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Crotalaria medicaginea

Medicago arborea

Medicago falcata

Medicago littoralis

Medicago lupulina hort.

Medicago lupulina wild form

Medicago marina

Medicago orbicularis

Medicago rugosa

Medicago sativa

Medicago sativa cover crop green manure organic se

Medicago sativa green manure seed

Medicago sativa sprouting seed

Medicago sativa sprouting seed organic

Medicago truncatula

Medicago varia x

Botanical Synonym results for "Medica":

"Citrus medica" - Citrus limon

"Citrus medica var. alata" - Citrus alata

"Citrus medica var. limon" - Citrus limon

"Citrus medica var. nana" - Citrus nana

"Citrus medica var. odorata" - Citrus odorata

"Lotus medicaginoides" - Medicago medicaginoides

"Medica italica" - Medicago italica

"Medicago agrestis" - Medicago rigidula

"Medicago arabica subsp. inermi" - Medicago arabica

"Medicago arcuata" - Medicago medicaginoides

"Medicago aschersoniana" - Medicago laciniata

"Medicago caerulea var. paucifl" - Medicago sativa

"Medicago cinerascens" - Medicago rigidula

"Medicago cordata" - Medicago arabica

"Medicago corrugata" - Medicago italica

"Medicago cuneata" - Medicago orbicularis

"Medicago decandollei" - Medicago muricoleptis

"Medicago echinus" - Medicago intertexta bs

"Medicago elegans" - Medicago rugosa

"Medicago galilaea" - Medicago granadensis

"Medicago gerardii" - Medicago rigidula

"Medicago globosa" - Medicago constricta

"Medicago helix" - Medicago italica

"Medicago helix var. spinulosa" - Medicago italica

"Medicago hispida" - Medicago polymorpha bs

"Medicago intertexta subsp. cil" - Medicago ciliaris

"Medicago intertexta var. cilia" - Medicago ciliaris

"Medicago intertexta var. decan" - Medicago muricoleptis

"Medicago karatschaica" - Medicago sativa

"Medicago laciniata subsp. schi" - Medicago laciniata

"Medicago laciniata var. brachy" - Medicago laciniata

"Medicago lavrenkoi" - Medicago sativa

"Medicago maculata" - Medicago arabica

"Medicago marginata" - Medicago orbicularis

"Medicago meyeri" - Medicago minima

"Medicago minima var. brachyodo" - Medicago minima

"Medicago minima var. brevispin" - Medicago minima

"Medicago minima var. minima" - Medicago minima

"Medicago morisiana" - Medicago rigidula

"Medicago murex f. sorrentini" - Medicago murex

"Medicago murex f. sphaerocarpo" - Medicago murex

"Medicago murex var. inermis" - Medicago murex

"Medicago muricata" - Medicago rigidula

"Medicago obscura" - Medicago italica

"Medicago obscura subsp. helix" - Medicago italica

"Medicago obscura var. aculeata" - Medicago italica

"Medicago obscura var. rugulosa" - Medicago italica

"Medicago orbicularis var. marg" - Medicago orbicularis

"Medicago orbicularis var. micr" - Medicago orbicularis

"Medicago pauciflora" - Medicago sativa

"Medicago polymorpha var. arabi" - Medicago arabica

"Medicago polymorpha var. cilia" - Medicago ciliaris

"Medicago polymorpha var. coron" - Medicago coronata

"Medicago polymorpha var. inter" - Medicago intertexta bs

"Medicago polymorpha var. lacin" - Medicago laciniata

"Medicago polymorpha var. minim" - Medicago minima

"Medicago polymorpha var. muric" - Medicago rigidula

"Medicago polymorpha var. orbic" - Medicago orbicularis

"Medicago polymorpha var. rigid" - Medicago rigidula

"Medicago polymorpha var. scute" - Medicago scutellata

"Medicago polymorpha var. torna" - Medicago italica

"Medicago polymorpha var. tuber" - Medicago turbinata

"Medicago polymorpha var. turbi" - Medicago turbinata

"Medicago pubescens" - Medicago edgeworthii

"Medicago rigidula" - Medicago rigiduloides

"Medicago rigidula var. agresti" - Medicago rigidula

"Medicago rigidula var. cineras" - Medicago rigidula

"Medicago rigidula var. morisia" - Medicago rigidula

"Medicago rigidula var. submiti" - Medicago rigidula

"Medicago sativa var. pilifera" - Medicago sativa

"Medicago sessilis" - Medicago minima

"Medicago sorrentini" - Medicago murex

"Medicago sphaerocarpos" - Medicago murex

"Medicago sphaerocarpos var. in" - Medicago murex

"Medicago striata" - Medicago italica

"Medicago tornata" - Medicago italica

"Medicago tornata var. aculeata" - Medicago italica

"Medicago tornata var. rugulosa" - Medicago italica

"Medicago tornata var. shepardi" - Medicago shepardii

"Medicago tornata var. spinulos" - Medicago italica

"Medicago tornata var. striata" - Medicago italica

"Medicago tribuloides" - Medicago truncatula

"Medicago tribuloides var. brev" - Medicago truncatula

"Medicago truncatula f. tricycl" - Medicago truncatula

"Medicago truncatula var. brevi" - Medicago truncatula

"Medicago truncatula var. longi" - Medicago truncatula

"Medicago truncatula var. tribu" - Medicago truncatula

"Medicago truncatula var. tricy" - Medicago truncatula

"Medicago tuberculata" - Medicago turbinata

"Medicago tuberculata var. acul" - Medicago turbinata

"Medicago tuberculata var. chio" - Medicago turbinata

"Medicago turbinata var. aculea" - Medicago turbinata

"Medicago turbinata var. apicul" - Medicago turbinata

"Medicago turbinata var. chioti" - Medicago turbinata

"Medicago virginica" - Lespedeza virginica

"Smilax medica" - Smilax aristolochiifolia

All the "Medica" from our database

including currently available Medica, and Medica for which we do not have a current source.

