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Cyperus papyrus

Pyrus betulifolia

Pyrus calleryana

Pyrus communis

Pyrus communis Bartlett

Pyrus communis stratified seed

Pyrus decora

Pyrus pyrifolia

Pyrus ussuriensis

Botanical Synonym results for "Pyrus":

"Cyperus papyrus Nanus" - Cyperus profiler

"Papyrus comosus" - Cyperus giganteus

"Phyllanthus leucopyrus" - Flueggea leucopyrus

"Pyrus alnifolia" - Sorbus alnifolia

"Pyrus americana" - Sorbus americana c.s.

"Pyrus americana" - Sorbus decora

"Pyrus americana ssp decora" - Pyrus decora

"Pyrus amygdaliformis var. cune" - Pyrus amygdaliformis

"Pyrus amygdaliformis var. sina" - Pyrus amygdaliformis

"Pyrus angustifolia" - Malus angustifolia

"Pyrus aria" - Sorbus aria c.s.

"Pyrus aria subsp. rupicola" - Sorbus aria c.s.

"Pyrus aria var. cretica" - Sorbus umbellata

"Pyrus aromatica" - Pyrus hondoensis

"Pyrus asiae-mediae" - Pyrus communis

"Pyrus aucuparia" - Sorbus aucuparia c.s.

"Pyrus aucuparia var. dulcis" - Sorbus aucuparia c.s.

"Pyrus aucuparia var. randaiens" - Sorbus randaiensis

"Pyrus baccata var. mandshurica" - Malus mandshurica

"Pyrus balansae" - Pyrus communis

"Pyrus bourgaeana" - Pyrus communis

"Pyrus calleryana f. graciliflo" - Pyrus calleryana

"Pyrus calleryana f. tomentella" - Pyrus calleryana

"Pyrus calleryana var. dimorpho" - Pyrus dimorphophylla

"Pyrus calleryana var. fauriei" - Pyrus fauriei

"Pyrus calleryana var. koehnei" - Pyrus koehnei

"Pyrus chamaemespilus" - Sorbus chamaemespilus d.b.

"Pyrus communis subsp. bourgaea" - Pyrus communis

"Pyrus communis subsp. gharbian" - Pyrus gharbiana

"Pyrus communis subsp. marmoren" - Pyrus mamorensis

"Pyrus communis var. cordata" - Pyrus cordata

"Pyrus communis var. mariana" - Pyrus communis

"Pyrus coronaria" - Malus coronaria c.s.

"Pyrus cuneifolia" - Pyrus amygdaliformis

"Pyrus cydonia" - Cydonia oblonga svs

"Pyrus decipiens" - Sorbus latifolia hort.

