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Chrysanthemum carinatum Sunset

Chrysanthemum indicum double - semi double mix

Chrysanthemum indicum Korean Hybrids

Chrysanthemum macrophyllum

Chrysanthemum weyrichii

Chrysanthemum zawadskii

Glebionis coronaria Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum

Zinnia elegans Chrysanthemum Flowered Mix

Botanical Synonym results for "Chrysanthemum":

"Chrysanthemum achilleifolium" - Tanacetum achilleifolium

"Chrysanthemum adustum" - Leucanthemum adustum

"Chrysanthemum alpinum" - Leucanthemopsis alpina

"Chrysanthemum anethifolium" - Argyranthemum tenerifae

"Chrysanthemum anserinifolium" - Tanacetum poteriifolium

"Chrysanthemum arcticum" - Arctanthemum arcticum

"Chrysanthemum atkinsonii" - Tanacetum atkinsonii

"Chrysanthemum balsamita" - Tanacetum balsamita

"Chrysanthemum bipinnatum" - Tanacetum bipinnatum

"Chrysanthemum carinatum" - Ismelia carinata Chameleon

"Chrysanthemum carinatum" - Ismelia carinata

"Chrysanthemum carinatum" - Ismelia carinata Dunnettii Luteum

"Chrysanthemum carinatum Bright" - Ismelia carinata Bright Eye

"Chrysanthemum carinatum C I" - Ismelia carinata Coconut Ice

"Chrysanthemum carinatum C J M" - Ismelia carinata Court Jester Mixed

"Chrysanthemum carinatum Cockad" - Ismelia carinata Cockade

"Chrysanthemum carinatum D M" - Ismelia carinata Dunnettii Mixture

"Chrysanthemum carinatum F S" - Ismelia carinata Flame Shades

"Chrysanthemum carinatum Goldie" - Ismelia carinata Goldie

"Chrysanthemum carinatum J B" - Ismelia carinata John Bright

"Chrysanthemum carinatum M M" - Ismelia carinata Merry Mixed

"Chrysanthemum carinatum M M r " - Ismelia carinata Merry Mixture red bias

"Chrysanthemum carinatum P S t" - Ismelia carinata Polar Star tetraploid

"Chrysanthemum carinatum R M" - Ismelia carinata Rainbow Mixed

"Chrysanthemum carinatum S M" - Ismelia carinata Standard Mixture

"Chrysanthemum carinatum S m" - Ismelia carinata Sunset mix

"Chrysanthemum caucasicum" - Tripleurospermum caucasicum

"Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium" - Tanacetum cinerariifolium

"Chrysanthemum coccineum" - Tanacetum coccineum

"Chrysanthemum coccineum 'Duro'" - Tanacetum coccineum Duro

"Chrysanthemum coccineum 'James" - Tanacetum coccineum James Kelway

"Chrysanthemum coccineum 'Robin" - Tanacetum coccineum Robinsons Giants Mix

"Chrysanthemum coccineum 'Robin" - Tanacetum coccineum Robinsons Crimson - Red

"Chrysanthemum coccineum 'Silve" - Tanacetum coccineum Silver Princess

"Chrysanthemum coronarium" - Glebionis coronaria Garland Green - Chop Suey

"Chrysanthemum coronarium org." - Glebionis coronaria organic

"Chrysanthemum coronarium D M" - Glebionis coronaria Double Mixture

"Chrysanthemum coronarium S." - Glebionis coronaria Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum

"Chrysanthemum coronarium var. " - Glebionis coronaria Garland Green - Chop Suey

"Chrysanthemum corymbosum" - Glebionis coronaria Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum

