angadenia berteroi

Angadenia sagraei

Arenaria macradenia

Bigelowia acradenia

Caladenia busseliana

Caladenia falcata

Caladenia flava short form white labellum

Caladenia flava tall form

Caladenia georgei

Caladenia patersonii Mogumber WA

Caladenia roei

Caladenia varians ssp. horistes

Caladenia varians ssp. varians

Calycadenia fremontii

Calycadenia multiglandulosa

Calycadenia villosa

Cassia leptadenia

Centradenia Cascade

Centradenia floribunda

Centradenia grandifolia

Centradenia Starsprite

Chamaecrista leptadenia

Chamaesyce melanadenia

Cinnadenia paniculata

Cycladenia humilis

Cycladenia jonesii

Dianthus Badenia

Dipladenia amabilis

Dipladenia amoena

Eremogone macradenia

Euphorbia melanadenia

Euphorbia trichadenia

Gymnadenia camtschatica

Gymnadenia conopsea

Gymnadenia conopsea ssp densiflora

Gymnadenia conopsea ssp montana

Gymnadenia odoratissima

Hakea anadenia

Hemizonia macradenia

Holocarpha macradenia

Impatiens macradenia

Indigofera melanadenia

Indopiptadenia oudhensis

Isocoma acradenia

Leptadenia madagascariensis

Leptadenia reticulata

Macradenia multiflora

Mesadenia decomposita

Mesadenia rotundifolia

Monadenia bracteata

Monadenia brevicornis

Monadenia ophrydea

Odontadenia grandiflora

Odontadenia macrantha

Odontadenia speciosa

Oerstedella centradenia

Parapiptadenia excelsa

Parapiptadenia pterosperma

Parapiptadenia rigida

Passiflora anadenia

Passiflora dasyadenia

Passiflora nigradenia

Passiflora podadenia

Picradenia lemmonii

Picradenia richardsonii

Piptadenia adiantoides

Piptadenia africana

Piptadenia cateniformis

Piptadenia cebil

Piptadenia cobi

Piptadenia communis

Piptadenia constricta

Piptadenia contorta

Piptadenia excelsa

Piptadenia falcata

Piptadenia flava

Piptadenia gonoacantha

Piptadenia moniliformis

Piptadenia nitida

Piptadenia obliqua

Piptadenia oudhensis

Piptadenia paniculata

Piptadenia pteroclada

Piptadenia stipulacea

Piptadenia viridiflora

Piptadeniastrum africanum

Prenia sladeniana L. Bolus

Prenia sladeniana Sun Valley Rv

Pseudopiptadenia contorta

Pseudopiptadenia psilostachya

Pseudopiptadenia suaveolens

Ptelea polyadenia

Rhabdadenia sagraei

Rhynchosia chrysadenia

Seidenfadenia mitrata (Aerides m.)

Serianthes myriadenia

Sladenia celastrifolia

Stemmadenia donnell-smithii

Stemmadenia grandiflora

Stemmadenia litoralis

Stemmadenia mollis

Stemmadenia obovata

Tetradenia barberae

Tetradenia cordata

Tetradenia riparia

Tetradenia sp. unident.

Triadenia aegypticum

Triadenia webbii

If you did not find the "Adenia" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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