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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Click here for the currently available Cyperaceae: species for which we have prices.

Cyperaceae Photos
Click on a species name to see the web-page for that species,
with price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Actinoscirpus grossus

Amphiscirpus nevadensis

Androtrichum montevidense

Baumea articulata

Baumea articulata prov. eastern states

Baumea juncea

Baumea juncea prov. eastern states

Baumea rubiginosa

Baumea rubiginosa prov. eastern states

Baumea teretifolia

Blysmus compressus

Blysmus rufus

Bolboschoenus caldwellii

Bolboschoenus caldwellii prov. eastern states

Bolboschoenus fluviatilis Australia

Bolboschoenus fluviatilis USA

Bolboschoenus maritimus

Bolboschoenus maritimus tubers svs

Bolboschoenus medianus

Bolboschoenus planiculmis

Bolboschoenus robustus

Bolboschoenus yagara

Bulbostylis capillaris

Carex abrupta

Carex acuta

Carex acutiformis

Carex alba

Carex albida

Carex albula

Carex albula Frosted Curls

Carex alopecoidea

Carex Amazon Mist

Carex amphibola

Carex amplifolia

Carex angustisquama

Carex annectens

Carex appalachica

Carex appressa

Carex appressa prov WA

Carex approprinquata

Carex aquatilis

Carex arcta

Carex arenaria

Carex arundinacea (sic)

Carex atherodes

Carex athrostachya

Carex atlantica

Carex atrata

Carex atratiformis

Carex atrosquama

Carex aurea

Carex austroalpina

Carex baccans

Carex baldensis

Carex barbarae

Carex barrattii

Carex bebbii

Carex bellardii

Carex berggrenii

Carex bicknellii

Carex bigelowii

Carex blanda

Carex bohemica

Carex bonariensis

Carex bordzilowskii

Carex brevicaulis

Carex brevior

Carex brevipes

Carex brizoides

Carex brunnea

Carex brunnea Variegata

Carex brunnescens

Carex buchananii

Carex buchananii Firefox

Carex buchananii Viridis

Carex bueckii

Carex bushii

Carex buxbaumii proteg.

Carex calderi

Carex campylorhina

Carex canariensis

Carex canescens

Carex capillaris

Carex capitata

Carex capituliformis

Carex caryophyllea

Carex cataractae

Carex cephalophora

Carex cespitosa

Carex chathamica

Carex cherokeensis

Carex chihuahuensis

Carex chimaphila

Carex chordorrhiza proteg.

Carex circinata

Carex cirrhosa

Carex comans

Carex comans Bronze Curls - Bronze Form - Bronco

Carex comans Frosted Curls

Carex comans Phoenix Green pellets

Carex comosa

Carex conica Snowline

Carex conjuncta

Carex conoidea

Carex coriacea

Carex crawei Dewey (ex Torr)

Carex crawfordii

Carex cretica

Carex crinita

Carex cristatella

Carex cruciata

Carex crus-corvi

Carex cryptocarya

Carex cryptolepis

Carex cusickii

Carex dallii

Carex davalliana

Carex davisii

Carex deflexa

Carex delicata

Carex demissa

Carex densa

Carex depauperata

Carex desertorum

Carex diandra

Carex digitata

Carex dioica

Carex dipsacea

Carex disperma

Carex dissita

Carex distans

Carex disticha

Carex dives

Carex divisa

Carex divulsa ssp leersii

Carex divulsa ssp. divulsa

Carex dolichocarpa

Carex douglasii

Carex drymophylla

Carex duriuscula

Carex duthiei

Carex eastwoodiana

Carex ebenea

Carex eburnea

Carex echinata

Carex egglestonii

Carex elata

Carex elata Aurea

Carex elata Bowles Golden

Carex elongata

Carex enervis

Carex eurystachya

Carex Everbright

Carex extensa

Carex fascicularis

Carex fascicularis prov. WA

Carex ferruginea

Carex festucacea

Carex feta

Carex filifolia

Carex firma Variegata proteg.

