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Cissus antarctica

Cissus descoingsii

Cissus elongata

Cissus hypoglauca

Cissus rhombifolia

Cissus trigona

Narcissus poeticus (13)

Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Parthenocissus inserta

Parthenocissus laetevirens

Parthenocissus quinquefolia

Parthenocissus semicordata

Parthenocissus tricuspidata

Parthenocissus tricuspidata Veitchii

Rhoicissus digitata

Rhoicissus rhomboidea

Rhoicissus tomentosa

Botanical Synonym results for "Cissus":

"Ajax abscissus" - Narcissus abscissus

"Ampelocissus grantii" - Ampelocissus africana

"Cissus adenocaulis aff." - Cyphostemma adenocaule aff.

"Cissus bainesii" - Cyphostemma bainesii

"Cissus brevipedunculata" - Ampelopsis brevipedunculata

"Cissus capensis" - Rhoicissus tomentosa

"Cissus cirrhosa" - Cyphostemma cirrhosum

"Cissus coignetiae" - Vitis coignetiae

"Cissus congesta/um" - Cyphostemma congestum

"Cissus geniculata" - Cayratia geniculata

"Cissus incisa" - Cissus trifoliata

"Cissus javana" - Cissus discolor

"Cissus juttae" - Cyphostemma juttae

"Cissus lanceolaria" - Tetrastigma leucostaphylum

"Cissus leucostaphyla" - Tetrastigma leucostaphylum

"Cissus orientalis" - Ampelopsis orientalis

"Cissus pentagona" - Vitis pentagona

"Cissus quadrangula" - Cissus quadrangularis

"Cissus serrulata" - Tetrastigma serrulatum

"Cissus simulans" - Cyphostemma simulans

"Cissus tomentosa" - Rhoicissus tomentosa

"Cissus trifolia" - Cayratia trifolia

"Cissus umbellata" - Strychnos umbellata

"Cissus vitifolia" - Ampelopsis vitifolia

"N. pseudonarcissus ssp major" - Narcissus confusus

"N.pseudonarcissus ssp moschat." - Narcissus moschatus (13)

"N.pseudonarcissus ssp nobilis" - Narcissus nobilis (13)

"N.pseudonarcissus ssp obvallar" - Narcissus obvallaris (13)

"N.pseudonarcissus Van Sion" - Narcissus Telamonius Plenus (4)

"Narcissus alpestris" - Narcissus pseudonarcissus v moschatus

"Narcissus amancaes" - Ismene amancaes

"Narcissus bulbocodium ssp obes" - Narcissus obesus

"Narcissus bulbocodium tenuif." - Narcissus bulbocodium (13)

"Narcissus canaliculatus" - Narcissus tazetta Canaliculatus (10)

"Narcissus cantabricus subsp. l" - Narcissus blancoi

"Narcissus caparonius" - Fritillaria meleagris hort. (proteg. UK)

"Narcissus cordubensis" - Narcissus jonquilla ssp cordubensis

"Narcissus cyclamineus x asturi" - Narcissus Minicycla (6)

"Narcissus fernandesii" - Narcissus jonquilla ssp fernandesii

"Narcissus fontqueri" - Narcissus primigenius

"Narcissus gracilis x" - Narcissus tenuior x (13)

"Narcissus henriquesii" - Narcissus jonquilla ssp fernandesii

"Narcissus hispanicus" - Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp major

"Narcissus humilis" - Narcissus cavanillesii

"Narcissus jonquilloides var. w" - Narcissus willkommii

"Narcissus juncifolius" - Narcissus assoanus (13)

"Narcissus lacticolor" - Narcissus canaliculatus

"Narcissus lobularis" - Narcissus minor (13)

"Narcissus minor 'Plenus'" - Narcissus Rip Van Winkle double (4)

"Narcissus minor Cedric M." - Narcissus Cedric Morris

"Narcissus minor v nanus" - Narcissus minor (13)

"Narcissus nanus" - Narcissus minor (13)

