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Vriesea geniculata

Vriesea sanguinolenta

Vriesea sanguinolenta Rubra

Botanical Synonym results for "Vriesea":

"Vriesea bariletti x 'Morrenia'" - Vriesea Rex

"Vriesea carinata x incurvata" - Vriesea Mariae

"Vriesea ororiensis" - Werauhia ororiensis

"Vriesea psittacina x carinata" - Vriesea Morreniana

"Vriesea psittacina x scalaris" - Vriesea retroflexa

"Vriesea splendens x 'Flammen.'" - Vriesea Flammenschwert

"Vriesea tesselata" - Vriesea gigantea

"Vriesea tessellata" - Vriesea gigantea

"Vriesea tonduziana" - Werauhia tonduziana

All the "Vriesea" from our database

including currently available Vriesea, and Vriesea for which we do not have a current source.

Magnolia vrieseana

Talauma vrieseana

Vriesea altodaserra

Vriesea amazonica

Vriesea atra

Vriesea barclayana

Vriesea barilletii

Vriesea biguassuensis

Vriesea bitumiformis

Vriesea bituminosa

Vriesea bleheri

Vriesea botafogensis

Vriesea brassicoides

Vriesea Brentwood

Vriesea brusquensis

Vriesea carinata

Vriesea chrysostachia

Vriesea chrysostachya v chrysostachya

Vriesea corcovadensis

Vriesea declinata

Vriesea delicatula

Vriesea drepanocarpa

Vriesea duvaliana

Vriesea Eico

Vriesea Elan

Vriesea ensiformis

Vriesea ensiformis v. ensiformis

Vriesea ensiformis v. striata

Vriesea ensiformis x incurvata

Vriesea ensiformis x phillipocoburgii

Vriesea erythrodactylon

Vriesea erythrodactylon v. striata

Vriesea Fascination

Vriesea Favorite

Vriesea fenestralis

Vriesea fenestralis x racinae

Vriesea flammea

Vriesea Flammenschwert

Vriesea fluminensis

Vriesea fosteriana

Vriesea fosteriana v. seideliana

Vriesea fosteriana v. seideliana pallida

Vriesea fosteriana v. seideliana rubra

Vriesea fosteriana x platynema

Vriesea friburgensii

Vriesea friburgensis v. paludosa

Vriesea fulgida

Vriesea Gemma

Vriesea geniculata

Vriesea gigantea

Vriesea gigantea v. seideliana

Vriesea gladioliflora

Vriesea glutinosa

Vriesea Goldfisch

Vriesea graciliscapa

Vriesea gradata

Vriesea grande

Vriesea guttata

Vriesea guttata v. striata

Vriesea heliconioides

Vriesea heterostachys

Vriesea hieroglyphica

Vriesea hieroglyphica v. zebrina

Vriesea hoehneana

Vriesea imperialis

Vriesea incurvata

Vriesea incurvata v. longiflora

Vriesea inflata

Vriesea inflata v. seideliana

Vriesea intermedia x Mint Julep

Vriesea itatiaia

Vriesea jonghii

Vriesea Komet

Vriesea longicaulis

Vriesea longifolia

Vriesea longiscapa

Vriesea lubbersii

Vriesea Mariae

Vriesea modesta

Vriesea Morreniana

Vriesea muelleri

Vriesea neoglutinosa

Vriesea odorata

Vriesea oligantha

Vriesea ospinae

Vriesea ospinae v. gruebneri

Vriesea ourensis

Vriesea paratiensis

Vriesea pardalina

Vriesea pauperrima

Vriesea Perfecta

Vriesea petropolitana

Vriesea petropolitana v. virosa

Vriesea philippocoburgii

Vriesea philippocoburgii v. philippocoburgii

Vriesea platynema

Vriesea platynema v. albolineata

Vriesea platynema v. flava

Vriesea platynema v. rosea

Vriesea platynema v. striata

Vriesea platynema v. variegata

Vriesea platynema v. variegata x guttata

Vriesea platystachys

Vriesea platzmannii

Vriesea Poelmannii Selecta

Vriesea poenulata

Vriesea procera

Vriesea procera v. debilis

Vriesea procera v. procera

Vriesea procera v. rubra

Vriesea psittacina

Vriesea psittacina v. psittacina

Vriesea psittacina v. rubrobracteata

Vriesea racinae

Vriesea rastroensis

Vriesea regina

Vriesea regnelli

Vriesea reitzii

Vriesea retroflexa

Vriesea Rex

Vriesea roberto - seidelii

Vriesea rodigasiana

Vriesea rodigasiana v. maculata

Vriesea rodigasiana v. purpurea

Vriesea rodigasiana v. striata

Vriesea rubida x cardinalis

Vriesea Rubin

Vriesea Sanderiana

Vriesea sanguinolenta

Vriesea sanguinolenta Rubra

Vriesea saundersii

Vriesea scalaris

Vriesea Sceptre d Or

Vriesea sceptrum v. flavobracteatum

Vriesea seideliana

Vriesea simplex

Vriesea simplex v. gigantea

Vriesea sparsiflora

Vriesea splendens

Vriesea splendens Selecta

Vriesea splendens v. major

Vriesea splendens v. mortefontanensis

Vriesea Splendide

Vriesea sucrei

Vriesea taritubensis

Vriesea triangularis

Vriesea unilateralis

Vriesea vagans

Vriesea vigeri

Vriesea weberi

Vriesea zamorensis

If you did not find the "Vriesea" you are looking for, here are some ideas:

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Horticultural names and Herbal Medicinal names are often different to Botanical names, we try to include Horticultural names as synonyms (as well as recognised Botanical synonyms).
Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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