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Tephrosia candida

Tephrosia eriocarpa

Tephrosia grandiflora

Tephrosia polystachya aff

Tephrosia pondoensis

Tephrosia rosea

Botanical Synonym results for "Tephrosia":

"Tephrosia brevipes" - Tephrosia sessiliflora

"Tephrosia cathartica" - Tephrosia senna

"Tephrosia constricta" - Sphinctospermum constrictum

"Tephrosia contorta" - Ptycholobium contortum

"Tephrosia dichotoma" - Tephrosia pumila

"Tephrosia diffusa" - Tephrosia macropoda

"Tephrosia discolor" - Tephrosia linearis

"Tephrosia elata subsp. elata" - Tephrosia heckmanniana

"Tephrosia elata subsp. heckman" - Tephrosia heckmanniana

"Tephrosia eriosemoides" - Tephrosia paniculata

"Tephrosia linearis subsp. disc" - Tephrosia linearis

"Tephrosia orientalis" - Tephrosia hildebrandtii

"Tephrosia oroboides" - Lotus oroboides

"Tephrosia pauciflora" - Tephrosia subtriflora

"Tephrosia piscatoria" - Tephrosia purpurea

"Tephrosia plicata" - Ptycholobium plicatum

"Tephrosia pseudosphaerosperma" - Requienia pseudosphaerosperma

"Tephrosia pubescens" - Cajanus pubescens

"Tephrosia rigida" - Tephrosia heckmanniana

"Tephrosia rufescens" - Tephrosia adunca

"Tephrosia spathacea" - Tephrosia shiluwanensis

"Tephrosia sphaerosperma" - Requienia sphaerosperma

"Tephrosia suberosa" - Mundulea sericea grey lvd. form

"Tephrosia tenella" - Tephrosia vicioides

"Tephrosia toxicaria" - Tephrosia sinapou

All the "Tephrosia" from our database

including currently available Tephrosia, and Tephrosia for which we do not have a current source.

Rhizobium inoculant for tephrosia

Tephrosia acaciifolia

Tephrosia adunca

Tephrosia aemula

Tephrosia aequilata

Tephrosia ambigua

Tephrosia angustissima

Tephrosia apollina

Tephrosia argentea

Tephrosia baurei

Tephrosia bidwillii

Tephrosia biflora

Tephrosia brachyodon

Tephrosia bracteolata

Tephrosia brandegei

Tephrosia brevipes

Tephrosia burchellii

Tephrosia candida

Tephrosia canescens

Tephrosia capensis

Tephrosia cephalantha

Tephrosia chimanimaniana

Tephrosia cinerea

Tephrosia cloncurrensis

Tephrosia constricta

Tephrosia contorta

Tephrosia corallicola

Tephrosia cordata

Tephrosia coronilloides

Tephrosia crassifolia

Tephrosia cuneata

Tephrosia dasyphylla

Tephrosia decora

Tephrosia delagoensis

Tephrosia dichotoma

Tephrosia dietrichii

Tephrosia diffusa

Tephrosia discolor

Tephrosia dregeana

Tephrosia ehrenbergiana

Tephrosia elata

Tephrosia elegans

Tephrosia elongata

Tephrosia emeroides

Tephrosia eriocarpa

Tephrosia eriosemoides

Tephrosia euchroa

Tephrosia euprepes

Tephrosia falciformis

Tephrosia festina

Tephrosia filipes

Tephrosia flagellaris

Tephrosia flammea

Tephrosia flexuosa

Tephrosia florida

Tephrosia forbesii

Tephrosia glomeruliflora

Tephrosia grandibracteata

Tephrosia grandiflora

Tephrosia heckmanniana

Tephrosia hildebrandtii

Tephrosia hirta

Tephrosia hispidula

Tephrosia holstii

Tephrosia hookeriana

Tephrosia inandensis

Tephrosia incana

Tephrosia incarnata

Tephrosia interrupta

Tephrosia juncea

Tephrosia leiocarpa

Tephrosia lepida

Tephrosia leptostachya

Tephrosia lindheimeri

Tephrosia linearis

Tephrosia littoralis

Tephrosia longipes

Tephrosia lupinifolia

Tephrosia lurida

Tephrosia macropoda

Tephrosia maxima

Tephrosia micrantha

Tephrosia mildbraedii

Tephrosia montana

Tephrosia multijuga

Tephrosia nana

Tephrosia natalensis

Tephrosia nitens

Tephrosia noctiflora

Tephrosia nubica

Tephrosia nyikensis

Tephrosia obovata

Tephrosia onobrychoides

Tephrosia orientalis

Tephrosia oroboides

Tephrosia oxygona

Tephrosia pallens

Tephrosia paniculata

Tephrosia paradoxa

Tephrosia pauciflora

Tephrosia pedicellata

Tephrosia plicata

Tephrosia polystachya aff

Tephrosia polystachyoides

Tephrosia pondoensis

Tephrosia praecana

Tephrosia pseudocapitata

Tephrosia pseudosphaerosperma

Tephrosia pubescens

Tephrosia pumila

Tephrosia purpurea

Tephrosia radicans

Tephrosia reptans

Tephrosia rhodesiaca

Tephrosia rhodesica

Tephrosia richardsiae

Tephrosia rigida

Tephrosia rosea

Tephrosia rufescens

Tephrosia rufula

Tephrosia rupicola

Tephrosia semiglabra

Tephrosia senna

Tephrosia sessiliflora

Tephrosia shiluwanensis

Tephrosia sinapou

Tephrosia sp. unident. South Africa

Tephrosia sparsiflora

Tephrosia spathacea

Tephrosia sphaerosperma

Tephrosia sphaerospora

Tephrosia spicata

Tephrosia spinosa

Tephrosia spp. nov. mix

Tephrosia stormsii

Tephrosia stricta

Tephrosia strigosa

Tephrosia subtriflora

Tephrosia subulata

Tephrosia supina

Tephrosia swynnertonii

Tephrosia tenella

Tephrosia tenuis

Tephrosia thurberi

Tephrosia tinctoria

Tephrosia toxicaria

Tephrosia tzaneenensis

Tephrosia uniflora

Tephrosia uniovulata

Tephrosia vestita

Tephrosia vicioides

Tephrosia villosa

Tephrosia violacea

Tephrosia virgata

Tephrosia virginiana

Tephrosia vogelii

Tephrosia wallichii

Tephrosia zombensis

Tephrosia zoutpansbergensis

If you did not find the "Tephrosia" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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