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Cassia abbreviata

Cassia artemisioides

Cassia brewsteri

Cassia eremophila

Cassia fistula

Cassia grandis

Cassia javanica

Cassia javanica ssp. nodosa

Cassia leptophylla

Cassia luerssenii

Cassia moschata

Cassia nemophila

Cassia nodosa

Cassia oligophylla

Cassia renigera

Cassia roxburghii

Cassia sturtii

Botanical Synonym results for "Cassia":

"Cassia abbreviata" - Cassia afrofistula

"Cassia abbreviata ssp beareana" - Cassia afrofistula Beareana

"Cassia absus" - Chamaecrista absus

"Cassia acclinis" - Senna acclinis

"Cassia aciphylla" - Senna aciphylla

"Cassia aculeata" - Senna aculeata

"Cassia acutifolia" - Senna alexandrina

"Cassia alata" - Senna alata

"Cassia angulata" - Senna angulata

"Cassia angustifolia" - Senna alexandrina

"Cassia antillana" - Senna nitida

"Cassia appendiculata" - Senna appendiculata

"Cassia armata" - Senna armata

"Cassia artemisioides" - Senna artemisioides

"Cassia artemisoides v. filifol" - Senna artemisioides ssp filifolia

"Cassia aspleniifolia" - Chamaecrista aspleniifolia

"Cassia atomaria" - Senna atomaria

"Cassia auriculata" - Senna auriculata

"Cassia australis" - Senna odorata

"Cassia australis" - Senna australis

"Cassia australis var. revoluta" - Senna aciphylla

"Cassia bacillaris" - Senna bacillaris

"Cassia barclayana" - Senna barclayana

"Cassia bauhinioides" - Senna bauhinioides

"Cassia bauhinoides" - Senna bauhinoides

"Cassia bicapsularis" - Senna bicapsularis

"Cassia biensis" - Chamaecrista biensis

"Cassia biflora" - Senna pallida

"Cassia bonariensis" - Senna corymbosa

"Cassia brasiliana" - Cassia grandis

"Cassia cana" - Senna cana

"Cassia candenatensis" - Dalbergia candenatensis

"Cassia candolleana" - Senna candolleana

"Cassia capensis" - Chamaecrista capensis v capensis

"Cassia carnaval" - Senna spectabilis

"Cassia cathartica" - Chamaecrista cathartica

"Cassia chamaecrista" - Chamaecrista fasciculata

"Cassia chamaecrista var. robus" - Chamaecrista fasciculata

"Cassia chatelainiana" - Senna glutinosa ssp. chatelainiana

"Cassia circinnata" - Senna artemisioides ssp. circinnata

"Cassia coluteoides" - Senna pendula v. glabrata

"Cassia comosa" - Chamaecrista comosa

"Cassia coronilloides" - Senna coronilloides

"Cassia corymbosa" - Senna corymbosa

"Cassia Corymbosa J.B." - Senna corymbosa John Ball

"Cassia costata" - Senna costata

"Cassia covesii" - Senna covesii

"Cassia cultrifolia" - Chamaecrista diphylla

"Cassia deeringiana" - Chamaecrista deeringiana

"Cassia dentata" - Chamaecrista dentata

"Cassia didymobotrya" - Senna didymobotrya

"Cassia diphylla" - Chamaecrista diphylla

"Cassia durangensis" - Senna durangensis

"Cassia elegans" - Senna septemtrionalis

"Cassia emarginata" - Senna bicapsularis

"Cassia eremophila" - Senna artemisioides ssp filifolia

"Cassia eremophila" - Cassia nemophila

"Cassia excelsa" - Cassia fistula

"Cassia fasciculata" - Chamaecrista fasciculata

"Cassia fenarolii" - Chamaecrista fenarolii

"Cassia ferraria" - Senna glutinosa ssp. ferraria

"Cassia flexuosa" - Chamaecrista flexuosa

"Cassia floribunda x" - Senna floribunda

"Cassia florida" - Senna siamea

"Cassia fruticosa" - Senna fruticosa

"Cassia galegifolia" - Senna pallida

"Cassia garrettiana" - Senna garrettiana

"Cassia gaudichaudii" - Senna gaudichaudii

"Cassia glauca" - Senna surattensis

"Cassia glauca" - Senna sulfurea

"Cassia glauca or gaudichaudi" - Cassia Kalamona

"Cassia glutinosa" - Senna glutinosa ssp. glutinosa

"Cassia gracilior" - Chamaecrista gracilior

"Cassia hebecarpa" - Senna hebecarpa

"Cassia helmsii" - Senna artemisioides ssp helmsii

"Cassia hispidula" - Chamaecrista hispidula

"Cassia hochstetteri" - Chamaecrista dimidiata

"Cassia holosericea" - Senna holosericea

"Cassia hybrida" - Senna floribunda

"Cassia italica" - Senna italica

"Cassia katangensis" - Chamaecrista katangensis

