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Taiwanese Native Plant Seed List

Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Click here for the currently available Taiwanese Native Plant Seed List: species for which we have prices.

Taiwanese Native Plant Seed List Photos
Click on a species name to see the web-page for that species,
with price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Acacia confusa

Acer albopurpurascens

Acer caudatifolium

Acer caudatifolium Morrisonense

Acer lanceolatum

Acer oliverianum ssp. formosum

Albizia julibrissin

Alnus formosana

Alpinia formosana

Alpinia japonica Kinisiana

Angelica taiwaniana

Asplenium antiquum

Astilbe thunbergii Formosana

Aucuba japonica

Aucuba japonica Crotonifolia

Aucuba japonica Picturata

Aucuba japonica Rozannie

Aucuba japonica Variegata

Bletilla formosana Alba svs

Bletilla formosana svs

Bretschneidera sinensis

Cephalotaxus wilsoniana

Chionanthus retusus

Cinnamomum camphora svs

Cinnamomum japonicum

Cinnamomum micranthum

Cornus chinensis

Cornus controversa

Cunninghamia konishii

Cycas taitungensis cit

Cynara scolymus f1 Amethyste

Cypripedium formosanum

Dendropanax dentiger

Deutzia pulchra Vidal

Drosera indica plants to 30cm white fls

Ehretia dicksonii

Erythrina variegata L.

Erythrophleum fordii

Euryale ferox

Fatsia polycarpa

Geranium thunbergii

Geranium thunbergii Jesters Jacket variegated

Glycine max White Lion

Haraella odorata

Heteropappus hispidus

Hibiscus taiwanensis

Holcoglossum pumilum

Holcoglossum quasipinifolium

Holcoglossum subulifolium

Illicium anisatum

Indigofera pseudotinctoria

Juglans cathayensis

Juniperus formosana

Juniperus formosana db

Leonurus sibiricus

Leucopogon rubicundus

Lilium formosanum

Lilium longiflorum

Linsaea orbiculata

Lobelia sessilifolia

Lobelia sessilifolia dwarf form

Momordica charantia f1 High Moon

Momordica charantia Taiwan Large

Monotropastrum humile

Pinus taiwanensis

Pistacia chinensis c.s.

Quercus variabilis

Rauvolfia verticillata

Rhododendron hyperythrum

Rhododendron mariesii

Rhododendron simsii

Rhus ovata

Rhus ovata d.b.

Rhus radicans

Rosa bracteata

Sageretia thea

Schima wallichii

Schima wallichii ssp. crenata

Sinopanax formosanus

Solanum virginianum

Sorbus randaiensis

Tetradium ruticarpum

Tetrapanax papyrifer

Tripterygium wilfordii

Trochodendron aralioides

Viburnum furcatum

Viburnum propinquum

Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis Asparagus Gre

Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis Kaohsiung

Vitis thunbergii

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