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Rhynchosia adenodes

Rhynchosia hirta

Rhynchosia totta

Botanical Synonym results for "Rhynchosia":

"Rhynchosia acutifolia" - Cajanus acutifolius

"Rhynchosia borianii" - Pseudoeriosema borianii

"Rhynchosia cajanoides" - Eriosema psoraleoides aff.

"Rhynchosia calycina" - Rhynchosia pycnostachya

"Rhynchosia dinteri" - Rhynchosia namaensis

"Rhynchosia effusa" - Rhynchosia adenodes

"Rhynchosia elegantissima" - Rhynchosia totta

"Rhynchosia flavissima" - Rhynchosia malacophylla

"Rhynchosia glomerata" - Eriosema glomeratum

"Rhynchosia hagenbeckii" - Rhynchosia balansae

"Rhynchosia jacottetii" - Rhynchosia reptabunda

"Rhynchosia lucida" - Strongylodon lucidus

"Rhynchosia memnonia" - Rhynchosia minima

"Rhynchosia pitcheria" - Rhynchosia cytisoides

"Rhynchosia polystachya" - Eriosema jurionianum

"Rhynchosia sennaarensis" - Rhynchosia malacophylla

All the "Rhynchosia" from our database

including currently available Rhynchosia, and Rhynchosia for which we do not have a current source.

Rhynchosia acutifolia

Rhynchosia adenodes

Rhynchosia albissima

Rhynchosia americana

Rhynchosia angulosa

Rhynchosia aurea

Rhynchosia australis

Rhynchosia balansae

Rhynchosia borianii

Rhynchosia brunnea

Rhynchosia buchananii

Rhynchosia burkartii

Rhynchosia cajanoides

Rhynchosia calycina

Rhynchosia candida

Rhynchosia candollei

Rhynchosia capensis

Rhynchosia capitata

Rhynchosia caribaea

Rhynchosia chrysadenia

Rhynchosia ciliata

Rhynchosia clivorum

Rhynchosia confusa

Rhynchosia cooperi

Rhynchosia corylifolia

Rhynchosia cunninghamii

Rhynchosia cytisoides

Rhynchosia densiflora

Rhynchosia dinteri

Rhynchosia discolor

Rhynchosia divaricata

Rhynchosia diversifolia

Rhynchosia edulis

Rhynchosia effusa

Rhynchosia elegantissima

Rhynchosia erecta

Rhynchosia flavissima

Rhynchosia fleckii

Rhynchosia glomerata

Rhynchosia goetzei

Rhynchosia hagenbeckii

Rhynchosia harveyi

Rhynchosia himalensis

Rhynchosia hirsuta

Rhynchosia hirta

Rhynchosia hockii

Rhynchosia holosericea

Rhynchosia holstii

Rhynchosia hosei

Rhynchosia insignis

Rhynchosia jacottetii

Rhynchosia kilimandscharica

Rhynchosia komatiensis

Rhynchosia lineata

Rhynchosia longiracemosa

Rhynchosia luteola

Rhynchosia malacophylla

Rhynchosia mannii

Rhynchosia micrantha

Rhynchosia minima

Rhynchosia minima v prostrata

Rhynchosia mollissima

Rhynchosia monophylla

Rhynchosia namaensis

Rhynchosia nervosa

Rhynchosia nitens

Rhynchosia nuda

Rhynchosia nyasica

Rhynchosia oblatifoliata

Rhynchosia parviflora

Rhynchosia pentheri

Rhynchosia phaseoloides

Rhynchosia pitcheria

Rhynchosia polystachya

Rhynchosia precatoria

Rhynchosia procurrens

Rhynchosia pseudocajan

Rhynchosia pulverulenta

Rhynchosia pycnostachya

Rhynchosia pyramidalis

Rhynchosia reniformis

Rhynchosia reptabunda

Rhynchosia resinosa

Rhynchosia reticulata

Rhynchosia rhombifolia

Rhynchosia rothii

Rhynchosia rufescens

Rhynchosia schimperi

Rhynchosia senna

Rhynchosia sennaarensis

Rhynchosia sordida

Rhynchosia sp.

Rhynchosia stipata

Rhynchosia suaveolens

Rhynchosia sublobata

Rhynchosia swartzii

Rhynchosia swynnertonii

Rhynchosia texana

Rhynchosia thorncroftii

Rhynchosia tomentosa

Rhynchosia totta

Rhynchosia tricuspidata

Rhynchosia usambarensis

Rhynchosia velutina

Rhynchosia venulosa

Rhynchosia verdcourtii

Rhynchosia villosa

Rhynchosia violacea

Rhynchosia viscosa

Rhynchosia volubilis

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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