"Pyrus delavayi" - Docynia delavayi

"Pyrus discolor" - Sorbus discolor

"Pyrus diversifolia" - Malus fusca

"Pyrus domestica" - Pyrus communis

"Pyrus doumeri" - Malus doumeri

"Pyrus elata" - Pyrus communis

"Pyrus floribunda" - Malus floribunda

"Pyrus folgneri" - Sorbus folgneri

"Pyrus foliolosa" - Sorbus foliolosa

"Pyrus fusca" - Malus fusca

"Pyrus germanica" - Mespilus germanica vsvs

"Pyrus gracilis" - Sorbus gracilis

"Pyrus harrowiana" - Sorbus insignis

"Pyrus heterophylla" - Pyrus regelii

"Pyrus hupehensis" - Malus hupehensis

"Pyrus indica" - Docynia indica

"Pyrus insignis" - Sorbus insignis

"Pyrus intermedia" - Sorbus intermedia

"Pyrus japonica" - Chaenomeles japonica svs

"Pyrus kansuensis" - Malus kansuensis

"Pyrus kawakamii" - Pyrus calleryana

"Pyrus keissleri" - Sorbus keissleri

"Pyrus kumaoni" - Pyrus pashia

"Pyrus lanata" - Sorbus lanata

"Pyrus lindleyi" - Pyrus ussuriensis

"Pyrus lobata" - Docynia indica

"Pyrus longipes" - Pyrus cossonii

"Pyrus malus" - Malus sylvestris

"Pyrus malus var. astracanica" - Malus sylvestris

"Pyrus malus var. paradisiaca" - Malus pumila

"Pyrus matsumurana" - Sorbus matsumurana

"Pyrus maulei" - Chaenomeles japonica svs

"Pyrus medvedevii" - Pyrus communis

"Pyrus melliana" - Malus melliana

"Pyrus microphylla" - Sorbus microphylla

"Pyrus minima" - Sorbus minima

"Pyrus nebrodensis" - Cotoneaster nebrodensis

"Pyrus niedzwetzkyana" - Malus pumila

"Pyrus nivalis var. orientalis" - Pyrus nivalis

"Pyrus nussia" - Photinia nussia

"Pyrus oblongifolia" - Pyrus amygdaliformis

"Pyrus ovoidea" - Pyrus ussuriensis

"Pyrus paniculata" - Symplocos sawafutagi

"Pyrus pashia var. kumaoni" - Pyrus pashia

"Pyrus pekinensis" - Sorbus discolor

"Pyrus persica" - Pyrus amygdaliformis

"Pyrus pinnatifida" - Sorbus hybrida

"Pyrus pohuashanensis" - Sorbus pohuashanensis

"Pyrus prunifolia" - Malus prunifolia

"Pyrus pyraster" - Pyrus communis

"Pyrus pyrifolia f. stapfiana" - Pyrus pyrifolia

"Pyrus rivularis" - Malus fusca

"Pyrus rotundifolia" - Sorbus latifolia hort.

"Pyrus rufifolia" - Docynia indica

"Pyrus salviifolia" - Pyrus nivalis

"Pyrus sambucifolia" - Sorbus sambucifolia

"Pyrus sanguinea" - Amelanchier sanguinea

"Pyrus sargentii" - Malus sargentii (name unresolved)

"Pyrus scabrifolia" - Crataegus scabrifolia

"Pyrus scalaris" - Sorbus scalaris

"Pyrus serotina" - Pyrus pyrifolia

"Pyrus serotina var. stapfiana" - Pyrus pyrifolia

"Pyrus setschwanensis" - Sorbus microphylla

"Pyrus sikkimensis" - Malus sikkimensis

"Pyrus simonii" - Pyrus ussuriensis

"Pyrus sinai" - Pyrus amygdaliformis

"Pyrus sinaica" - Pyrus amygdaliformis

"Pyrus sinensis" - Pyrus ussuriensis

"Pyrus spinosa" - Pyrus amygdaliformis

"Pyrus spinosa var. oblongifoli" - Pyrus amygdaliformis

"Pyrus sudetica" - Sorbus sudetica

"Pyrus torminalis" - Sorbus torminalis

"Pyrus trilobata" - Malus trilobata

"Pyrus tschonoskii" - Malus tschonoskii

"Pyrus turkestanica" - Sorbus turkestanica

"Pyrus ussuriensis var. hondoen" - Pyrus hondoensis

"Pyrus ussuriensis var. ovoidea" - Pyrus ussuriensis

"Pyrus variolosa" - Pyrus pashia

"Pyrus verruculosa" - Pyrus pashia

"Pyrus vilmorinii" - Sorbus vilmorinii

"Pyrus wilhelmii" - Pyrus pashia

"Pyrus yunnanensis" - Malus yunnanensis

"Pyrus zahlbruckneri" - Sorbus zahlbruckneri

"Pyrus zumi" - Malus zumi

"Securinega leucopyrus" - Flueggea leucopyrus

All the "Pyrus" from our database

including currently available Pyrus, and Pyrus for which we do not have a current source.

