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Haworthia cymbiformis

Haworthia fasciata

Haworthia margaritifera

Haworthia pumila

Haworthia reticulata v. reticulata

Haworthia semiviva

Botanical Synonym results for "Haworthia":

"Haworthia albinota" - Haworthia longiana

"Haworthia angolensis" - Chortolirion angolense white spotted

"Haworthia angolensis" - Chortolirion form 3 sp. unident. aff. angolense

"Haworthia chalwinii" - Haworthia coarctata

"Haworthia cooperi" - Haworthia cooperi fa. dielsiana

"Haworthia deltoidia" - Astroloba congesta

"Haworthia divergens" - Haworthia angustifolia

"Haworthia diversifolia" - Haworthia nigra

"Haworthia emelyae v major aff" - Haworthia magnifica v. major

"Haworthia herbacea" - Haworthia arachnoidea

"Haworthia longiaristata" - Haworthia xiphiophylla

"Haworthia margaritifera" - Haworthia pumila

"Haworthia margaritifera" - Haworthia pumila aff.

"Haworthia minima" - Haworthia minor

"Haworthia radula" - Haworthia attenuata v. radula

"Haworthia retusa" - Haworthia retusa v. acuminata

"Haworthia retusa v magn." - Haworthia dekenahii v. magnifica

"Haworthia retusa var. mutica" - Haworthia mutica

"Haworthia sakai" - Haworthia mucronata v. morrisiae

"Haworthia setata var. xiphioph" - Haworthia xiphiophylla

"Haworthia tenera" - Haworthia minor

All the "Haworthia" from our database

including currently available Haworthia, and Haworthia for which we do not have a current source.

Haworthia affinis

Haworthia albanensis

Haworthia albicans

Haworthia altilinea

Haworthia angolensis

Haworthia angustifolia

Haworthia arachnoidea

Haworthia arachnoidea JME

Haworthia arachnoidea v. setata

Haworthia arachnoidea v. xiphiophylla

Haworthia argenteomasculata x pygmaea

Haworthia aristata

Haworthia armstrongii

Haworthia asperiuscula

Haworthia asperula v. mcmurtryii (dwarf v. retuse)

Haworthia asperula v. mcmurtryii (giant retuse)

Haworthia asperula v. mcmurtryii (large retuse)

Haworthia asperula v. mcmurtryii blackish lvs.

