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Lloydia serotina

Botanical Synonym results for "Lloydia":

"Neolloydia horripila" - Turbinicarpus horripilus EU only

"Neolloydia horripilla" - Turbinicarpus horripilus b

"Neolloydia intertexta" - Sclerocactus intertextus Lake Valley

"Neolloydia knuthiana" - Turbinicarpus saueri ssp. knuthianus b

"Neolloydia knuthiana" - Turbinicarpus saueri ssp. knuthianus Barbechos

"Neolloydia lophophoroides" - Turbinicarpus lophophoroides EU only

"Neolloydia mandragora" - Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus v. mysakii (name unr

"Neolloydia mandragora v zara." - Turbinicarpus beguinii ssp. zaragozae Zaragoza

"Neolloydia mandragora v zarag." - Turbinicarpus beguinii ssp. zaragozae

"Neolloydia odorata" - Cumarinia odorata

"Neolloydia saueri" - Turbinicarpus saueri EU only

"Neolloydia schmiedickiana v an" - Neolloydia panarottoi cit

"Neolloydia schwarzii" - Neolloydia schmiedickeana v schwarzii cit

"Neolloydia schwarzii" - Neolloydia schmiedickeana v schwarzii SLP cit

"Neolloydia smithii" - Turbinicarpus beguinii s. Vega Coahuila

"Neolloydia smithii" - Turbinicarpus beguinii EU only

"Neolloydia smithii" - Turbinicarpus beguinii Chapultapec Coah.

"Neolloydia smithii v senilis" - Turbinicarpus beguinii senilis b

"Neolloydia smithii v senilis" - Turbinicarpus beguinii senilis Arteaga

"Neolloydia subterranea" - Turbinicarpus subterraneus

"Neolloydia subterranea" - Neolloydia mandragora

"Neolloydia texensis" - Neolloydia conoidea

"Neolloydia valdeziana" - Turbinicarpus valdezianus EU only

"Neolloydia viereckii" - Gymnocactus viereckii Sierra Salamanca (name unres

"Neolloydia viereckii" - Gymnocactus viereckii

"Neolloydia viereckii v major" - Gymnocactus viereckii v. major

All the "Lloydia" from our database

including currently available Lloydia, and Lloydia for which we do not have a current source.

Bromus lloydianus

Lloydia serotina

Mammilloydia candida

Mammilloydia candida Charco Blanco SLP

Mammilloydia candida Guadalcazar SLP

Mammilloydia candida Huizache SLP

Mammilloydia candida Matehuala SLP

Mammilloydia candida Presa de Guadalupe SLP

Mammilloydia candida Santa Ana NL

Mammilloydia candida v. caespitosa Saltilla Coah.

Neolloydia alonsoi Xichu

Neolloydia bonatzii Cerritos

Neolloydia booleana

Neolloydia conoidea

Neolloydia conoidea fa. grandiflora Jaumave

Neolloydia conoidea Galeana NL

Neolloydia conoidea Ixmiquilpan

Neolloydia conoidea La Blanca Zac

Neolloydia conoidea Pena Miller Qro.

Neolloydia conoidea Ramos Arispe Coah.

Neolloydia conoidea Terrell Co.

Neolloydia conoidea white glassy sps.

Neolloydia dasyacantha

Neolloydia erectocentra

Neolloydia flaviflorus

Neolloydia flaviflorus Santa Rita

Neolloydia gautii

Neolloydia gielsdorfiana

Neolloydia gracilis

Neolloydia gracilis Aramberri NL

Neolloydia gracilis v. dickisoniae

Neolloydia hoferi

Neolloydia hoferi n. Aramberri

Neolloydia horripila

Neolloydia jauernigii e. Tula

Neolloydia jauernigii e.Tula

Neolloydia jauernigii Palomas SLP

Neolloydia klinkerianus

Neolloydia klinkerianus Huizache SLP

Neolloydia klinkerianus La Negrita SLP

Neolloydia klinkerianus Las Flores

Neolloydia krainzianus v. minimus

Neolloydia krainzianus v. minimus FO-259

Neolloydia krainzianus woolly crown

Neolloydia laui

Neolloydia laui Buenavista SLP

Neolloydia laui El Tepozan SLP

Neolloydia lilinkeuideuus

Neolloydia lophophoroides

Neolloydia lophophoroides Buena Vista

Neolloydia lophophoroides Las Tablas SLP

Neolloydia lophophoroides San Bartolo

Neolloydia lophophoroides Santo Domingo SLP

Neolloydia lophophoroides SB1276 Las Tablas

Neolloydia macrochele

Neolloydia macrochele e Matahuela SLP

Neolloydia macrochele El Fraile SLP

Neolloydia macrochele Las Palmas SLP

Neolloydia mandragora

Neolloydia mariposensis

Neolloydia matehualensis

Neolloydia pailanus Sra de la Paila Coah.

Neolloydia panarottoi cit

Neolloydia polaski Guadalcasar cit

Neolloydia polaski s Matahuela SLP cit

Neolloydia polaski var. La Bonita cit

Neolloydia polaskii cit

Neolloydia polaskii La Bonita cit

Neolloydia polaskii var. Refugio La Bonita cit

Neolloydia pseudomacrochele Bernal Qro. cit

Neolloydia pseudomacrochele Cardonal Hgo. cit

Neolloydia pseudomacrochele cit

Neolloydia pseudomacrochele Otero cit

Neolloydia pseudomacrochele v albiflora cit

Neolloydia pseudomacrochele v lausseri

Neolloydia pseudomacrochele Vista Hermosa cit

Neolloydia pseudopectinata big stem cit

Neolloydia pseudopectinata Escondido NL cit

Neolloydia pseudopectinata small red-purple cit

Neolloydia pseudopectinata Soledad NL cit

Neolloydia pseudopectinata tiny stem cit

Neolloydia rioverdensis Rio Verde

Neolloydia roseiflora cit

Neolloydia roseiflora v albiflora cit

Neolloydia schmiedickeana cit

Neolloydia schmiedickeana Dr Arroyo NL cit

Neolloydia schmiedickeana v schmiedickeana

Neolloydia schmiedickeana v schwarzii cit

Neolloydia schmiedickeana v schwarzii red fl. cit

Neolloydia schmiedickeana v schwarzii SLP cit

Neolloydia schmiedickeanus v schwarzii fa rubra ci

Neolloydia schmiedickiana v dickinsoniae Aramberri

Neolloydia schmiedickiana v dickinsoniae cit

Neolloydia smithii cit

Neolloydia sp. unident. Arramberi

Neolloydia sp. unident. El Huizache cit

Neolloydia sp. unident. El Negrita cit

Neolloydia swobodae

Neolloydia swobodae HO 016

Neolloydia swobodae Rayones NL

Neolloydia valdeziana

Neolloydia valdeziana Ramos Arispe

Neolloydia valdeziana Saltillo Coah.

Neolloydia valdeziana v. albiflora

Neolloydia valdeziana v. albiflora Santa Ana

Serrafalcus lloydianus

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