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Botanical Synonym results for "Dendrobium":

"Dendrobium aggregatum" - Dendrobium lindleyi

"Dendrobium aggregatum jenkinsi" - Dendrobium jenkinsii

"Dendrobium amplum" - Epigeneium amplum

"Dendrobium aphyllum v latinif." - Dendrobium pierardii v latinifolium

"Dendrobium aureum" - Dendrobium heterocarpum

"Dendrobium chionanthum" - Cadetia chionantha

"Dendrobium crispulum" - Dendrobium moniliforme

"Dendrobium densiflorum A-I" - Dendrobium thyrsiflorum

"Dendrobium fariniferum" - Diplocaulobium fariniferum

"Dendrobium fimbriatum var. ocu" - Dendrobium fimbriatum

"Dendrobium flabellum" - Flickingeria fimbriata

"Dendrobium flammula" - Dendrobium subclausum ssp subclausum

"Dendrobium fusiforme" - Dendrobium jonesii

"Dendrobium linguella" - Dendrobium hercoglossum

"Dendrobium lyonii" - Epigeneium lyonii

"Dendrobium nutans" - Geodorum nutans

"Dendrobium phlox" - Dendrobium subclausum ssp subclausum

"Dendrobium pierardii" - Dendrobium aphyllum

"Dendrobium pierardii lantinif" - Dendrobium aphyllum Lantinifolium

"Dendrobium plicatile" - Flickingeria fimbriata

"Dendrobium seidelanum" - Dendrobium loddigesii v seidelianum

"Dendrobium sophronites" - Dendrobium cuthbertsonii

"Dendrobium superbum" - Dendrobium anosmum

"Dendrobium superbum v album" - Dendrobium anosmum v album

All the "Dendrobium" from our database

including currently available Dendrobium, and Dendrobium for which we do not have a current source.

Dendrobium aberrans

Dendrobium adae

Dendrobium aduncum

Dendrobium affine Darwin NT

Dendrobium agathodaemonis

Dendrobium aggregatum

Dendrobium aggregatum v majus

Dendrobium agrostophyllum

Dendrobium alaticaulinum

Dendrobium albiviride

Dendrobium albosanguineum

Dendrobium alexandrae

Dendrobium aloifolium

Dendrobium amethystoglossum

Dendrobium amoenum

Dendrobium amphigenyum

Dendrobium amplum

Dendrobium anceps

Dendrobium anosmum

Dendrobium anosmum v album

Dendrobium antennatum

Dendrobium aphrodite

Dendrobium aphyllum

Dendrobium aphyllum Lantinifolium

Dendrobium arachnites

Dendrobium atroviolaceum

Dendrobium aurantiroseum

Dendrobium australocaledonicum

Dendrobium austularium

Dendrobium bellatulum

Dendrobium bicameratum

Dendrobium bifalce

Dendrobium bigibbum ssp bigibbum

Dendrobium bilobum

Dendrobium biloculare

Dendrobium bracteatum

Dendrobium bracteosum

Dendrobium brassii

Dendrobium brevicaule

Dendrobium brymerianum

Dendrobium bulbiflorum

Dendrobium bulbophylloides

Dendrobium calceolarium

Dendrobium canaliculatum Mareeba Qld

Dendrobium candidum

Dendrobium cathcartii

Dendrobium chameleon (MM21)