Haworthia asperula v. mcmurtryii short pointed lvs

Haworthia atrovirens

Haworthia attenuata

Haworthia attenuata v. radula

Haworthia bayeri DeRust

Haworthia bayeri s. Dyselsdorp

Haworthia bayeri Uniondale

Haworthia bijliana

Haworthia bilineata

Haworthia blackburniae v. derustensis

Haworthia bolusii

Haworthia bolusii Mortimer

Haworthia britteniana

Haworthia caespitosa

Haworthia cassytha

Haworthia chalwinii

Haworthia chlorocantha

Haworthia clariperla

Haworthia coarctaca v. adelaidensis

Haworthia coarctata

Haworthia columnaris

Haworthia comptoniana

Haworthia concinna

Haworthia confusa

Haworthia cooperi

Haworthia cooperi fa. dielsiana

Haworthia cooperi v. gordoniana

Haworthia cordifolia

Haworthia cuspidata

Haworthia cymbiformis

Haworthia cymbiformis v. obtusa

Haworthia cymbiformis v. transiens

Haworthia cymbiformis x springbokvlakensis

Haworthia decipiens

Haworthia decipiens Dam se. Drif

Haworthia dekenahii v. magnifica

Haworthia denticulata

Haworthia dielsiana

Haworthia eilyae

Haworthia emelyae

Haworthia emelyae Kamanassiedam

Haworthia emelyae mixed Sandkraal and Witkliprug

Haworthia emelyae nw. of Herold Oudtshoorn

Haworthia emelyae Saffranrivier

Haworthia emelyae v multifolia Muiskraal

Haworthia emelyae v multifolia Sandkraal

Haworthia emelyae v multifolia spotted pointed lf

Haworthia emelyae v multifolia Springfontein Hek

Haworthia emelyae v. major

Haworthia emelyae x mirabilis hybrid

Haworthia emelyae Zebra

Haworthia erecta

Haworthia fasciata

Haworthia gigas

Haworthia glabrata

Haworthia glauca

Haworthia gracilis v tenera

Haworthia granulata

Haworthia greenii

Haworthia haageana

Haworthia habdomadis

Haworthia habdomadis v. inconfluens

Haworthia habdomadis v. inconfluens Ladismith

Haworthia helmae

Haworthia herbacea

Haworthia herrei

Haworthia hilliana

Haworthia hurlingii

Haworthia hybrid

Haworthia incurvula

Haworthia indurata

Haworthia inermis

Haworthia integra

Haworthia jonesiae

Haworthia kingiana

Haworthia koelmaniorum

Haworthia laetevirens

Haworthia lateganae

Haworthia limifolia

Haworthia limifolia densely white striated

Haworthia limifolia mixed forms

Haworthia limpida

Haworthia lockwoodii

Haworthia lockwoodii broad lvd. form

Haworthia longiana

Haworthia longiana se. Patensie

Haworthia magnifica v. major

Haworthia maraisii

Haworthia margaritifera

Haworthia maughanii

Haworthia maughanii x truncata

Haworthia mcmurtryii hills se. of type locality

Haworthia mcmurtryii hills sw. of type locality

Haworthia minor

Haworthia mirabilis

Haworthia mucronata v. morrisiae

Haworthia mutica

Haworthia nigra

Haworthia nigra n. Skaapkraalpoort

Haworthia nigra Western Toorberg

Haworthia nortieri v. globosiflora

Haworthia notabilis

Haworthia obtusa

Haworthia pallida

Haworthia papillosa

Haworthia paradoxa

Haworthia parksiana

Haworthia parksiana mixed forms

Haworthia parva

Haworthia payneii

Haworthia pearsonii

Haworthia picta

Haworthia pilifera

Haworthia planifolia

Haworthia pubescens mixed forms

Haworthia pumila

Haworthia pumila aff.

Haworthia pumila c

Haworthia pumila Stormsvlei

Haworthia pygmaea v. argenteo-maculosa

Haworthia pygmaea v. pygmaea

Haworthia recurva

Haworthia reinwardtii

Haworthia reticulata v. reticulata

Haworthia reticulata Wolfkloof Robertson

Haworthia retusa

Haworthia retusa Kweekkraal

Haworthia retusa Skool-Riversdale

Haworthia retusa v. acuminata

Haworthia retusa v. dekenahii

Haworthia reverdettii

Haworthia rigida

Haworthia rugosa

Haworthia rycroftiana

Haworthia ryderiana

Haworthia scabra v. lateganiae

Haworthia scabra v. morrisiae

Haworthia schmidtiana

Haworthia schuldtiana

Haworthia semiglabrata

Haworthia semiviva

Haworthia serrata

Haworthia sessiliflora

Haworthia setata

Haworthia sordida

Haworthia sp. unident.

Haworthia sp. unident. aff. serrata

Haworthia spp. mix

Haworthia springbokvlakensis

Haworthia stayneri

Haworthia subattenuata

Haworthia subfasciata

Haworthia sublimpidula

Haworthia subulata

Haworthia tenera

Haworthia tisleyi

Haworthia torquata

Haworthia tortuosa

Haworthia translucens

Haworthia translucens v. picturatum

Haworthia triebneriana

Haworthia triobneriana

Haworthia truncata

Haworthia truncata fa tenuis

Haworthia truncata fa. crassa

Haworthia tuberculata

Haworthia turgida

Haworthia umbraticola

Haworthia unicolor v helmiae

Haworthia variegata

Haworthia venosa ssp granulata

Haworthia venosa v parva (name not resolved)

Haworthia venusta

Haworthia virescens

Haworthia viscosa

Haworthia whitesloaneana

Haworthia willowmorensis

Haworthia woolleyi

Haworthia woolleyii

Haworthia xiphiophylla

Haworthia zantneriana

If you did not find the "Haworthia" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

Check google, to see whether "Haworthia" is the usual Botanical plant name
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