Carex flacca

Carex flaccosperma

Carex flagellifera

Carex flagellifera Bronze Form - Auburn - Bronzita

Carex flagellifera brown bronze to green form

Carex flagellifera Kiwi - Green

Carex flagellifera Red

Carex flava

Carex flava ssp. demissa

Carex flava ssp. serotina

Carex flavocuspis

Carex foenea

Carex folliculata

Carex forficula

Carex forsteri

Carex frankii

Carex fraseri

Carex fraseriana

Carex frigida

Carex fusanensis

Carex geminata

Carex geyeri

Carex gifuensis

Carex glaucodea

Carex gmelinii

Carex goodenovii

Carex gracilescens

Carex gracillima

Carex granularis

Carex gravida

Carex grayii

Carex grayii dup err

Carex hachijoensis Evergold

Carex hallerana

Carex hartmanii

Carex haydenii

Carex helionastes proteg.

Carex heliophila

Carex hendersonii

Carex hirsutella

Carex hirta

Carex hispida

Carex hoodii

Carex hookeriana

Carex hordeistichos proteg.

Carex hostiana

Carex hystericina

Carex idahoa

Carex illota

Carex incomitata

Carex inops

Carex interior

Carex intumescens

Carex inversa

Carex jaluensis

Carex jamesii

Carex jankowskii

Carex karoi

Carex kobomugi

Carex korshinskyi

Carex lacustris

Carex laeviconica

Carex laeviculmis

Carex laevigata

Carex laevissima

Carex lanceolata

Carex lasiocarpa

Carex lasiocarpa v americana

Carex laxiculmis

Carex lenticularis

Carex leporina

Carex leporinella

Carex leptalea

Carex leptopoda

Carex lessoniana

Carex leucochlora

Carex limnophila

Carex limosa proteg.

Carex liparocarpos

Carex longibrachiata

Carex longii

Carex longirostrata

Carex lupulina

Carex lurida

Carex lutea

Carex lyngbyei

Carex macloviana

Carex macrocephala

Carex macrochaeta

Carex magellanica

Carex maorica

Carex meadia

Carex melanocarpa

Carex membranacea

Carex mendocinensis

Carex mertensii

Carex michelii

Carex microptera

Carex molesta

Carex morrowii

Carex morrowii Evergold

Carex morrowii Fischers Form

Carex morrowii Pinkie

Carex morrowii Variegata

Carex muehlenbergii

Carex multicostata

Carex muricata ssp. aggregata

Carex muricata ssp. guestphalica

Carex muricata ssp. leersii

Carex muricata ssp. muricata

Carex muricata ssp. pairae

Carex muricata ssp. spicata

Carex muriculata

Carex muskingumensis

Carex muskingumensis Small Red

Carex myosuroides

Carex myosurus

Carex nebrascensis

Carex neurophora

Carex nigra

Carex nigricans

Carex normalis

Carex nubigena

Carex obnupta

Carex obtusata

Carex occidentalis

Carex oenensis

Carex oligosperma

Carex ornithopoda

Carex ornithopoda Variegata

Carex ornithopodioides proteg.

Carex oronensis

Carex oshimensis

Carex otrubae

Carex pachystachya

Carex pachystylis

Carex pallescens

Carex panicea

Carex paniculata

Carex pansa

Carex paupercula

Carex pediformis

Carex pellita

Carex pendula b.s.

Carex pendula c.s.

