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Eriosyce aspillagae

Eriosyce napina (name unresolved)

Eriosyce paucicostata v. viridis

Eriosyce setosiflora

Eriosyce taltalensis

Eriosyce villosa

Botanical Synonym results for "Eriosyce":

"Eriosyce cachyteanis" - Neoporteria cachytaensis

"Eriosyce coimasensis" - Neoporteria robusta

"Eriosyce crispa" - Neoporteria crispa

"Eriosyce crispa v viridis" - Neoporteria atroviridis

"Eriosyce crispa v. huascensis" - Eriosyce eriosyzoides ssp. atroviridis Huasco

"Eriosyce heinrichiana" - Neoporteria deherdtiana

"Eriosyce heinrichiana" - Neoporteria jussieui

"Eriosyce heinrichiana" - Neoporteria jussieui FR 252A

"Eriosyce islayensis" - Neoporteria islayensis KK 1161 Ilo.

"Eriosyce islayensis ssp islaye" - Neoporteria krainziana Atacaman sand dunes

"Eriosyce islayensis ssp. islay" - Eriosyce islayensis

"Eriosyce napina" - Neoporteria napina

"Eriosyce pulchella" - Eriosyce calderana

"Eriosyce residua" - Eriosyce iquiquensis

"Eriosyce sandillon" - Eriosyce aurata

"Eriosyce senilis" - Neoporteria nidus KK 96

"Eriosyce senilis" - Neoporteria nidus fa. senilis

"Eriosyce subgibbosa" - Neoporteria castanea 5k. w. Santa Cruz Colchagua C

"Eriosyce taltalensis ssp. pauc" - Neoporteria neohankeana Taltal

"Eriosyce taltalensis v. echin." - Neoporteria floccosa

All the "Eriosyce" from our database

including currently available Eriosyce, and Eriosyce for which we do not have a current source.

Eriosyce aspillagae

Eriosyce aurata

Eriosyce aurata b

Eriosyce aurata ceratistes Aconcagua

Eriosyce aurata ceratistes Cerro Chivato

Eriosyce aurata ceratistes Huatalame

Eriosyce aurata ceratistes Illapel

Eriosyce aurata ceratistes Santiago

Eriosyce aurata ceratistes Tulahuen

Eriosyce aurata Cochiquaz Valley

Eriosyce aurata crispa ssp. totoralensis

Eriosyce aurata Cuesta Pajonales

Eriosyce aurata Fray Jorge

Eriosyce aurata ihotzkyanae

Eriosyce aurata Mina Algarrobo

Eriosyce aurata Pichazca

Eriosyce aurata Puerto Velero Tongoy

Eriosyce aurata s. Vicuna

Eriosyce aurata spinibarbis

Eriosyce aurata spinibarbis Copiapoa

Eriosyce aurata Vicuna above Elqui Tan n. Chile

Eriosyce bulbocalyx

Eriosyce cachytayensis (name unresolved)

Eriosyce calderana

Eriosyce chilensis

Eriosyce chilensis albidiflora

Eriosyce crispa

Eriosyce crispa nigriscoparia

Eriosyce crispa ssp. atrovirens 22k. s. Vallenar H

Eriosyce crispa ssp. atroviridis FK 065

Eriosyce crispa ssp. atroviridis FK 160

Eriosyce crispa ssp. atroviridis Quebrada Alcodona

Eriosyce crispa v. carrizalensis

Eriosyce curvispina

Eriosyce curvispina aff. Putaendo San Felipe

Eriosyce curvispina australis

Eriosyce curvispina grandiflora

Eriosyce curvispina petorcensis

Eriosyce curvispina robustior

Eriosyce curvispina santiagensis

Eriosyce curvispina ssp. armata 5k. n. Rio Limari

Eriosyce curvispina ssp. armata Coquimbo Ovalle

Eriosyce curvispina ssp. armata Embalsa La Paloma

Eriosyce curvispina ssp. armata Fraj Torggo

Eriosyce curvispina ssp. armata mts. s. El Paico C

Eriosyce curvispina ssp. armata Santo Alto to Pich

Eriosyce curvispina ssp. curvispina

Eriosyce engleri Cerro Roble n. Chile

Eriosyce eriosyzoides Elqui-Tal

Eriosyce eriosyzoides Huanta Vicuna n Chile

Eriosyce eriosyzoides Quebrada Honda

Eriosyce eriosyzoides s. Domeyko n. La Serena

Eriosyce eriosyzoides ssp. atroviridis Huasco

Eriosyce eriosyzoides ssp. atroviridis s. Canton d

Eriosyce eriosyzoides ssp. atroviridis s. Freirina

Eriosyce eriosyzoides ssp. atroviridis WK 818

Eriosyce esmeraldana

Eriosyce esmeraldana FR 518

Eriosyce esmeraldana WK 724

Eriosyce heinrichiana 4k. w. Pan Am Hwy. s. Trapic

Eriosyce heinrichiana fobeanus (v. name unresolved

Eriosyce heinrichiana setosiflora (v. name unresol

Eriosyce heinrichiana ssp. intermedia

Eriosyce iquiquensis

Eriosyce islayensis

Eriosyce islayensis longicarpa (name unresolved)

Eriosyce islayensis longispina

Eriosyce kunzei

Eriosyce laui Tocopilla

Eriosyce megliolii San Juan Arg.

