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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Click here for the currently available Clusiaceae: species for which we have prices.

Clusiaceae Photos
Click on a species name to see the web-page for that species,
with price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Allanblackia floribunda

Allanblackia parviflora

Allanblackia stuhlmannii prov. Kwamkoro Tanzania

Allanblackia ulugurensis prov. Uluguru Mountains T

Aristoclesia esculenta

Ascyrum crux-andreae

Ascyrum hypericoides

Ascyrum multicaule

Ascyrum stans

Bombax rhodognaphalon prov. RSA

Brachystegia spiciformis prov. Kigwe Tanzania

Brachystegia spiciformis prov. Kwatwanga Tanzania

Brathydium sphaerocarpum

Brindonia indica

Calophyllum antillanum

Calophyllum apetalum

Calophyllum blancoi

Calophyllum brasiliense

Calophyllum calaba

Calophyllum canum

Calophyllum dasypodum

Calophyllum depressinervosum

Calophyllum edule

Calophyllum elatum

Calophyllum ferrugineum

Calophyllum hasskarlii

Calophyllum inophyllum svs

Calophyllum kunstleri

Calophyllum lanigerum

Calophyllum macrocarpum

Calophyllum madruno

Calophyllum miquelii

Calophyllum molle

Calophyllum polyanthum

Calophyllum pulcherrimum

Calophyllum rigidum

Calophyllum rubiginosum

Calophyllum rufigemmatum

Calophyllum sclerophyllum

Calophyllum soulattri

Calophyllum spectabile

Calophyllum tetrapterum

Calophyllum teysmannii

Calophyllum thwaitesii

Calophyllum tomentosum

Calophyllum venulosum

Calophyllum wallichianum

Cambogia binucao

Cambogia gummi-guta

Cambogia venulosa

Clusia flava

Clusia flaviflora

Clusia fluminensis

Clusia grandiflora

Clusia lanceolata

Clusia major

Cratoxylum arborescens

Cratoxylum cochinchinense

Cratoxylum ligustrinum

Garcinia afzelii

Garcinia amboinensis

Garcinia atroviridis

Garcinia bancana

Garcinia benthamii

Garcinia binucao

Garcinia brasiliensis

Garcinia brazilense

Garcinia buchananii

Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia celebica

Garcinia cherreyi

Garcinia cochinchinensis

Garcinia cornea

Garcinia cowa

Garcinia cymosa

Garcinia dioica

Garcinia dives

Garcinia dulcis

Garcinia epunctata

Garcinia esculenta

Garcinia floribunda

Garcinia forbesii

Garcinia fusca

Garcinia gardneriana

Garcinia gerrardii svs

Garcinia gibbsiae

Garcinia griffithii

Garcinia gummi-guta

Garcinia hanburyi

Garcinia hombroniana

Garcinia humilis

Garcinia indica

Garcinia intermedia

Garcinia kola

Garcinia lanceifolia

Garcinia lateriflora

Garcinia livingstonei

Garcinia loureiroi

Garcinia macrophylla

Garcinia magnifolia

Garcinia malabarica

Garcinia mangostana svs

Garcinia mestonii

Garcinia mooreana

Garcinia morella

Garcinia multiflora

Garcinia nigrolineata

Garcinia oblongifolia

Garcinia parvifolia

Garcinia pedunculata

Garcinia picrorhiza

Garcinia prainiana

Garcinia schomburgkiana

Garcinia spicata

Garcinia stipulata

Garcinia subelliptica

Garcinia syzygiifolia

Garcinia venulosa

Garcinia vidalii

Garcinia xanthochymus

Hypericum aegypticum

Hypericum aethiopicum

Hypericum aethiopicum ssp. sonderi

Hypericum afromontanum

Hypericum androsaemum Albury Purple

Hypericum androsaemum Early Fruit

Hypericum androsaemum fa. variegatum

Hypericum annulatum

Hypericum Archibald

Hypericum ascyron ssp. pyramidatum

Hypericum athoum

Hypericum attenuatum

Hypericum augustinii

Hypericum avicularifolium ssp. depilatum

Hypericum avicularifolium ssp. uniflorum

Hypericum balearicum

Hypericum barbatum

Hypericum beanii Gold Cup

Hypericum bellum

Hypericum buckleii

Hypericum bupleuroides

Hypericum canadense

Hypericum canariense

Hypericum caucasicum

Hypericum cayennense

Hypericum cerastioides

Hypericum cerastioides Silvana

Hypericum cerastioides ssp meuselianum

Hypericum chapmanii

Hypericum cistifolium

Hypericum cochinchinense