Carex pendula Fresh Look

Carex pendula Moonraker

Carex pensylvanica

Carex petasata

Carex petriei

Carex phaeocephala

Carex Phoenix Green

Carex physodes

Carex pilosa

Carex pilulifera Tinneys Princess

Carex planiculmis

Carex plantaginea

Carex platyphylla

Carex pluriflora

Carex podocarpa

Carex polyphylla

Carex praegracilis

Carex prairea

Carex Prairie Fire

Carex prasina

Carex praticola

Carex preslii

Carex prionophylla

Carex projecta

Carex pseudocyperus

Carex pseudofoetida

Carex pseudosabynensis

Carex pseudoscirpoidea

Carex pulicaris

Carex pumila

Carex punctata

Carex purpurifera

Carex pyrenaica

Carex pyrophila

Carex quadriflora

Carex radiata

Carex raymondii

Carex raynoldsii

Carex refracta

Carex remota

Carex retrorsa

Carex reventa

Carex rhynchophysa

Carex riparia

Carex riparia Variegata

Carex roanensis

Carex rosea

Carex rossii

Carex rostrata

Carex rotundata

Carex rufina

Carex rupestris

Carex sabynensis

Carex sartwellii

Carex scaposa

Carex schiedeana

Carex scirpiformis

Carex scirpoidea

Carex scoparia

Carex scopulorum

Carex secalina

Carex secta

Carex sempervirens

Carex serotina

Carex shortiana

Carex siderosticha

Carex Silver Sceptre

Carex simpliciuscula

Carex simulata

Carex sitchensis

Carex solandri

Carex songorica

Carex sordida

Carex sp. unident. Large Tassels

Carex sp. unident. Majken

Carex sp. unident. Spiky Lollipop

Carex sp. unident. Yellow Tassels

Carex sparganioides

Carex spectabilis

Carex specuicola

Carex spissa

Carex spp. select mix

Carex sprengelii

Carex squarrosa

Carex stans

Carex stellata

Carex stenocarpa

Carex stenophylla

Carex stenoptila

Carex sterilis

Carex stipata

Carex stricta

Carex strigosa

Carex stylosa

Carex subspathacea

Carex substricta

Carex supina

Carex sylvatica

Carex tahoensis

Carex tasmanica

Carex tenera

Carex tenuiculmis

Carex tenuisecta

Carex tereticaulis

Carex testacea

Carex tetrastachya

Carex texensis

Carex tolmiei

Carex tomentosa

Carex triangularis

Carex tribuloides

Carex trichocarpa

Carex trifida

Carex trifida Triffid

Carex trinervis

Carex trisperma

Carex tuckermanii

Carex tuminensis

Carex tumulicola

Carex turkestanica

Carex typhina

Carex udensis

Carex umbrosa

Carex unilateralis

Carex ussuriensis

Carex utriculata

Carex vaginata proteg.

Carex vesicaria

Carex virgata

Carex viridula

Carex vulpina

Carex vulpina ssp otrupae

Carex vulpinoidea

Carex wakatipu

Carex whitneyi

Carpha alpina

Caustis blakei

Chaetocyperus baldwinii

Chaetospora sphaerocephalus

Chorizandra australis

Chorizandra cymbaria

Chorizandra enodis

Cinna arundinacea

Cinna latifolia

Cladium jamaicense b.s.

