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Indigofera adesmiifolia

Indigofera australis

Indigofera brachystachya

Indigofera brevidens

Indigofera capensis (name unresolved)

Indigofera cytisoides

Indigofera filifolia

Indigofera flabellata

Indigofera frutescens

Indigofera grandiflora (name unresolved)

Indigofera hispida

Indigofera ingrata

Indigofera jucunda

Indigofera linifolia

Indigofera monophylla

Indigofera natalensis

Indigofera pappei

Indigofera psoraloides

Indigofera stricta

Indigofera tinctoria

Indigofera trita

Botanical Synonym results for "Indigofera":

"Indigofera angustifolia var. b" - Indigofera brachystachya

"Indigofera annua" - Microcharis annua

"Indigofera arenaria" - Indigofera disjuncta

"Indigofera argyraea" - Indigastrum argyraeum

"Indigofera argyroides" - Indigastrum argyroides

"Indigofera arrecta" - Indigofera pretoriana

"Indigofera bifrons" - Indigofera burchellii

"Indigofera burkeana" - Indigastrum burkeanum

"Indigofera cardiophylla" - Indigofera meyeriana

"Indigofera cavaleriei" - Indigofera atropurpurea

"Indigofera confusa" - Indigofera pretoriana

"Indigofera coriacea var. hirta" - Indigofera candolleana

"Indigofera cylindrica" - Indigofera frutescens

"Indigofera decora var. alba" - Indigofera decora

"Indigofera discolor" - Indigofera procumbens

"Indigofera dosua var. tomentos" - Indigofera dosua

"Indigofera echinata" - Indigofera nummulariifolia

"Indigofera endecaphylla" - Indigofera hendecaphylla

"Indigofera enneaphylla" - Indigofera linnaei

"Indigofera eriocarpa var. will" - Indigofera williamsonii

"Indigofera fairchildii" - Indigofera heudelotii

"Indigofera gerardiana" - Indigofera heterantha

"Indigofera gerrardiana" - Indigofera dregeana

"Indigofera heterantha var. ger" - Indigofera heterantha

"Indigofera incarnata" - Indigofera decora

"Indigofera indica" - Indigofera aspalathoides

"Indigofera leptosepala" - Indigofera miniata

"Indigofera leptosepala var. br" - Indigofera brevipes

"Indigofera leptostachya" - Indigofera cassioides

"Indigofera lobata" - Microcharis latifolia

"Indigofera longipes" - Indigofera tenuissima

"Indigofera macrostachya" - Indigofera kirilowii

"Indigofera malacostachys" - Indigofera melanadenia

"Indigofera mansuensis" - Indigofera galegoides

"Indigofera miniata var. leptos" - Indigofera miniata

"Indigofera mucronata" - Indigofera lespedezioides

"Indigofera neglecta" - Indigofera hendecaphylla

"Indigofera pascuorum" - Indigofera lespedezioides

"Indigofera patens" - Indigofera sessilifolia

"Indigofera paucifolia" - Indigofera oblongifolia

"Indigofera pauxilla" - Indigofera evansiana

"Indigofera pseudoindigofera" - Microcharis galpinii

"Indigofera pulchella" - Indigofera cassioides

"Indigofera remotiflora" - Microcharis remotiflora

"Indigofera rhodantha" - Indigofera hispida

"Indigofera richardsiae" - Microcharis angolensis

"Indigofera spicata" - Indigofera hendecaphylla

"Indigofera spinescens" - Indigofera nigromontana

"Indigofera stipularis" - Indigofera alpina

"Indigofera stricta" - Tephrosia stricta

"Indigofera teysmannii" - Indigofera zollingeriana

"Indigofera vestita" - Indigofera foliosa

"Indigofera viscosa" - Indigofera colutea

"Indigofera volubilis" - Rhynchosia precatoria

"Indigofera welwitschii var. re" - Microcharis remotiflora

"Microcharis pseudoindigofera" - Microcharis remotiflora

All the "Indigofera" from our database

including currently available Indigofera, and Indigofera for which we do not have a current source.

