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Pinguicula alpina

Pinguicula grandiflora

Pinguicula leptoceras

Botanical Synonym results for "Pinguicula":

"Pinguicula caudata" - Pinguicula moranensis

"Pinguicula gigantea 'alba'xblu" - Pinguicula gigantea hybrid

"Pinguicula macrophylla" - Pinguicula moranensis

"Pinguicula vulg.ssp leptoceras" - Pinguicula leptoceras

All the "Pinguicula" from our database

including currently available Pinguicula, and Pinguicula for which we do not have a current source.

Pinguicula acuminata

Pinguicula Agarra Mosca Violeta

Pinguicula agnata scented flower

Pinguicula agnata ssp El Lobo Mexico

Pinguicula agnata x P cyclosecta

Pinguicula agnata x P emarginata

Pinguicula agnata x P gypsicola

Pinguicula agnata x P rectifolia

Pinguicula agnata x P sethos

Pinguicula alpina

Pinguicula alpina aff prov nr. Laubljana Slovenia

Pinguicula alpina Belianske Tatry Mts

Pinguicula alpina green plant prov. Belianske Slov

Pinguicula alpina prov. Carnia Mts. Italy

Pinguicula alpina prov. Chartreuse French Alps

Pinguicula alpina prov. Mijoux France

Pinguicula alpina prov. Monkova Dolina Slovakia

Pinguicula alpina prov. Mt Debela pec nw Slovenia

Pinguicula alpina prov. near Mijoux Jura Mts. Fran

Pinguicula alpina prov. Savoie French Alps

Pinguicula alpina prov. Slovakia

Pinguicula alpina prov. Vratna Slovakia

Pinguicula alpina prov. Zilina Slovakia

Pinguicula alpina reddish plant fl 1 yellow dot

Pinguicula alpina very big plants 10-15cm dia

Pinguicula bohemica prov. nr. Ceska Lipa Czech Rep

Pinguicula caerulea

Pinguicula caerulea light mid-blue prov. Golden Ac

Pinguicula caerulea medium blue prov. Golden Acres

Pinguicula caerulea Newport Wakulla Co

Pinguicula caerulea Okeefenokee Swamp

Pinguicula caerulea prov. Osceola Co Florida

Pinguicula caerulea prov. Palm Beach Co Florida

Pinguicula caerulea prov. SR 231 Union Co Florida

Pinguicula chilensis svs

Pinguicula corsica

Pinguicula corsica pale flower

Pinguicula corsica x P leptoceras

Pinguicula crystalina ssp hirtiflora Rossano

Pinguicula crystalina ssp hirtiflora Roya Valley

Pinguicula cyclosecta

Pinguicula dertosensis nr Betela 100km e Madrid

Pinguicula dertosensis Tortosa Spain

Pinguicula ehlersae clone ex Oxford Forest micro

Pinguicula ehlersae from very variable population

Pinguicula ehlersae stripped throat form

Pinguicula ehlersiae x P jaumavensis

Pinguicula elongata Andes

Pinguicula emarginata

Pinguicula emarginata mixture of colours and sizes

Pinguicula fiorii

Pinguicula fiorii A 1300m

