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Setaria italica Max

Setaria italica v. macrochaeta

Setaria macrochaeta

Setaria macrostachya Will Scarlet

Setaria megaphylla

Setaria pumila

Setaria sphacelata

Setaria viridis

Setaria viridis Caramel

Botanical Synonym results for "Setaria":

"Cymbosetaria sagittifolia" - Setaria sagittifolia

"Setaria argentina" - Setaria lachnea

"Setaria chevalieri" - Setaria megaphylla

"Setaria geminata var. geminata" - Setaria geminata

"Setaria geniculata" - Setaria parviflora

"Setaria gerrardii" - Setaria incrassata

"Setaria glauca" - Setaria pumila

"Setaria glauca" - Pennisetum glaucum

"Setaria gracilis" - Setaria parviflora

"Setaria holstii" - Setaria incrassata

"Setaria impressa" - Setaria tenax

"Setaria kuntzeana" - Setaria mendocina

"Setaria leiantha" - Setaria lachnea

"Setaria lutescens" - Pennisetum glaucum

"Setaria macrostachya" - Setaria leucopila

"Setaria onurus" - Setaria setosa

"Setaria perberbis" - Setaria incrassata

"Setaria phanerococca" - Setaria incrassata

"Setaria plicatilis" - Setaria megaphylla

"Setaria rariflora" - Setaria setosa

"Setaria sulcata" - Setaria paniculifera

"Setaria tomentosa" - Setaria intermedia

"Setaria vaginata" - Setaria setosa

"Setaria woodii" - Setaria incrassata

All the "Setaria" from our database

including currently available Setaria, and Setaria for which we do not have a current source.

Cymbosetaria sagittifolia

Setaria adhaerens

Setaria almaspicata

Setaria ambigua

Setaria anceps

Setaria anceps Kazungula

Setaria anceps Narok

Setaria appendiculata

Setaria argentina

Setaria aurea

Setaria australiensis

Setaria barbata

Setaria biflora

Setaria brigalow

Setaria caespitosa

Setaria chapmanii

Setaria chevalieri

Setaria chondrachne

Setaria distans

Setaria faberi

Setaria fiebrigii

Setaria finita

Setaria flabellata

Setaria flavida

Setaria geminata

Setaria geniculata

Setaria gerrardii

Setaria globoidea

Setaria globulifera

Setaria gracilis

Setaria grisebachii

Setaria holstii

Setaria hybrid

Setaria impressa

Setaria incrassata

Setaria intermedia

Setaria italica

Setaria italica Hairy

Setaria italica Hells Canyon

Setaria italica Hylander

Setaria italica Lime Light

Setaria italica Lowlander

Setaria italica Max

Setaria italica Polydactyla

Setaria italica Red Jewel

Setaria italica v. macrochaeta

Setaria italica White Wonder

Setaria jubiflora

Setaria kagerensis

Setaria kuntzeana

Setaria lachnea

Setaria leiantha

Setaria leucopila

Setaria lindenbergiana

Setaria longiseta

Setaria macrochaeta

Setaria macrostachya

Setaria macrostachya Will Scarlet

Setaria magna

Setaria megaphylla

Setaria mendocina

Setaria neglecta

Setaria nigrirostris

Setaria onurus

Setaria pachystachys

Setaria pallida

Setaria pallidefusca

Setaria palmifolia

Setaria paniculifera

Setaria parviflora

Setaria perberbis

Setaria perennis

Setaria phanerococca

Setaria phragmitoides

Setaria plicata

Setaria poiretiana

Setaria polyphylla

Setaria pseudaristata

Setaria pumila

Setaria queenslandica

Setaria rara

Setaria rariflora

Setaria reverchonii

Setaria sagittifolia

Setaria scabrifolia

Setaria scheelei

Setaria setosa

Setaria spartellum

Setaria sphacelata

Setaria splendida

Setaria sulcata

Setaria tenax

Setaria tenuiseta

Setaria tomentosa

Setaria trinervia

Setaria vaginata

Setaria verticillata

Setaria verticilliformis

Setaria viridis

Setaria viridis Caramel

Setaria welwitschii

Setaria woodii

If you did not find the "Setaria" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

Perhaps you found "Setaria" in a book, another catalogue or among personal communications
B and T World Seeds may be using a different spelling ( there are typos in our database - please tell Matthew if you find any ).

Try a more simple search. If you are looking for Capsicum frutescens Polo Pipiki try just Capsicum, for a broad search, or Pipiki for a narrow search.
Search and Shop also allows for searches with just bits of the name: cap iki Useful if you only have part of the name. Spaces are used as wildcards: Setaria.

Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

Check google, to see whether "Setaria" is the usual Botanical plant name
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