Cladium mariscoides

Cladium mariscus

Cladium sinclairii

Cyathochaeta avenacea

Cyathochaeta clandestina

Cyathochaeta equitans

Cymophyllus fraseri

Cymophyllus fraserianus

Cyperus aggregatus

Cyperus albostriatus

Cyperus albostriatus Variegatus

Cyperus alopecuroides

Cyperus alternifolius

Cyperus alternifolius Nanus

Cyperus alternifolius Variegatus

Cyperus amabilis

Cyperus aquatilis

Cyperus aristatus

Cyperus articulatus

Cyperus brevifolioides

Cyperus cayennensis

Cyperus Chira

Cyperus comosus

Cyperus compactus

Cyperus compressus

Cyperus congestus

Cyperus corymbosus

Cyperus cuspidatus

Cyperus cyperinus

Cyperus cyperoides

Cyperus dentatus

Cyperus difformis

Cyperus digitatus

Cyperus distans

Cyperus dives

Cyperus engelmannii

Cyperus entrerianus

Cyperus eragrostis

Cyperus erythrorhizos

Cyperus esculentus seeds

Cyperus esculentus tubers organic

Cyperus esculentus v sativus tubers

Cyperus exaltatus

Cyperus fauriei

Cyperus fendlerianus

Cyperus ferax

Cyperus filiculmis

Cyperus flabelliformis

Cyperus flavescens

Cyperus flavidus

Cyperus flavus

Cyperus fuscus

Cyperus giganteus

Cyperus glaber

Cyperus gracilis

Cyperus grayioides

Cyperus gunnii

Cyperus gymnocaulos

Cyperus haspan

Cyperus houghtonii

Cyperus imbricatus

Cyperus involucratus

Cyperus iria

Cyperus jeminicus

Cyperus kyllingia

Cyperus laevigatus

Cyperus latifolius

Cyperus laxus

Cyperus ligularis

Cyperus longus

Cyperus louisianensis

Cyperus lucidus

Cyperus lupulinus

Cyperus malaccensis

Cyperus melanospermus

Cyperus niger

Cyperus obtusiflorus

Cyperus obtusiflorus v. sphaerocephalus

Cyperus odoratus

Cyperus ovularis

Cyperus pangorei

Cyperus papyrus

Cyperus pennatiformis

Cyperus pilosus

Cyperus planifolius

Cyperus polystachyos

Cyperus profiler

Cyperus radians

Cyperus reflexus

Cyperus rockii

Cyperus rotundus

Cyperus rotundus tubers

Cyperus rupestris

Cyperus sanguinolentus

Cyperus scariosus

Cyperus schweinitzii

Cyperus Sea Urchin

Cyperus serotinus tubers

Cyperus sphacelatus

Cyperus squarrosus

Cyperus strigosus

Cyperus surinamensis

Cyperus tegetiformis

Cyperus tegetum

Cyperus tenerrimus

Cyperus textilis

Cyperus trachysanthos

Cyperus ustulatus

Cyperus vaginatus

Cyperus Zumila dwarf pot sedge Cat Grass

Desmoschoenus spiralis

Diaphora cochinchinensis

Dichromena ciliata

Dulichium arundinaceum

Eleocharis acicularis

Eleocharis acuta eastern states

Eleocharis acuta prov. WA

Eleocharis acutangula

Eleocharis atropurpurea

Eleocharis baldwinii

Eleocharis cellulosa

Eleocharis compressa

Eleocharis dulcis

Eleocharis elegans

Eleocharis erythropoda

Eleocharis filiculmis

Eleocharis geniculata

Eleocharis intersticta

Eleocharis macrostachya

Eleocharis montevidensis

Eleocharis obtusa

Eleocharis palustris

Eleocharis palustris ssp mamillata

Eleocharis parishii

Eleocharis pellucida

Eleocharis quinqueflora

Eleocharis rostellata

Eleocharis sellowiana

Eleocharis sphacelata

Eleocharis tenuis

Eleocharis tortilis

Eleocharis tuberosa

Elyna sibirica

Elytrospermum californicum

Eriophorum alpinum

Eriophorum angustifolium

Eriophorum brachyantherum

Eriophorum gracile proteg.

Eriophorum latifolium

Eriophorum russeolum

Eriophorum scheuchzeri

Eriophorum sp. unident.

Eriophorum vaginatum

Eriophorum virginicum

Eriophorum viridi-carinatum

Erysimum odoratum

Evandra aristata

Ficinia cinnamomea

Ficinia fascicularis

Ficinia filiformis

Ficinia lateralis

Ficinia nigrescens

Ficinia nodosa

Ficinia nodosa prov. WA (Isolepis nodosa)

