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Elymus canadensis

Elymus magellanicus

Elymus repens

Elymus riparius

Hordelymus europaeus

Botanical Synonym results for "Elymus":

"Clinelymus atratus" - Elymus atratus

"Clinelymus sibiricus" - Elymus sibiricus

"Elymus agropyroides var. latig" - Elymus agropyroides

"Elymus akmolinensis" - Leymus akmolinensis

"Elymus alatavicus" - Elytrigia alatavica

"Elymus ambiguus" - Leymus ambiguus

"Elymus angustus" - Leymus angustus

"Elymus aralensis" - Leymus multicaulis

"Elymus arenarius" - Leymus arenarius

"Elymus arenarius var. mollis" - Leymus mollis

"Elymus arenarius var. villosus" - Leymus mollis

"Elymus arenicolus" - Leymus flavescens

"Elymus caducus" - Psathyrostachys caduca

"Elymus carolinianus" - Elymus virginicus

"Elymus chinensis" - Leymus chinensis

"Elymus cinereus" - Leymus cinereus

"Elymus condensatus" - Leymus condensatus

"Elymus curvifolius" - Elytrigia curvifolia

"Elymus delileanus" - Crithopsis delileana

"Elymus dentatus subsp. ugamicu" - Elymus nevskii

"Elymus desertorum" - Psathyrostachys juncea

"Elymus distichus" - Elytrigia disticha

"Elymus divaricatus" - Leymus divaricatus

"Elymus elongatus" - Elytrigia elongata

"Elymus erianthus" - Leymus erianthus

"Elymus europaeus" - Hordelymus europaeus

"Elymus farctus subsp. rechinge" - Elytrigia rechingeri

"Elymus flaccidifolius" - Elytrigia scirpea

"Elymus flavescens" - Leymus flavescens

"Elymus fragilis" - Psathyrostachys fragilis

"Elymus geniculatus" - Crithopsis delileana

"Elymus glaucescens" - Elymus magellanicus

"Elymus glaucus" - Leymus secalinus

"Elymus hirsutiglumis" - Elymus virginicus

"Elymus hispidus" - Agropyron pubiflorum

"Elymus hispidus subsp. varnens" - Elytrigia varnensis

"Elymus hystrix" - Hystrix patula

"Elymus innovatus" - Leymus innovatus

"Elymus interior" - Leymus ajanensis

"Elymus karelinii" - Leymus karelinii

"Elymus kosaninii" - Pseudoroegneria kosaninii

"Elymus kuramensis" - Elymus semicostatus

"Elymus lanceolatus ssp psammop" - Elymus lanceolatus

"Elymus lanuginosus" - Psathyrostachys lanuginosa

"Elymus lazicus subsp. divarica" - Pseudoroegneria divaricata

"Elymus lechleri" - Hordeum lechleri

"Elymus libanoticus" - Pseudoroegneria libanotica

"Elymus lolioides" - Elytrigia lolioides

"Elymus longearistatus subsp. c" - Elymus canaliculatus

"Elymus mollis" - Leymus mollis

"Elymus multicaulis" - Leymus multicaulis

"Elymus paboanus" - Leymus paboanus

"Elymus pacificus" - Leymus pacificus

"Elymus parviglumis" - Elymus antiquus

"Elymus patula" - Hystrix patula

"Elymus philadelphicus" - Elymus canadensis

"Elymus pilifer" - Heteranthelium piliferum

"Elymus propinquus" - Elymus villosus

"Elymus pseudoagropyrum" - Leymus chinensis

"Elymus pungens" - Elytrigia pungens

"Elymus pycnanthus" - Elytrigia pycnantha

"Elymus ramosus" - Leymus ramosus

"Elymus rechingeri" - Elytrigia rechingeri

"Elymus regelii" - Leymus divaricatus

"Elymus remotiflorus" - Elymus magellanicus

"Elymus repens" - Agropyron repens

"Elymus semicostatus subsp. fol" - Elymus foliosus

"Elymus semicostatus subsp. str" - Elymus semicostatus

"Elymus simplex" - Leymus simplex

"Elymus smithii" - Pascopyrum smithii

"Elymus stipifolius" - Pseudoroegneria stipifolia

"Elymus tauri" - Pseudoroegneria tauri

"Elymus tianschanicus" - Leymus tianschanicus

"Elymus trinii" - Leymus ramosus

"Elymus triticoides" - Leymus triticoides

"Elymus virginicus var. interme" - Elymus virginicus

All the "Elymus" from our database

including currently available Elymus, and Elymus for which we do not have a current source.