"Narcissus odorus Rugulosus Ple" - Narcissus Rugulosus Plenus (13)

"Narcissus poeticus Keats" - Narcissus Keats (9)

"Narcissus poeticus x tazetta" - Narcissus medeoluteus x (13)

"Narcissus pseudonarc. Gayi" - Narcissus nobilis (13)

"Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp " - Narcissus obvallaris (13)

"Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp " - Narcissus nobilis (13)

"Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp " - Narcissus moschatus (13)

"Narcissus pseudonarcissus Van " - Narcissus Telamonius Plenus (4)

"Narcissus pseudonarcissus var." - Narcissus primigenius

"Narcissus requienii" - Narcissus assoanus (13)

"Narcissus tazetta v lacticolor" - Narcissus tazetta Canaliculatus (10)

"Narcissus triandrus v albus" - Narcissus triandrus ssp triandrus

"Narcissus wilkomii aff" - Narcissus Stocken jonquil (7)

"Parthenocissus aconitifolia" - Ampelopsis aconitifolia

"Parthenocissus himalayana" - Parthenocissus semicordata

"Parthenocissus inserta" - Parthenocissus vitacea

"Parthenocissus quinquefolia f." - Parthenocissus quinquefolia

"Parthenocissus veitchii" - Parthenocissus tricuspidata Veitchii

"Rhoicissus erythrodes" - Rhoicissus tridentata

"Rhoicissus rhomboidea" - Cissus rhombifolia

All the "Cissus" from our database

including currently available Cissus, and Cissus for which we do not have a current source.

Ajax abscissus

Ampelocissus acapulcensis

Ampelocissus africana

Ampelocissus costaricensis

Ampelocissus grantii

Ampelocissus imperialis

Ampelocissus javalensis

Ampelocissus latifolia

Ampelocissus martini

Ampelocissus obtusata ssp. kirkiana

Cissus adenopoda

Cissus alata

Cissus antarctica

Cissus campestris

Cissus cornifolia

Cissus crameriana

Cissus cucurbitina

Cissus descoingsii

Cissus discolor

Cissus elongata

Cissus fragilis

Cissus geniculata

Cissus gongylodes

Cissus hypoglauca

Cissus intermedia

Cissus lanceolaria

Cissus leucostaphyla

Cissus micrantha

Cissus nodosa

Cissus obliqua

Cissus orientalis

Cissus pallida

Cissus paniculata

Cissus pentagona

Cissus quadrangularis

Cissus repens

Cissus rhombifolia

Cissus rotundifolia

Cissus sicyoides

Cissus sp. unident. prov. Madagascar

Cissus striata

Cissus sulcicaulis

Cissus trifoliata

Cissus trigona

Cissus tuberosa

Cissus verticillata

Narcissus abscissus

Narcissus Acropolis (4)

Narcissus Actaea (9)

Narcissus Albany

Narcissus albescens

Narcissus albimarginatus

Narcissus alcaracensis

Narcissus alleniae

Narcissus amancaes

Narcissus Ambergate large cupped (2)

Narcissus Angel small cupped (3)

Narcissus angustifolius

Narcissus apertus

Narcissus Apotheose double (4)

Narcissus Apricot (1)

Narcissus assoanus (13)

Narcissus asturiensis

Narcissus Audubon small cupped (3)

Narcissus aureus

Narcissus Avalanche (8)

Narcissus Baby Moon (7)

Narcissus baeticus

Narcissus Bantam (2)

Narcissus Barrett Browning (3)

Narcissus Bell Song jonquilla pink tinge (7)

Narcissus bertolonii

Narcissus Beryl cyclamineus (6)

Narcissus bicolor

Narcissus Bilbo (6)

Narcissus Binkie (2)

Narcissus Birma (3)

Narcissus blancoi

Narcissus Bolton (7)

Narcissus Bravoure large bicolor trumpet (1)

Narcissus brevitubulosus

Narcissus Bridal Crown double white

Narcissus Broadway Star (11)

Narcissus Broadway Star split corona

Narcissus broussonetii (13)