"Chrysanthemum corymbosum" - Tanacetum corymbosum

"Chrysanthemum demnatense" - Rhodanthemum gayanum

"Chrysanthemum densum" - Tanacetum densum

"Chrysanthemum erubescens" - Chrysanthemum chanetii

"Chrysanthemum foeniculaceum" - Argyranthemum foeniculaceum

"Chrysanthemum frut. W" - Argyranthemum frutescens Whity

"Chrysanthemum frutescens" - Argyranthemum frutescens

"Chrysanthemum frutescens pink" - Argyranthemum frutescens pink

"Chrysanthemum gayanum" - Rhodanthemum gayanum

"Chrysanthemum graminifolium" - Leucanthemum graminifolium

"Chrysanthemum grande" - Plagius grandis

"Chrysanthemum haradjani" - Tanacetum haradjani

"Chrysanthemum hispanicum" - Leucanthemopsis pulverulenta

"Chrysanthemum hosmariense" - Rhodanthemum hosmariense

"Chrysanthemum incanum" - Pentzia incana

"Chrysanthemum indicum" - Dendranthema indicum mixed

"Chrysanthemum indicum Fanfare" - Dendranthema indicum f1 Fanfare

"Chrysanthemum indicum var. bor" - Chrysanthemum boreale

"Chrysanthemum inodorum" - Tripleurospermum inodorum

"Chrysanthemum inodorum 'Brid." - Tripleurospermum inodorum Bridal Robe

"Chrysanthemum japonicum var. c" - Chrysanthemum crassum

"Chrysanthemum japonicum W." - Dendranthema japonicum Wakasaensis

"Chrysanthemum koreanum x" - Chrysanthemum grandiflorum x - ju hua

"Chrysanthemum lacustre" - Leucanthemum lacustre

"Chrysanthemum leuc. May Queen" - Leucanthemum vulgare May Queen

"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum" - Leucanthemum adustum

"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum" - Leucanthemum vulgare May Empress

"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum" - Leucanthemum vulgare

"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Al." - Leucanthemum superbum x Alaska

"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum C D" - Leucanthemum superbum x Crazy Daisy

"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Sil" - Leucanthemum superbum x Silver Princess

"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum SS" - Leucanthemum vulgare Silver Spoons

