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Bromelia karatas

Bromeliad Dwarf Mix

Hamelia axillaris

Hamelia patens

Ismelia carinata Bright Eye

Ismelia carinata Dunnettii Mixture

Ismelia carinata Flame

Ismelia carinata Merry Mixed

Ismelia carinata Rainbow Mixed

Ismelia carinata Sunset mix

Melia azedarach

Melia volkensii nuts

Melianthus comosus

Melianthus major

Melianthus pectinatus

Melianthus villosus

Botanical Synonym results for "Melia":

"Bromelia ananas" - Ananas comosus

"Bromelia bracteata" - Aechmea bracteata

"Bromelia carolinae" - Neoregelia carolinae

"Bromelia comosa" - Ananas comosus

"Bromelia landbeckii" - Greigia landbeckii

"Bromelia longifolia" - Aechmea longifolia

"Bromelia nudicaulis" - Aechmea nudicaulis

"Bromelia sagenaria" - Pseudananas sagenarius

"Bromelia sphacelata" - Greigia sphacelata

"Bromelia tristis" - Neoregelia tristis

"Bromelia variegata" - Neoglaziovia variegata

"Bromelia zebrina" - Billbergia zebrina

"Bumelia celastrina" - Sideroxylon celastrinum

"Bumelia dulcifica" - Synsepalum dulcificum

"Bumelia laetevirens" - Sideroxylon palmeri

"Bumelia lanuginosa" - Sideroxylon lanuginosum

"Bumelia lycioides" - Sideroxylon lycioides

"Bumelia obovata" - Sideroxylon obovatum

"Bumelia palmeri" - Sideroxylon palmeri

"Bumelia salicifolia" - Sideroxylon salicifolium

"Bumelia spiniflora" - Sideroxylon celastrinum

"Bumelia tenax" - Sideroxylon tenax

"Chomelia asiatica" - Tarenna asiatica

"Chomelia sylvicola" - Chione sylvicola

"Hamelia coccinea" - Hamelia patens

"Hamelia erecta" - Hamelia patens

"Hamelia grandiflora" - Hamelia patens

"Hamelia sphaerocarpa" - Hamelia patens

"Hypericum rumelianum" - Hypericum rumeliacum

"Melia azadirachta" - Azadirachta indica vsvs

"Melia azedarach" - Melia azedarach v. toosendan

"Melia azedarach var. japonica" - Melia azedarach

"Melia baccifera" - Cipadessa baccifera

"Melia excelsa" - Azadirachta excelsa

"Melia indica" - Azadirachta indica vsvs

"Melia japonica" - Melia azedarach

"Melia koetjape" - Sandoricum koetjape

"Melia sempervirens" - Melia azedarach

"Melia toosendan" - Melia azedarach

"Melianthus minor" - Melianthus elongatus

"Melianthus minor" - Melianthus comosus

"Melianthus pectinatus" - Melianthus elongatus

"Trachelium rumelianum" - Trachelium jacquinii ssp rumelianum

All the "Melia" from our database

including currently available Melia, and Melia for which we do not have a current source.

Abronia ameliae

Bromelia antiacantha

Bromelia balansae

Bromelia chrysantha

Bromelia fastuosa

Bromelia karatas

Bromelia landbeckii

Bromelia longifolia

Bromelia nidus-puellae

Bromelia pinguin

Bromelia plumieri

Bromelia pyramidalis

Bromelia sagenaria

Bromelia serra

Bromelia sp unident. Mk. 3

Bromelia sp unident. Mk.2

Bromelia trianae

Bromeliad Dwarf Mix

Bromeliad sp unident Corazon de Fuego

Bumelia buxifolia

Bumelia celastrina

Bumelia laetevirens

Bumelia lanuginosa

Bumelia lycioides

Bumelia obovata

Bumelia obtusifolia

Bumelia palmeri

Bumelia salicifolia

Bumelia sartorum

Bumelia spiniflora

Bumelia tenax

Campanula rumeliana

Carpodiptera ameliae

Chomelia asiatica

Chomelia brasiliana

Chomelia sylvicola

Cosmelia rubra

Eucalyptus rameliana

Hamelia axillaris

Hamelia patens

Hypericum rumeliacum

Ismelia carinata

Ismelia carinata Bright Eye

Ismelia carinata Chameleon

Ismelia carinata Cockade

Ismelia carinata Coconut Ice

Ismelia carinata Court Jester Mixed

Ismelia carinata Dunnettii Luteum

Ismelia carinata Dunnettii Mixture

Ismelia carinata Flame

Ismelia carinata Flame Shades

Ismelia carinata Goldie

Ismelia carinata John Bright

Ismelia carinata Merry Mixed

Ismelia carinata Merry Mixture red bias

Ismelia carinata Polar Star tetraploid

Ismelia carinata Rainbow Mixed

Ismelia carinata Standard Mixture

Ismelia carinata Summer Festival

Ismelia carinata Sunset mix

Lachenalia Romelia

Leucanthemum superbum x Amelia

Melia azadirachta

Melia azedarach

Melia azedarach Umbraculiformis

Melia azedarach v. australasica

Melia azedarach v. toosendan

Melia candollei

Melia excelsa

Melia floribunda

Melia parasitica

Melia volkensii nuts

Melianthus comosus

Melianthus elongatus

Melianthus major

Melianthus pectinatus

Melianthus pectinatus aff.

Melianthus villosus

Trachelium jacquinii ssp rumelianum

If you did not find the "Melia" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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B and T World Seeds may be using a different spelling ( there are typos in our database - please tell Matthew if you find any ).

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

Check google, to see whether "Melia" is the usual Botanical plant name
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