Agroelymus bowdenii

Agroelymus doreii

Agroelymus turneri

Clinelymus atratus

Clinelymus sibiricus

Clinelymus tangutorum

Elymus abolinii

Elymus aegilopoides

Elymus agropyroides

Elymus akmolinensis

Elymus alaicus

Elymus alashanicus

Elymus alaskanus

Elymus alatavicus

Elymus albicans

Elymus ambiguus

Elymus amurensis

Elymus andinus

Elymus angulatus

Elymus angustus

Elymus antarcticus

Elymus antiquus

Elymus apricus

Elymus aralensis

Elymus araucanus

Elymus arenicolus

Elymus aristiglumis

Elymus arizonicus

Elymus atratus

Elymus austromontanus

Elymus bakeri

Elymus barbicallus

Elymus batalinii

Elymus borianus

Elymus brachyaristatus

Elymus brachyphyllus

Elymus brachypodioides

Elymus breviaristatus

Elymus bungeanus

Elymus buschianus

Elymus caducus

Elymus caesifolius

Elymus californicus

Elymus canadensis

Elymus canadensis Icy Blue

Elymus canaliculatus

Elymus caninus

Elymus caput-medusae

Elymus caucasicus

Elymus chinensis

Elymus ciliaris

Elymus cinereus

Elymus confusus

Elymus coreanus

Elymus crinitus

Elymus curvatus

Elymus curvifolius

Elymus cylindricus

Elymus dahuricus

Elymus dasystachys

Elymus delileanus

Elymus dentatus

Elymus desertorum

Elymus distichus

Elymus divaricatus

Elymus donianus

Elymus drobovii

Elymus elongatus

Elymus elymoides

Elymus enysii

Elymus erianthus

Elymus excelsus

Elymus falcis

Elymus farctus

Elymus fedtschenkoi

Elymus fibrosus

Elymus flaccidifolius

Elymus flavescens

Elymus foliosus

Elymus fragilis

Elymus gayanus

Elymus geniculatus

Elymus gentryi

Elymus giganteus

Elymus glabriflorus

Elymus glaucissimus

Elymus gmelinii

Elymus grandiglumis

Elymus griffithsii

Elymus hirsutus

Elymus hirtiflorus

Elymus hispidus

Elymus hoffmannii

Elymus hondae

Elymus hyalanthus

Elymus hybrid

Elymus hybridus

Elymus innovatus

Elymus interior

Elymus interruptus

Elymus japonicus

Elymus junceus

Elymus kamoji

Elymus karataviensis

Elymus karelinii

Elymus kengii

Elymus kokonoricus

Elymus komarovii

Elymus kosaninii

Elymus kronokensis

Elymus kuramensis

Elymus lanceolatus

Elymus lanceolatus ssp lanceolatus Critana

Elymus lanuginosus

Elymus laxiflorus

Elymus lazicus

Elymus lechleri

Elymus libanoticus

Elymus lineariglumis

Elymus lolioides

Elymus longearistatus

Elymus longifolius

Elymus macgregorii

Elymus macounii

Elymus macrochaetus

Elymus macrourus

Elymus magellanicus

Elymus mayebaranus

Elymus melantherus

Elymus multicaulis

Elymus multiflorus

Elymus multisetus

Elymus mutabilis

Elymus nakaii

Elymus nevskii

Elymus nipponicus

Elymus nodosus

Elymus novae-angliae

Elymus nutans

Elymus ovatus

Elymus paboanus

Elymus pacificus

Elymus panormitanus

Elymus parishii

Elymus parviglumis

Elymus patagonicus

Elymus pauciflorus

Elymus pendulinus

Elymus pilifer

Elymus praecaespitosus

Elymus praeruptus

Elymus pseudoagropyrum

Elymus pseudonutans

Elymus pseudorepens

Elymus pungens

Elymus purpuraristus

Elymus purpurascens

Elymus pycnanthus

Elymus racemosus

Elymus ramosus

Elymus rechingeri

Elymus rectisetus

Elymus reflexiaristatus

Elymus regelii

Elymus repens

Elymus retusus

Elymus rigidulus

Elymus riparius

Elymus russellii

Elymus sabulosus

Elymus salinus

Elymus scaber

Elymus scabriglumis

Elymus schrenkianus

Elymus schugnanicus

Elymus sclerus

Elymus scribneri

Elymus secalinus

Elymus semicostatus

Elymus sibiricus

Elymus sierrus

Elymus simplex

Elymus sinicus

Elymus sinosubmuticus

Elymus smithii

Elymus solandri

Elymus spicatus

Elymus spicatus fa inermis

Elymus stenachyrus

Elymus stenostachyus

Elymus stipifolius

Elymus strictus

Elymus strigosus

Elymus subfibrosus

Elymus submuticus

Elymus subsecundus

Elymus tangutorum

Elymus tauri

Elymus tenuis

Elymus thoroldianus

Elymus tianschanicus

Elymus tibeticus

Elymus tilcarensis

Elymus trachycaulos

Elymus transbaicalensis

Elymus transhyrcanus

Elymus trinii

Elymus triticoides

Elymus tschimganicus

Elymus tsukushiensis

Elymus ugamicus

Elymus uralensis

Elymus vaillantianus

Elymus vancouverensis

Elymus varius

Elymus villosus

Elymus violaceus

Elymus virescens

Elymus virginicus

Elymus wawawaiensis

Elymus wiegandii

Elymus yezoensis

Hordelymus europaeus

If you did not find the "Elymus" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

Perhaps you found "Elymus" in a book, another catalogue or among personal communications
B and T World Seeds may be using a different spelling ( there are typos in our database - please tell Matthew if you find any ).

Try a more simple search. If you are looking for Capsicum frutescens Polo Pipiki try just Capsicum, for a broad search, or Pipiki for a narrow search.
Search and Shop also allows for searches with just bits of the name: cap iki Useful if you only have part of the name. Spaces are used as wildcards: Elymus.

Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

Check google, to see whether "Elymus" is the usual Botanical plant name
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