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Allium porrum f1 Lancaster

Allocasuarina pinaster

Apium graveolens v rapaceum f1 Celeriac Asterix

Aster alpigenus v andersonii b.s.

Aster alpinus

Aster alpinus Beauty Rose

Aster alpinus Blue

Aster alpinus Dark Beauty deep blue

Aster alpinus Dunkle Schone

Aster alpinus Goliath lilac-blue

Aster alpinus Happy End

Aster alpinus mixed

Aster alpinus Rose - Pinkie

Aster alpinus Trimix

Aster alpinus v albus

Aster amellus

Aster amellus Rudolf Goethe lavender blue

Aster amellus x blue

Aster bakerianus

Aster coloradoensis

Aster divaricatus

Aster Hulk

Aster linosyris

Aster pyrenaeus hort.

Aster sibiricus

Aster spectabilis

Aster tongolensis

Aster tongolensis Wartburg Star

Asteridea pulverulenta cs pure seed

Asteriscus maritimus

Asteromyrtus symphyocarpa

Astrophytum asterias cit EU only

Astrophytum asterias nudum cit EU only

Astrophytum asterias Nudum Kikko cit EU only

Baumea rubiginosa prov. eastern states

Boltonia asteroides

Boltonia asteroides v latisquamata Nana

Callitris verrucosa prov. eastern states

Corokia cotoneaster

Cotoneaster acutifolius

Cotoneaster bullatus

Cotoneaster coriaceus c.s.

Cotoneaster dielsianus c.s.

Cotoneaster divaricatus

Cotoneaster franchetii c.s.

Cotoneaster franchettii d.b.

Cotoneaster frigidus

Cotoneaster granatensis

Cotoneaster horizontalis c.s.

Cotoneaster horizontalis stratified seed

Cotoneaster integerrimus

Cotoneaster lacteus

Cotoneaster microphyllus

Cotoneaster multiflorus

Cotoneaster nanshan

Cotoneaster racemiflorus

Cotoneaster salicifolius

Cotoneaster simonsii

Cucumis sativus Masterpiece

Dianella revoluta c.s. prov. eastern states

Eremaea asterocarpa ssp asterocarpa

Gasteria brachyphylla

Gasteria croucheri

Gasteria disticha

Gasteria obliqua

Gasteria spp. mix

Glebionis segetum Eastern Star

Juniperus virginiana northeastern U.S. coastal for

Larix mastersiana

Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet mixed

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Beefmaster giant

Nicotiana rustica Rapa Nui Easter Island Tobacco

Phaseolus coccineus Benchmaster runner bean

Phaseolus vulgaris Masterpiece French dwarf bean

Pinus pinaster

Plectranthus scutellarioides Rainbow Masterblend

Raphanus sativus Radish Easter Egg Mix small round

Themeda triandra c.s. eastern states

Vicia faba Masterpiece Green Longpod broad bean

Wildflower mix US Northeastern natives

Wildflower mix US Southeastern regional

Botanical Synonym results for "Aster":

"Adelaster albivenis" - Fittonia albivenis

"Alyssum Easter Bonnet Mix" - Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet mixed

"Alyssum Easter Bonnet Pink" - Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet Deep Pink

"Alyssum Easter Bonnet Violet" - Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet Violet

"Aster" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Purple Dome

"Aster acris" - Aster sedifolius

"Aster acuminatus" - Oclemena acuminata

"Aster adfinis" - Felicia dubia aff.

"Aster adnatus" - Symphyotrichum adnatum

"Aster ageratoides Turcz." - Aster trinervius ssp. ageratoides v microcephalus

"Aster ageratoides subsp. yakus" - Aster yakushimensis

"Aster ageratoides subsp. yoshi" - Aster yoshinaganus

"Aster alpinus Dunkle Schone" - Aster alpinus Dark Beauty deep blue

"Aster alpinus Rose Beauty" - Aster alpinus Rose - Pinkie

"Aster altaicus" - Heteropappus altaicus b.s.

"Aster amelloides" - Aster amellus

"Aster amellus X Aster thomsoni" - Aster frikartii x

"Aster anomalus" - Symphyotrichum anomalum

"Aster anticostensis" - Symphyotrichum anticostense

"Aster ascendens" - Symphyotrichum ascendens

"Aster avitus" - Eurybia avita

"Aster azureus" - Symphyotrichum oolentangiense

"Aster baldwinii" - Symphyotrichum undulatum

"Aster bellidiastrum" - Aster andicola

"Aster bellidioides" - Erigeron bellidioides

"Aster bellus" - Chaetopappa ericoides

"Aster bernardinus" - Symphyotrichum defoliatum

"Aster bigelovii" - Dieteria bigelovii

"Aster bigelovii" - Machaeranthera bigelovii

"Aster boltoniae" - Psilactis asteroides

"Aster borealis" - Symphyotrichum boreale

"Aster bracei" - Symphyotrichum bracei

"Aster brachyactis" - Symphyotrichum ciliatum

"Aster bracteolatus" - Symphyotrichum bracteolatum

"Aster brevilingulatus" - Psilactis brevilingulata

"Aster breweri" - Eucephalus breweri

"Aster brickellioides" - Eucephalus brickellioides

"Aster brickellioides var. glab" - Eucephalus glabratus

"Aster bullatus" - Symphyotrichum bullatum

"Aster burgessii" - Symphyotrichum burgessii

"Aster cabrerae" - Symphyotrichum graminifolium

"Aster calvatus" - Noticastrum calvatum

"Aster campestris" - Symphyotrichum campestre

"Aster canescens" - Machaeranthera canescens

"Aster carnerosanus" - Symphyotrichum carnerosanum

"Aster carolinianus" - Ampelaster carolinianus

"Aster chapmanii" - Eurybia chapmanii

"Aster chilensis" - Symphyotrichum chilense

"Aster chilensis subsp. ascende" - Symphyotrichum ascendens

"Aster chilensis subsp. chilens" - Symphyotrichum chilense

"Aster chilensis subsp. hallii" - Symphyotrichum hallii

"Aster chlorolepis" - Eurybia chlorolepis

"Aster ciliolatus" - Symphyotrichum ciliolatum

"Aster claytonii" - Eurybia divaricata

"Aster coloradoense" - Xanthisma coloradoense

"Aster commixtus" - Eurybia mirabilis

"Aster commixtus" - Eurybia spectabilis

"Aster concolor" - Symphyotrichum concolor

"Aster conspicuus" - Eurybia conspicua

"Aster conyzae" - Inula conyzae

"Aster cordifolius" - Symphyotrichum cordifolium

"Aster coriaceus" - Celmisia coriacea

"Aster crenifolius" - Symphyotrichum crenifolium

"Aster crocatus" - Lycoseris crocata

"Aster curtisii" - Symphyotrichum retroflexum

"Aster cusickii" - Symphyotrichum cusickii

"Aster cusickii var. lyallii" - Symphyotrichum hendersonii

"Aster defoliatus" - Symphyotrichum defoliatum

"Aster delavayii" - Aster diplostephioides b.s.