"Chrysanthemum macrophyllum" - Tanacetum macrophyllum

"Chrysanthemum majus" - Tanacetum balsamita

"Chrysanthemum makinoi" - Chrysanthemum japonicum

"Chrysanthemum marschallii" - Tanacetum coccineum

"Chrysanthemum maximum" - Leucanthemum maximum

"Chrysanthemum maximum B." - Leucanthemum maximum Brightside

"Chrysanthemum maximum Exhibiti" - Leucanthemum maximum Marconi

"Chrysanthemum maximum nanum S." - Leucanthemum superbum x Silver Princess

"Chrysanthemum maximum Polaris" - Leucanthemum superbum x Polaris

"Chrysanthemum monspeliense" - Leucanthemum monspeliense

"Chrysanthemum montanum" - Leucanthemum adustum

"Chrysanthemum morifolium x" - Chrysanthemum grandiflorum x - ju hua

"Chrysanthemum multicaule" - Coleostephus multicaulis

"Chrysanthemum multicaule Moon." - Coleostephus multicaulis Moonlight

"Chrysanthemum multicaule Sunli" - Coleostephus multicaulis Sunlight

"Chrysanthemum multiflorum" - Chrysanthemum morifolium

"Chrysanthemum nankingense" - Dendranthema indicum

"Chrysanthemum nankingense" - Chrysanthemum indicum

"Chrysanthemum nipponicum" - Nipponanthemum nipponicum

"Chrysanthemum nivellei" - Heteranthemis viscidehirta

"Chrysanthemum nivellei" - Nivellea nivellei

"Chrysanthemum pallens" - Leucanthemum pallens

"Chrysanthemum paludosum" - Mauranthemum paludosum

"Chrysanthemum paludosum S." - Mauranthemum paludosum Select

"Chrysanthemum paludosum Snow." - Mauranthemum paludosum Snowland dwarf

"Chrysanthemum paludosum W R" - Mauranthemum paludosum White Ring

"Chrysanthemum parth. Aureum" - Tanacetum parthenium Aureum

"Chrysanthemum parth. Golden M." - Tanacetum parthenium Golden Moss

"Chrysanthemum parthenium" - Tanacetum parthenium

"Chrysanthemum parthenium 'Ball" - Tanacetum parthenium Balls Ultra Double White

"Chrysanthemum parthenium 'Butt" - Tanacetum parthenium Butterball

"Chrysanthemum parthenium 'Rot." - Tanacetum parthenium Rotary

"Chrysanthemum parthenium 'Roya" - Tanacetum parthenium Roya improved

"Chrysanthemum parthenium 'S.Y." - Tanacetum parthenium Santana Yellow ayr

"Chrysanthemum parthenium 'Sant" - Tanacetum parthenium Santana ayr

"Chrysanthemum parthenium 'Snow" - Tanacetum parthenium Snowball

"Chrysanthemum parthenium H D W" - Tanacetum parthenium Heirloom Double White

"Chrysanthemum peruvianum" - Helianthus annuus single tall

"Chrysanthemum praealtum" - Tanacetum parthenium

"Chrysanthemum ptarmiciforum" - Tanacetum ptarmiciflorum Silver Feather

"Chrysanthemum pulverulentum" - Leucanthemopsis pulverulenta

"Chrysanthemum roseum" - Tanacetum coccineum

"Chrysanthemum roxburghii" - Glebionis coronaria Garland Green - Chop Suey

"Chrysanthemum seg." - Glebionis segetum mixed varieties

"Chrysanthemum seg." - Glebionis segetum wild form

"Chrysanthemum segetum" - Glebionis segetum

"Chrysanthemum segetum E" - Glebionis segetum Eldorado

"Chrysanthemum segetum E S" - Glebionis segetum Eastern Star

"Chrysanthemum segetum G F" - Glebionis segetum German Flag

"Chrysanthemum segetum Gloria" - Glebionis segetum Gloria

"Chrysanthemum segetum Helios" - Glebionis segetum Helios

"Chrysanthemum segetum P." - Glebionis segetum Paradiso

"Chrysanthemum serotinum" - Leucanthemella serotina

"Chrysanthemum sinense var. ves" - Chrysanthemum vestitum

"Chrysanthemum spatiosum" - Glebionis coronaria Garland Green - Chop Suey

"Chrysanthemum sylvaticum" - Leucanthemum sylvaticum

"Chrysanthemum tchihatchewii" - Tripleurospermum caucasicum

"Chrysanthemum tenuilobum" - Thymophylla tenuiloba

"Chrysanthemum tianschanicum" - Xylanthemum tianschanicum

"Chrysanthemum tricolor" - Ismelia carinata

"Chrysanthemum uliginosum" - Leucanthemella serotina

"Chrysanthemum viscidehirtum" - Heteranthemis viscidehirta

"Chrysanthemum viscosum" - Heteranthemis viscidehirta

"Chrysanthemum vulgare" - Tanacetum vulgare

"Chrysanthemum vulgare Gold S." - Tanacetum vulgare Gold-sticks

"Chrysanthemum x multicolor" - Glebionis segetum

"Chrysanthemum zawadskii subsp." - Chrysanthemum chanetii

All the "Chrysanthemum" from our database

including currently available Chrysanthemum, and Chrysanthemum for which we do not have a current source.

