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Botanical Synonym results for "Agropyron":

"Agropyron abolinii" - Elymus abolinii

"Agropyron agroelymoides" - Elymus scabriglumis

"Agropyron alatavicum" - Elytrigia alatavica

"Agropyron antarcticum" - Elymus magellanicus

"Agropyron antiquus" - Elymus antiquus

"Agropyron araucanum" - Elymus araucanus

"Agropyron arizonicum" - Elymus arizonicus

"Agropyron attenuatum var. arau" - Elymus araucanus

"Agropyron bakeri" - Elymus bakeri

"Agropyron barbicallum" - Elymus barbicallus

"Agropyron batalinii" - Elymus batalinii

"Agropyron bessarabicum" - Elytrigia bessarabica

"Agropyron bonaepartis" - Eremopyrum bonaepartis

"Agropyron bonaepartis var. pil" - Eremopyrum bonaepartis

"Agropyron borianum" - Elymus borianus

"Agropyron buschianum" - Elymus buschianus

"Agropyron canaliculatum" - Elymus canaliculatus

"Agropyron caninum" - Elymus caninus

"Agropyron chinense" - Leymus chinensis

"Agropyron cognatum" - Pseudoroegneria cognata

"Agropyron confusum" - Elymus confusus

"Agropyron cristatum subsp. des" - Agropyron desertorum

"Agropyron curvifolium" - Elytrigia curvifolia

"Agropyron dentatum" - Elymus dentatus

"Agropyron deweyi" - Agropyron cristatum

"Agropyron distans" - Eremopyrum distans

"Agropyron distichum" - Elytrigia disticha

"Agropyron divaricatum" - Pseudoroegneria divaricata

"Agropyron donianum" - Elymus donianus

"Agropyron drobovii" - Elymus drobovii

"Agropyron elongatum" - Elytrigia elongata

"Agropyron enysii" - Elymus enysii

"Agropyron ferganense" - Pseudoroegneria cognata

"Agropyron fuegianum" - Elymus magellanicus

"Agropyron glaucissimum" - Elymus glaucissimus

"Agropyron glaucum var. occiden" - Pascopyrum smithii

"Agropyron gmelinii" - Elymus gmelinii

"Agropyron gracillimum" - Pseudoroegneria gracillima

"Agropyron interruptum" - Elymus praeruptus

"Agropyron kirkii" - Elymus multiflorus

"Agropyron kosaninii" - Pseudoroegneria kosaninii

"Agropyron kuramense" - Elymus semicostatus

"Agropyron lasianthum" - Eremopyrum distans

"Agropyron leptourum" - Elymus transhyrcanus

"Agropyron libanoticum" - Pseudoroegneria libanotica

"Agropyron littorale" - Elytrigia pungens

"Agropyron lolioides" - Elytrigia lolioides

"Agropyron longearistatum" - Elymus longearistatus

"Agropyron macrourum" - Elymus macrourus

"Agropyron magellanicum" - Elymus magellanicus

"Agropyron mayebaranum" - Elymus mayebaranus

"Agropyron megallanicum" - Elymus magellanicus

"Agropyron melantherum" - Elymus melantherus

"Agropyron muricatum" - Agropyron cristatum

"Agropyron mutabile" - Elymus mutabilis

"Agropyron nutans" - Elymus pseudonutans

"Agropyron occidentale" - Pascopyrum smithii

"Agropyron orientale" - Eremopyrum orientale

"Agropyron orientale var. lanug" - Eremopyrum distans

"Agropyron orientale var. lasia" - Eremopyrum distans

"Agropyron orientale var. subla" - Eremopyrum bonaepartis

"Agropyron panormitanum" - Elymus panormitanus

"Agropyron patagonicum" - Elymus magellanicus

"Agropyron pectiniforme" - Agropyron cristatum

"Agropyron prostratum" - Eremopyrum triticeum

"Agropyron pubiflorum" - Elymus magellanicus

"Agropyron pungens" - Elytrigia pungens

"Agropyron pycnanthum" - Elytrigia pycnantha

"Agropyron ramosum" - Leymus ramosus

"Agropyron rechingeri" - Elytrigia rechingeri

"Agropyron remotiflorum" - Elymus magellanicus

"Agropyron repens" - Elymus repens

"Agropyron repens var. scabrigl" - Elymus scabriglumis

"Agropyron retrofractum" - Australopyrum retrofractum

"Agropyron rigidum" - Elytrigia elongata

"Agropyron scabriglume" - Elymus scabriglumis

"Agropyron scabrum" - Elymus scaber

"Agropyron scabrum var. tenue" - Elymus tenuis

"Agropyron schugnanicum" - Elymus schugnanicus

"Agropyron scirpeum" - Elytrigia scirpea

"Agropyron scirpeum var. flacci" - Elytrigia scirpea

"Agropyron scribneri" - Elymus scribneri

"Agropyron semicostatum" - Elymus semicostatus

"Agropyron sibiricum var. deser" - Agropyron desertorum

"Agropyron smithii" - Pascopyrum smithii

"Agropyron smithii var. molle" - Pascopyrum smithii

"Agropyron spicatum" - Elymus spicatus

"Agropyron spicatum var. molle" - Pascopyrum smithii

"Agropyron squarrosum" - Eremopyrum bonaepartis

"Agropyron stenostachyum" - Elymus stenostachyus

"Agropyron stipifolium" - Pseudoroegneria stipifolia

"Agropyron striatum" - Elymus semicostatus

"Agropyron subulatum" - Loliolum subulatum

"Agropyron tauri" - Pseudoroegneria tauri

"Agropyron thoroldianus" - Elymus thoroldianus