"Aster depauperatus" - Symphyotrichum depauperatum

"Aster dimorphophyllus" - Doellingeria dimorphophylla

"Aster divaricatus" - Eurybia divaricata

"Aster drummondii" - Symphyotrichum drummondii

"Aster dumosus" - Symphyotrichum dumosum

"Aster eatonii" - Symphyotrichum bracteolatum

"Aster echinatus" - Felicia echinata blue

"Aster elatus" - Oreostemma elatum

"Aster elegans var. engelmannii" - Eucephalus engelmannii

"Aster elliottii" - Symphyotrichum elliottii

"Aster engelmannii" - Eucephalus engelmannii

"Aster engelmannii var. glauces" - Eucephalus glaucescens

"Aster engelmannii var. ledophy" - Eucephalus ledophyllus

"Aster engelmannii var. paucica" - Eucephalus paucicapitatus

"Aster ericoides bs" - Symphyotrichum ericoides b.s.

"Aster ericoides cs" - Symphyotrichum ericoides c.s.

"Aster ericoides var. parviceps" - Symphyotrichum parviceps

"Aster erigeroides" - Felicia erigeroides

"Aster erubescens" - Olearia erubescens

"Aster eryngiifolius" - Eurybia eryngiifolia

"Aster eulae" - Symphyotrichum eulae

"Aster exilis" - Symphyotrichum subulatum

"Aster exscapus" - Townsendia exscapa

"Aster fauriei" - Aster spathulifolius

"Aster fendleri" - Symphyotrichum fendleri

"Aster filifolius" - Felicia filifolia Cape form

"Aster firmus" - Symphyotrichum firmum

"Aster flaccidus subsp. tsarung" - Aster tsarungensis

"Aster flexilis" - Eurybia divaricata

"Aster foliaceus var. crenifoli" - Symphyotrichum crenifolium

"Aster foliaceus var. cusickii" - Symphyotrichum cusickii

"Aster foliaceus var. eatonii" - Symphyotrichum bracteolatum

"Aster foliaceus var. lyallii" - Symphyotrichum hendersonii

"Aster foliaceus var. subgemina" - Symphyotrichum subgeminatum

"Aster fontinalis" - Symphyotrichum fontinale

"Aster fragilis" - Symphyotrichum racemosum

"Aster frondosus" - Symphyotrichum frondosum

"Aster fruticosus" - Felicia fruticosa

"Aster furcatus" - Eurybia furcata

"Aster furfuraceus" - Olearia furfuracea

"Aster gentryi" - Psilactis gentryi

"Aster georgianus" - Symphyotrichum georgianum

"Aster glabrifolius" - Symphyotrichum glabrifolium

"Aster glaucescens" - Eucephalus glaucescens

"Aster glaucodes" - Eurybia glauca

"Aster glaucodes subsp. pulcher" - Eurybia pulchra

"Aster glaucus var. wasatchensi" - Eurybia wasatchensis

"Aster gormanii" - Eucephalus gormanii

"Aster gracilis" - Eurybia compacta

"Aster grandiflorus" - Symphyotrichum grandiflorum

"Aster greatae" - Symphyotrichum greatae

"Aster gypsophilus" - Symphyotrichum gypsophilum

"Aster hallii" - Symphyotrichum hallii

"Aster hemisphericus" - Eurybia hemispherica

"Aster hendersonii" - Symphyotrichum hendersonii

"Aster hintonii" - Symphyotrichum hintonii

"Aster hispidus" - Heteropappus hispidus

"Aster holophyllus" - Kalimeris integrifolia

"Aster holosericeus" - Celmisia holosericea

"Aster horridus" - Eurybia horrida

"Aster huegelii" - Olearia ciliata

"Aster incisus" - Kalimeris incisa

"Aster incisus var. yomena" - Aster yomena

"Aster infirmus" - Doellingeria infirma

"Aster integrifolius" - Eurybia integrifolia

"Aster jessicae" - Symphyotrichum jessicae

"Aster jonesiae" - Eurybia jonesiae

"Aster junciformis" - Symphyotrichum boreale

"Aster komonoensis" - Doellingeria komonoensis

"Aster laevis" - Symphyotrichum laeve

"Aster lanceolatus ssp simplex" - Symphyotrichum lanceolatum

"Aster lateriflorus" - Symphyotrichum lateriflorum

"Aster lateriflorus P" - Symphyotrichum lateriflorum Prince

"Aster lateriflorus v horizonta" - Symphyotrichum lateriflorum v horizontalis

"Aster laurentianus" - Symphyotrichum laurentianum

"Aster lautureanus" - Boltonia lautureana

"Aster laxiflorus var. borealis" - Symphyotrichum boreale

"Aster ledophyllus" - Eucephalus ledophyllus

"Aster leiodes" - Machaeranthera canescens

"Aster lemmonii" - Symphyotrichum potosinum

"Aster lentus" - Symphyotrichum lentum

"Aster leonis" - Symphyotrichum leone

"Aster likiangensis" - Aster asteroides

"Aster linariifolius" - Ionactis linariifolia

"Aster linariifolius" - Symphyotrichum linariifolium

"Aster lindleyanus" - Symphyotrichum ciliolatum

"Aster liratus" - Olearia lirata

"Aster longifolius" - Symphyotrichum longifolium

"Aster longipetiolatus" - Doellingeria longipetiolata

"Aster lowrieanus" - Symphyotrichum lowrieanum

"Aster lucayanus" - Symphyotrichum lucayanum

"Aster lucidulus" - Symphyotrichum firmum

"Aster macrophyllus" - Eurybia macrophylla

"Aster marchandii" - Doellingeria marchandii

"Aster maritimus" - Aster tripolium b.s.