Callistephus chinensis Chrysanthemum Flowered Mix

Chrysanthemum achilleifolium

Chrysanthemum anethifolium

Chrysanthemum Anne Lady Brockett

Chrysanthemum anserinifolium

Chrysanthemum aphrodite

Chrysanthemum Apollo

Chrysanthemum argyrophyllum

Chrysanthemum arisanense

Chrysanthemum atkinsonii

Chrysanthemum bipinnatum

Chrysanthemum Bo Peep

Chrysanthemum boreale

Chrysanthemum Bronze Elegance

Chrysanthemum carinatum Bright Eye

Chrysanthemum carinatum Sunset

Chrysanthemum caucasicum

Chrysanthemum chalchingolicum

Chrysanthemum chanetii

Chrysanthemum Clara Curtis

Chrysanthemum coreanum

Chrysanthemum coronarium Flore Plenum

Chrysanthemum crassum

Chrysanthemum demnatense

Chrysanthemum discoideum

Chrysanthemum Double Dark Red

Chrysanthemum Dr Tom Parr

Chrysanthemum Duchess of Edinburgh

Chrysanthemum erubescens

Chrysanthemum f1 Autumn Glory Mixed dwarf

Chrysanthemum f1 Fashion mixed bedding dw cushion

Chrysanthemum gayanum

Chrysanthemum glabriusculum

Chrysanthemum Golden Seal

Chrysanthemum grande

Chrysanthemum grandiflorum x - ju hua

Chrysanthemum grandiflorum x Emperor of China

Chrysanthemum grandiflorum x Fashion

Chrysanthemum hispanicum

Chrysanthemum hybrid

Chrysanthemum hypargyrum

Chrysanthemum incanum

Chrysanthemum indicum

Chrysanthemum indicum double - semi double mix

Chrysanthemum indicum Early Doubles Mix

Chrysanthemum indicum f1 Fanfare doubles mix

Chrysanthemum indicum Korean Hybrids

Chrysanthemum Jante Wells

Chrysanthemum japonense

Chrysanthemum japonicum

Chrysanthemum Jessie Cooper

Chrysanthemum Jules Le Graveur

Chrysanthemum l Innocence

Chrysanthemum lacustre

Chrysanthemum lavandulifolium

Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Silver Spoons

Chrysanthemum lucidum

Chrysanthemum macrophyllum

Chrysanthemum maderense

Chrysanthemum makinoi

Chrysanthemum Mary Stoker

Chrysanthemum mawii

Chrysanthemum maximowiczii

Chrysanthemum Mei Kyo

Chrysanthemum mongolicum

Chrysanthemum monspeliense

Chrysanthemum morifolium

Chrysanthemum morifolium double

Chrysanthemum morii

Chrysanthemum myconis

Chrysanthemum naktongense

Chrysanthemum Nancy Perry

Chrysanthemum nivellei

Chrysanthemum okiense

Chrysanthemum oreastrum

Chrysanthemum ornatum

Chrysanthemum pacificum

Chrysanthemum pallens

Chrysanthemum Paul Boissier

Chrysanthemum Peterkin

Chrysanthemum potentilloides

Chrysanthemum ptarmiciflorum

Chrysanthemum pulverulentum

Chrysanthemum roxburghii

Chrysanthemum Royal Command

Chrysanthemum rubellum

Chrysanthemum sebatense

Chrysanthemum shiwogiku

Chrysanthemum sibiricum

Chrysanthemum sinense

Chrysanthemum sinuatum

Chrysanthemum spatiosum

Chrysanthemum spectabile x Annette

Chrysanthemum spectabile x Cecilia

Chrysanthemum spectabile x Mogul

Chrysanthemum stipulaceum

Chrysanthemum superbum

Chrysanthemum sylvaticum

Chrysanthemum Tapestry Rose

Chrysanthemum tchihatchewii

Chrysanthemum tianschanicum

Chrysanthemum Venus

Chrysanthemum vestitum

Chrysanthemum viscidehirtum

Chrysanthemum viscosum

Chrysanthemum Wedding Day

Chrysanthemum weyrichii

Chrysanthemum weyrichii Alba

Chrysanthemum weyrichii ex Pink Bomb

Chrysanthemum yezoense

Chrysanthemum yoshinaganthum

Chrysanthemum zawadskii

Glebionis coronaria Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum

Tagetes erecta Spinning Gold chrysanthemum fld.

Tagetes erecta Spinning Lemon chrysanthemum fld.

Tagetes erecta Spinning Orange chrysanthemum fld.

Tagetes erecta Spinning Wheels chrysanthemum fld.

Zinnia Chrysanthemum Flowered Mix

Zinnia elegans Chrysanthemum Flowered Mix

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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