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Glycine clandestina

Glycine max

Glycine max Fiskeby V

Glycine max Green Shell

Glycine max Siverka

Botanical Synonym results for "Glycine":

"Glycine abrus" - Abrus precatorius

"Glycine albidiflora" - Neonotonia wightii

"Glycine bimaculata" - Hardenbergia violacea

"Glycine borianii" - Pseudoeriosema borianii

"Glycine bracteata" - Amphicarpaea bracteata

"Glycine caribaea" - Rhynchosia caribaea

"Glycine claessensii" - Neonotonia wightii

"Glycine comptoniana" - Hardenbergia comptoniana

"Glycine crinata" - Eriosema crinitum

"Glycine floribunda" - Wisteria floribunda

"Glycine fortunei" - Apios fortunei

"Glycine galactioides" - Calopogonium galactioides

"Glycine gracilis" - Glycine max

"Glycine hedysaroides" - Ophrestia hedysaroides

"Glycine hispida" - Glycine max

"Glycine hispida var. brunnea" - Glycine max

"Glycine hispida var. lutea" - Glycine max

"Glycine javanica" - Neonotonia wightii

"Glycine javanica var. panicula" - Neonotonia wightii

"Glycine koidzumii" - Glycine tabacina

"Glycine longicauda" - Neonotonia wightii

"Glycine lucida" - Strongylodon lucidus

"Glycine malacophylla" - Rhynchosia malacophylla

"Glycine maranguensis" - Macrotyloma maranguense

"Glycine max Gion" - Soybean Gion edible

"Glycine mearnsii" - Neonotonia wightii

"Glycine micrantha" - Neonotonia wightii

"Glycine moniliformis" - Neonotonia wightii

"Glycine petitiana" - Neonotonia wightii

"Glycine phaseoloides" - Rhynchosia phaseoloides

"Glycine precatoria" - Rhynchosia precatoria

"Glycine priceana" - Apios priceana

"Glycine pseudojavanica" - Neonotonia wightii

"Glycine punctata" - Poiretia punctata

"Glycine repens" - Teramnus repens

"Glycine rubicunda" - Kennedia rubicunda

"Glycine sagittata" - Centrosema sagittatum

"Glycine sericea" - Glycine canescens

"Glycine sinensis" - Wisteria sinensis

"Glycine soja" - Glycine max

"Glycine striata" - Galactia striata

"Glycine sublobata" - Rhynchosia sublobata

"Glycine subterranea" - Vigna subterranea

"Glycine tenuiflora" - Galactia tenuiflora

"Glycine tomentosa" - Glycine tomentella

"Glycine umbellata" - Strophostyles umbellata

"Glycine unifoliolata" - Ophrestia unifoliolata

"Glycine villosa" - Dunbaria villosa

"Glycine violacea" - Hardenbergia violacea

"Glycine wightii" - Neonotonia wightii

"Paraglycine hedysaroides" - Ophrestia hedysaroides

"Paraglycine unifoliolata" - Ophrestia unifoliolata

All the "Glycine" from our database

including currently available Glycine, and Glycine for which we do not have a current source.

Glycine albicans

Glycine andongensis

Glycine aphyonota

Glycine arenaria

Glycine argyrea

Glycine axilliflora

Glycine borianii

Glycine canescens

Glycine caribaea

Glycine claessensii

Glycine clandestina

Glycine comosa

Glycine crinata

Glycine curvata

Glycine cyaneus

Glycine cyrtoloba

Glycine dolichocarpa

Glycine falcata

Glycine floribunda

Glycine formosana

Glycine fortunei

Glycine frutescens

Glycine galactioides

Glycine gracei

Glycine hedysaroides

Glycine hirticaulis

Glycine involucrata

Glycine labialis

Glycine lactovirens

Glycine latifolia

Glycine latrobeana

Glycine longicauda

Glycine lucida

Glycine malacophylla

Glycine maranguensis

Glycine max

Glycine max Agate

Glycine max Black Pearl

Glycine max black soya bean

Glycine max Butterbean organic seed

Glycine max Early Hakucho

Glycine max Edamame Hidatsa organic

Glycine max Edamame Sayamusume organic

Glycine max Elena

Glycine max Envy green soya bean

Glycine max Fiskeby V

Glycine max Grand Forks

Glycine max Green Shell

Glycine max Kahala nematode res.

Glycine max Manitoba Brown

Glycine max Siverka

Glycine max White Lion

Glycine max wild form

Glycine mearnsii

Glycine micans

Glycine micrantha

Glycine microphylla

Glycine mollissima

Glycine moniliformis

Glycine montis-douglas

Glycine peratosa

Glycine pescadrensis

Glycine pindanica

Glycine precatoria

Glycine priceana

Glycine pseudojavanica

Glycine pullenii

Glycine punctata

Glycine repens

Glycine reticulata

Glycine ringoetii

Glycine rubiginosa

Glycine sagittata

Glycine schliebenii

Glycine stenophita

Glycine striata

Glycine suaveolens

Glycine sublobata

Glycine subterranea

Glycine syndetika

Glycine tabacina

Glycine tenuiflora

Glycine tomentella

Glycine tomentosa

Glycine totta

Glycine umbellata

Glycine unifoliolata

Glycine ussuriensis

Glycine villosa

Paraglycine hedysaroides

Paraglycine radicosa

Paraglycine unifoliolata

If you did not find the "Glycine" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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