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Gymnocalycium anisitsii

Gymnocalycium stellatum ssp occultum

Botanical Synonym results for "Gymnocalycium":

"Gymnocalycium 'knollii'" - Gymnocalycium moserianum Taninga Cordoba

"Gymnocalycium albiareolatum af" - Gymnocalycium leptanthum

"Gymnocalycium ambatoense" - Gymnocalycium oenanthemum b

"Gymnocalycium ambatoense" - Gymnocalycium oenanthemum southern form

"Gymnocalycium ambatoense P 022" - Gymnocalycium oenanthemum Sierra Ambato

"Gymnocalycium armatum" - Gymnocalycium spegazzinii ssp cardenasianum

"Gymnocalycium asterium" - Gymnocalycium stellatum asterium

"Gymnocalycium bicolor" - Gymnocalycium mostii Cordoba

"Gymnocalycium brachypetalum c" - Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. gibbosum chunky form

"Gymnocalycium cardenasianum" - Gymnocalycium spegazzinii ssp cardenasianum

"Gymnocalycium chubutense" - Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp gibbosum b

"Gymnocalycium damsii" - Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp damsii

"Gymnocalycium damsii v evae" - Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. damsii v. evae STO-98

"Gymnocalycium damsii v tuca." - Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp damsii tucavocense

"Gymnocalycium delaetii" - Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp. delaetii

"Gymnocalycium doppianum" - Gymnocalycium andreae doppianum

"Gymnocalycium eytianum B" - Gymnocalycium marsoneri ssp. matoense Boyuibe

"Gymnocalycium friedrichii" - Gymnocalycium stenopleurum b

"Gymnocalycium glaucum" - Gymnocalycium mucidum San Blas

"Gymnocalycium glaucum" - Gymnocalycium mucidum

"Gymnocalycium griseo-pallidum" - Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. anisitsii Salinas Bol

"Gymnocalycium hybopleurum v ni" - Gymnocalycium nigriareolatum

"Gymnocalycium joossensianum" - Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp. delaetii b

"Gymnocalycium longigibba" - Rebutia longigibba KK867

"Gymnocalycium megalothelon" - Gymnocalycium denudatum

"Gymnocalycium michoga" - Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp. schickendantzii

"Gymnocalycium mihanovich v. st" - Gymnocalycium mihanovichii angusto-striatum

"Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v. " - Gymnocalycium mihanovichii pirarettaense

"Gymnocalycium multispina" - Rebutia neocumingii ssp neocumingii multispina

"Gymnocalycium nultiflorum" - Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. monvillei HJ 206 Arg.

"Gymnocalycium oenanthemum" - Gymnocalycium tillianum

"Gymnocalycium p.v.m." - Rebutia neocumingii ssp. pulquinensis mairananensi

"Gymnocalycium quehlianum" - Gymnocalycium stellatum ssp occultum

"Gymnocalycium quehlianum" - Gymnocalycium ochoterenae

"Gymnocalycium riojense v pipan" - Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum pipanacoense

"Gymnocalycium saglione (err.)" - Gymnocalycium saglionis b

"Gymnocalycium sigelianum" - Gymnocalycium calochlorum violaciflorum Villa del

"Gymnocalycium sucrensis" - Rebutia neocumingii ssp. pulquinensis KK865 Sucre

"Gymnocalycium tilcarense T" - Gymnocalycium saglionis Tilcara

"Gymnocalycium valnicekianum" - Gymnocalycium mostii ssp. valnicekianum

"Gymnocalycium zegarrae" - Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. zegarrae

All the "Gymnocalycium" from our database

including currently available Gymnocalycium, and Gymnocalycium for which we do not have a current source.

Gymnocalycium albiareolatum

Gymnocalycium albiareolatum ramosum Sanagasto

Gymnocalycium altagraciense (name unresolved)

Gymnocalycium altagraciense Villa de Maria

Gymnocalycium amerhauseri Tres Cascades

Gymnocalycium andreae

Gymnocalycium andreae Cerro los Gigantes

Gymnocalycium andreae doppianum

Gymnocalycium andreae doppianum Pampa de San Luis

Gymnocalycium andreae El Condor

Gymnocalycium andreae P 213

Gymnocalycium andreae v. longispinum

Gymnocalycium anisitsii

Gymnocalycium anisitsii aff. Las Bolas n Chaco B.

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp damsii

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp damsii green fld.

