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Mimosa diplotricha

Mimosa pigra

Mimosa pudica less sensitive form

Mimosa pudica Pink Sparkles

Mimosa pudica sensitive form

Mimosa pudica Touchy Tina treated seeds

Botanical Synonym results for "Mimosa":

"Mimosa acanthocarpa" - Mimosa aculeaticarpa

"Mimosa acle" - Albizia acle

"Mimosa adianthifolia" - Albizia adianthifolia

"Mimosa alba" - Inga alba

"Mimosa arabica" - Acacia nilotica L. Delile

"Mimosa arborea" - Albizia julibrissin

"Mimosa barbadetimam" - Stryphnodendron adstringens

"Mimosa bigemina" - Archidendron bigeminum

"Mimosa biglobosa" - Parkia biglobosa

"Mimosa binervia" - Acacia binervia

"Mimosa botrycephala" - Acacia terminalis

"Mimosa bourgoni" - Inga bourgoni

"Mimosa bracaatinga" - Mimosa scabrella

"Mimosa cabrera" - Mimosa tenuiflora x

"Mimosa caesia" - Acacia caesia

"Mimosa caffra" - Acacia caffra

"Mimosa caracasana" - Zapoteca caracasana

"Mimosa carinata" - Mimozyganthus carinatus

"Mimosa catechu" - Acacia catechu

"Mimosa chinensis" - Albizia chinensis

"Mimosa cineraria" - Prosopis cineraria

"Mimosa cochlearis" - Acacia cochlearis

"Mimosa cochliocarpos" - Abarema cochliacarpos

"Mimosa colubrina" - Anadenanthera colubrina

"Mimosa concinna" - Acacia concinna

"Mimosa cornigera" - Acacia cornigera

"Mimosa corymbosa" - Hydrochorea corymbosa

"Mimosa cyclocarpa" - Enterolobium cyclocarpum

"Mimosa cylindrica" - Inga cylindrica

"Mimosa decurrens" - Acacia decurrens

"Mimosa dinklagei" - Albizia dinklagei

"Mimosa divaricata" - Lysiloma divaricatum

"Mimosa dodonaeifolia" - Acacia dodonaeifolia

"Mimosa dulcis" - Pithecellobium dulce

"Mimosa ebano" - Ebenopsis ebano

"Mimosa eburnea" - Acacia eburnea

"Mimosa fagifolia" - Inga laurina

"Mimosa farcta" - Prosopis farcta

"Mimosa farnesiana" - Acacia farnesiana (not to Australia)