Cyperus papyrus

Flueggea leucopyrus

Papyrus comosus

Phyllanthus leucopyrus

Pyrus alpina

Pyrus amygdaliformis

Pyrus amygdaliformis v. cuneifolia

Pyrus arbutifolia

Pyrus aromatica

Pyrus baccata

Pyrus betulifolia

Pyrus boissieriana

Pyrus bollwylleriana

Pyrus bourgaeana

Pyrus bretschneideri

Pyrus bucharica

Pyrus calleryana

Pyrus calleryana Aristocrat

Pyrus calleryana prov. USA

Pyrus canescens x

Pyrus cathayensis

Pyrus caucasica

Pyrus communis

Pyrus communis Bartlett

Pyrus communis Beech Hill

Pyrus communis Kirchensaler

Pyrus communis northern prov USA

Pyrus communis stratified seed

Pyrus communis Winter Nelis

Pyrus complexa

Pyrus cordata

Pyrus cossonii

Pyrus crataegifolia

Pyrus decora

Pyrus decurrens

Pyrus delavayi

Pyrus dimorphophylla

Pyrus diversifolia

Pyrus doumeri

Pyrus elaeagrifolia

Pyrus eleagrifolia Pall

Pyrus eleyi

Pyrus fauriei

Pyrus folgneri

Pyrus foliolosa

Pyrus fusca

Pyrus georgica Kunt

Pyrus gharbiana

Pyrus glabra

Pyrus gracilis

Pyrus harrowiana

Pyrus heterophylla

Pyrus hondoensis

Pyrus hostii

Pyrus hybrid

Pyrus hybrida

Pyrus hyrcana

Pyrus indica

Pyrus insignis

Pyrus ioensis

Pyrus irregularis

Pyrus kansuensis

Pyrus keissleri

Pyrus koehnei

Pyrus korshinskyi

Pyrus kotschyana

Pyrus lanata

Pyrus lanuginosa

Pyrus lecontei

Pyrus lemoinei

Pyrus lobata

Pyrus malifolia

Pyrus mamorensis

Pyrus matsumurana

Pyrus melanocarpa

Pyrus michauxii

Pyrus microphylla

Pyrus minima

Pyrus nebrodensis

Pyrus niedzwetzkyana

Pyrus nigra

Pyrus nivalis

Pyrus nussia

Pyrus pashia

Pyrus phaeocarpa

Pyrus pollveria

Pyrus pollvilla

Pyrus pollwilleriana

Pyrus praecox

Pyrus prattii

Pyrus pseudopashia

Pyrus pyraster

Pyrus pyrifolia

Pyrus regelii

Pyrus ringo

Pyrus rivularis

Pyrus rufifolia

Pyrus salicifolia

Pyrus salicifolia Pendula

Pyrus sambucifolia

Pyrus sanguinea

Pyrus sargentii

Pyrus scalaris

Pyrus scheideckeri

Pyrus serrulata Rehd.

Pyrus setschwanensis

Pyrus sieboldii

Pyrus sikkimensis

Pyrus sorbifolia

Pyrus sorbus

Pyrus soulardii

Pyrus spectabilis

Pyrus spuria

Pyrus sudetica

Pyrus syriaca

Pyrus taiwanensis

Pyrus tomentosa

Pyrus toringo

Pyrus trilobata

Pyrus tschonoskii

Pyrus turcomanica

Pyrus turkestanica

Pyrus ussuriensis

Pyrus ussuriensis prov. USA

Pyrus uyematsuana

Pyrus vestita

Pyrus xerophila

Pyrus yunnanensis

Pyrus zahlbruckneri

Pyrus zumi

Securinega leucopyrus

Sorbopyrus auricularis

Sorbopyrus malifolia

Ziziphus xylopyrus

If you did not find the "Pyrus" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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B and T World Seeds may be using a different spelling ( there are typos in our database - please tell Matthew if you find any ).

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

Check google, to see whether "Pyrus" is the usual Botanical plant name
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