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Botanical Synonym results for "Copiapoa":

"Copiapoa alticostata v minima" - Copiapoa coquimbana minima Freirina Chile

"Copiapoa atacemencis" - Copiapoa borealis

"Copiapoa barquitensis" - Copiapoa hypogaea

"Copiapoa bridgesii" - Copiapoa marginata

"Copiapoa cinerascens v grandif" - Copiapoa grandiflora

"Copiapoa cinerea v. tenebrosa" - Copiapoa cinerea ssp haseltoniana Taltal-Cifuncho

"Copiapoa echinata" - Copiapoa megarhiza ssp echinata

"Copiapoa echinata" - Copiapoa megarhiza ssp echinata Copiapo

"Copiapoa melanohystrix" - Copiapoa cinerea ssp columna-alba

All the "Copiapoa" from our database

including currently available Copiapoa, and Copiapoa for which we do not have a current source.

Copiapoa ahremephiana

Copiapoa aurata

Copiapoa barquitensis FR654

Copiapoa borealis

Copiapoa bridgesii Chanaral

Copiapoa calderana spinosior 10k s Barquita

Copiapoa calderana ssp atacamensis Cerro Moreno

Copiapoa calderana ssp calderana

Copiapoa cinerascens n Chanaral

Copiapoa cinerea albispina Taltal

Copiapoa cinerea Breas

Copiapoa cinerea e Taltal

Copiapoa cinerea horrida

Copiapoa cinerea ssp columna-alba

Copiapoa cinerea ssp columna-alba Esmeralda

Copiapoa cinerea ssp columna-alba Manto Huanillo

Copiapoa cinerea ssp columna-alba Quebrada El Grit

Copiapoa cinerea ssp haseltoniana

Copiapoa cinerea ssp haseltoniana n Paposo

Copiapoa cinerea ssp haseltoniana n Taltal

Copiapoa cinerea ssp haseltoniana Paposo

Copiapoa cinerea ssp haseltoniana Paposo b

Copiapoa cinerea ssp haseltoniana Paposo Chile

Copiapoa cinerea ssp haseltoniana Taltal-Cifuncho

Copiapoa cinerea x longistaminea Taltal - Cifuncho

Copiapoa coquimbana

Copiapoa coquimbana chorosensis

Copiapoa coquimbana deminuta

Copiapoa coquimbana Islon

Copiapoa coquimbana KK 1 La Serena Coquimbo

Copiapoa coquimbana KK1435

Copiapoa coquimbana KK86

Copiapoa coquimbana minima Freirina Chile

Copiapoa coquimbana pendulina

Copiapoa coquimbana pepiniana Algarrobo

Copiapoa coquimbana San Pablo

Copiapoa coquimbana Trapiche

Copiapoa coquimbana Vallenar

Copiapoa coquimbana vulgata Las Tacas

Copiapoa coquimbana wagenknechtii

Copiapoa cupreata

Copiapoa cupreata KK1382

Copiapoa dealbata Carrizal Bajo

Copiapoa decorticans

Copiapoa domeykoensis s Vallenar

Copiapoa echinata s Carrizal

Copiapoa echinoides

Copiapoa echinoides dura KK607

Copiapoa esmeraldana

Copiapoa esmeraldana b

Copiapoa esmeraldana UN672A

Copiapoa fiedleriana

Copiapoa goldii Balneario Obispito

Copiapoa goldii Cifuncho

Copiapoa grandiflora

Copiapoa grandiflora big yellow fl

Copiapoa grandiflora Cifuncho

Copiapoa grandiflora n Esmeralda

Copiapoa grandiflora s Esmeralda

Copiapoa humilis

Copiapoa humilis Nord di Paposo

Copiapoa humilis nr Mina Julia

Copiapoa humilis Paposo Antofagasta

Copiapoa humilis ssp humilis

Copiapoa humilis ssp tenuissima

Copiapoa humilis ssp tenuissima large yellow fl

Copiapoa humilis ssp tocopillana Tocopilla

Copiapoa humilis ssp varispinata

Copiapoa hypogaea

Copiapoa hypogaea Lizard Skin

Copiapoa hypogaea rarissima El Cobre

Copiapoa hypogaea WK 931

Copiapoa imbricata El Molle

Copiapoa krainziana

Copiapoa longistaminea Atacama

Copiapoa longistaminea n Esmeralda

Copiapoa magnifica

Copiapoa malletiana Feirina

Copiapoa marginata

Copiapoa marginata Cerro Morro

Copiapoa marginata elevated ribs

Copiapoa marginata KK90

Copiapoa marginata streptocaulon

Copiapoa maritima

Copiapoa megarhiza ssp echinata

Copiapoa megarhiza ssp echinata Copiapo

Copiapoa megarrhiza ssp echinata Totoral

Copiapoa militaris Chanaralillo

Copiapoa minima

Copiapoa minuta Mina Carrizal

Copiapoa mollicula

Copiapoa montana

Copiapoa montana n Taltal

Copiapoa montana olivana Paposa

Copiapoa monteamarguensis

Copiapoa multicolor

Copiapoa serpentisulcata Chanaral

Copiapoa solaris

Copiapoa solaris ferox

Copiapoa sp unident Esmeralda

Copiapoa spp mix

Eriosyce aurata spinibarbis Copiapoa

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Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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