"Aster martii" - Symphyotrichum martii

"Aster meritus" - Eurybia merita

"Aster minor" - Solidago parryi

"Aster miquelianus" - Doellingeria japonica

"Aster mirabilis" - Eurybia mirabilis

"Aster modestus" - Canadanthus modestus

"Aster mohrii" - Symphyotrichum undulatum

"Aster mollis" - Symphyotrichum molle

"Aster mongolicus" - Kalimeris mongolica

"Aster moranensis" - Symphyotrichum moranense

"Aster myrsinoides" - Olearia myrsinoides

"Aster n.-a. & n. belgii" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae - belgii mixed

"Aster n.-a. P C" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Purple Cloud

"Aster n.-a. S R" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae September Rubin

"Aster n.-b. NH" - Symphyotrichum novi-belgii New Hybrids

"Aster nemoralis" - Oclemena nemoralis

"Aster novae - belgiae rose" - Symphyotrichum novae-belgiae rose

"Aster novae - belgiae white" - Symphyotrichum novae-belgiae white

"Aster novae - belgiae new hybr" - Symphyotrichum novae-belgiae new hybrids mix

"Aster novae-angliae" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae

"Aster novae-angliae pink" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae pink form

"Aster novae-angliae red shade" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae red shades

"Aster novae-angliae A A P" - Syphyotrichum novae-angliae Andenken an Alma Poets

"Aster novae-angliae D E" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Dr Eckener

"Aster novae-angliae H" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Herbstschnee

"Aster novae-angliae L" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Lucida

"Aster novae-angliae L E B" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae Lye End Beauty

"Aster novae-angliae mix" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae mixed