Eriosyce muehlepfordtii (name unresolved)

Eriosyce napina (name unresolved)

Eriosyce napina Huasco Chile

Eriosyce napina lanigera El Trapiche

Eriosyce napina spinosior

Eriosyce napina ssp. glabrescens

Eriosyce napina ssp. tenebrica

Eriosyce napina ssp. tenebrica w. Domeyko TL

Eriosyce Neochilenia mix

Eriosyce neohankeana (name unresolved)

Eriosyce occulta (name unresolved)

Eriosyce odieri ssp. krausii

Eriosyce odoriflora FK323-82 (name unresolved)

Eriosyce odoriflora Pichidangui (names unresolved)

Eriosyce paucicostata FR 521

Eriosyce paucicostata neohankeana

Eriosyce paucicostata neohankeana Cerro Perales Ta

Eriosyce paucicostata neohankeana FK 489

Eriosyce paucicostata neohankeana flaviflora

Eriosyce paucicostata neohankeana flaviflora WK 73

Eriosyce paucicostata neohankeana Q. San Ramon

Eriosyce paucicostata neohankeana Taltal

Eriosyce paucicostata neohankena FK 501

Eriosyce paucicostata Paposo Chile

Eriosyce paucicostata v. viridis

Eriosyce robusta sw. Petorca-Cabildo n. Chile

Eriosyce rodentiophylla Esmeralda

Eriosyce rodentiophylla La Madera

Eriosyce rodentiophylla s. Vallenar

Eriosyce senilis

Eriosyce senilis ssp. coimasensis Petorka-Cabildo

Eriosyce senilis ssp. multicolor Coyton

Eriosyce senilis ssp. multicolor Quelen

Eriosyce senilis ssp. senilis El Tambo

Eriosyce setosiflora

Eriosyce simulans n. Chile

Eriosyce simulans Trapiche Chile

Eriosyce sp. unident. Agua del Toro Mendoza

Eriosyce sp. unident. Cabildo

Eriosyce sp. unident. Caren II Limari Flusstal

Eriosyce sp. unident. Cerro Andacollo

Eriosyce sp. unident. Cerro El Penon

Eriosyce sp. unident. Cerro Huatalame 1 n Chile

Eriosyce sp. unident. Cerro Huatalame II

Eriosyce sp. unident. Cerro Huatalame III

Eriosyce sp. unident. Cerro Huatalame IV

Eriosyce sp. unident. Chanaral Alto n Chile

Eriosyce sp. unident. Cuesta Las Cardas n Chile

Eriosyce sp. unident. El Torro I w. Andicolla

Eriosyce sp. unident. El Torro II w. Andicolla

Eriosyce sp. unident. El Torro III

Eriosyce sp. unident. Goldspines Oralle

Eriosyce sp. unident. Huatalame I

Eriosyce sp. unident. Illapell n. Chile

Eriosyce sp. unident. Los Andes

Eriosyce sp. unident. Pejerreyes

Eriosyce sp. unident. Tambillos

Eriosyce sp. unident. Tres Cruces

Eriosyce sp. unident. Tulahuen 1 n. Chile

Eriosyce sp. unident. Tulahuen I n. Chile

Eriosyce sp. unident. Tulahuen II

Eriosyce sp. unident. Tulahuen III

Eriosyce spp. mix

Eriosyce strausiana De Mayo Mendoza

Eriosyce strausiana Uspallata Mendoza

Eriosyce subgibbosa

Eriosyce subgibbosa Orientalis

Eriosyce subgibbosa ssp. albidiflora Choapa Pichid

Eriosyce subgibbosa ssp. clavata

Eriosyce subgibbosa ssp. clavata e. Tongoy Elqui C

Eriosyce subgibbosa ssp. clavata nr. Higueritas Ov

Eriosyce subgibbosa ssp. clavata Pn Am Hwy. Rio Li

Eriosyce taltalensis

Eriosyce taltalensis ssp. pygmaea Chanaral nw. Cop

Eriosyce taltalensis ssp. taltalansis

Eriosyce tuberisulcata

Eriosyce umadeave marayesensis

Eriosyce umadeave Tastil Salta

Eriosyce vertongenii

Eriosyce villicumensis

Eriosyce villicumensis La Laja San Juan

Eriosyce villicumensis Las Lomitas San Juan

Eriosyce villicumensis Thermas San Juan

Eriosyce villosa

Eriosyce xx

Neochilenia - Eriosyce spp. mix

If you did not find the "Eriosyce" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

Perhaps you found "Eriosyce" in a book, another catalogue or among personal communications
B and T World Seeds may be using a different spelling ( there are typos in our database - please tell Matthew if you find any ).

Try a more simple search. If you are looking for Capsicum frutescens Polo Pipiki try just Capsicum, for a broad search, or Pipiki for a narrow search.
Search and Shop also allows for searches with just bits of the name: cap iki Useful if you only have part of the name. Spaces are used as wildcards: Eriosyce.

Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

Check google, to see whether "Eriosyce" is the usual Botanical plant name
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