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Calyptronoma plumeriana

Plumeria alba

Plumeria hybrid

Plumeria rubra

Botanical Synonym results for "Plumeria":

"Geonoma plumeriana" - Calyptronoma plumeriana

"Plumeria 'Willow's White'" - Plumeria Hausten White

"Plumeria acuminata" - Plumeria rubra

"Plumeria acutifolia white fl." - Plumeria rubra white form

"Plumeria barahonensis" - Plumeria obtusa

"Plumeria J L Giant Pink" - Plumeria Charlotte Ebert

"Plumeria jamaicensis" - Plumeria obtusa

"Plumeria lancifolia" - Himatanthus lancifolius

All the "Plumeria" from our database

including currently available Plumeria, and Plumeria for which we do not have a current source.

Bactris plumeriana

Calyptronoma plumeriana

Plumeria Abigail

Plumeria Adyar Pink

Plumeria alba

Plumeria alba and rubra mixed

Plumeria Angus no 3 Selection

Plumeria Apricot Beauty

Plumeria Apricot Splendor

Plumeria Aztec Gold

Plumeria bahamaensis

Plumeria Bali Whirl

Plumeria Big Yellow

Plumeria Canary

Plumeria Cancun Pink

Plumeria Candy Stripe

Plumeria Carmen

Plumeria Catherine B.

Plumeria Cerise

Plumeria Cerise Type

Plumeria Charlotte Ebert

Plumeria Cindy Moragne

Plumeria Cinnamark

Plumeria Courtade Pink

Plumeria Cozumel Yellow

Plumeria Cranberry

Plumeria Daisy Wilcox

Plumeria Dan Leidke

Plumeria Dean Conklin

Plumeria Donald Angus

Plumeria Doris Yvette

Plumeria Duke

Plumeria Dwarf Deciduous

Plumeria Dwarf Pink

Plumeria Elena

Plumeria Espinda Pink

Plumeria Fragrant Gold

Plumeria Golden Days

Plumeria Grove Farm

Plumeria Hausten White

Plumeria Hazel B.

Plumeria Heidi Gold

Plumeria Hilo Beauty

Plumeria hybrid

Plumeria hybs Select Mix

Plumeria India

Plumeria Intense Rainbow

Plumeria Irma Bryan

Plumeria J. L. Bridal White

Plumeria J. L. Dark Red

Plumeria J. L. Hawaiian Sunset

Plumeria J. L. Pink Pansy

Plumeria J. L. Starlight

Plumeria J. L. Trumpet

Plumeria Japanese Lantern

Plumeria Jean Moragne Jr.

Plumeria Julie Moragne

Plumeria Kaneohe Sunburst

Plumeria Katie Moragne

Plumeria Kauka Wilder

Plumeria Key West Elizabeth

Plumeria Key West Red

Plumeria Kimi Moragne

Plumeria Kimo

Plumeria King Kalakaua Miniature White

Plumeria Kona Hybrid

Plumeria La Jolla Sunset

Plumeria Laguna Pink

Plumeria lancifolia

Plumeria Lei Rainbow

Plumeria Loretta

Plumeria Lurline

Plumeria Madame Poni

Plumeria Madame Yvonne

Plumeria Madras Giant

Plumeria Marinos Rainbow

Plumeria Mary Moragne

Plumeria Maui Beauty

Plumeria Mele Matson

Plumeria Mele Pa Bowman

Plumeria Metairie Pink

Plumeria Miami Rose

Plumeria Moir

Plumeria Moliili Gold

Plumeria Moonlight

Plumeria Moragne no 23

Plumeria Moragne no 27

Plumeria Moragne no 9

Plumeria Moragne no 93

Plumeria Nebels Gold

Plumeria Nebels Rainbow

Plumeria New Hawaiian hybrids

Plumeria New Mixed Hybrids

Plumeria obtusa

Plumeria obtusa Fairchild

Plumeria obtusa Isabella

Plumeria obtusa Singapore White

Plumeria obtusa v. sericifolia

Plumeria Orange Cologne

Plumeria Orange Splendor

Plumeria Pauahi Alii

Plumeria Paul Weissich

Plumeria Penang Peach

Plumeria Petit Pink

Plumeria Pink 93

Plumeria Pink Perfection

Plumeria Pink Ruffles

Plumeria Pink Shell

Plumeria Pinwheel Rainbow

Plumeria Plastic Pink

Plumeria Pompano Pink

Plumeria pudica aff. Bridal Bouquet

Plumeria Puu Kahea

Plumeria Rainbow Starburst

Plumeria Red Shell

Plumeria Reddish Moragne

Plumeria Rose Cup

Plumeria rubra

Plumeria rubra apricot form

Plumeria rubra Celadine

Plumeria rubra red form

Plumeria rubra white form

Plumeria rubra yellow form

Plumeria Ruffles

Plumeria Sally Moragne

Plumeria Samoan Fluff

Plumeria San Pedro Dulac

Plumeria Santa Barbara Classic White

Plumeria Schmidt Red

Plumeria Scott Pratt

Plumeria sericifolia

Plumeria Sherman Polynesian White

Plumeria Sholi Goldstar

Plumeria Sholi Rainbow

Plumeria Sierra Madre

Plumeria Singapore Dwarf White

Plumeria Sondra B.

Plumeria spp mix

Plumeria Spring Festival

Plumeria Teresa Wilder

Plumeria Texas Sunshine

Plumeria Thornton Lemon

Plumeria Thornton Lilac

Plumeria Tillie Hughes

Plumeria Tina

Plumeria Tomlinson

Plumeria tricolor

Plumeria tuberculata

Plumeria University Cherry Pink

Plumeria White 93

Plumeria White Shell

Plumeria Yellow Jack

Plumeria Yellow Shell

If you did not find the "Plumeria" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

Perhaps you found "Plumeria" in a book, another catalogue or among personal communications
B and T World Seeds may be using a different spelling ( there are typos in our database - please tell Matthew if you find any ).

Try a more simple search. If you are looking for Capsicum frutescens Polo Pipiki try just Capsicum, for a broad search, or Pipiki for a narrow search.
Search and Shop also allows for searches with just bits of the name: cap iki Useful if you only have part of the name. Spaces are used as wildcards: Plumeria.

Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

Check google, to see whether "Plumeria" is the usual Botanical plant name
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You can add "Plumeria" to our Wants List, or try a different search:

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