Hypericum confertum

Hypericum coris

Hypericum crux-andreae

Hypericum cubense

Hypericum cumulicola

Hypericum delphicum

Hypericum densiflorum

Hypericum desetangsii x

Hypericum drummondii

Hypericum dyeri

Hypericum elatum

Hypericum elegans

Hypericum elodes

Hypericum empetrifolium

Hypericum erectum

Hypericum ericoides

Hypericum fasciculatum

Hypericum formosum

Hypericum forrestii

Hypericum fragile

Hypericum fraseri

Hypericum frondosum

Hypericum galioides

Hypericum gentianoides

Hypericum globuliferum

Hypericum gramineum

Hypericum grandifolium

Hypericum graveolens

Hypericum hakonense

Hypericum harperi

Hypericum henryi ssp henryi

Hypericum hircinum

Hypericum hirsutum

Hypericum hookerianum

Hypericum humifusum

Hypericum hypericoides

Hypericum hyssopifolium

Hypericum inodorum x

Hypericum intermedium

Hypericum japonicum

Hypericum kalmianum

Hypericum kamtschaticum

Hypericum kelleri

Hypericum keniense

Hypericum kotschyanum

Hypericum kouytchense

Hypericum lalandii

Hypericum lancasteri

Hypericum lanceolatum

Hypericum leschenaultii

Hypericum leucoptychodes

Hypericum linarifolium

Hypericum linarioides

Hypericum lissophloeus

Hypericum lobocarpum

Hypericum longistylum

Hypericum lysimachioides

Hypericum maculatum

Hypericum majus

Hypericum malatyanum aff.

Hypericum mitchellianum

Hypericum monogynum

Hypericum montanum

Hypericum montbretii

Hypericum moserianum x

Hypericum Mrs Gladys Brabazon

Hypericum mutilum

Hypericum myrtifolium

Hypericum nitidum

Hypericum oblongifolium

Hypericum oliganthum

Hypericum olympicum

Hypericum orientale

Hypericum pallens

Hypericum patulum

Hypericum perforatum

Hypericum perforatum Elixier

Hypericum perforatum Helos

Hypericum perforatum Helos pellets

Hypericum perforatum New Stem

Hypericum perforatum organic seed

Hypericum perforatum Taubertal

Hypericum perforatum Taubertal organic seed

Hypericum perforatum Topaz

Hypericum perforatum Topaz organic seed

Hypericum perforatum TopGem

Hypericum pratense

Hypericum prolificum

Hypericum przewalskii

Hypericum pulchellum

Hypericum pulchrum

Hypericum punctatum

Hypericum reflexum

Hypericum repens

Hypericum reptans

Hypericum revolutum

Hypericum richeri

Hypericum roeperianum

Hypericum Rowallane

Hypericum rumeliacum

Hypericum sampsonii

Hypericum scabrum

Hypericum scouleri

Hypericum senanense

Hypericum sp. unident.

Hypericum sp. unident. Bulgaria

Hypericum sp. unident. Nepal

Hypericum sp. unident. Turkey

Hypericum sphaerocarpum

Hypericum stans

Hypericum stragulum

Hypericum tenuifolium

Hypericum tetrapetalum

Hypericum tetrapterum

Hypericum tomentosum

Hypericum trichocaulon

Hypericum triquetrifolium organic

Hypericum tubulosum

Hypericum undulatum

Hypericum uralum

Hypericum virginicum

Hypericum walteri

Hypericum webbii

Hypericum wilsonii

Hypericum xylosteifolium

Hypericum yakusimense

Hypericum yezoense

Mammea africana

Mammea americana

Mammea humilis

Mammea siamensis

Mammea usambarensis prov. Choma Tanzania

Mangostana cambogia

Mangostana morella

Mesua ferrea

Mesua lepidota

Moronobea esculenta

Ochrocarpos africanus

Oxycarpus cochinchinensis

Pentadesma butyracea

Platonia esculenta

Platonia insignis

Psorospermum febrifugum

Rheedia acuminata

Rheedia aristata

Rheedia brasiliensis

Rheedia edulis

Rheedia floribunda

Rheedia gardneriana

Rheedia intermedia

Rheedia lateriflora

Rheedia longifolia

Rheedia macrocarpa

Rheedia macrophylla

Rheedia madruno

Sanidophyllum cumulicola

Sarothra drummondii

Sarothra gentianoides

Stearodendron stuhlmannii

Symphonia louvelii

Triadenia aegypticum

Triadenia webbii

Triadenum fraseri

Triadenum walteri

Tripetalum cymosum

Verticillaria acuminata

Vismia baccifera

Vismia gracilis

Vismia lateriflora

Xanthochymus spicatus

Terms of Trade


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