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Desmodium canadense

Desmodium purpusii

Desmodium repandum

Botanical Synonym results for "Desmodium":

"Desmodium acuminatum" - Desmodium glutinosum

"Desmodium albiflorum" - Desmodium affine

"Desmodium asperum" - Desmodium distortum

"Desmodium biarticulatum" - Aphyllodium biarticulatum

"Desmodium bicolor" - Lespedeza bicolor

"Desmodium blandum" - Phyllodium elegans

"Desmodium bodinieri" - Desmodium podocarpum

"Desmodium buergeri" - Desmodium heterocarpon

"Desmodium caffrum" - Desmodium dregeanum

"Desmodium canum" - Desmodium incanum

"Desmodium cephalotes" - Dendrolobium triangulare

"Desmodium ciliare" - Codariocalyx gyroides

"Desmodium diffusum" - Desmodium laxiflorum

"Desmodium diffusum" - Desmodium dichotomum

"Desmodium elegans" - Phyllodium elegans

"Desmodium esquirolii" - Phyllodium elegans

"Desmodium filiforme" - Desmodium limense

"Desmodium floribundum" - Desmodium multiflorum

"Desmodium frutescens" - Desmodium incanum

"Desmodium grandiflorum v l." - Desmodium cuspidatum v. longifolium

"Desmodium granulatum" - Desmodium triflorum

"Desmodium gyrans" - Codariocalyx motorius

"Desmodium gyroides" - Codariocalyx gyroides

"Desmodium hjalmarsonii" - Desmodium intortum

"Desmodium japonicum" - Desmodium podocarpum

"Desmodium laburnifolium" - Desmodium caudatum

"Desmodium lanceolatum" - Dendrolobium lanceolatum

"Desmodium lasiocarpum" - Desmodium velutinum

"Desmodium latifolium" - Desmodium velutinum

"Desmodium limense var. sandwic" - Desmodium sandwicense

"Desmodium longipes" - Phyllodium longipes

"Desmodium mauritianum" - Desmodium incanum

"Desmodium molle" - Desmodium glabrum

"Desmodium motorium" - Codariocalyx motorius

"Desmodium oblatum" - Desmodium renifolium

"Desmodium ovalifolium" - Desmodium adscendens

"Desmodium parviflorum" - Desmodium triflorum

"Desmodium parvifolium" - Desmodium microphyllum

"Desmodium penduliflorum" - Lespedeza thunbergii

"Desmodium pulchellum" - Phyllodium pulchellum

"Desmodium purpureum" - Desmodium tortuosum

"Desmodium renifolium var. obla" - Desmodium renifolium

"Desmodium rigidum" - Desmodium obtusum

"Desmodium sambuense" - Desmodium multiflorum

"Desmodium sinuatum" - Desmodium sequax

"Desmodium spicatum" - Phyllodium elegans

"Desmodium spirale" - Desmodium procumbens

"Desmodium stipulaceum" - Desmodium tortuosum

"Desmodium supinus" - Desmodium incanum

"Desmodium tenuiflorum" - Macrotyloma tenuiflorum

"Desmodium thunbergii" - Lespedeza thunbergii

"Desmodium tiliifolium" - Desmodium elegans

"Desmodium triangulare" - Dendrolobium triangulare

"Desmodium umbellatum" - Dendrolobium umbellatum

"Desmodium wigginsii" - Desmodium scopulorum

All the "Desmodium" from our database

including currently available Desmodium, and Desmodium for which we do not have a current source.