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp damsii tucavocense

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp damsii tucavocense b

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp damsii v evae

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. anisitsii Salinas Bol

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. damsii v. evae STO-98

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. damsii v. multiprolif

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. damsii v. rotundulum

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. damsii v. torulosum

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. damsii v. torulosum S

Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp.damsii v. centrispinum

Gymnocalycium anisitsii STO986

Gymnocalycium anisitsii volkeri Los Chuvirus

Gymnocalycium baldianum

Gymnocalycium baldianum albiflorum

Gymnocalycium baldianum Buena Vista

Gymnocalycium baldianum Sierra Ancasti

Gymnocalycium bayrianum

Gymnocalycium bayrianum El Brete Cat

Gymnocalycium bayrianum Sierra Medina

Gymnocalycium berchtii Chanares

Gymnocalycium berchtii Formento Grande

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum Agua Blanca LR

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum Ambil

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum Anillaco

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum guasayanense

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum La Rioja

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum pipanacoense

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum Pituil

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum platygonum

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum platygonum Ramblone

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum platygonum S Salvad

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum Ramblones

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum riojense

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum riojense guthianum

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum sanjuanense Astica

Gymnocalycium bodenbenerianum sanjuanense Huaco

Gymnocalycium bruchii

Gymnocalycium bruchii BOS 061

Gymnocalycium bruchii Sierra Grande Cordoba

Gymnocalycium bruchii x denudatum

Gymnocalycium calochlorum

Gymnocalycium calochlorum Mina Clavero Cord.

Gymnocalycium calochlorum proliferum

Gymnocalycium calochlorum violaciflorum Villa del

Gymnocalycium capillaense

Gymnocalycium capillaense Alpa Corral Cordoba

Gymnocalycium capillaense b

Gymnocalycium capillaense Capilla del Monte

Gymnocalycium castellanosii

Gymnocalycium castellanosii armillatum s Ulapes

Gymnocalycium castellanosii armillatum Ulapes

Gymnocalycium castellanosii rigidum Tama LR

Gymnocalycium castellanosii Sierra Malanzan

Gymnocalycium castellanosii Sierra Malaza

Gymnocalycium castellanosii ssp acorrugatum

Gymnocalycium castellanosii ssp acorrugatum Chucum

Gymnocalycium castellanosii ssp acorrugatum San Au

Gymnocalycium castellanosii ssp castellanosii

Gymnocalycium castellanosii ssp castellanosii b

Gymnocalycium castellanosii ssp castellanosii Chep

Gymnocalycium chiquitanum

Gymnocalycium chiquitanum b

Gymnocalycium chiquitanum Cerro Leon

Gymnocalycium chiquitanum chacoense Cerro san Migu

Gymnocalycium chiquitanum San Jose

Gymnocalycium chiquitanum Santa Anna

Gymnocalycium curvispinum Portezuelo

Gymnocalycium denudatum

Gymnocalycium denudatum b

Gymnocalycium denudatum Irapuazinho Br.

Gymnocalycium denudatum Jan Suba

Gymnocalycium erinaceum

Gymnocalycium erinaceum Sauce Punco

Gymnocalycium eurypleurum

Gymnocalycium eurypleurum Cerro Leon

Gymnocalycium eurypleurum s Cerro Leon

Gymnocalycium fleischerianum Amambay Salto

Gymnocalycium fleischerianum Chololo Par.

Gymnocalycium fleischerianum Oyopoi Par.

Gymnocalycium fleischerianum Piribebuy Par.