Indigofera acutisepala

Indigofera adenocarpa

Indigofera adenoides

Indigofera adesmiifolia

Indigofera alboglandulosa

Indigofera alopecuroides

Indigofera alpina

Indigofera alternans

Indigofera amblyantha

Indigofera amoena

Indigofera anabaptista

Indigofera angustata

Indigofera angustifolia

Indigofera anil

Indigofera annua

Indigofera antunesiana

Indigofera aquae-nitensis

Indigofera arenaria

Indigofera arenophila

Indigofera argentea

Indigofera argyraea

Indigofera argyroides

Indigofera arrecta

Indigofera articulata

Indigofera aspalathoides

Indigofera aspera

Indigofera asperifolia

Indigofera astragalina

Indigofera atriceps

Indigofera atropurpurea

Indigofera auricoma

Indigofera australis

Indigofera australis prov. Tas

Indigofera bainesii

Indigofera baukeana

Indigofera bifrons

Indigofera boviperda

Indigofera brachynema

Indigofera brachyodon

Indigofera brachystachya

Indigofera brevicalyx

Indigofera brevidens

Indigofera brevipes

Indigofera bungeana

Indigofera burchellii

Indigofera burkeana

Indigofera candicans

Indigofera candolleana

Indigofera capensis (name unresolved)

Indigofera capillaris

Indigofera cardiophylla

Indigofera carlesii

Indigofera caroliniana

Indigofera cassioides

Indigofera cavaleriei

Indigofera cecili

Indigofera charlierana

Indigofera chuniana

Indigofera circinella

Indigofera circinnata

Indigofera colutea

Indigofera comosa

Indigofera confusa

Indigofera cordifolia

Indigofera coriacea

Indigofera costata

Indigofera cryptantha

Indigofera cuneata

Indigofera cuneifolia

Indigofera cylindracea

Indigofera cytisoides

Indigofera daleoides

Indigofera decora

Indigofera delagoaensis

Indigofera dendroides

Indigofera denudata

Indigofera desmodioides

Indigofera digitata

Indigofera dimidiata

Indigofera dimorphophylla

Indigofera diphylla

Indigofera discolor

Indigofera disjuncta

Indigofera dissimilis

Indigofera dosua

Indigofera dregeana

Indigofera dyeri

Indigofera echinata

Indigofera egens

Indigofera emarginella

Indigofera endecaphylla

Indigofera enneaphylla

Indigofera erecta

Indigofera eriocarpa

Indigofera erythrogramma

Indigofera evansiana

Indigofera eylesiana

Indigofera fairchildii

Indigofera fanshawei

Indigofera filicaulis

Indigofera filifolia

Indigofera filiformis

Indigofera filipes

Indigofera flabellata

Indigofera flavicans

Indigofera foliosa

Indigofera frutescens

Indigofera fulvopilosa

Indigofera gairdnerae

Indigofera galegoides

Indigofera garckeana

Indigofera georgei

Indigofera ger dup (heterantha)

Indigofera glandulosa

Indigofera glaucescens

Indigofera glomerata

Indigofera goniodes

Indigofera grandiflora (name unresolved)

