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Botanical Synonym results for "Justicia":

"Justicia bowiei" - Justicia petiolaris ssp. bowiei

"Justicia brunelloides" - Nelsonia canescens

"Justicia callistachya" - Odontonema callistachyum

"Justicia campestris" - Justicia tweediana

"Justicia canescens" - Nelsonia canescens

"Justicia carthagenensis" - Adhatoda carthagenensis

"Justicia chinensis" - Dicliptera chinensis

"Justicia coccinea" - Odontonema tubaeforme

"Justicia coccinea" - Pachystachys coccinea

"Justicia cydoniifolia" - Adhatoda cydoniifolia

"Justicia depauperata" - Monechma depauperatum

"Justicia duvernoia" - Adhatoda duvernoia

"Justicia echioides" - Andrographis echioides

"Justicia gangetica" - Asystasia gangetica

"Justicia genistifolia" - Monechma genistifolium

"Justicia hirsuta" - Gonzalagunia spicata

"Justicia imbricata" - Elytraria imbricata

"Justicia infundibuliformis" - Crossandra infundibuliformis

"Justicia insularis" - Justicia kotschyi

"Justicia lorentziana" - Justicia tweediana

"Justicia magnifica" - Justicia carnea

"Justicia nasuta" - Rhinacanthus nasutus

"Justicia nitida" - Odontonema nitidum

"Justicia paniculata" - Andrographis paniculata

"Justicia pauciflora" - Justicia rizzinii

"Justicia pectinata" - Rungia pectinata

"Justicia polysperma" - Hygrophila polysperma

"Justicia repens" - Rungia repens

"Justicia rosea" - Eranthemum roseum

"Justicia spicata" - Pachystachys spicata

"Justicia suberecta" - Dicliptera suberecta

"Justicia tetragona" - Aphelandra tetragona

"Justicia thyrsiflora" - Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus

"Justicia tinctoria" - Peristrophe roxburghiana

"Justicia tubaeformis" - Odontonema tubaeforme

"Justicia tweediana" - Adhatoda tweediana

All the "Justicia" from our database

including currently available Justicia, and Justicia for which we do not have a current source.

Justicia adhatoda

Justicia adhatodoides

Justicia Alba

Justicia androsaemifolia

Justicia aurea

Justicia betonica

Justicia brandegeana

Justicia brandegeana Variegata

Justicia brasiliana

Justicia brunelloides

Justicia californica

Justicia callistachya

Justicia campestris

Justicia campylostemon

Justicia candicans

Justicia canescens

Justicia capensis

Justicia carnea

Justicia carnea Alba

Justicia carthagenensis

Justicia chinensis

Justicia coccinea

Justicia cooleyi

Justicia crassifolia

Justicia cydoniifolia

Justicia depauperata

Justicia duvernoia

Justicia echioides

Justicia flava

Justicia fulvicoma

Justicia genistifolia

Justicia hirsuta

Justicia imbricata

Justicia infundibuliformis

Justicia insularis

Justicia kotschyi

Justicia lorentziana

Justicia nasuta

Justicia nervosa

Justicia nitida

Justicia odora

Justicia orchioides

Justicia paupercola

Justicia pectinata

Justicia pectoralis

Justicia pectoralis prov. Puerto Rico

Justicia pectoralis Puerto Rico

Justicia pectoralis Tilo

Justicia pectoralis v. stenophylla

Justicia Penrosiensis

Justicia petiolaris

Justicia petiolaris ssp. bowiei

Justicia plumbaginifolia

Justicia polysperma

Justicia procumbens

Justicia quadrifida

Justicia quinqueangularis

Justicia repens

Justicia rizzinii

Justicia rosea

Justicia secunda

Justicia spicata

Justicia spicigera

Justicia tetragona

Justicia thyrsiflora

Justicia tinctoria

Justicia tubaeformis

Justicia tweediana

Justicia ventricosa

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