Gymnocalycium genseri name unrecognised

Gymnocalycium gibbosum

Gymnocalycium gibbosum Barr Gualicho

Gymnocalycium gibbosum Carmen Patagonia

Gymnocalycium gibbosum fenellii

Gymnocalycium gibbosum gerardii

Gymnocalycium gibbosum Gordon Mambaches

Gymnocalycium gibbosum leonense

Gymnocalycium gibbosum leucanthemum

Gymnocalycium gibbosum Lihuel Calel La Pampa

Gymnocalycium gibbosum nigrum

Gymnocalycium gibbosum nobile

Gymnocalycium gibbosum nobile Sierra Ventana

Gymnocalycium gibbosum radovanii

Gymnocalycium gibbosum schlumbergeri

Gymnocalycium gibbosum Sra Grande Rio Negro

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp gibbosum b

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. borthii

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. borthii HU673

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. borthii Nogales

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. borthii s Alto Pencosa

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. borthii viridis

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. gibbosum

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. gibbosum chunky form

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. gibbosum ferox

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. gibbosum Rio Negro

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. unident. Rio Colorado

Gymnocalycium glaucum P218 TL

Gymnocalycium glaucum ssp ferrari La Rioja

Gymnocalycium glaucum ssp ferrari La Rioja Mazan

Gymnocalycium glaucum ssp ferrari Santa Theresita

Gymnocalycium henisii

Gymnocalycium horstii

Gymnocalycium horstii Minas de Camagua

Gymnocalycium horstii ssp. buenekeri b

Gymnocalycium horstii ssp. buenekeri Sao Francisco

Gymnocalycium hossei

Gymnocalycium hossei Aimogasta La Rioja

Gymnocalycium hossei atroroseum

Gymnocalycium hossei b

Gymnocalycium hossei Carrizal

Gymnocalycium hossei Chilecito LR

Gymnocalycium hossei Chumbicha Mazan

Gymnocalycium hossei cinerascens

Gymnocalycium hossei Cuesta Miranda

Gymnocalycium hossei Cuestada Mivambe LR

Gymnocalycium hossei Guandacol

Gymnocalycium hossei L 485

Gymnocalycium hossei La Pena

Gymnocalycium hossei mazanense e Mazan La Rioja

Gymnocalycium hossei mazanense ferox

Gymnocalycium hossei mazanense ferox Cuesta de Seb

Gymnocalycium hossei mazanense ferox dark spines

Gymnocalycium hossei mazanense polycephalum

Gymnocalycium hossei mazanense Poman

Gymnocalycium hossei mazanense Sra Ambato

Gymnocalycium hossei nidulans

Gymnocalycium hossei nidulans P 138

Gymnocalycium hossei nidulans Udpinango La Rioja

Gymnocalycium hossei P75 Sierra Mazan

Gymnocalycium hossei Poman

Gymnocalycium hossei Sierra Ambato Cata.

Gymnocalycium hossei STO34 Sierra Mazan

Gymnocalycium hybopleurum

Gymnocalycium hybopleurum ferocior

Gymnocalycium hybopleurum ferocior Aga de Ramon

Gymnocalycium hybopleurum ferox

Gymnocalycium hybopleurum L503

Gymnocalycium hybopleurum Mina Capillitas

Gymnocalycium hyptiacanthum

Gymnocalycium intermedium (name unresolved)

Gymnocalycium kieslingii castaneum

Gymnocalycium kieslingii castaneum Anillaco

Gymnocalycium kieslingii castaneum La Rioja

Gymnocalycium kieslingii castaneum Las Penas

Gymnocalycium kieslingii ramosum

Gymnocalycium kieslingii ssp. kieslingii

Gymnocalycium kozelskyanum (name unresolved)

Gymnocalycium kozelskyanum San Roque

Gymnocalycium leptanthum

Gymnocalycium lukasikii Sra del Morro

Gymnocalycium lumbrerasense

Gymnocalycium marsoneri ssp. matoense

Gymnocalycium marsoneri ssp. matoense Boyuibe

Gymnocalycium marsoneri ssp. matoense Eyti Bol.

Gymnocalycium marsoneri ssp. matoense Itatiqui

Gymnocalycium marsoneri ssp. matoense pseudomal.

Gymnocalycium marsoneri ssp. matoense Villazon

Gymnocalycium mesopotamicum

Gymnocalycium mesopotamicum Corrientes

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii angusto-striatum

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Chaco-Cerro Leon

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii filadelfiense

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii filadelfiense P430

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii green fls.

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Nishiki

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii nr Foitin Ravelo

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii pink fls.

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii pirarettaense

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii stenogonum

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii stenogonum b

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii white fls.

Gymnocalycium mirandaense Miranda (name unresolved

Gymnocalycium monvillei

Gymnocalycium monvillei echinatum El Volcan SL

Gymnocalycium monvillei Potreiro Funes San Luis Ar

Gymnocalycium monvillei Sierra Tulumba Cordoba

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. achirasense

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. achirasense b

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. achirasense chacrasen

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. achirasense gertrudae

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. achirasense kainradli

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. achirasense orientale

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. achirasense villamerc

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. horridispinum

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. horridispinum bicolor

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. horridispinum La Muda

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. monvillei

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. monvillei Cruz del Ej

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. monvillei gertrudae

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. monvillei HJ 206 Arg.

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. monvillei n Cordoba

Gymnocalycium monvillei ssp. monvillei parisiense

Gymnocalycium monvillei steineri

Gymnocalycium monvillei Villa Gen Belgrano Cord.

Gymnocalycium moserianum

Gymnocalycium moserianum nr Serrezuela

Gymnocalycium moserianum Taninga Cordoba

Gymnocalycium moserianum Villa de Sota

Gymnocalycium mostii

Gymnocalycium mostii b

Gymnocalycium mostii Bosque Alegre

Gymnocalycium mostii Cordoba

Gymnocalycium mostii genseri Ischilin Cord.