"Mimosa fastuosa" - Inga fastuosa

"Mimosa fera" - Gleditsia fera

"Mimosa ferruginea" - Acacia ferruginea

"Mimosa floribunda" - Acacia floribunda

"Mimosa gigas" - Entada gigas

"Mimosa glauca" - Acacia glauca

"Mimosa glauca" - Leucaena leucocephala

"Mimosa glaucescens" - Mimosa nuda

"Mimosa glomerata" - Dichrostachys cinerea

"Mimosa grandiflora" - Calliandra grandiflora

"Mimosa heterophylla" - Acacia heterophylla

"Mimosa horrida" - Acacia horrida

"Mimosa hostilis" - Mimosa tenuiflora x

"Mimosa houstoniana" - Calliandra houstoniana v houstoniana

"Mimosa humilis" - Mimosa dormiens

"Mimosa illinoensis" - Desmanthus illinoensis

"Mimosa ingoides" - Inga ingoides

"Mimosa intsia" - Acacia intsia

"Mimosa invisa" - Mimosa diplotricha

"Mimosa jiringa" - Archidendron jiringa

"Mimosa juniperina" - Acacia ulicifolia

"Mimosa kalkora" - Albizia kalkora

"Mimosa latisiliqua" - Lysiloma latisiliquum

"Mimosa laurina" - Inga laurina

"Mimosa lebbeck" - Albizia lebbeck

"Mimosa leucophloea" - Acacia leucophloea

"Mimosa ligustrina" - Pithecellobium lanceolatum

"Mimosa linifolia" - Acacia linifolia

"Mimosa lucida" - Albizia lucidior

"Mimosa lutea" - Acacia macracantha

"Mimosa marginata" - Albizia chinensis

"Mimosa martensis" - Mimosa camporum

"Mimosa nigricans" - Acacia nigricans

"Mimosa nilotica" - Acacia nilotica L. Delile

"Mimosa nutans" - Dichrostachys cinerea

"Mimosa obovata" - Mimosa laticifera

"Mimosa odoratissima" - Albizia odoratissima

"Mimosa oerfota" - Acacia oerfota

"Mimosa pennata" - Acacia pennata

"Mimosa pentagona" - Acacia pentagona

"Mimosa peregrina" - Anadenanthera peregrina

"Mimosa pernambucana" - Desmanthus pernambucanus

"Mimosa pilosula" - Inga pilosula

"Mimosa plena" - Neptunia plena

"Mimosa polystachya" - Entada polystachya

"Mimosa portoricensis" - Zapoteca portoricensis

"Mimosa procera" - Albizia procera

"Mimosa prostrata" - Neptunia prostrata

"Mimosa pubescens" - Acacia pubescens

"Mimosa pumila" - Desmanthus pumilus

"Mimosa purpurea" - Calliandra purpurea

"Mimosa rosea" - Pithecellobium roseum

"Mimosa rubiginosa" - Inga rubiginosa

"Mimosa rugata" - Acacia concinna

"Mimosa saligna" - Acacia saligna

"Mimosa scandens" - Entada phaseoloides

"Mimosa scorpioides" - Acacia nilotica L. Delile

"Mimosa scutifera" - Archidendron scutiferum

"Mimosa semialata" - Inga marginata

"Mimosa senegal" - Acacia senegal

"Mimosa sepiaria" - Mimosa bimucronata

"Mimosa sessilis" - Inga sessilis

"Mimosa sirissa" - Albizia lebbeck

"Mimosa spectabilis" - Inga spectabilis

"Mimosa stephaniana" - Prosopis farcta

"Mimosa stricta" - Acacia stricta

"Mimosa strombulifera" - Prosopis strombulifera

"Mimosa suaveolens" - Acacia suaveolens

"Mimosa sundra" - Acacia chundra

"Mimosa tamarindifolia" - Acacia tamarindifolia

"Mimosa tenuifolia" - Acacia tenuifolia

"Mimosa tergemina" - Calliandra tergemina

"Mimosa terminalis" - Acacia terminalis

"Mimosa trichodes" - Leucaena trichodes

"Mimosa ulicifolia" - Acacia ulicifolia

"Mimosa umbellata" - Cathormion umbellatum

"Mimosa umbellifera" - Inga umbellifera

"Mimosa unguis-cati" - Pithecellobium unguis-cati

"Mimosa verticillata" - Acacia verticillata

"Mimosa villosa" - Acacia glauca

"Mimosa virgata" - Desmanthus virgatus

"Mimosa xylocarpa" - Xylia xylocarpa

"Mimosa ynga" - Inga edulis vsvs

All the "Mimosa" from our database

including currently available Mimosa, and Mimosa for which we do not have a current source.