"Aster novae-angliae nat var pi" - Symphyotrichum novae-angliae nat var pink

"Aster novi-belgii" - Symphyotrichum novi-belgii

"Aster novi-belgii mix" - Symphyotrichum novi-belgii new mix

"Aster oblongifolius" - Symphyotrichum oblongifolium

"Aster ontarionis" - Symphyotrichum ontarione

"Aster oolentangiensis" - Symphyotrichum oolentangiense

"Aster oregonensis" - Sericocarpus oregonensis

"Aster palmeri" - Neonesomia palmeri

"Aster paludosus" - Eurybia paludosa

"Aster paludosus subsp. hemisph" - Eurybia hemispherica

"Aster paludosus subsp. paludos" - Eurybia paludosa

"Aster pannonicus" - Tripolium pannonicum

"Aster pappei" - Felicia amoena

"Aster parryi" - Xylorhiza glabriuscula

"Aster parviceps" - Symphyotrichum parviceps

"Aster patagonicus" - Symphyotrichum patagonicum

"Aster patens var. georgianus" - Symphyotrichum georgianum

"Aster patens var. phlogifolius" - Symphyotrichum phlogifolium

"Aster paternus" - Sericocarpus asteroides

"Aster pattersonii" - Machaeranthera bigelovii

"Aster paucicapitatus" - Eucephalus paucicapitatus

"Aster paucidentatus" - Olearia paucidentata

"Aster pauciflorus" - Almutaster pauciflorus

"Aster peirsonii" - Oreostemma peirsonii

"Aster peregrinus" - Erigeron peregrinus

"Aster perelegans" - Eucephalus elegans

"Aster peteroanus" - Symphyotrichum peteroanum

"Aster phlogifolius" - Symphyotrichum phlogifolium

"Aster phyllolepis" - Symphyotrichum pratense

"Aster pilosus" - Symphyotrichum pilosum

"Aster pilosus var. priceae" - Symphyotrichum priceae

"Aster porteri" - Symphyotrichum porteri

"Aster potosinus" - Symphyotrichum potosinum

"Aster praealtus" - Symphyotrichum praealtum

"Aster pratensis" - Symphyotrichum pratense

"Aster prenanthoides" - Symphyotrichum prenanthoides

"Aster priceae" - Symphyotrichum priceae

"Aster ptarmicoides" - Solidago ptarmicoides

"Aster punctatus" - Aster sedifolius

"Aster puniceus" - Symphyotrichus puniceum v puniceum

"Aster puniceus var. elliottii" - Symphyotrichum elliottii

"Aster puniceus var. firmus" - Symphyotrichum firmum

"Aster puniceus var. lucidulus" - Symphyotrichum firmum

"Aster pygmaeus" - Eurybia pygmaea

"Aster racemosus" - Symphyotrichum racemosum

"Aster radula" - Eurybia radula

"Aster radulinus" - Eurybia radulinus

"Aster regnellii" - Symphyotrichum regnellii

"Aster reticulatus" - Oclemena reticulata

"Aster retroflexus" - Symphyotrichum retroflexum

"Aster richardsonii" - Eurybia sibirica

"Aster rotundifolius" - Felicia amelloides

"Aster rugulosus" - Doellingeria rugulosa

"Aster sagittifolius" - Symphyotrichum sagittifolium

"Aster saxicastellii" - Eurybia saxicastellii

"Aster scaber" - Doellingeria scabra

"Aster schaffneri" - Symphyotrichum schaffneri

"Aster schreberi" - Eurybia schreberi

"Aster scopulorum" - Ionactis alpina

"Aster sericeus" - Symphyotrichum sericeum

"Aster sericeus var. microphyll" - Symphyotrichum pratense

"Aster sericocarpoides" - Doellingeria sericocarpoides

"Aster shortii" - Symphyotrichum shortii

"Aster sibiricus" - Eurybia sibirica

"Aster sibiricus var. subintege" - Eurybia sibirica

"Aster simmondsii" - Symphyotrichum simmondsii

"Aster simplex" - Symphyotrichum lanceolatum

"Aster sohayakiensis" - Doellingeria sohayakiensis

"Aster solidagineus" - Sericocarpus linifolius

"Aster spectabilis" - Eurybia spectabilis

"Aster spinosus" - Chloracantha spinosa

"Aster spinulosus" - Eurybia spinulosa

"Aster squamatus var. graminifo" - Symphyotrichum graminifolium

"Aster stenomeres" - Ionactis stenomeres

"Aster stuartii" - Olearia stuartii

"Aster subcaeruleus" - Aster tongolensis

"Aster subcaeruleus 'Wart.'" - Aster tongolensis Wartburg Star

"Aster subcoeruleus" - Aster tongolensis

"Aster subintegerrimus" - Eurybia sibirica

"Aster subspicatus" - Symphyotrichum subspicatum

"Aster surculosus" - Eurybia surculosa

"Aster tanacetifolia" - Machaeranthera tanacetifolia

"Aster tanacetifolius" - Machaeranthera tanacetifolia

"Aster tenuifolius" - Aster pilosus v demotus

"Aster texanus" - Symphyotrichum drummondii

"Aster tortifolius" - Sericocarpus tortifolius

"Aster tradescantii" - Symphyotrichum tradescantii

"Aster trilineatus" - Symphyotrichum trilineatum

"Aster trinervius var. viscidul" - Aster viscidulus

"Aster turbinellus" - Symphyotrichum turbinellum

"Aster uliginosus" - Felicia uliginosa

"Aster umbellatus" - Doellingeria umbellata

"Aster undulatus" - Symphyotrichum undulatum

"Aster urophyllus" - Symphyotrichum urophyllum

"Aster vialis" - Eucephalus vialis

"Aster vimineus" - Symphyotrichum racemosum

"Aster walteri" - Symphyotrichum walteri

"Aster wasatchensis" - Eurybia wasatchensis

"Aster welshii" - Symphyotrichum welshii

"Aster yukonensis" - Symphyotrichum yukonense

"Asteracantha longifolia" - Hygrophila auriculata

"Asterochiton pygmaeus" - Thomasia pygmaea

"Beccariophoenix 'Eastern'" - Beccariophoenix fenestralis (sp. name unresolved)

"Boltonia asteroides var. decur" - Boltonia decurrens

"C.buddleoides x cotoneaster" - Corokia virgata x

"Casuarina pinaster" - Allocasuarina pinaster

"Cineraria Nana Masterpiece Mix" - Pericallis Nana Masterpiece Mixed

"Conyza asteroides" - Sericocarpus asteroides

"Coryphantha asterias" - Coryphantha ottonis

"Cotoneaster adpressus v praeco" - Cotoneaster nanshan

"Cotoneaster adpressus var. pra" - Cotoneaster hybrid

"Cotoneaster affinis f. obtusus" - Cotoneaster bacillaris

"Cotoneaster affinis var. bacil" - Cotoneaster bacillaris

"Cotoneaster angustifolius" - Pyracantha angustifolia

"Cotoneaster applanata" - Cotoneaster dielsianus c.s.

"Cotoneaster applanatus" - Cotoneaster dielsianus c.s.

"Cotoneaster bacillaris var. ob" - Cotoneaster bacillaris

"Cotoneaster cooperi" - Cotoneaster bacillaris

"Cotoneaster coreana" - Symplocos sawafutagi

"Cotoneaster denticulatus" - Amelanchier denticulata

"Cotoneaster distichus var. ton" - Cotoneaster nitidus

"Cotoneaster fontanesii" - Cotoneaster racemiflorus

"Cotoneaster frigidus x salicif" - Cotoneaster watereri x Cornubia

"Cotoneaster humifusus" - Cotoneaster dammeri

"Cotoneaster hupehensis" - Cotoneaster silvestrii

"Cotoneaster hybridus var. pend" - Cotoneaster hybrid

"Cotoneaster koidzumii" - Pyracantha koidzumii

"Cotoneaster lindleyi" - Cotoneaster insignis

"Cotoneaster lucidus" - Cotoneaster acutifolius

"Cotoneaster megalocarpus" - Cotoneaster ignavus

"Cotoneaster melanocarpus" - Cotoneaster niger

"Cotoneaster microphyllus var. " - Cotoneaster rotundifolius

"Cotoneaster microphyllus var. " - Cotoneaster microphyllus

"Cotoneaster microphyllus var. " - Cotoneaster microphyllus

"Cotoneaster multiflorus var. c" - Cotoneaster calocarpus

"Cotoneaster multiflorus var. g" - Cotoneaster granatensis

"Cotoneaster nanshan" - Cotoneaster hybrid

"Cotoneaster nummularius var. s" - Cotoneaster soongoricus

"Cotoneaster obtusus" - Cotoneaster bacillaris

"Cotoneaster parneyi" - Cotoneaster lacteus

"Cotoneaster praecox" - Cotoneaster hybrid

"Cotoneaster prostratus" - Cotoneaster rotundifolius

"Cotoneaster pseudomultiflorus" - Cotoneaster ignavus

"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster nummularius

"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster soongoricus

"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster silvestrii

"Cotoneaster racemiflorus var. " - Cotoneaster nummularius

"Cotoneaster roylei" - Cotoneaster acuminatus

"Cotoneaster rugosus var. henry" - Cotoneaster henryanus

"Cotoneaster salicifolius var. " - Cotoneaster henryanus

"Cotoneaster soulieanus" - Cotoneaster nitidus

"Cotoneaster tomentosus" - Cotoneaster nebrodensis

"Cypripedium mastersianum" - Paphiopedilum mastersianum

"Dombeya mastersii" - Dombeya burgessiae

"Erigeron asteroides" - Astragalus nuttallii

"Gasteria antandroi" - Aloe antandroi

"Gasteria bicolor" - Gasteria obliqua

"Gasteria bicolor Liliputana" - Gasteria obliqua Liliputana

"Gasteria brachyphylla ssp. bra" - Gasteria brachyphylla

"Gasteria fuscopunctata" - Gasteria acinacifolia

"Gasteria loeriensis" - Gasteria obliqua

"Gasteria lutzii" - Gasteria acinacifolia

"Gasteria maculata" - Gasteria obliqua

"Gasteria natalensis" - Gasteria croucheri

"Gasteria poellnitziana" - Gasteria pulchra

"Gymnocalycium asterium" - Gymnocalycium stellatum asterium

"Heterochaeta asteroides" - Aster asteroides

"Lupinaster macrocephalus" - Trifolium macrocephalum

"M.gasterantha IOS 01171" - Mammillaria spinosissima Iguala Guerr.

"Matricaria asteroides" - Boltonia asteroides

"Olea oleaster" - Olea europaea

"Pentagonaster baxteri" - Kunzea baxteri

"Phebalium asteriscophorum" - Asterolasia astericophora

"Pyrus pyraster" - Pyrus communis

"Trifolium lupinaster var. albi" - Trifolium lupinaster

"Wardaster lanaginosus" - Aster lanuginosus

All the "Aster" from our database

including currently available Aster, and Aster for which we do not have a current source.