Gymnocalycium mostii kurtzianum

Gymnocalycium mostii kurtzianum Ongamira

Gymnocalycium mostii Sauce Puneo Cordoba

Gymnocalycium mostii ssp. valnicekianum

Gymnocalycium mostii ssp. valnicekianum Cordoba

Gymnocalycium mostii ssp. valnicekianum Cruz del E

Gymnocalycium mucidum

Gymnocalycium mucidum albertovojtechii Tinogasta

Gymnocalycium mucidum San Blas

Gymnocalycium mucidum se Tinogasta

Gymnocalycium nataliae

Gymnocalycium neuhuberi

Gymnocalycium neuhuberi Sra San Luis

Gymnocalycium neuhuberi Suyuque Nuevo

Gymnocalycium nigriareolatum

Gymnocalycium nigriareolatum Cuesta de Portezuelo

Gymnocalycium nigriareolatum densispinum

Gymnocalycium nigriareolatum Palo Labrado Catam.

Gymnocalycium nigriareolatum Portezuelo Catamarc.

Gymnocalycium nigriariolatum simoi Sra Graciana

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae cinereum

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae herbsthoferianum

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae intertextum

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae intertextum BKS 145

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae intertextum San Pedro Co

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae intertextum Serrezuela

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae moserianum

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae polygonum

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae scoparium Lujan

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae ssp. vatteri Salsacate A

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae tenuispinum

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae vatteri Cordoba

Gymnocalycium odoratum (name unresolved)

Gymnocalycium oehmeanum name unrecognised

Gymnocalycium oenanthemum

Gymnocalycium oenanthemum b

Gymnocalycium oenanthemum Los Angeles Catamarca

Gymnocalycium oenanthemum Miraflores Catamarca

Gymnocalycium oenanthemum P133 Sierra Ambato

Gymnocalycium oenanthemum Sierra Ambato

Gymnocalycium oenanthemum southern form

Gymnocalycium paraguayense

Gymnocalycium paraguayense wagnerianum

Gymnocalycium parvulum

Gymnocalycium parvulum amoenum Las Palmas Cord.

Gymnocalycium parvulum Loma Bola Cordoba

Gymnocalycium pflanzii

Gymnocalycium pflanzii albipulpa

Gymnocalycium pflanzii izogzogsii

Gymnocalycium pflanzii lagunillasense Bol.

Gymnocalycium pflanzii lagunillasense Lagunilla

Gymnocalycium pflanzii Millares Bol.

Gymnocalycium pflanzii n Palos Blancos

Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. pflanzii b

Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. pflanzii marquezii

Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. pflanzii marquezii Arg

Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. pflanzii marquezii V.

Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. zegarrae

Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. zegarrae b

Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. zegarrae c

Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. zegarrae d

Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. zegarrae KK524

Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. zegarrae Santa Cruz Bo

Gymnocalycium pflanzii ssp. zeggarae saipinense Bo

Gymnocalycium pflanzii Tomina Bol.

Gymnocalycium pflanzii WK 1236

Gymnocalycium pflanzii Yacuiba Arg.

Gymnocalycium platense

Gymnocalycium pseudoragonesi name unrecognised

Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum

Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum Andalgala

Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum Andalgala b

Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum Anillaca La Rioja

Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum belenense

Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum Catamarca

Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum La Puntilla Bol.

Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum schmidianum

Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum schmidianum Cuesta Z.

Gymnocalycium pungens

Gymnocalycium quehlianum

Gymnocalycium quehlianum albispinum

Gymnocalycium quehlianum Campo Cucci

Gymnocalycium quehlianum flavispinum

Gymnocalycium quehlianum kleinianum

Gymnocalycium quehlianum zantnerianum

Gymnocalycium ragonesei

Gymnocalycium ragonesei Salinas Grande

Gymnocalycium reductum ssp. leeanum

Gymnocalycium reductum ssp. leeanum b

Gymnocalycium reductum ssp. leeanum netrelianum

Gymnocalycium reductum ssp. leeanum Sierra de la V

Gymnocalycium rhodantherum

Gymnocalycium rhodantherum Cuesta Miranda

Gymnocalycium rhodantherum Guanchin LR

Gymnocalycium riojense ssp. fide Sierra Ancasti

Gymnocalycium ritterianum

Gymnocalycium ritterianum Sra Famatima-Massiv La R

Gymnocalycium saglionis

Gymnocalycium saglionis b

Gymnocalycium saglionis Los Baldecitos

Gymnocalycium saglionis Quebrada de las Conchas Ar

Gymnocalycium saglionis s Morales Salta Arg.