Mimosa acanthocarpa

Mimosa acerba

Mimosa acle

Mimosa aculeaticarpa

Mimosa acutistipula

Mimosa adenocarpa

Mimosa adpressa

Mimosa adstringens

Mimosa affinis

Mimosa alba

Mimosa albida

Mimosa albolanata

Mimosa amara

Mimosa angustissima

Mimosa aparadensis

Mimosa arborea

Mimosa arenosa

Mimosa artemisiana

Mimosa asperata

Mimosa bahamensis

Mimosa barbadetimam

Mimosa benthamii

Mimosa bigemina

Mimosa biglobosa

Mimosa bimucronata

Mimosa biuncifera

Mimosa blanchettii

Mimosa borealis

Mimosa bourgoni

Mimosa brachycarpa

Mimosa brownii

Mimosa caesalpiniifolia

Mimosa callithrix

Mimosa calodendron

Mimosa camporum

Mimosa candollei

Mimosa caracasana

Mimosa carinata

Mimosa casta

Mimosa cauliflora

Mimosa caven

Mimosa ceratonia

Mimosa cinerea

Mimosa claussenii

Mimosa cochliocarpos

Mimosa colubrina

Mimosa conferta

Mimosa cordistipula

Mimosa coriacea

Mimosa cornigera

Mimosa corymbosa

Mimosa crocea

Mimosa cyclophylla

Mimosa cylindrica

Mimosa debilis

Mimosa decorticans

Mimosa delicatula

Mimosa densa

Mimosa dinklagei

Mimosa diplotricha

Mimosa discobola

Mimosa disperma

Mimosa distachya

Mimosa distans

Mimosa divaricata

Mimosa dolens

Mimosa dominarum

Mimosa dormiens

Mimosa dysocarpa

Mimosa ebano

Mimosa eburnea

Mimosa emoryana

Mimosa ephedroides

Mimosa fagifolia

Mimosa farcta

Mimosa farinosa

Mimosa fastuosa

Mimosa fera

Mimosa ferruginea

Mimosa filipes

Mimosa flagellaris

Mimosa flocculosa

Mimosa foliolosa

Mimosa gardneri

Mimosa gemmulata

Mimosa glauca

Mimosa glaucescens

Mimosa gracilis

Mimosa grahamii

Mimosa grandiflora

Mimosa guilandinae

Mimosa hamata

Mimosa hexandra

Mimosa himalayana

Mimosa hirsutissima

Mimosa horrida

Mimosa humilis

Mimosa humivagans

Mimosa hypoglauca

Mimosa incana

Mimosa ingoides

Mimosa intsia

Mimosa invisa

Mimosa irrigua

Mimosa julibrissin

Mimosa juliflora

Mimosa laniceps

Mimosa lanuginosa

Mimosa laticifera

Mimosa latifolia

Mimosa latisiliqua

Mimosa latispinosa

Mimosa laurina

Mimosa laxiflora

Mimosa lemmonii

Mimosa leucocephala

Mimosa lewisii

Mimosa lignosa

Mimosa ligustrina

Mimosa longifolia

Mimosa lucida

Mimosa luisana

Mimosa malacentra

Mimosa malacophylla

Mimosa mangensis

Mimosa manidea

Mimosa martensis

Mimosa melanocarpa

Mimosa mellifera

Mimosa menabeensis

Mimosa mensicola

Mimosa meticulosa

Mimosa monticola

Mimosa myriadena

Mimosa myrtifolia

Mimosa nelsonii

Mimosa neuroloma

Mimosa nilotica

Mimosa nuda

Mimosa obovata

Mimosa oerfota

Mimosa ophthalmocentra

Mimosa orthocarpa

Mimosa palmeri

Mimosa pellita

Mimosa pennata

Mimosa pentagona

Mimosa pernambucana

Mimosa pigra

Mimosa pilosula

Mimosa pilulifera

Mimosa plena

Mimosa polyantha

Mimosa polycarpa

Mimosa polydactyla

Mimosa polystachya

Mimosa portoricensis

Mimosa prostrata

Mimosa pseudoradula

Mimosa pseudosepiaria

Mimosa pteridifolia

Mimosa pudica less sensitive form

Mimosa pudica Pink Sparkles

Mimosa pudica sensitive form

Mimosa pudica Touchy Tina treated seeds

Mimosa pumila

Mimosa purpurea

Mimosa pyrenea

Mimosa quadrivalvis

Mimosa quitoense

Mimosa ramulosa

Mimosa regina

Mimosa rhododactyla

Mimosa rigida

Mimosa rosea

Mimosa rubicaulis

Mimosa rubiginosa

Mimosa rufescens

Mimosa saman

Mimosa saponaria

Mimosa scabrella

Mimosa schomburgkii

Mimosa scutifera

Mimosa semialata

Mimosa sensibilis

Mimosa sensitiva

Mimosa sepiaria

Mimosa sessilis

Mimosa setosa

Mimosa setosissima

Mimosa setuligera

Mimosa skinneri

Mimosa somnians

Mimosa sophorae

Mimosa sp

Mimosa speciosissima

Mimosa spegazzinii

Mimosa spinosa

Mimosa splendida

Mimosa spruceana

Mimosa stephaniana

Mimosa strigillosa

Mimosa strombulifera

Mimosa suma

Mimosa sundra

Mimosa tamarindifolia

Mimosa tenuiflora x

Mimosa tenuifolia

Mimosa tergemina

Mimosa thermarum

Mimosa tomentosa

Mimosa tortilis

Mimosa trapezifolia

Mimosa tricephala

Mimosa trichodes

Mimosa ulbrichiana

Mimosa ulei

Mimosa uliginosa

Mimosa umbellata

Mimosa umbellifera

Mimosa unguis-cati

Mimosa uraguensis

Mimosa ursina

Mimosa uruguayensis

Mimosa velloziana

Mimosa venatorum

Mimosa verecunda

Mimosa verrucosa

Mimosa vestita

Mimosa villosa

Mimosa virgata

Mimosa willdenowii

Mimosa xanthocentra

Mimosa xanti

Mimosa xylocarpa

If you did not find the "Mimosa" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

Perhaps you found "Mimosa" in a book, another catalogue or among personal communications
B and T World Seeds may be using a different spelling ( there are typos in our database - please tell Matthew if you find any ).

Try a more simple search. If you are looking for Capsicum frutescens Polo Pipiki try just Capsicum, for a broad search, or Pipiki for a narrow search.
Search and Shop also allows for searches with just bits of the name: cap iki Useful if you only have part of the name. Spaces are used as wildcards: Mimosa.

Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

Check google, to see whether "Mimosa" is the usual Botanical plant name
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