Abutilon Modern Master mix

Achillea Alabaster

Adelaster albivenis

Allium Globemaster

Allium porrum f1 Lancaster

Allocasuarina pinaster

Almutaster pauciflorus

Alnaster sinuatus

Aloe pachygaster

Amellus asteroides

Ampelaster carolinianus

Androcymbium asteroides

Annual World Mixture - Eastern Mysteries

Apium graveolens v rapaceum f1 Celeriac Asterix

Argyroderma delaetii alabaster bods.

Aster abatus

Aster acadiensis

Aster acuminatus

Aster adnatus

Aster ageratoides

Aster aitchisonii

Aster alatipes

Aster albanicus

Aster albescens

Aster alpigenus v andersonii b.s.

Aster alpigenus v. haydenii

Aster alpinus

Aster alpinus Beauty Rose

Aster alpinus Beauty Series Mixture

Aster alpinus Blue

Aster alpinus Dark Beauty deep blue

Aster alpinus Dunkle Schone

Aster alpinus Fairyland fl. pl.

Aster alpinus Garibaldi

Aster alpinus Goliath lilac-blue

Aster alpinus Happy End

Aster alpinus mixed

Aster alpinus Rose - Pinkie

Aster alpinus Trimix

Aster alpinus v albus

Aster alpinus v dolomiticus b.s.

Aster alpinus v dolomiticus c.s.

Aster alpinus v.vierhapperi

Aster alpinus Wargrave Variety

Aster amellus

Aster amellus Dwarf King

Aster amellus hyb mix

Aster amellus Rudolf Goethe lavender blue

Aster amellus x blue

Aster ananthocladus

Aster andersonii

Aster andicola

Aster andohahelensis

Aster angustissimus

Aster annuus

Aster anomalus

Aster anticostensis

Aster aragonensis

Aster arenarioides

Aster arenosus

Aster argophyllus

Aster argyropholis

Aster asa-grayi

Aster ascendens

Aster asteroides

Aster athescens

Aster auriculatus

Aster avitus

Aster baccharoides

Aster bahamensis

Aster bakerianus

Aster baldwinii

Aster barbatus

Aster barbellatus

Aster baronii

Aster batangensis ex CLD 956

Aster bellidiastrum

Aster bellidioides

Aster bellus

Aster bernardinus

Aster bessarabicus

Aster bietii

Aster bipinnatisectus

Aster blakei

Aster blandus

Aster blepharophyllus

Aster boltoniae

Aster borealis

Aster bowiei

Aster bracei

Aster brachyactis

Aster brachytrichus

Aster bracteolatus

Aster brevilingulatus

Aster brevis

Aster breweri

Aster brickellioides

Aster bullatus

Aster bulleyanus

Aster burgessii

Aster cabrerae

Aster calderi

Aster calvatus

Aster campestris

Aster canescens

Aster canus

Aster carnerosanus

Aster carolinianus

Aster caucasicus

Aster chapmanii

Aster chilensis

Aster chimanimaniensis

Aster chinensis

Aster chlorolepis

Aster ciliolatus

Aster claytonii

Aster coerulescens

Aster colchicus

Aster coloradoensis

Aster coloradoensis cult. form

Aster coloradoensis white form

Aster commixtus

Aster commutatus

Aster comptonii

Aster concinnus

Aster concolor

Aster confertifolius

Aster conspicuus

Aster coriaceus

Aster crassulus

Aster crenifolius

Aster creticus

Aster crocatus

Aster curtisii

Aster curtus

Aster cusickii

Aster defoliatus

Aster depauperatus

Aster dimorphophyllus

Aster diplostephioides b.s.