Citrus limonimedica

Citrus medica Digitata svs

Citrus medica Etrog svs

Citrus medica svs

Crotalaria medicaginea

Euphorbia medicaginea

Goodia medicaginea prov. western states

Lespedeza medicaginoides

Lotus medicaginoides

Medica italica

Medicago aculeata

Medicago agrestis

Medicago agropyretorum

Medicago and Onobrychis mixed escargots and chenil

Medicago apiculata

Medicago arabica

Medicago arborea

Medicago archiducis-nicolai

Medicago arcuata

Medicago arenicola

Medicago aschersoniana

Medicago asiatica

Medicago astroites

Medicago biflora

Medicago blancheana

Medicago borealis

Medicago brachycarpa

Medicago caerulea

Medicago cancellata

Medicago carica

Medicago carstiensis

Medicago ciliaris

Medicago cinerascens

Medicago circinnata

Medicago constricta

Medicago cordata

Medicago coronata

Medicago corrugata

Medicago crassipes

Medicago cretacea

Medicago cupaniana

Medicago daghestanica

Medicago decandollei

Medicago denticulata

Medicago difalcata

Medicago disciformis

Medicago doliata

Medicago dzhawakhetica

Medicago edgeworthii

Medicago elegans

Medicago falcata

Medicago fischeriana

Medicago gaetula

Medicago galilaea

Medicago gerardii

Medicago glandulosa

Medicago globosa

Medicago globulosa

Medicago glomerata

Medicago glutinosa

Medicago gordejevii

Medicago gracillima

Medicago granadensis

Medicago grossheimii

Medicago gunibica

Medicago halophila

Medicago heldreichii

Medicago helix

Medicago hemicoerulea

Medicago hemicycla

Medicago heyniana

Medicago hispida

Medicago huberi

Medicago hybrid

Medicago hybrida

Medicago hypogaea

Medicago intertexta bs

Medicago intertexta cs

Medicago isthmocarpa

Medicago italica

Medicago komarovii

Medicago laciniata

Medicago lanigera

Medicago lappacea

Medicago laxispira

Medicago leiocarpa

Medicago lesinsii

Medicago littoralis

Medicago lupulina Ekola

Medicago lupulina hort.

Medicago lupulina wild form

Medicago maculata

Medicago marina

Medicago media

Medicago medicaginoides

Medicago mesopotamica

Medicago meyeri

Medicago minima

Medicago monantha

Medicago monspeliaca

Medicago morisiana

Medicago murex

Medicago muricata

Medicago muricoleptis

Medicago nigra

Medicago noeana

Medicago nummularia

Medicago obscura

Medicago oliviformis

Medicago orbicularis

Medicago orthoceras

Medicago ovalis

Medicago pamphylica

Medicago papillosa

Medicago persica

Medicago phrygia

Medicago pironae

Medicago platycarpos

Medicago plicata

Medicago polycarpa

Medicago polyceratia

Medicago polychroa

Medicago polymorpha bs

Medicago popovii

Medicago praecox

Medicago praesativa

Medicago procumbens

Medicago prostrata

Medicago pubescens

Medicago quasifalcata

Medicago radiata

Medicago reticulata

Medicago retrorsa

Medicago rhodopea

Medicago rhytidiocarpa

Medicago rigida

Medicago rigidula

Medicago rigiduloides

Medicago rivularis

Medicago romanica

Medicago rostrata

Medicago rotata

Medicago rugosa

Medicago rupestris

Medicago ruthenica

Medicago sardoa

Medicago sativa

Medicago sativa C U F 101

Medicago sativa cover crop green manure organic se

Medicago sativa green manure seed

Medicago sativa Hunter River

Medicago sativa Hunterfield

Medicago sativa Sheffield

Medicago sativa Springfield

Medicago sativa sprouting seed

Medicago sativa sprouting seed organic

Medicago sativa Trifecta

Medicago sauvagei

Medicago saxatilis

Medicago schischkinii

Medicago scutellata

Medicago secundiflora

Medicago sessilis

Medicago shepardii

Medicago sinskiae

Medicago sogdiana

Medicago soleirolii

Medicago sorrentini

Medicago sphaerocarpos

Medicago strasseri

Medicago striata

Medicago suffruticosa

Medicago syriaca

Medicago tenderiensis

Medicago tenoreana

Medicago terebellum

Medicago tianschanica

Medicago tornata Tornafield

Medicago transoxana

Medicago trautvetteri

Medicago tribuloides

Medicago truncatula

Medicago tuberculata

Medicago tunetana

Medicago turbinata

Medicago vardanis

Medicago varia x

Smilax medica

If you did not find the "Medica" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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B and T World Seeds may be using a different spelling ( there are typos in our database - please tell Matthew if you find any ).

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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