Dendrobium chordiforme

Dendrobium chrysanthum

Dendrobium chrysotoxum

Dendrobium chrysotoxum v suavissimum

Dendrobium chrysotropis

Dendrobium clavatum

Dendrobium cochlioides

Dendrobium conanthum

Dendrobium confusum

Dendrobium crepidatum

Dendrobium crispilinguum

Dendrobium cruentum cit

Dendrobium crumenatum

Dendrobium cruttwellii

Dendrobium cucumerinum

Dendrobium cumulatum

Dendrobium cupreum

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii orange

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii orange and purple-white

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii orange and red

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii white

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii yellow

Dendrobium cyanocentrum

Dendrobium cyanocentrum white

Dendrobium cymbidioides

Dendrobium delicatulum

Dendrobium dendrocolloides

Dendrobium denneanum

Dendrobium densiflorum

Dendrobium densiflorum v alboluteum

Dendrobium densiflorum v aureoflavum

Dendrobium denudans

Dendrobium devonianum

Dendrobium dichaeoides

Dendrobium dichroma

Dendrobium dicuphum alba

Dendrobium discolor Gold Flowers

Dendrobium distichum

Dendrobium dixanthum

Dendrobium dominianum

Dendrobium draconis

Dendrobium engae

Dendrobium epidendropsis

Dendrobium eriiflorum

Dendrobium erosum

Dendrobium euryanthum

Dendrobium eximium

Dendrobium fairchildianum

Dendrobium falconeri

Dendrobium falcorostrum

Dendrobium fariniferum

Dendrobium farmeri

Dendrobium fimbriatum

Dendrobium fimbriatum v oculatum

Dendrobium findlayanum

Dendrobium finisterrae

Dendrobium flabellum

Dendrobium fleckeri

Dendrobium forbesii

Dendrobium formosum

Dendrobium formosum v giganteum

Dendrobium friedricksonianum

Dendrobium fuerstenbergianum

Dendrobium fulgidum

Dendrobium fuscescens

Dendrobium gibsonii

Dendrobium goldfinchii

Dendrobium gouldii

Dendrobium gracilicaule x fleckeri

Dendrobium guerreroi

Dendrobium harveyanum

Dendrobium helix

Dendrobium hellwigianum

Dendrobium hercoglossum

Dendrobium heterocarpum

Dendrobium hildebrandi

Dendrobium hodgkinsonii

Dendrobium hookeranum

Dendrobium infundibulum

Dendrobium infundibulum v jamesianum

Dendrobium insigne

Dendrobium integrum

Dendrobium jenkinsii

Dendrobium johannis x nindii

Dendrobium johnsoniae

Dendrobium jonesii

Dendrobium kauldorumii

Dendrobium kingianum

Dendrobium laevifolium

Dendrobium lamellatum

Dendrobium lasianthera

Dendrobium lawesii

Dendrobium lawesii purple-white bicolor

Dendrobium lawesii red-yellow bicolor

Dendrobium leucocyanum

Dendrobium leucorhodum

Dendrobium linawianum

Dendrobium lindleyi

Dendrobium lineale

Dendrobium linguiforme

Dendrobium lituiflorum

Dendrobium loddigesii v seidelianum

Dendrobium longicaule

Dendrobium longicornu

Dendrobium lyonii

Dendrobium macarthiae

Dendrobium macfarlanei

Dendrobium macranthum

Dendrobium macrei

Dendrobium macrophyllum

Dendrobium magistratum

Dendrobium malbrownii

Dendrobium manii

Dendrobium margaritaceum

Dendrobium masarangense

Dendrobium mayandii

Dendrobium microblepharum

Dendrobium microbulbon

Dendrobium mirbelianum

Dendrobium mohlianum

Dendrobium moniliforme

Dendrobium moschatum

Dendrobium myiazakii

Dendrobium nardoides

Dendrobium nebularum

Dendrobium negoia

Dendrobium neoguineense

Dendrobium nindii

Dendrobium nobile

Dendrobium nobile v amesiae

Dendrobium nobile v cooksonianum

Dendrobium nobile v elegans

Dendrobium nobile v giganteum

Dendrobium nobile v nobilius

Dendrobium nobile v sanderanum

Dendrobium nobile v virginalis

Dendrobium nobile v wallichianum

Dendrobium nutans

Dendrobium obtusisepalum

Dendrobium ochreatum

Dendrobium officinale

Dendrobium ophioglossum

Dendrobium parishii

Dendrobium pauciflorum

Dendrobium pendulum

Dendrobium pentapterum

Dendrobium petiolatum

Dendrobium phalaenopsis v album

Dendrobium phalaenopsis v schroederianum

Dendrobium pierardii v latinifolium

Dendrobium plicatile

Dendrobium polysema

Dendrobium porphyrochilium

Dendrobium prasinum

Dendrobium primulinum

Dendrobium pseudoglomeratum

Dendrobium pulchellum

Dendrobium pulchellum v dalhousianum

Dendrobium ramosum

Dendrobium regium

Dendrobium retroflexum

Dendrobium rhodostictum

Dendrobium roseipes

Dendrobium rotundatum

Dendrobium sagittatum

Dendrobium salmoneum

Dendrobium sancristobelense

Dendrobium sanderae

Dendrobium scabrilingue

Dendrobium scopa

Dendrobium secundum

Dendrobium seidelianum

Dendrobium senile

Dendrobium seranicum

Dendrobium shiraishii

Dendrobium sociale

Dendrobium sp (calyptrochilus) PNG

Dendrobium sp (herpethophytum) Costa Rica

Dendrobium sp (pedilonum) PNG

Dendrobium sp (spatulata) PNG

Dendrobium sp nov Philippines

Dendrobium sp nov Sulawesi

Dendrobium spathilingue

Dendrobium speciosum

Dendrobium speciosum v curvicaule

Dendrobium spectabile

Dendrobium spedigoglossum

Dendrobium stratiotes

Dendrobium striolatum

Dendrobium stuposum

Dendrobium subacaule

Dendrobium subclausum ssp pandanicola

Dendrobium subclausum ssp subclausum

Dendrobium subuliferum

Dendrobium tangerinum

Dendrobium tapiniense

Dendrobium Tay Swee King

Dendrobium tenellum

Dendrobium teres

Dendrobium teretifolium

Dendrobium terminale

Dendrobium thyrsiflorum

Dendrobium thyrsiflorum v giganteum

Dendrobium tixieri

Dendrobium tobaense

Dendrobium tortile

Dendrobium tosaense

Dendrobium transparens

Dendrobium trigonopus

Dendrobium tunaensis

Dendrobium uncinatum

Dendrobium unicum

Dendrobium vexillare

Dendrobium vexillare blue

Dendrobium vexillarius

Dendrobium victoria-reginae x cuthbertsonii

Dendrobium victoriae-reginae

Dendrobium violaceum

Dendrobium wardianum v lowii

Dendrobium wentianum

Dendrobium womersleyi

Dendrobium wuluiense

If you did not find the "Dendrobium" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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B and T World Seeds may be using a different spelling ( there are typos in our database - please tell Matthew if you find any ).

Try a more simple search. If you are looking for Capsicum frutescens Polo Pipiki try just Capsicum, for a broad search, or Pipiki for a narrow search.
Search and Shop also allows for searches with just bits of the name: cap iki Useful if you only have part of the name. Spaces are used as wildcards: Dendrobium.

Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

Check google, to see whether "Dendrobium" is the usual Botanical plant name
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