Aster divaricatus

Aster dolichophyllus

Aster dolichopodus

Aster dracunculoides

Aster dubius v glabratus

Aster dumosus

Aster eatonii

Aster elatus

Aster elegans

Aster elliottii

Aster ericoides

Aster erubescens

Aster erucifolius

Aster eryngiifolius

Aster eulae

Aster exilis

Aster falcatus

Aster falcifolius

Aster falconeri

Aster fallax

Aster fanjingshanicus

Aster farreri

Aster fauriei

Aster faxonii

Aster fendleri

Aster filipes

Aster flaccidus

Aster flexilis

Aster foliaceus

Aster fontinalis

Aster formosanus

Aster fragilis

Aster frikartii

Aster frikartii x

Aster frondosus

Aster frutescens

Aster fulgidulus

Aster fuscescens

Aster garibaldii

Aster gentryi

Aster georgianus

Aster gerlachii

Aster giraldii

Aster glabrifolius

Aster glaucescens

Aster glaucodes

Aster glaucus

Aster glehnii

Aster gormanii

Aster gracilicaulis

Aster gracilis

Aster grandiflorus

Aster greatae

Aster grindelioides

Aster grisebachii

Aster gymnocephalus

Aster gypsophilus

Aster hallii

Aster handelii

Aster harveyanus

Aster hayatae

Aster haydenii

Aster heliopsis

Aster hemisphericus

Aster hendersonii

Aster Herfstweelde

Aster hersileoides

Aster hesperius

Aster heterochaeta

Aster heterolepis

Aster himalaicus bs

Aster hintonii

Aster hirsuticaulis

Aster hololachnus

Aster holophyllus

Aster holosericeus

Aster homochlamydeus

Aster horridus

Aster Hulk

Aster hunanensis

Aster hybridus

Aster hypoleucus

Aster ibericus

Aster iinumae

Aster indamellus

Aster infirmus

Aster integrifolius

Aster interior

Aster intricatus

Aster ionoglossus

Aster itsunboshi

Aster jeffreyanus

Aster jessicae

Aster jonesiae

Aster juchaihu

Aster junciformis

Aster kantoensis

Aster komonoensis

Aster koraiensis

Aster korshinskyi

Aster Kylie

Aster labrangensis

Aster laevigatus

Aster laevis

Aster laka

Aster langaoensis

Aster lanuginosus

Aster lasiocladus

Aster latibracteatus

Aster laticorymbus

Aster laurentianus

Aster lautureanus

Aster lavanduliifolius

Aster laxiflorus

Aster ledophyllus

Aster leiodes

Aster leiophyllus

Aster lemmonii

Aster lentus

Aster leonis

Aster limosus

Aster limprichtii

Aster lindleyanus

Aster lingulatus

Aster linosyris

Aster lipskyi

Aster longifolius

Aster longipetiolatus

Aster lowrieanus

Aster lucayanus

Aster lucidulus

Aster luxurifolius

Aster luzonensis

Aster lydenburgensis

Aster maackii

Aster madagascariensis

Aster magnus

Aster mandrarensis

Aster mangshanensis

Aster marchandii

Aster martii

Aster megalanthus

Aster menelii

Aster meritus

Aster michellii

Aster microcephalus

Aster milanjiensis

Aster minor

Aster miquelianus

Aster mirabilis

Aster miyagii

Aster modestus

Aster mohrii

Aster mollis

Aster molliusculus

Aster mongolicus

Aster moranensis

Aster morrisonensis

Aster motuoensis

Aster moupinsensis

Aster multiflorus

Aster myrsinoides

Aster nebraskensis

Aster nemoralis

Aster neoelegans

Aster neomexicanus

Aster nepaulensis

Aster nigromontanus

Aster nitidus

Aster nubimontis

Aster occidentalis

Aster oleifolius

Aster ontarionis

Aster oregonensis

Aster oreophilus

Aster ovalifolius

Aster ovatus

Aster palmeri

Aster paludosus

Aster panduratus

Aster paniculatus

Aster pansus

Aster parryi

Aster parviceps

Aster patagonicus

Aster patens

Aster patentissimus

Aster paternus

Aster patulus

Aster paucicapitatus

Aster pauciflorus

Aster peduncularis

Aster peglerae

Aster peirsonii

Aster pensauensis

Aster perelegans

Aster perfoliatus

Aster peteroanus

Aster philippinensis

Aster phlogifolius

Aster phlogopappus

Aster phyllolepis

Aster pilosus v demotus

Aster platylepis

Aster pleiocephalus

Aster poliothamnus

Aster polius

Aster porteri

Aster potosinus

Aster prainii

Aster pratensis

Aster priceae

Aster pringlei

Aster prorerus

Aster pseudobakerianus

Aster pubentior

Aster pycnophyllus

Aster pygmaeus

Aster pyrenaeus hort.

Aster quitensis

Aster racemosus

Aster radula

Aster radulinus

Aster ramulosus

Aster regnellii

Aster reticulatus

Aster retroflexus

Aster retusus

Aster richardsonii

Aster riparius

Aster rockianus

Aster rugulosus

Aster saboureaui

Aster salignus x

Aster salwinensis

Aster sampsonii

Aster satsumensis

Aster savatieri

Aster saxicastellii

Aster scaber

Aster scabricaulis

Aster schaffneri

Aster schreberi

Aster scopulorum

Aster sedifolius

Aster see-burejensis

Aster semiamplexicaulis

Aster senecioides

Aster sericocarpoides

Aster serpentimontanus

Aster shastensis

Aster sibiricus

Aster sikkimensis

Aster sikuensis

Aster simmondsii

Aster sinianus

Aster smithianus

Aster sodiroi

Aster sohayakiensis

Aster solidagineus

Aster souliei

Aster sp. unidentif. white fl. yellow centre

Aster spathulatus

Aster spathulifolius

Aster spectabilis

Aster sphaerotus

Aster spinosus

Aster spinulosus

Aster spp. Hardy Perennial Mix

Aster spp. mix central and eastern US prairies

Aster squamatus

Aster staticifolius

Aster steeleorum

Aster stenomeres

Aster stracheyi

Aster stuartii

Aster subintegerrimus

Aster subspicatus

Aster subulatus

Aster sugimotoi

Aster suputinicus

Aster surculosus

Aster sutchuenensis

Aster sutschanensis

Aster tagasagomontanus

Aster taiwanensis

Aster taliangshanensis

Aster tanacetifolius

Aster tansaniensis

Aster tarbagatensis

Aster tataricus

Aster tataricus organic

Aster techinensis

Aster tenuipes

Aster texanus

Aster thomsonii

Aster tibeticus

Aster tientschuanensis

Aster tolmatschevii

Aster tongolensis

Aster tongolensis Wartburg Star

Aster tortifolius

Aster tradescantii

Aster tricephalus

Aster trichoneurus

Aster trilineatus

Aster trinervius ssp. ageratoides v microcephalus

Aster trinervius ssp. ageratoides v ovatus

Aster tripolium b.s.

