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Berberis aggregata

Berberis darwinii

Berberis gagnepainii

Berberis grandiflora

Berberis hispanica

Berberis julianae

Berberis thunbergii

Berberis thunbergii Atropurpurea

Berberis thunbergii stratified seed

Berberis vulgaris

Berberis wilsoniae

Berberis wilsoniae stratified seed

Botanical Synonym results for "Berberis":

"Berberis aggregata var. pratti" - Berberis prattii

"Berberis amurensis var. japoni" - Berberis regeliana

"Berberis angulizans" - Berberis canadensis

"Berberis aquifolium" - Mahonia aquifolium c.s.

"Berberis congestiflora var. ha" - Berberis hakeoides

"Berberis diaphana var. circums" - Berberis circumserrata

"Berberis dumentorum" - Berberis vulgaris

"Berberis dumetorum" - Berberis vulgaris

"Berberis fischeri" - Berberis canadensis

"Berberis guimpelii" - Berberis chinensis

"Berberis heterobotrys" - Berberis oblonga

"Berberis heteropoda var. oblon" - Berberis oblonga

"Berberis integerrima Bung" - Berberis integerrima

"Berberis jacquinii" - Berberis vulgaris

"Berberis jamesonii" - Berberis grandiflora

"Berberis jamesonii" - Berberis hookeri

"Berberis japonica var. bealei" - Berberis bealei

"Berberis macrophylla" - Berberis wallichiana

"Berberis microphylla" - Berberis buxifolia

"Berberis montana var. chillane" - Berberis chillanensis

"Berberis nevinii" - Mahonia nevinii

"Berberis nummularia Bunge" - Berberis nummularia

"Berberis repens" - Mahonia repens

"Berberis sanguinea" - Berberis vulgaris

"Berberis serotina" - Berberis chinensis

"Berberis sinensis" - Berberis chinensis

"Berberis sonnei" - Berberis repens

"Berberis spathulata" - Berberis chinensis

"Berberis stenophylla" - Berberis soulieana

"Berberis thunbergii fa atropur" - Berberis thunbergii Atropurpurea

"Berberis vulgaris f. atropurpu" - Berberis vulgaris

"Berberis vulgaris var. amurens" - Berberis amurensis

"Berberis vulgaris var. japonic" - Berberis regeliana

"Berberis vulgaris var. purpure" - Berberis vulgaris

All the "Berberis" from our database

including currently available Berberis, and Berberis for which we do not have a current source.

Berberis actinacantha

Berberis acuminata

Berberis aemulans

Berberis aetnensis

Berberis aggregata

Berberis alksuthiensis

Berberis amoena

Berberis amurensis

Berberis angulosa

Berberis aristata

Berberis asiatica

Berberis atrocarpa

Berberis bealei

Berberis beaniana

Berberis bergmanniae

Berberis bidentata

Berberis bodinieri

Berberis boliviana

Berberis brachypoda

Berberis bretschneideri

Berberis brevipaniculata

Berberis buxifolia

Berberis canadensis

Berberis candidula

Berberis carminea

Berberis caroli

Berberis chenaultii

Berberis chilensis

Berberis chillanensis

Berberis chinensis

Berberis chitria

Berberis chochoco

Berberis circumserrata

Berberis comberi

Berberis commutata

Berberis concinna

Berberis congestiflora

Berberis consimilis

Berberis coryi

Berberis crataegina

Berberis cretica

Berberis darwinii

Berberis dasystachya

Berberis delavayi

Berberis diaphana

Berberis dictyophylla

Berberis dictyota

Berberis dielsiana

Berberis diversifolia

Berberis dubia

Berberis duclouxiana

Berberis durobrivensis

Berberis edgeworthiana

Berberis emarginata

Berberis empetrifolia

Berberis fendleri

Berberis flexuosa

Berberis fortunei

Berberis francisci-ferdinandi

Berberis fremontii

Berberis frikartii

Berberis gagnepainii

Berberis gilgiana

Berberis giraldii

Berberis glaucescens

Berberis glaucocarpa

Berberis globosa

Berberis glomerata

Berberis gracilis

Berberis grandiflora

Berberis haematocarpa

Berberis hakeoides

Berberis henryana

Berberis heterobotrys

Berberis heterophylla

Berberis heteropoda

Berberis hispanica

Berberis holstii

Berberis hookeri

Berberis hybrid

Berberis hybridogagnepainii

Berberis hypokerina

Berberis ilicifolia

Berberis iliensis

Berberis insignis

Berberis integerrima

Berberis jaeschkeana

Berberis jamesiana

Berberis jamesonii

Berberis japonica

Berberis jelskiana

Berberis julianae

Berberis julianae Nana d.b.

Berberis kawakamii

Berberis knightii

Berberis koehneana

Berberis koreana

Berberis kumaonensis

Berberis lanceolata

Berberis laurina

Berberis lecomtei

Berberis lempergeana

Berberis lepidifolia

Berberis levis

Berberis liechtensteinii

Berberis linearifola

Berberis lologensis

Berberis lomariifolia

Berberis longipes

Berberis lucida

Berberis lycium

Berberis macracantha

Berberis macrophylla

Berberis manipurana

Berberis maximowiczii

Berberis media

Berberis mekongensis

Berberis mentorensis

Berberis montana

Berberis moranensis

Berberis morrisonensis

Berberis mouillacana

Berberis napaulensis

Berberis nervosa

Berberis neubertii

Berberis nevinii

Berberis notabilis

Berberis nummularia

Berberis oblonga

Berberis orthobotrys

Berberis ottawensis

Berberis pachyacantha

Berberis pallens

Berberis parvifolia

Berberis petiolaris

Berberis pinnata

Berberis poiretii

Berberis polyantha

Berberis potaninii

Berberis prattii

Berberis provincialis

Berberis pruinosa

Berberis pumila

Berberis quelpaertensis

Berberis quinduensis

Berberis regeliana

Berberis rehderiana

Berberis repens

Berberis replicata

Berberis rigidifolia

Berberis rotundifolia

Berberis rubrostilla

Berberis ruscifolia

Berberis sargentiana

Berberis serrata

Berberis Sibbertoft Coral seed from

Berberis sibirica

Berberis sieboldii

Berberis silva-taroucana

Berberis soulieana

Berberis sp. unident.

Berberis sphaerocarpa

Berberis spinulosa

Berberis spp. and hyb. mix

Berberis stenophylla

Berberis swaseyi

Berberis temolaica

Berberis tenuifolia

Berberis thibetica

Berberis thunbergii

Berberis thunbergii Atropurpurea

Berberis thunbergii stratified seed

Berberis tischleri

Berberis toluacensis

Berberis triacanthophora

Berberis trifoliata v. glauca

Berberis trifoliolata

Berberis trigona

Berberis turcomannica

Berberis ulicina

Berberis umbellata

Berberis valdiviana

Berberis veitchii

Berberis vernae

Berberis verruculosa

Berberis virescens

Berberis virgetorum

Berberis vulgaris

Berberis vulgaris Atropurpurea

Berberis wagneri

Berberis wallichiana

Berberis wilcoxii

Berberis wilsoniae

Berberis wilsoniae stratified seed

Berberis yunnanensis

Mahoberberis neubertii

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Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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