Pinguicula fiorii B 800m

Pinguicula fiorii Italia

Pinguicula fiorii x P vulgaris inverse fl

Pinguicula gigantea hybrid

Pinguicula gigantea plants 20cm white fl

Pinguicula gracilis

Pinguicula grandiflora

Pinguicula grandiflora aff red-purple fls copper

Pinguicula grandiflora Belledonne French Alps

Pinguicula grandiflora Biescas

Pinguicula grandiflora Bourrette

Pinguicula grandiflora Col d Aubisque

Pinguicula grandiflora Eaux Bonnes

Pinguicula grandiflora fa pallida Les Molunes

Pinguicula grandiflora Gold Aubisque

Pinguicula grandiflora Hotel du Cirque Gavarnia

Pinguicula grandiflora Hotel Orbera

Pinguicula grandiflora Knocknafreyhan Killarney

Pinguicula grandiflora La Baladosa Andorra

Pinguicula grandiflora Lac de Fabreges

Pinguicula grandiflora Les Eaux-Chaurdens

Pinguicula grandiflora Mijoux Jura

Pinguicula grandiflora nr Eaux-Bonnes Pyrenees

Pinguicula grandiflora nr Lac de Fabreges Pyren

Pinguicula grandiflora Rosea

Pinguicula grandiflora Rosea Solieres Grenoble

Pinguicula grandiflora Savoie French Alps

Pinguicula grandiflora UK bog garden

Pinguicula grandiflora vulgaris and hybrid Kerry

Pinguicula grandiflora x P longifolia-longifolia

Pinguicula grandiflora x ssp pallida nr Mijoux Fr

Pinguicula gypsicola

Pinguicula hemiepiphytica

Pinguicula heterophylla

Pinguicula hirtiflora mix

Pinguicula hirtiflora Vjoses Kelcyre Albania

Pinguicula ionantha lt purple fl purple throat

Pinguicula ionantha mauve flower

Pinguicula ionantha purple fl purple throat

Pinguicula ionantha rose fl lt purple throat

Pinguicula ionantha Rt 65 n of Sumatra Fl

Pinguicula ionantha SR 67 n Carravelle Fl

Pinguicula ionantha white fl purple throat

Pinguicula ionantha white flower Franklin Co

Pinguicula jaumavensis

Pinguicula jaumavensis x aff

Pinguicula laueana

Pinguicula laueana cerise-purple

Pinguicula laueana crimson red flower

Pinguicula laueana mix of purple and cerise shades

Pinguicula leptoceras

Pinguicula leptoceras Franco-Italian border

Pinguicula leptoceras x P corsica

Pinguicula longifolia ssp caussensis Gorge duTarn

Pinguicula longifolia ssp longifolia

Pinguicula longifolia ssp longifolia C Pyrenees

Pinguicula longifolia ssp longifolia Gavarnia Fr

Pinguicula longifolia ssp longifolia Val de Ordes

Pinguicula longifolia ssp reichenbachiana Roya V.

Pinguicula longifolia ssp reichenbachiana Tende

Pinguicula lusitanica

Pinguicula lusitanica v large pl 4-5cm dia lilac

Pinguicula lusitanica very large plants Annagh

Pinguicula lusitanica very large plants Currah.