Aster tsarungensis

Aster turbinatus

Aster uliginosus

Aster undulatus

Aster urophyllus

Aster vahlii

Aster veitchianus

Aster velutinosus

Aster venustus

Aster versicolor

Aster vestitus

Aster vialis

Aster vimineus

Aster viscidulus

Aster viscosus

Aster vvedenskyi

Aster walteri

Aster wasatchensis

Aster wattii

Aster welshii

Aster White Swan

Aster willkommii

Aster woroschilowii

Aster yakushimensis

Aster yomena

Aster yoshinaganus

Aster yukonensis

Aster yunnanensis

Aster zayuensis

Aster zuluensis

Asteracantha longifolia

Asteraceae sp unident 1878

Asteraceae sp unident 1963

Asteraceae sp unident 1992

Asteranthera ovata

Asteridea athrixioides

Asteridea chaetopoda

Asteridea pulverulenta bs

Asteridea pulverulenta cs pure seed

Asteriscium chilense

Asteriscium pozoides

Asteriscium sp. unident. 2392

Asteriscus graveolens

Asteriscus maritimus

Asterochiton pygmaeus

Asterogyne martiana

Asterogyne spicata

Asterolasia astericophora

Asteromyrtus angustifolia

Asteromyrtus brassii

Asteromyrtus magnifica

Asteromyrtus symphyocarpa

Asteropyrum cavaleriei

Asteropyrum cavalierei

Asterotrichion discolor

Astragalus asterias

Astrophytum asterias cit EU only

Astrophytum asterias Fukuryu cit EU only

Astrophytum asterias Full Yellow

Astrophytum asterias Japanese Hybrids Mix best for

Astrophytum asterias Kikko cit

Astrophytum asterias Lucio Blanco Tam. cit EU only

Astrophytum asterias nudum cit EU only

Astrophytum asterias Nudum Kikko cit EU only

Astrophytum asterias Super Kabuto cit EU only

Astrophytum asterias Super Kabuto Hybrid cit EU on

Astrophytum asterias Super Kabuto Kikko cit EU onl

Astrophytum asterias Super Kabuto Tiger EU only

Astrophytum asterias Super Kabuto Zebra cit EU onl

Astrophytum asterias x Flora Aureum cit EU omly

Astrophytum capricorne x asterias Capas

Astrophytum myriostigma x asterias

Austrodanthonia caespitosa eastern states

Austrostipa elegantissima prov eastern states

Baumea articulata prov. eastern states

Baumea juncea prov. eastern states

Baumea rubiginosa prov. eastern states

Bolboschoenus caldwellii prov. eastern states

Boltonia asteroides

Boltonia asteroides Snowbank

Boltonia asteroides v latisquamata

Boltonia asteroides v latisquamata Nana

Boophone disticha eastern Cape form medium height

Brassica oleracea Cabbage Mastergreen

Brassica oleracea f1 Cauliflower Asterix

Callistephus chinensis Asteroid Deep Blue

Callistephus chinensis Asteroid Mixed

Callistephus chinensis Asteroid Rose

Callistephus chinensis Asteroid Scarlet

Callistephus chinensis Asteroid White

Callistephus chinensis Contraster Pink dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Contraster Red dwarf

Callistephus chinensis Jewelaster carmine

Callistephus chinensis Jewelaster cherry red

Callistephus chinensis Jewelaster dark rose

Callistephus chinensis Jewelaster deep purple

Callistephus chinensis Jewelaster mixed

Callistephus chinensis Jewelaster salmon rose

Callistephus chinensis Jewelaster scarlet

Callitris verrucosa prov. eastern states

Campanula latifolia v macrantha Blue Master

Capsicum frutescens Fountain Red eastern India

Capsicum frutescens Laungi eastern India

Capsicum frutescens Pungent Red eastern India

Chaetopappa asteroides

Chilopsis linearis eastern form purple fls.

Conyza asteroides

Corokia cotoneaster

Corokia cotoneaster v cheesemanii

Cotoneaster acuminatus

Cotoneaster acutifolius

Cotoneaster acutifolius v. lucidus

Cotoneaster adpressus

Cotoneaster affinis

Cotoneaster albokermesirus

Cotoneaster aldenhamensis

Cotoneaster allochrous

Cotoneaster almaatensis

Cotoneaster ambiguus

Cotoneaster amoenus

Cotoneaster apiculatus

Cotoneaster ascendens

Cotoneaster bacillaris

Cotoneaster bullatus

Cotoneaster buxifolius

Cotoneaster calocarpus

Cotoneaster cinnabarinus

Cotoneaster congestus

Cotoneaster conspicuus

Cotoneaster cooperi

Cotoneaster cordifolius

Cotoneaster coriaceus c.s.

Cotoneaster coriaceus d.b.

Cotoneaster crenulatus

Cotoneaster crispii

Cotoneaster dammeri

Cotoneaster dielsianus c.s.

Cotoneaster dielsianus d.b.

Cotoneaster distichus

Cotoneaster divaricatus

Cotoneaster fontanesii

Cotoneaster foveolatus

Cotoneaster franchetii c.s.

Cotoneaster franchettii d.b.

Cotoneaster frigidus

Cotoneaster fulvidus

Cotoneaster glabratus

Cotoneaster glacialis prov. Nepal

Cotoneaster glaucophyllus

Cotoneaster gracilis

Cotoneaster granatensis

Cotoneaster harrovianus

Cotoneaster harrysmithii

Cotoneaster hebephyllus

Cotoneaster henryanus

Cotoneaster hissaricus

Cotoneaster horizontalis c.s.

Cotoneaster horizontalis d.b.

Cotoneaster horizontalis stratified seed

Cotoneaster horizontalis v. perpusillus d.b.

Cotoneaster horizontalis Variegatus

Cotoneaster hupehensis

Cotoneaster hybrid

Cotoneaster hybridus

Cotoneaster ignavus

Cotoneaster incanus

Cotoneaster insignis

Cotoneaster integerrimus

Cotoneaster karatavicus

Cotoneaster koidzumii

Cotoneaster konishii

Cotoneaster lacteus

Cotoneaster laxiflorus

Cotoneaster linearifolius

Cotoneaster majuscula

Cotoneaster megalocarpus

Cotoneaster microphyllus

Cotoneaster microphyllus fa. thymifolius

Cotoneaster monopyrenus

Cotoneaster morrisonensis

Cotoneaster moupinensis

Cotoneaster multiflorus

Cotoneaster multiflorus v. calocarpus

Cotoneaster nanshan

Cotoneaster nebrodensis

Cotoneaster newryensis

Cotoneaster niger

Cotoneaster nitens

Cotoneaster nitidifolius

Cotoneaster nitidus

Cotoneaster nummularioides

Cotoneaster nummularius

Cotoneaster obovatus

Cotoneaster obscurus

Cotoneaster obtusus

Cotoneaster oliganthus

Cotoneaster pannosus

Cotoneaster praecox

Cotoneaster prostratus

Cotoneaster przewalskii

Cotoneaster pseudomultiflorus

Cotoneaster pyracantha

Cotoneaster pyrenaicus

Cotoneaster racemiflorus

Cotoneaster rehderi

Cotoneaster reticulatus

Cotoneaster rhytidophyllus

Cotoneaster roseus

Cotoneaster rotundifolius

Cotoneaster royleanus

Cotoneaster roylei

Cotoneaster rubens

Cotoneaster rugosus

Cotoneaster salicifolius

Cotoneaster salicifolius d.b.