Gymnocalycium saglionis San Augustin de V F

Gymnocalycium saglionis Santa Barbara Salta Arg.

Gymnocalycium saglionis Sierra de Porongo La Rio

Gymnocalycium saglionis ssp. saglionis Famatima La

Gymnocalycium saglionis ssp. saglionis Sierra Anca

Gymnocalycium saglionis Tilcara

Gymnocalycium saglionis tilcarense

Gymnocalycium saglionis tilcarense Tilcara Salta

Gymnocalycium saglionis tilcarense Tumbaya

Gymnocalycium sanluisense El Volcan (name unresolv

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii Chepes Viejo Rioja

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii P17I

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii Paganzo La Rioja

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii Patquia La Rioja

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp delaetii

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp delaetii Guachip

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp. delaetii

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp. delaetii b

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp. delaetii P55A

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp. delaetii San Lu

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp. delaetii Sierra

Gymnocalycium schickendantzii ssp. schickendantzii

Gymnocalycium schroederianum

Gymnocalycium schroederianum Entre Rios

Gymnocalycium schroederianum paucicostatum

Gymnocalycium schroederianum Pucheta Corrientes

Gymnocalycium sp. nov. like Candelaria

Gymnocalycium sp. unident. P 103 San Luis

Gymnocalycium sp. unident. P104

Gymnocalycium sp. unident. P108

Gymnocalycium sp. unident. P113

Gymnocalycium sp. unident. P124

Gymnocalycium sp. unident. P205

Gymnocalycium sp. unident. P220

Gymnocalycium sp. unident. Villa Mazan Catamarca A

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii Amaicha del Valle Tuc.

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii Cafayete Salta

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii densely spined

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii Encrucijada

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii La Punilla

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii major

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii major Cachipampa

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii punillense

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii Qbda. del Toro

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii Qbra. Cafayete Salta

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii Sa de Quilmes

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii sarkae San Felipe

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii ssp cardenasianum

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii ssp cardenasianum Carr.

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii ssp cardenasianum Rio Ta

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii ssp cardenasianum Tup. B

Gymnocalycium spp. mix

Gymnocalycium stellatum asterium

Gymnocalycium stellatum b

Gymnocalycium stellatum minimum Ojo de Agua Cord.

Gymnocalycium stellatum obductum

Gymnocalycium stellatum obductum BKS 10-1

Gymnocalycium stellatum P76

Gymnocalycium stellatum Paganzo Arg.

Gymnocalycium stellatum Patguia La Rioja

Gymnocalycium stellatum paucispinum

Gymnocalycium stellatum paucispinum Sra Brava

Gymnocalycium stellatum Quilino

Gymnocalycium stellatum Rinconada Cord.

Gymnocalycium stellatum ssp occultum

Gymnocalycium stellatum ssp occultum Miraflores Ca

Gymnocalycium stellatum ssp occultum Sra. Ambato

Gymnocalycium stellatum ssp occultum Villa Dolores

Gymnocalycium stenopleurum

Gymnocalycium stenopleurum b

Gymnocalycium stenopleurum friedrichii

Gymnocalycium striglianum

Gymnocalycium striglianum aeneum

Gymnocalycium striglianum herminae Cruz Negra

Gymnocalycium striglianum Juan Gez

Gymnocalycium striglianum Lujan de Cuyo Mendoza

Gymnocalycium striglianum Zanjitas

Gymnocalycium stuckertii

Gymnocalycium stuckertii Sierra Medina Tucuman

Gymnocalycium taningaense b Taninga Cordoba

Gymnocalycium taningaense Taninga Cordoba

Gymnocalycium tillianum

Gymnocalycium tillianum red spines WR 227

Gymnocalycium uebelmannianum Famatima

Gymnocalycium uruguayense

Gymnocalycium uruguayense H 039

Gymnocalycium uruguayense Minas de Corrales

Gymnocalycium uruguayense Punta Espinillo

Gymnocalycium uruguayense Rivera Cuchilla Negra

Gymnocalycium uruguayense roseiflorum

Gymnocalycium uruguayense roseiflorum Quarai

Gymnocalycium uruguayense Tranqueras

Gymnocalycium vallegrande name unrecognised

Gymnocalycium valnicekianum

Gymnocalycium vatteri form with 1 downturned sp.

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