"Cassia katangensis var. biensi" - Chamaecrista biensis

"Cassia kirkii var. quarrei" - Chamaecrista stricta

"Cassia kleinii" - Chamaecrista kleinii

"Cassia laeta" - Senna mollissima

"Cassia laevigata" - Senna septemtrionalis

"Cassia lanceolata" - Senna alexandrina

"Cassia latifolia" - Senna latifolia

"Cassia leandrii" - Senna leandrii

"Cassia leiantha" - Chamaecrista hispidula

"Cassia marginata" - Cassia roxburghii

"Cassia marilandica" - Senna marilandica

"Cassia marilandica" - Caesalpinia pulcherrima

"Cassia marilandica v medsgeri" - Senna marilandica v. medsgeri

"Cassia medsgeri" - Senna marilandica v. medsgeri

"Cassia mimosoides" - Chamaecrista mimosoides

"Cassia mimosoides var. dimidia" - Chamaecrista dimidiata

"Cassia mimosoides var. nomame" - Chamaecrista dimidiata

"Cassia mollissima" - Senna mollissima

"Cassia multiglandulosa" - Senna multiglandulosa

"Cassia multijuga" - Senna multijuga

"Cassia nemophila" - Senna artemisioides ssp filifolia

"Cassia nemophila v coriacea" - Senna artemisioides ssp. coriacea

"Cassia nemophila v platypoda" - Senna artemisioides ssp petiolaris

"Cassia nemophila v zygophylla" - Senna artemisioides ssp zygophylla

"Cassia nicaraguensis" - Senna nicaraguensis

"Cassia nictitans" - Chamaecrista nictitans

"Cassia nitida" - Senna nitida

"Cassia nodosa" - Cassia javanica

"Cassia nomame" - Chamaecrista dimidiata

"Cassia notabilis" - Senna notabilis

"Cassia obovata" - Senna italica

"Cassia obtusifolia" - Senna obtusifolia

"Cassia occidentalis" - Senna occidentalis

"Cassia odorata" - Senna odorata

"Cassia oligophylla" - Senna artemisioides ssp oligophylla

"Cassia pallida" - Senna pallida

"Cassia parva" - Chamaecrista parva

"Cassia petersiana" - Senna petersiana

"Cassia phyllodinea" - Senna phyllodinea

"Cassia pilifer" - Senna pilifera

"Cassia planisiliqua" - Senna occidentalis

"Cassia planitiicola" - Senna planitiicola

"Cassia pleurocarpa" - Senna pleurocarpa v. pleurocarpa

"Cassia pleurocarpa v angust." - Senna pleurocarpa v. angustifolia

"Cassia podocarpa" - Senna podocarpa

"Cassia polyphylla" - Senna polyphylla

"Cassia pruinosa" - Senna glutinosa ssp. pruinosa

"Cassia pumila" - Chamaecrista pumila

"Cassia purpurea" - Senna purpurea

"Cassia quarrei" - Chamaecrista stricta

"Cassia quinquangulata" - Senna quinquangulata

"Cassia racemosa" - Senna racemosa

"Cassia repens" - Chamaecrista repens

"Cassia reticulata" - Senna reticulata

"Cassia retusa" - Senna gaudichaudii

"Cassia revoluta" - Senna aciphylla

"Cassia robusta" - Chamaecrista robusta

"Cassia schultesii" - Senna odorata

"Cassia senna" - Senna alexandrina

"Cassia septemtrionalis" - Senna septemtrionalis

"Cassia sericea" - Senna uniflora

"Cassia serpens" - Chamaecrista serpens

"Cassia siamea" - Senna siamea

"Cassia singueana" - Senna singueana prov. Dakawa Tanzania

"Cassia sophera" - Senna sophera

"Cassia spectabilis" - Senna spectabilis

"Cassia stipulacea" - Senna stipulacea

"Cassia sturtii" - Senna artemisioides ssp sturtii

"Cassia suffruticosa" - Senna suffruticosa

"Cassia surattensis" - Senna surattensis

"Cassia tagera" - Chamaecrista kunthiana

"Cassia tetraphylla" - Chamaecrista hispidula

"Cassia timoriensis" - Senna timoriensis

"Cassia tomentosa" - Senna multiglandulosa

"Cassia tora" - Senna obtusifolia

"Cassia torosa" - Senna sophera

"Cassia undulata" - Senna undulata

"Cassia uniflora" - Senna uniflora

"Cassia venusta" - Senna venusta

"Cassia viarum" - Senna viarum

"Cassia viminea" - Senna viminea

"Cassia wislizeni" - Senna wislizeni

"Cassia wittei" - Chamaecrista wittei

"Cassia zambesica" - Chamaecrista zambesica

"Helichrysum cassianum (err)" - Schoenia cassiniana Rose Beauty

"Laurus cassia" - Neolitsea cassia

All the "Cassia" from our database

including currently available Cassia, and Cassia for which we do not have a current source.