Pinguicula lusitanica White Moor New Forest UK

Pinguicula lutea Hudson Pasco Co Florida

Pinguicula lutea nr Tibbie Washington Co Al

Pinguicula lutea Rte 67 Franklin Co Florida

Pinguicula macroceras

Pinguicula macrophylla Mexico

Pinguicula moctezumae Rio Moctezuma Mexico

Pinguicula moctezumae x emarginata

Pinguicula moctezumae x rectifolia

Pinguicula moranensis

Pinguicula moranensis La Vuelta Mexico

Pinguicula moranensis Molango

Pinguicula moranensis Superba

Pinguicula mundi

Pinguicula mundi Nacimiento del Rio Mundo

Pinguicula nevadensis Pico de Veleta nr Granada

Pinguicula nevadensis Sierra Nevada Spain

Pinguicula pilosa x P agnata

Pinguicula pilosa x P moctezumae

Pinguicula planifolia Appalachicola Florida

Pinguicula planifolia Garcon Point s Bagdad Fl

Pinguicula planifolia light medium purple type

Pinguicula planifolia light pastel purple Frank

Pinguicula planifolia light purple fl Franklin

Pinguicula planifolia pale purple fl Franklin Co

Pinguicula planifolia Rt 65 n Sumatra Fl

Pinguicula poldinii Carnia Mts site A

Pinguicula poldinii Carnia Mts site B

Pinguicula poldinii Steiger and Casper

Pinguicula potosiensis

Pinguicula primuliflora Panhandle Fl

Pinguicula primuliflora small flower Black Riv

Pinguicula primulifolia Rt 65 n Sumatra Fl

Pinguicula pumila giant plant purple

Pinguicula pumila light purple purple throat Fl

Pinguicula pumila lilac flower

Pinguicula pumila lt purple purple throat Pasco

Pinguicula pumila mauve fl purple throat Shoa

Pinguicula pumila mauve yello throat red stripe

Pinguicula pumila medium purple fl Pascoe Co

Pinguicula pumila purple fl yellow throat Fl

Pinguicula pumila purple yellow throat Pascoe

Pinguicula pumila rose flower purple throat

Pinguicula pumila v lt pink yellow throat Monro

Pinguicula pumila white fl yellow throat

Pinguicula pumila white to light purple giant

Pinguicula pumila white yellow throat giant

Pinguicula pumila white yellow throat Liberty

Pinguicula rectifolia

Pinguicula rectifolia x (P.agnata x moctezumae)

Pinguicula rectifolia x P.moctezumae

Pinguicula rotundiflora

Pinguicula rotundiflora mixture of clones

Pinguicula rotundiflora x P.agnata

Pinguicula sharpii

Pinguicula sp Andorra

Pinguicula sp Cautina Dels Racovis Andorra

Pinguicula sp Ozolla Valley RE Italy

Pinguicula sp. green plant Toria

Pinguicula sp. green-red plant Toria

Pinguicula sp. nov. La Hoz de Beteta Spain

Pinguicula sp. Puerto Aires

Pinguicula sp. red plant Toria

Pinguicula sp. Toluca Temscal Tepec x P.agnata

Pinguicula sp. Weser

Pinguicula vallisnerifolia blue flower Rio de B

Pinguicula vallisnerifolia blue-white Rio Borb

Pinguicula vallisnerifolia pop no 1 Cazoria

Pinguicula vallisnerifolia pop no 2 Borosa

Pinguicula vallisnerifolia pop no 3 Cazoria

Pinguicula vallisneriifolia large pale flower

Pinguicula vallisneriifolia large pink flowers

Pinguicula vallisneriifolia Sierra Cazorla..

Pinguicula vallisneriifolia Sierra Segura

Pinguicula vulgaris

Pinguicula vulgaris and grandiflora and hybs Andor

Pinguicula vulgaris Andorra

Pinguicula vulgaris Belledonne French Alps

Pinguicula vulgaris Besenova Slovakia

Pinguicula vulgaris Bled Slovenia

Pinguicula vulgaris Bonneval s Arc Vanoise Fr

Pinguicula vulgaris Combe du Lac Jura France

Pinguicula vulgaris curved scape France

Pinguicula vulgaris f bicolor

Pinguicula vulgaris f bicolor Lake Joux Suisse

Pinguicula vulgaris f bicolor Turc kotlina n Slv

Pinguicula vulgaris fa bicolor Lac de Joux Jura

Pinguicula vulgaris France

Pinguicula vulgaris Hnilecka Jelsina

Pinguicula vulgaris inverse flower

Pinguicula vulgaris inverse flower x P florii

Pinguicula vulgaris Llyn Llanberis Pass Wales

Pinguicula vulgaris Monte Cusna Ligonchio Italy

Pinguicula vulgaris Morgins France

Pinguicula vulgaris nr Poprad Vernar N Slovakia

Pinguicula vulgaris nr Rabca Oravske Beskydy Mts

Pinguicula vulgaris nr Vernar Slovakia

Pinguicula vulgaris Ozola Valley Italy

Pinguicula vulgaris pale flower Morgins France

Pinguicula vulgaris Pavcov Studenec

Pinguicula vulgaris Puste Pole Slovensky Rav

Pinguicula vulgaris red leaves Freydieres Gren

Pinguicula vulgaris Rojkov N Slovakia

Pinguicula vulgaris scapes to 25cm Telgart

Pinguicula vulgaris Slovakia

Pinguicula vulgaris ssp leptoceras

Pinguicula vulgaris Switzerland

Pinguicula vulgaris x P grandiflora Andorra

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