Desmodium adscendens

Desmodium affine

Desmodium albiflorum

Desmodium angustifolium

Desmodium aparines

Desmodium arechavaletae

Desmodium arizonicum

Desmodium ascendens ssp. ascendens

Desmodium asperum

Desmodium auriculatum

Desmodium axillare

Desmodium barbatum

Desmodium batocaulon

Desmodium biarticulatum

Desmodium blandum

Desmodium bodinieri

Desmodium brachypodum

Desmodium bracteosum

Desmodium buergeri

Desmodium caffrum

Desmodium cajanifolium

Desmodium callianthum

Desmodium campylocaulon

Desmodium canadense

Desmodium canescens

Desmodium canum

Desmodium capitatum

Desmodium caudatum

Desmodium cephalotes

Desmodium ciliare

Desmodium cinerascens

Desmodium cinereum

Desmodium concinnum

Desmodium confertum

Desmodium cuneatum

Desmodium cuspidatum v. longifolium

Desmodium dichotomum

Desmodium diffusum

Desmodium dillenii

Desmodium discolor

Desmodium distortum

Desmodium dregeanum

Desmodium elegans

Desmodium elegans Album

Desmodium esquirolii

Desmodium exiguum

Desmodium fallax

Desmodium filiforme

Desmodium flagellare

Desmodium flexuosum

Desmodium floribundum

Desmodium formosum

Desmodium frutescens

Desmodium gangeticum

Desmodium gardneri

Desmodium glabellum

Desmodium glabrum

Desmodium glutinosum

Desmodium grahamii

Desmodium grandiflorum

Desmodium gunnii

Desmodium gyroides

Desmodium hassleri

Desmodium heterocarpon

Desmodium heterophyllum

Desmodium hirtum

Desmodium humifusum

Desmodium hybrid

Desmodium illinoense

Desmodium incanum

Desmodium infractum

Desmodium intortum

Desmodium japonicum

Desmodium jucundum

Desmodium laburnifolium

Desmodium laevigatum

Desmodium lanceolatum

Desmodium lasiocarpum

Desmodium latifolium

Desmodium laxiflorum

Desmodium laxum

Desmodium leiocarpon

Desmodium leptopus

Desmodium limense

Desmodium lindheimeri

Desmodium macrocarpum

Desmodium mandshuricum

Desmodium marilandicum

Desmodium mauritianum

Desmodium maxonii

Desmodium microphyllum

Desmodium molle

Desmodium molliculum

Desmodium muelleri

Desmodium multiflorum

Desmodium natalitium

Desmodium nemorosum

Desmodium neomexicanum

Desmodium nicaraguense

Desmodium nudiflorum

Desmodium nuttallii

Desmodium oblatum

Desmodium obtusum

Desmodium oldhamii

Desmodium ooieinense

Desmodium oojeinense

Desmodium ospriostreblum

Desmodium ovalifolium

Desmodium oxyphyllum

Desmodium pabulare

Desmodium pachyrhizum

Desmodium paniculatum

Desmodium parvifolium

Desmodium pauciflorum

Desmodium perplexum

Desmodium podocarpum

Desmodium polycarpon

Desmodium prehensile

Desmodium pringlei

Desmodium procumbens

Desmodium prostratum

Desmodium pseudotriquetrum

Desmodium psilocarpum

Desmodium psilophyllum

Desmodium purpusii

Desmodium racemosum

Desmodium ramosissimum

Desmodium renifolium

Desmodium rensonii

Desmodium repandum

Desmodium reticulatum

Desmodium retinens

Desmodium rhytidophyllum

Desmodium riedelii

Desmodium rigidum

Desmodium rosei

Desmodium rotundifolium

Desmodium rubrum

Desmodium salicifolium

Desmodium sambuense

Desmodium sandwicense

Desmodium scopulorum

Desmodium scorpiurus

Desmodium sequax

Desmodium sericophyllum

Desmodium sessilifolium

Desmodium setigerum

Desmodium sintenisii

Desmodium sinuatum

Desmodium spicatum

Desmodium spirale

Desmodium stipulaceum

Desmodium strigillosum

Desmodium styracifolium

Desmodium subsericeum

Desmodium supinus

Desmodium szechuenense

Desmodium tanganyikense

Desmodium tenuiflorum

Desmodium tortuosum

Desmodium triangulare

Desmodium trichocaulon

Desmodium trichostachyum

Desmodium triflorum

Desmodium triquetrum

Desmodium umbellatum

Desmodium uncinatum

Desmodium varians

Desmodium velutinum

Desmodium virgatum

Desmodium viridiflorum

Desmodium wigginsii

Desmodium zonatum

Rhizobium inoculant for cassia, senna, desmodium e

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