Narcissus bulbocodium (13)

Narcissus bulbocodium Golden Bells (13)

Narcissus bulbocodium hyb. ex mesatlanticus (10)

Narcissus bulbocodium hybrids

Narcissus bulbocodium Nylon (13)

Narcissus bulbocodium ssp b. v filifolius (13)

Narcissus bulbocodium ssp b. v nivalis (13)

Narcissus bulbocodium ssp praecox v paucinervis (1

Narcissus bulbocodium Taffeta (13)

Narcissus bulbocodium v citrinus (13)

Narcissus bulbocodium v conspicuus (13)

Narcissus Buttercup (7)

Narcissus calcicarpetanus

Narcissus calcicola

Narcissus canaliculatus

Narcissus canariensis

Narcissus cantabricus (13)

Narcissus cantabricus Clusii (13)

Narcissus cantabricus v foliosus (13)

Narcissus Carlton (2)

Narcissus caucasicus

Narcissus cavanillesii

Narcissus Cedric Morris

Narcissus Centannees split corona (11)

Narcissus cernuus

Narcissus cerrolazae

Narcissus Changing Colours split corona (11)

Narcissus Charity May

Narcissus Cheerfulness double white and cream (4)

Narcissus Cherie (7)

Narcissus Chesterton

Narcissus Chickadee

Narcissus Chinese Sacred Lily (8)

Narcissus Chinita (8)

Narcissus Chit Chat (7)

Narcissus Colblanc (11)

Narcissus confusus

Narcissus Constantinople (8)

Narcissus Cora Ann (7)

Narcissus corcyrensis

Narcissus cuatrecasasii

Narcissus cuneiflorus

Narcissus cupularis

Narcissus cyclamineus (13)

Narcissus cypri

Narcissus Daffodil Far North Mixed

Narcissus Day Dream

Narcissus Delibes (2)

Narcissus Delnashaugh (4)

Narcissus Dick Wilden (4)

Narcissus Dickcissel (7)

Narcissus Dinkie (3)

Narcissus Double Fortune

Narcissus dubius (13)

Narcissus Dutch Master (1)

Narcissus Easter Bonnet large cupped

Narcissus Eaton Song

Narcissus elegans

Narcissus Elf (2)

Narcissus Elka (1)

Narcissus Elvira

Narcissus Erlicheer

Narcissus eugeniae

Narcissus Fairy Gold (6)

Narcissus Falconet (8)

Narcissus February Gold cyclamineus (6)

Narcissus February Silver cyclamineus (6)

Narcissus Flower Record (2)

Narcissus fontqueri

Narcissus Fortune (2)

Narcissus gaditanus (13)

Narcissus Garden Princess

Narcissus gayi

Narcissus genesii-lopezii

Narcissus Geranium (8)

Narcissus Golden Ducat (4)

Narcissus Golden Harvest trumpet (1)

Narcissus Golden Quince (12)

Narcissus Golden Sceptre

Narcissus graellsii

Narcissus Grand Monarque (8)

Narcissus Grand Soleil dOr (8)

Narcissus Greenlet (6)

Narcissus Halvose (8)

Narcissus Hawera triandrus (5)

Narcissus hedraeanthus

Narcissus hellenicus

Narcissus Hesla jonquil (7)

Narcissus hesperidis

Narcissus Hollands Sensation bicolor trumpet

Narcissus Honolulu double

Narcissus Hors dOeuvre

Narcissus humilis (13)

Narcissus Ice Follies (2)

Narcissus Ice Wings (5)

Narcissus Ideal (8)

Narcissus incomparabilis

Narcissus intermedius x (13)

Narcissus intermedius x Compressus (8)

Narcissus italicus

Narcissus Itzim (6)

Narcissus jacetanus

Narcissus Jack Snipe (6)

Narcissus jacquemoudii

Narcissus Jenny (6)

Narcissus Jetfire (6)

Narcissus Jezebel (3)

Narcissus Johanna (5)

Narcissus johnstonii

Narcissus jonquilla (10-13)

