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Tillandsia balbisiana

Tillandsia bulbosa

Tillandsia complanata

Tillandsia fasciculata

Tillandsia fendleri

Tillandsia flexuosa

Tillandsia incarnata

Tillandsia juncea

Tillandsia pectinata

Tillandsia utriculata

Botanical Synonym results for "Tillandsia":

"Tillandsia acaulis" - Cryptanthus acaulis

"Tillandsia aloifolia" - Tillandsia flexuosa

"Tillandsia amoena" - Billbergia amoena

"Tillandsia baileyana" - Tillandsia baileyi

"Tillandsia cactifolia" - Tillandsia cacticola

"Tillandsia caespitosa" - Tillandsia multicaulis

"Tillandsia chlorantha" - Deuterocohnia brevifolia

"Tillandsia circinnata" - Tillandsia paucifolia

"Tillandsia dianthoidea" - Tillandsia aeranthos

"Tillandsia dielsii" - Racinaea dielsii

"Tillandsia distachia" - Billbergia distachia

"Tillandsia ensiformis" - Vriesea ensiformis

"Tillandsia erubescens" - Tillandsia ionantha

"Tillandsia lindeniana" - Tillandsia lindenii

"Tillandsia lindeniana x cyanae" - Tillandsia Emilie

"Tillandsia lingulata" - Guzmania lingulata

"Tillandsia morreniana" - Tillandsia cyanea

"Tillandsia musaica" - Guzmania musaica

"Tillandsia pallidoflavens" - Racinaea pallidoflavens

"Tillandsia pendulispica" - Racinaea pendulispica

"Tillandsia psittacina" - Vriesea psittacina

"Tillandsia pulchella" - Tillandsia tenuifolia

"Tillandsia regina" - Vriesea regina

"Tillandsia splendens" - Vriesea splendens

"Tillandsia tessellata" - Vriesea gigantea

"Tillandsia triticea" - Tillandsia spiculosa v ustulata (triticea)

"Tillandsia undulifolia" - Racinaea undulifolia

"Tillandsia valenzuelana" - Tillandsia variabilis

"Tillandsia variegata" - Tillandsia butzii

"Tillandsia vestita" - Tillandsia schiedeana

All the "Tillandsia" from our database

including currently available Tillandsia, and Tillandsia for which we do not have a current source.

Tillandsia aeranthos

Tillandsia aeris-incola

Tillandsia aloifolia

Tillandsia anceps

Tillandsia araujea

Tillandsia argentea

Tillandsia baileyi

Tillandsia balbisiana

Tillandsia bandensis

Tillandsia bergeri

Tillandsia brachycaulos

Tillandsia bulbosa

Tillandsia butzii

Tillandsia cacticola

Tillandsia candida

Tillandsia capillaris

Tillandsia capitata v rubra

Tillandsia caput-medusae

Tillandsia caulescens

Tillandsia chlorantha

Tillandsia circinnata

Tillandsia complanata

Tillandsia crispa

Tillandsia crocata

Tillandsia cyanea

Tillandsia cyanea Arborea

Tillandsia decomposita

Tillandsia decomposita v nova

Tillandsia diaguitensis

Tillandsia dielsii

Tillandsia donatoi

Tillandsia dura

Tillandsia duratii

Tillandsia eltoniana

Tillandsia Emilie

Tillandsia fasciculata

Tillandsia fasciculata v. tricolor

Tillandsia fendleri

Tillandsia festucoides

Tillandsia filifolia

Tillandsia flabellata

Tillandsia flabellata v. maxima

Tillandsia flexuosa

Tillandsia fraseri

Tillandsia friesii

Tillandsia funckiana

Tillandsia gardneri

Tillandsia geissei

Tillandsia geminiflora

Tillandsia geminiflora v. geminiflora

Tillandsia geminiflora v. gigantea

Tillandsia geminiflora v. incana

Tillandsia globosa

Tillandsia globosa v. crinita

Tillandsia grabneri

Tillandsia hamaleana

Tillandsia harrisii

Tillandsia incarnata

Tillandsia ionantha

Tillandsia ionantha Chestnut

Tillandsia ionantha v. scaposa

Tillandsia ixioides v. occidentalis

Tillandsia juncea

Tillandsia kammii

Tillandsia karwinskyana

Tillandsia kautskyi

Tillandsia lampropoda

Tillandsia latifolia

Tillandsia leiboldiana

Tillandsia leiboldiana v guttata

Tillandsia leonaniana

Tillandsia lepisosepala

Tillandsia lindenii

Tillandsia linearis

Tillandsia loliacea

Tillandsia lorentziana

Tillandsia magnusiana

Tillandsia mallemontii

Tillandsia mauryana

Tillandsia meridionalis

Tillandsia montana

Tillandsia multicaulis

Tillandsia myosura

Tillandsia ortgiesiana

Tillandsia pallidoflavens

Tillandsia paraensis

Tillandsia paucifolia

Tillandsia pectinata

Tillandsia pernambucensis

Tillandsia pohliana

Tillandsia polystachia

Tillandsia prodigiosa

Tillandsia Professor Rau

Tillandsia pruinosa

Tillandsia pulchella

Tillandsia pulchella v vaginata

Tillandsia punctulata

Tillandsia recurvata

Tillandsia regnellii

Tillandsia remota

Tillandsia Rosita

Tillandsia rubida

Tillandsia schiedeana

Tillandsia schiedeana v minor

Tillandsia schreiteri

Tillandsia seideliana

Tillandsia seleriana

Tillandsia setacea

Tillandsia simulata

Tillandsia Spec.M.T.

Tillandsia Spec.S.F.A.

Tillandsia spiculosa

Tillandsia spiculosa v ustulata (triticea)

Tillandsia sprengeliana

Tillandsia streptocarpa

Tillandsia streptocarpa v bahiana

Tillandsia streptophylla

Tillandsia stricta

Tillandsia sucrei

Tillandsia tenuifolia

Tillandsia tenuifolia v tenuifolia

Tillandsia tenuifolia v vaginata

Tillandsia tenuifolia v violacea

Tillandsia tricholepis

Tillandsia tricholepis v gigantea

Tillandsia tricolor

Tillandsia tricolor v melanocrator

Tillandsia unca

Tillandsia undulifolia

Tillandsia usneoides

Tillandsia usneoides v tiliforme

Tillandsia usneoides v viridiflora

Tillandsia utricularia

Tillandsia utriculata

Tillandsia variabilis

Tillandsia vernicosa

Tillandsia vestita

Tillandsia viridiflora

Tillandsia xerographica

Tillandsia xiphioides

If you did not find the "Tillandsia" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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B and T World Seeds may be using a different spelling ( there are typos in our database - please tell Matthew if you find any ).

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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