"Agropyron tibeticum" - Elymus tibeticus

"Agropyron tilcarensis" - Elymus tilcarensis

"Agropyron trachycaulum" - Elymus trachycaulos

"Agropyron transbaicalense" - Elymus transbaicalensis

"Agropyron triticeum" - Eremopyrum triticeum

"Agropyron tschimganica" - Elymus tschimganicus

"Agropyron turczaninovii" - Elymus gmelinii

"Agropyron ugamicum" - Elymus nevskii

"Agropyron vaillantianum" - Elymus vaillantianus

"Agropyron varnense" - Elytrigia varnensis

"Agropyron velutinum" - Australopyrum velutinum

"Agropyron villosum" - Dasypyrum villosum

"Agropyron yezoense" - Elymus nipponicus

All the "Agropyron" from our database

including currently available Agropyron, and Agropyron for which we do not have a current source.

Agropyron abolinii

Agropyron acutum

Agropyron aegilopoides

Agropyron agroelymoides

Agropyron alatavicum

Agropyron albicans

Agropyron amurense

Agropyron angustiglume

Agropyron antiquus

Agropyron araucanum

Agropyron arizonicum

Agropyron attenuatum

Agropyron aucheri

Agropyron bakeri

Agropyron barbicallum

Agropyron barbulatum

Agropyron batalinii

Agropyron bessarabicum

Agropyron bonaepartis

Agropyron boreale

Agropyron borianum

Agropyron brachyphyllum

Agropyron brandzae

Agropyron buschianum

Agropyron caespitosum

Agropyron campestre

Agropyron canaliculatum

Agropyron caninum

Agropyron chinense

Agropyron ciliare

Agropyron ciliatiflorum

Agropyron cimmericum

Agropyron cognatum

Agropyron confusum

Agropyron cristatum

Agropyron curvifolium

Agropyron dagnae

Agropyron dasyanthum

Agropyron dasystachyum

Agropyron dentatum

Agropyron desertorum

Agropyron distans

Agropyron distichum

Agropyron divaricatum

Agropyron divergens

Agropyron donianum

Agropyron drobovii

Agropyron elmeri

Agropyron elongatiforme

Agropyron elongatum

Agropyron elymoides

Agropyron enysii

Agropyron ferganense

Agropyron fibrosum

Agropyron firmum

Agropyron fragile

Agropyron geniculatum

Agropyron gentryi

Agropyron glaucissimum

Agropyron glaucum

Agropyron gmelinii

Agropyron gracillimum

Agropyron griffithsii

Agropyron hybrid

Agropyron imbricatum

Agropyron inerme

Agropyron intermedium

Agropyron interruptum

Agropyron japonense

Agropyron japonicum

Agropyron junceiforme

Agropyron junceum

Agropyron kamoji

Agropyron karataviense

Agropyron kengii

Agropyron kirkii

Agropyron komarovii

Agropyron kosaninii

Agropyron krylovianum

Agropyron kuramense

Agropyron lanceolatum

Agropyron lasianthum

Agropyron latiglume

Agropyron lavrenkoanum

Agropyron leptourum

Agropyron libanoticum

Agropyron ligusticum

Agropyron littorale

Agropyron lolioides

Agropyron longearistatum

Agropyron macrourum

Agropyron mayebaranum

Agropyron melantherum

Agropyron michnoi

Agropyron mongolicum

Agropyron multiflorum

Agropyron mutabile

Agropyron nathaliae

Agropyron nodosum

Agropyron novae-angliae

Agropyron nutans

Agropyron obtusiusculum

Agropyron occidentale

Agropyron orientale

Agropyron panormitanum

Agropyron pauciflorum

Agropyron pectinatum

Agropyron pinifolium

Agropyron podperae

Agropyron popovii

Agropyron praecaespitosum

Agropyron prostratum

Agropyron pruinifera

Agropyron psammophilum

Agropyron pseudorepens

Agropyron pubiflorum

Agropyron pulcherrimum

Agropyron pumilum

Agropyron pungens

Agropyron pycnanthum

Agropyron ramosum

Agropyron rechingeri

Agropyron repens

Agropyron retrofractum

Agropyron rigidum

Agropyron riparium

Agropyron russellii

Agropyron scabrifolium

Agropyron scabriglume

Agropyron scabrum

Agropyron schugnanicum

Agropyron scirpeum

Agropyron scribneri

Agropyron scythicum

Agropyron semicostatum

Agropyron sibiricum

Agropyron smithii

Agropyron spicatum

Agropyron squarrosum

Agropyron stenostachyum

Agropyron stipifolium

Agropyron striatum

Agropyron strigosum

Agropyron subsecundum

Agropyron subulatum

Agropyron tanaiticum

Agropyron tarbagataicum

Agropyron tauri

Agropyron tenerum

Agropyron thoroldianus

Agropyron tianschanicum

Agropyron tibeticum

Agropyron tilcarensis

Agropyron transbaicalense

Agropyron trichophorum

Agropyron triticeum

Agropyron tschimganica

Agropyron tsukushiense

Agropyron turczaninovii

Agropyron ugamicum

Agropyron unilaterale

Agropyron uralense

Agropyron vaillantianum

Agropyron varnense

Agropyron velutinum

Agropyron villosum

Agropyron violaceum

Agropyron yezoense

Agropyron yukonense

If you did not find the "Agropyron" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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