Narcissus jonquilla ssp cordubensis

Narcissus jonquilla ssp fernandesii

Narcissus jonquilloides

Narcissus Jumblie (12)

Narcissus Keats (9)

Narcissus Kenellis (10)

Narcissus Kokopelli (7)

Narcissus La Fiancee (8)

Narcissus Lady Bee

Narcissus laetus

Narcissus lagoi

Narcissus Lanarth (7)

Narcissus Larkwhistle (6)

Narcissus Lemon Drops triandrus (5)

Narcissus Lemon Heart (5)

Narcissus leonensis

Narcissus Liberty Bells (5)

Narcissus Lightstar (11)

Narcissus Lilac Charm (6)

Narcissus Lintie jonquilla (7)

Narcissus Little Beauty (1)

Narcissus Little Dancer (1)

Narcissus Little Gem (1)

Narcissus Little Sentry jonquil (7)

Narcissus Little Spell (1)

Narcissus Little Witch (6)

Narcissus loiseleurii

Narcissus longispathus

Narcissus lusitanicus

Narcissus macrolobus

Narcissus Magnet trumpet (1)

Narcissus major

Narcissus marianicus

Narcissus Martinette

Narcissus Martinetto jonquilla

Narcissus marvieri

Narcissus Mary Copeland (4)

Narcissus medeoluteus x (13)

Narcissus medioluteus

Narcissus Midget (1)

Narcissus Minicycla (6)

Narcissus minimus

Narcissus Minnow tazetta (8)

Narcissus minor (13)

Narcissus minor ssp asturiensis (13)

Narcissus minor v pumilus (13)

Narcissus minutiflorus

Narcissus Mite cyclamineus (6)

Narcissus mixed bulbs daffodils and narcissi

Narcissus mixed bulbs no trumpet or dwarf vars

Narcissus mixed bulbs trumpet daffodils no dwarf

Narcissus mixed Daffodils Far North

Narcissus Modern Art large cupped (2)

Narcissus moleroi

Narcissus monophyllus

Narcissus moschatus (13)

Narcissus Mount Hood (1)

Narcissus Nancegollan white jonquil (7)

Narcissus nevadensis

Narcissus Nirvana (7)

Narcissus nivalis

Narcissus Niveth (5)

Narcissus nobilis (13)

Narcissus Nor Nor (2)

Narcissus obesus

Narcissus obvallaris (13)

Narcissus ochroleucus

Narcissus odorus x (13)

Narcissus Orange Queen

Narcissus Orangery (11)

Narcissus oxypetalus

Narcissus Oz (12)

Narcissus pachybolbus

Narcissus palearensis

Narcissus pallens

Narcissus pallidiflorus

Narcissus pallidulus

Narcissus Palmares (11)

Narcissus panizzianus

Narcissus Paperwhite

Narcissus Paperwhite Galil (8)

Narcissus Paperwhite Nony (8)

Narcissus Paperwhite Omri (8)

Narcissus Paperwhite Sheleg large white (8)

Narcissus Paperwhite Yael (8)

Narcissus Paperwhite Ziva (8)

Narcissus papyraceus

Narcissus Parcpat jonquil (7)

Narcissus parviflorus

Narcissus Passionale large cupped (2)

Narcissus patulus

Narcissus Peeping Tom (6)

Narcissus Pen Pol (7)

Narcissus Pencrebar double div. (4)

Narcissus perez-chiscanoi

Narcissus peroccidentalis

Narcissus Petit Four double (4)

Narcissus Petrel (5)

Narcissus Picoblanco jonquil (3)

Narcissus Pipit (7)

Narcissus poeticus (13)

Narcissus poeticus Flore Pleno (13)

Narcissus poeticus Praecox (13)

Narcissus poeticus v poetarum (13)

Narcissus poeticus v recurvus (13)

Narcissus Polglaze (8)

Narcissus Polnesk (7)

Narcissus polyanthos

Narcissus portensis

Narcissus Pride of Cornwall (8)

