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Botanical Synonym results for "Cattleya":

"Cattleya domingensis" - Broughtonia domingensis

"Cattleya gigas" - Cattleya warscewiczii

"Cattleya gigas v caerulea" - Cattleya warscewiczii v caerulea

"Cattleya labiata var. percival" - Cattleya percivaliana

"Cattleya lobata" - Laelia lobata cit

"Cattleya mossiae v alba" - Cattleya mossiae v wagneri

"Cattleya skinneri var. autumna" - Cattleya patinii

"Cattleya superba" - Cattleya violacea

"Cattleya superba v suave" - Cattleya violacea v suave

All the "Cattleya" from our database

including currently available Cattleya, and Cattleya for which we do not have a current source.

Achimenes Cattleya

Blu - cattleya ariel caer. x c.labiata caer.

Blu - cattleya mrs myra peters x c.loddig.caer.

Blu - cattleya parysatis caerulea

Blu - cattleya valentine caerulea

Blu - cattleya warneri caerulea x percivaliana cae

Blu - cattleya warneri caerulea x walkeriana caer.

Blu - laeliocattleya canhamiana caerulea

Blu - laeliocattleya cornelia caerulea

Blu - laeliocattleya intertexta x lc.cornelia cae.

Blu - laeliocattleya schultzeana caerulea

Cattleya aclandiae

Cattleya aclandiae Nigrescens

Cattleya aclandiae v alba

Cattleya aclandiae v rosea

Cattleya amethystoglossa

Cattleya amethystoglossa v caerulescens

Cattleya amethystoglossa v maculata

Cattleya amethystoglossa v rosea

Cattleya araguayensis

Cattleya araguayensis v albescens

Cattleya aurantiaca

Cattleya batalinii

Cattleya bicolor

Cattleya bicolor v albina

Cattleya bicolor v punctatissima

Cattleya bowringiana

Cattleya bowringiana v caerulea

Cattleya brasiliensis

Cattleya deckeri

Cattleya dolosa

Cattleya domingensis

Cattleya dormanniana

Cattleya dormanniana v viridis

Cattleya dowiana v aurea

Cattleya eldorado

Cattleya eldorado v alba

Cattleya eldorado v concolor

Cattleya elongata

Cattleya forbesii

Cattleya forbesii v alba

Cattleya forbesii v aurea

Cattleya gaskelliana

Cattleya gaskelliana v alba

Cattleya gaskelliana v caerulescens

Cattleya granulosa

Cattleya granulosa v buyssoniana

Cattleya granulosa v purpurea

Cattleya granulosa v schofieldiana

Cattleya grossii

Cattleya grossii v punctata

Cattleya guatemalensis x

Cattleya guttata

Cattleya guttata v alba

Cattleya guttata v punctulata

Cattleya harrisoniana

Cattleya harrisoniana v alba

Cattleya harrisoniana v caerulea punctata

Cattleya harrisoniana v candida

Cattleya harrisoniana v violacea

Cattleya intermedia small form

Cattleya intermedia v alba

Cattleya intermedia v alba gigantea

Cattleya intermedia v alba plena

Cattleya intermedia v amethystina

Cattleya intermedia v amethystina Cassel

Cattleya intermedia v amethystina orlata

Cattleya intermedia v amethystina rosea

Cattleya intermedia v aquinii

Cattleya intermedia v aquinii vinicolor

Cattleya intermedia v caerulea

Cattleya intermedia v gigantea

Cattleya intermedia v irrorata

Cattleya intermedia v mirabilis

Cattleya intermedia v multiforme

Cattleya intermedia v punctatissima

Cattleya intermedia v purpurea

Cattleya intermedia v rosea

Cattleya intermedia v rosea concolor

Cattleya intermedia v striata

Cattleya intermedia v suavissima

Cattleya intermedia v venosa

Cattleya intermedia v vinicolor

Cattleya intermedia v vinicolor claro

Cattleya intermedia v vinicolor escuro

Cattleya intermedia v vinicolor punctata

Cattleya intermedia v violacea

Cattleya iricolor

Cattleya jenmanii

Cattleya kerrii

Cattleya labiata

Cattleya labiata v alba

Cattleya labiata v amesiana

Cattleya labiata v caerulea

Cattleya labiata v caerulea Seidel

Cattleya labiata v caerulescens

Cattleya labiata v candida

Cattleya labiata v fowleyana

Cattleya labiata v labelloides

Cattleya labiata v mosca

Cattleya labiata v punctata

Cattleya labiata v semi-alba

Cattleya labiata v venosa

Cattleya lawrenceana

Cattleya leopoldii

Cattleya leopoldii v carnea

Cattleya leopoldii v purpurea

Cattleya loddigesii

Cattleya loddigesii Atibaia

Cattleya loddigesii v alba

Cattleya loddigesii v carina

Cattleya loddigesii v longiflora

Cattleya loddigesii v punctata

Cattleya loddigesii v purpurea

Cattleya lueddemanniana

Cattleya luteola

Cattleya maxima

Cattleya mendelii

Cattleya mendelii v semi-alba

Cattleya mossiae Reineckiana

Cattleya mossiae v caerulea

Cattleya mossiae v grandiflora

Cattleya mossiae v wagneri

Cattleya nobilior

Cattleya nobilior v alba

Cattleya nobilior v rosea

Cattleya nobilior v semi-alba

Cattleya nobilior v striata

Cattleya nobilior v venosa

Cattleya patinii

Cattleya percivaliana

Cattleya percivaliana Alberts

Cattleya percivaliana Chocolate

Cattleya percivaliana v caerulea

Cattleya percivaliana v semi-alba

Cattleya porphyroglossa

Cattleya quadricolor

Cattleya rex

Cattleya schilleriana

Cattleya schilleriana v caerulea

Cattleya schilleriana v sanderiana

Cattleya silvana

Cattleya skinneri

Cattleya skinneri v amoena

Cattleya skinneri v caerulescens

Cattleya speciosissima

Cattleya speciosissima v semi-alba

Cattleya tenuis

Cattleya trianae

Cattleya trianae v amesiana

Cattleya trianae v concolor

Cattleya trianae v mooreana

Cattleya velutina fa superba

Cattleya velutina v flava

Cattleya victoriae reginae

Cattleya violacea

Cattleya violacea v suave

Cattleya walkeriana

Cattleya walkeriana Feiticeira

Cattleya walkeriana v caerulea

Cattleya walkeriana v concolor

Cattleya walkeriana v semi-alba

Cattleya warneri

Cattleya warneri Santa Teresa

Cattleya warneri T.Moore

Cattleya warneri v alba

Cattleya warneri v albescens

Cattleya warneri v amethystina

Cattleya warneri v amoena

Cattleya warneri v caerulea

Cattleya warneri v caerulescens

Cattleya warneri v candida

Cattleya warneri v concolor

Cattleya warneri v orlata

Cattleya warneri v semi-alba

Cattleya warneri v trilabelia

Cattleya warneri v trilabelia caerulea

Cattleya warneri v venosa

Cattleya warscewiczii

Cattleya warscewiczii v caerulea

Cattleya warscewikzii F M Beyrodt

Clarkia amoena Azalea fld. Cattleya

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