Cotoneaster salicifolius v. rugosus

Cotoneaster saxatilis

Cotoneaster serotinus

Cotoneaster shansiensis

Cotoneaster sikangensis

Cotoneaster sikkimensis

Cotoneaster silvestrii

Cotoneaster simonsii

Cotoneaster soczavianus

Cotoneaster soongoricus

Cotoneaster soulieanus

Cotoneaster sp. unident. prov. madagascar

Cotoneaster splendens

Cotoneaster spp - hyb mix

Cotoneaster sternianus

Cotoneaster tauricus

Cotoneaster tenuipes

Cotoneaster thymifolius

Cotoneaster tomentosus

Cotoneaster tumeticus

Cotoneaster turbinatus

Cotoneaster uniflorus

Cotoneaster wardii

Cotoneaster watereri x Cornubia

Cotoneaster wheeleri

Cotoneaster wilsonii

Cotoneaster zabelii

Cotoneaster zeravschanicus

Crocosmia Eastern Promise

Cucumis sativus Masterpiece

Cucumis sativus Spacemaster

Cymbidium mastersii

Cymbopogon obtectus prov. eastern states

Daucus carota ssp sativa f1 Healthmaster

Dianella revoluta c.s. prov. eastern states

Dianella revoluta d.b. prov. eastern states

Dieteria asteroides

Diospyros ebenaster

Drosera bulbosa ssp bulbosa eastern wheatbelt form

Echinocactus asterias

Eleocharis acuta eastern states

Eremaea asterocarpa ssp asterocarpa

Erigeron asteroides

Frailea asteroides (name unresolved)

Frailea asteroides FS 485

Frailea castanea v. asterioides Arapey Salto

Frailea castanea v. asterioides FS 485

Frailea castanea v. asterioides reddish form

Gasteria acinacifolia

Gasteria acinacifolia v. venusta

Gasteria angulata

Gasteria armstrongii

Gasteria armstrongii Humansdorp

Gasteria batesiana

Gasteria baylissiana

Gasteria baylissiana rough light grey lvs.

Gasteria bijliae

Gasteria brachyphylla

Gasteria brachyphylla v. bayeri

Gasteria brevifolia

Gasteria caespitosa

Gasteria carinata

Gasteria carinata v. verrucosa

Gasteria cheilophylla

Gasteria croucheri

Gasteria disticha

Gasteria ellaphiae

Gasteria elongata

Gasteria excelsa

Gasteria glauca

Gasteria glomerata

Gasteria huttoniae

Gasteria lingua

Gasteria lutzii

Gasteria maculata

Gasteria mollis

Gasteria nigricans

Gasteria nitida v. armstrongii tuberculate lvs.

Gasteria nitida v. nitida

Gasteria obliqua

Gasteria obliqua Coega nr. Port Elizabeth

Gasteria obliqua Liliputana

Gasteria obliqua Liliputana Plutos Vale

Gasteria obtusifolia

Gasteria parvifolia

Gasteria pillansii

Gasteria planifolia

Gasteria pulchra

Gasteria pulchra Keurkloof

Gasteria pulchra long curved lvs.

Gasteria rawlinsonii

Gasteria schweinfurthii

Gasteria spp. mix

Gasteria subnigricans

Gasteria transvaalensis

Gasteria trigona

Gasteria verrucosa

Gasteria vlokii

Gasteria vlokii Tuinkloof

Geranium sylvaticum Amy Doncaster

Glebionis segetum Eastern Star

Glyceria alnasteretum

Gymnocalycium stellatum asterium

Heterochaeta asteroides

Hibiscus mastersianus

Hoya megalaster

Hypericum lancasteri

Juncus kraussii prov. eastern states

Juncus pallidus prov. eastern states

Juniperus virginiana northeastern U.S. coastal for

Larix mastersiana

Lessingianthus asteriflorus BK10509.12.

Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet Deep Pink

Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet Deep Rose

Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet Lavender

Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet Lemonade

Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet mixed

Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet Pastel Mixture

Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet Peach

Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet Violet

Lobularia maritima Easter Bonnet White

Lupinaster gordejevii

Lupinaster macrocephalus

Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Beefmaster giant

Masdevallia agaster

Masdevallia asterotricha

Mastersia bakeri

Matucana madisoniorum asterium

Mespilus cotoneaster

Narcissus Dutch Master (1)

Narcissus Easter Bonnet large cupped

Nepenthes mastersiana cit

Nicotiana rustica Rapa Nui Easter Island Tobacco

Olea europea v oleaster bs

Osmitopsis asteriscoides

Paphiopedilum mastersianum

Pentopetia cotoneaster

Pericallis Dutch Master

Pericallis Nana Masterpiece Mixed

Phaseolus coccineus Benchmaster runner bean

Phaseolus vulgaris Masterpiece French dwarf bean

Phebalium asteriscophorum

Pinus armandii v. mastersiana

Pinus pinaster

Pinus pinaster Aberdoniae

Pinus pinaster prov. France

Pinus pinaster prov. Spain

Pisum sativum v arvense Biomaster

Plectranthus scutellarioides Rainbow Masterblend

Poa poiformis prov. eastern states

Polypodium asterolepis

Primula vulgaris Easterbloom Blue

Primula vulgaris Easterbloom Mixed

Primula vulgaris Easterbloom Pink

Primula vulgaris Easterbloom Red

Primula vulgaris Easterbloom White

Primula vulgaris Easterbloom Yellow

Psilactis asteroides

Punica granatum Nana Orange Master dwarf

Pyrus pyraster

Quararibea asterolepis

Raphanus sativus Radish Easter Egg Mix small round

Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani prov. eastern Austr

Sedum Roy Lancaster

Senecio cacaliaster

Sericocarpus asteroides

Silene asterias

Solidaster luteus

Solidaster x luteus Green ex Dress

Sorbocotoneaster pozdnjakovii

Stapelia asterias

Stipa scabra prov. eastern states

Themeda triandra b.s. florets prov. eastern states

Themeda triandra c.s. eastern states

Trifolium lupinaster

Trollius cultorum x Alabaster

Tulipa humilis Eastern Star (15)

Vicia faba Masterpiece Green Longpod broad bean

Viola asterias

Viola Chalon Ruffled Giants Mixed - Masterpiece

Viola f1 Carpet Easter Formula Mixture

Wardaster lanaginosus

Wildflower mix US Northeastern budget

Wildflower mix US Northeastern natives

Wildflower mix US Northeastern regional

Wildflower mix US pollinators eastern

Wildflower mix US Southeastern budget

Wildflower mix US Southeastern natives

Wildflower mix US Southeastern regional

Wildflower mix US xeriscape eastern

Zea mays Eastern Tarahumara Tajawe flour - flint

Zea mays Tablemaster large quality maincrop

Zephyranthes lancasterae x

Zephyranthes longifolia nr 2 eastern form

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

Check google, to see whether "Aster" is the usual Botanical plant name
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