Narcissus primigenius

Narcissus Professor Einstein large cupped (2)

Narcissus provincialis

Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Narcissus pseudonarcissus Lobularis (13)

Narcissus pseudonarcissus Lobularis sm. bulbs(13)

Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp major

Narcissus pseudonarcissus v moschatus

Narcissus Pueblo (7)

Narcissus pumilus

Narcissus Quail (7)

Narcissus queltia

Narcissus Quince (12)

Narcissus radiiflorus

Narcissus radinganorum

Narcissus recurvus

Narcissus Reggae (6)

Narcissus Rijnveldts Early Sensation (2)

Narcissus Rip Van Winkle double (4)

Narcissus Rippling Waters (5)

Narcissus rivasmartinezii

Narcissus Roger (6)

Narcissus Rogue (3)

Narcissus Romance large cupped (2)

Narcissus romeuxii v mesatlanticus (13)

Narcissus romieuxii Julia Jane

Narcissus romieuxii ssp albidus (13)

Narcissus romieuxii ssp romieuxii (13)

Narcissus Rosedown (5)

Narcissus Rugulosus

Narcissus Rugulosus Plenus (13)

Narcissus rupicola ssp rupicola (13)

Narcissus rupicola ssp watieri (13)

Narcissus Sabine Hay small cupped (3)

Narcissus Salome (2)

Narcissus scaberulus (13)

Narcissus Segovia (3)

Narcissus segurensis

Narcissus Sempre Avanti (2)

Narcissus serotinus (13)

Narcissus Silver Chimes tazetta pend (8)

Narcissus Sir Winston Churchill (4)

Narcissus Small Talk

Narcissus Smarple

Narcissus spp. mixed

Narcissus St Patricks Day (2)

Narcissus Stainless

Narcissus Stocken jonquil (7)

Narcissus Sun Disc (7)

Narcissus Sundial jonquilla (7)

Narcissus Surfside

Narcissus Suzy (7)

Narcissus Sweet Charity large cupped (2)

Narcissus Sweet Harmony

Narcissus Sweetness (7)

Narcissus Tahiti (4)

Narcissus taitii

Narcissus Tarlatan (10)

Narcissus tazetta Canaliculatus (10)

Narcissus Telamonius Plenus (4)

Narcissus tenuifolius

Narcissus tenuior x (13)

Narcissus Tete a Tete (12)

Narcissus Thalia (5)

Narcissus Tibet

Narcissus tingitanus

Narcissus Toby dwarf cyclamineus (6)

Narcissus Topolino dwarf bicolor (1)

Narcissus tortifolius

Narcissus tortuosus

Narcissus Toto (12)

Narcissus Tracey (6)

Narcissus Trena (6)

Narcissus Tresamble (5)

Narcissus Trevithian (7)

Narcissus Trewirgie (6)

Narcissus triandrus ssp triandrus

Narcissus Tripartite split corona (11)

Narcissus Tuesdays Child (5)

Narcissus Tutankhamun large cupped (2)

Narcissus Unique double (4)

Narcissus varduliensis

Narcissus Verger (3)

Narcissus viridiflorus (13)

Narcissus W P Milner (1)

Narcissus Waterperry (7)

Narcissus watieri

Narcissus White Lady (3)

Narcissus White Lion (4)

Narcissus White Marvel (4)

Narcissus willkommii

Narcissus Xit (3)

Narcissus Yellow Cheerfulness (4)

Narcissus yepesii

Parthenocissus chinensis

Parthenocissus henryana

Parthenocissus heterophylla

Parthenocissus inserta

Parthenocissus laetevirens

Parthenocissus quinquefolia

Parthenocissus semicordata

Parthenocissus thunbergii

Parthenocissus tricuspidata

Parthenocissus tricuspidata Veitchii

Parthenocissus vitacea

Rhoicissus capensis

Rhoicissus digitata

Rhoicissus revoilii

Rhoicissus rhomboidea

Rhoicissus sp. unident. sc Leolo Mts

Rhoicissus tomentosa

Rhoicissus tridentata

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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