Anthemis cassia

Cassia abbreviata

Cassia absus

Cassia acclinis

Cassia aculeata

Cassia adiantifolia

Cassia aeschinomene

Cassia afrofistula

Cassia afrofistula Beareana

Cassia agnes

Cassia angolensis

Cassia angulata

Cassia antillana

Cassia appendiculata

Cassia arachoides

Cassia arborescens

Cassia arequipensis

Cassia artemisioides

Cassia aspera

Cassia aspleniifolia

Cassia aubrevillei

Cassia bacillaris

Cassia bakeriana

Cassia bauhiniifolia

Cassia bauhinioides

Cassia bauhinoides

Cassia beareana

Cassia biensis

Cassia bifoliolata

Cassia bonariensis

Cassia brachypoda

Cassia brewsteri

Cassia calycioides

Cassia cana

Cassia candenatensis

Cassia cardiosperma x

Cassia cathartica

Cassia chamaecrista

Cassia chamaecristoides

Cassia chapmanii

Cassia chrysocarpa

Cassia comosa

Cassia coquimbensis

Cassia coronilloides

Cassia cowanii

Cassia cultrifolia

Cassia deeringiana

Cassia dentata

Cassia desolata

Cassia desvauxii

Cassia diffusa

Cassia diphylla

Cassia disadena

Cassia durangensis

Cassia ensiformis

Cassia eremophila

Cassia falcinella

Cassia fastuosa

Cassia fenarolii

Cassia ferruginea

Cassia fistula

Cassia fistula hardy NZ

Cassia flavicoma

Cassia flexuosa

Cassia galegifolia

Cassia gaudichaudii

Cassia glandulosa

Cassia gracilior

Cassia gracilis

Cassia grandis

Cassia grandis hardy NZ

Cassia granitica

Cassia guaranitica

Cassia hammersleyensis

Cassia hirsuta

Cassia hispidula

Cassia hochstetteri

Cassia holosericea

Cassia hookeriana

Cassia hybrid

Cassia javanica

Cassia javanica hardy NZ

Cassia javanica ssp. nodosa

Cassia John Bull

Cassia Kalamona

Cassia kirkii

Cassia kleinii

Cassia laeta

Cassia lanceolata

Cassia latifolia

Cassia latistipula

Cassia lechenaultiana

Cassia leiandra

Cassia leiantha

Cassia leptadenia

Cassia leptocarpa

Cassia leptophylla

Cassia lindheimeriana

Cassia lucesiae

Cassia luerssenii

Cassia marksiana

Cassia micans

Cassia mimosoides

Cassia mirabilis

Cassia mollissima

Cassia montana

Cassia moschata

Cassia multiglandulosa

Cassia nealiae

Cassia neesiana

Cassia nemophila

Cassia nemophila v zygophylla

Cassia nicaraguensis

Cassia nitida

Cassia nodosa

Cassia odorata

Cassia odorata v prostrata

Cassia oligophylla

Cassia pallida

Cassia parahyba

Cassia parva

Cassia patellaria

Cassia pilifer

Cassia pilosa

Cassia plumosa

Cassia podocarpa

Cassia polytricha

Cassia praetexta

Cassia pteridophylla

Cassia pumila

Cassia pumilio

Cassia purpurea

Cassia purpusii

Cassia quadrifoliolata

Cassia quarrei

Cassia quinquangulata

Cassia racemosa

Cassia renigera

Cassia repens

Cassia retusa

Cassia riparia

Cassia roemeriana

Cassia rotundifolia

Cassia roxburghii

Cassia sapindifolia

Cassia schultesii

Cassia sericea

Cassia serpens

Cassia sieberiana

Cassia simpsonii

Cassia sophera

Cassia speciosa

Cassia splendida

Cassia spruceana

Cassia sturtii

Cassia swartzii

Cassia tagera

Cassia tetraphylla

Cassia timoriensis

Cassia tomentella

Cassia torosa

Cassia undulata

Cassia uniflora

Cassia viarum

Cassia viminea

Cassia wislizeni

Cassia wittei

Cassia wrightii

Cassia zambesica

Cassia zygophylla

Cinnamomum cassia svs

Laurus cassia

Neolitsea cassia

Rhizobium inoculant for cassia, senna, desmodium e

Vicia cassia ex TUR 04

If you did not find the "Cassia" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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