Indigofera griseoides

Indigofera hamiltonii

Indigofera hebepetala

Indigofera hebepetala mix

Indigofera hedyantha

Indigofera hendecaphylla

Indigofera heterantha

Indigofera heterophylla

Indigofera heterotricha

Indigofera heudelotii

Indigofera hewittii

Indigofera hilaris

Indigofera himalayensis

Indigofera hirsuta

Indigofera hispida

Indigofera hochstetteri

Indigofera holubii

Indigofera humifusa

Indigofera incana

Indigofera ingrata

Indigofera inhambanensis

Indigofera jamaicensis

Indigofera jucunda

Indigofera kirilowii

Indigofera langebergensis

Indigofera lanuginosa

Indigofera latipinna

Indigofera laxeracemosa

Indigofera leptosepala

Indigofera leptostachya

Indigofera lespedezioides

Indigofera leucotricha

Indigofera lindheimeriana

Indigofera linifolia

Indigofera linnaei

Indigofera litoralis

Indigofera livingstoniana

Indigofera lobata

Indigofera longebarbata

Indigofera longepedicellata

Indigofera longeracemosa

Indigofera longipes

Indigofera lupatana

Indigofera lyalli

Indigofera macra

Indigofera macrophylla

Indigofera mansuensis

Indigofera maritima

Indigofera mauritanica v hirta

Indigofera melanadenia

Indigofera meyeriana

Indigofera microcarpa

Indigofera mimosoides

Indigofera miniata

Indigofera mischocarpa

Indigofera mollicoma

Indigofera monantha

Indigofera monophylla

Indigofera montana

Indigofera mucronata

Indigofera natalensis

Indigofera nebrowniana

Indigofera neglecta

Indigofera nigrescens

Indigofera nigromontana

Indigofera nummulariifolia

Indigofera oblongifolia

Indigofera omissa

Indigofera ormocarpoides

Indigofera ovata

Indigofera oxalidea

Indigofera oxytropis

Indigofera oxytropoides

Indigofera paniculata

Indigofera pappei

Indigofera parviflora

Indigofera pascuorum

Indigofera patens

Indigofera paucifolia

Indigofera pauxilla

Indigofera pendula

Indigofera perplexa

Indigofera pilosa

Indigofera podophylla

Indigofera poliotes

Indigofera pongolana

Indigofera porrecta

Indigofera potanini

Indigofera pratensis

Indigofera praticola

Indigofera pretoriana

Indigofera procera

Indigofera procumbens

Indigofera prostrata

Indigofera pseudoindigofera

Indigofera pseudotinctoria

Indigofera psoraloides

Indigofera pulchella

Indigofera pulchra

Indigofera pungens

Indigofera purpurea

Indigofera ramosa

Indigofera rautanenii

Indigofera reducta

Indigofera rehmannii

Indigofera remotiflora

Indigofera reticulata

Indigofera retroflexa

Indigofera rhodantha

Indigofera rhynchocarpa

Indigofera rhytidocarpa

Indigofera richardsiae

Indigofera ripae

Indigofera rogersii

Indigofera rostrata

Indigofera rugosa

Indigofera sabulicola

Indigofera sanguinea

Indigofera sarmentosa aff

Indigofera saxicola

Indigofera scabra

Indigofera schimperi aff

Indigofera schinzii

Indigofera secundiflora

Indigofera semitrijuga

Indigofera senegalensis

Indigofera sessiliflora

Indigofera sessilifolia

Indigofera setiflora

Indigofera setosissima

Indigofera simplicifolia

Indigofera sordida

Indigofera sp. unident.

Indigofera sp. unident. compact low perennial

Indigofera sp. unident. rose pink fl.

Indigofera sphaerocarpa

Indigofera spicata

Indigofera spinescens

Indigofera splendens

Indigofera spp. unidentified mix

Indigofera stenophylla

Indigofera stipularis

Indigofera stricta

Indigofera strobilifera

Indigofera suaveolens

Indigofera subcorymbosa

Indigofera subulata

Indigofera subulifera

Indigofera suffruticosa Mayo Indigo

Indigofera sulcata

Indigofera sumatrana

Indigofera superba

Indigofera swaziensis

Indigofera tenuis

Indigofera tenuissima

Indigofera tetragonoloba

Indigofera tettensis

Indigofera teysmannii

Indigofera theuschii

Indigofera tinctoria

Indigofera tinctoria Indigo dye from leaves

Indigofera tomentosa

Indigofera torulosa

Indigofera trifoliata

Indigofera tristis

Indigofera tristoides aff

Indigofera trita

Indigofera velutina

Indigofera verrucosa

Indigofera vicioides

Indigofera viscidissima

Indigofera viscosa

Indigofera vohemarensis

Indigofera volkensii

Indigofera volubilis

Indigofera welwitschii

Indigofera wildiana

Indigofera williamsonii

Indigofera woodii

Indigofera zeyheri aff

Indigofera zollingeriana

Microcharis pseudoindigofera

If you did not find the "Indigofera" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

Perhaps you found "Indigofera" in a book, another catalogue or among personal communications
B and T World Seeds may be using a different spelling ( there are typos in our database - please tell Matthew if you find any ).

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Search and Shop also allows for searches with just bits of the name: cap iki Useful if you only have part of the name. Spaces are used as wildcards: Indigofera.

Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

Check google, to see whether "Indigofera" is the usual Botanical plant name
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