Ficinia praemorsa

Ficinia radiata

Ficinia truncata

Fimbristylis acicularis

Fimbristylis acuminata

Fimbristylis aestivalis

Fimbristylis annua

Fimbristylis australica

Fimbristylis autumnalis

Fimbristylis baldwiniana

Fimbristylis cymosa

Fimbristylis dichotoma

Fimbristylis ferruginea

Fimbristylis fimbristyloides

Fimbristylis globulosa

Fimbristylis hispidula

Fimbristylis insignis

Fimbristylis littoralis

Fimbristylis miliacea

Fimbristylis spathacea

Fimbristylis thermalis

Fimbristylis umbellaris

Fuirena breviseta

Fuirena ciliaris

Fuirena pubescens

Fuirena scirpoidea

Fuirena umbellata

Gahnia antipoda

Gahnia aspera

Gahnia baniensis

Gahnia clarkei

Gahnia decomposita

Gahnia filum

Gahnia grandis

Gahnia lanaiensis

Gahnia lanigera

Gahnia melanocarpa

Gahnia novocaledonica

Gahnia procera

Gahnia radula

Gahnia rigida

Gahnia setifolia

Gahnia sieberiana

Gahnia subaequiglumis

Gahnia trifida

Gahnia xanthocarpa

Holoschoenus romanus ssp holoschoenus

Hymenochaeta grossa

Isolepis cernua

Isolepis cernua Fibre Optics pills

Isolepis cernua Live Wire multi-pellets

Isolepis cernua Select

Isolepis cernua Wi-Fi

Isolepis consanguinea

Isolepis fluitans

Isolepis inundata

Isolepis nigricans

Juncellus alopecuroides

Juncellus laevigatus

Juncellus serotinus

Kobresia bellardii

Kobresia myosuroides

Kobresia sibirica

Kobresia simpliciuscula

Kyllinga brevifolia

Kyllinga cyperina

Kyllinga erecta

Kyllinga gracillima

Kyllinga melanosperma

Kyllinga monocephala

Kyllinga nemoralis

Kyllinga ovularis

Kyllinga polyphylla

Kyllinga sumatrensis

Lepidosperma angustatum

Lepidosperma effusum

Lepidosperma gladiatum

Lepidosperma laterale

Lepidosperma semiteres

Lepidosperma squamatum

Lepidosperma viscidum

Lepironia articulata

Limnochloa caduciflora

Lipocarpha chinensis

Lipocarpha humboldtiana

Lipocarpha sellowiana

Machaerina deplanchei

Mapania floribunda

Mapania vitiensis

Mariscus aggregatus

Mariscus aristatus

Mariscus compactus

Mariscus congestus

Mariscus cyperinus

Mariscus fauriei

Mariscus flavus

Mariscus ligularis

Mariscus pennatiformis

Mariscus radians

Mariscus rockii

Mariscus squarrosus

Mariscus sumatrensis

Mariscus umbellatus

Mesomelaena tetragona

Papyrus comosus

Pseudoschoenus inanis

Pycreus flavidus

Pycreus niger

Pycreus nitidus

Pycreus polystachyos

Pycreus sanguinolentus

Rhynchospora alba

Rhynchospora caduca

Rhynchospora capitella

Rhynchospora corniculata

Rhynchospora corymbosa

Rhynchospora knieskernii

Rhynchospora nervosa

Rhynchospora spp

Schoenoplectus acutus

Schoenoplectus americanus

Schoenoplectus californicus

Schoenoplectus fluviatilis

Schoenoplectus grossus

Schoenoplectus hallii

Schoenoplectus juncoides

Schoenoplectus lacustris

Schoenoplectus lateriflorus

Schoenoplectus litoralis

Schoenoplectus mucronatus

Schoenoplectus olneyi

Schoenoplectus pungens

Schoenoplectus robustus

Schoenoplectus subulatus

Schoenoplectus supinus

Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani

Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani prov. eastern Austr

Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani prov. WA

Schoenoplectus triqueter

Schoenoxiphium sp. unident. Golden Caterpillars

Schoenus apogon

Schoenus asperocarpus

Schoenus brevifolius

Schoenus calostachyus

Schoenus compressus

Schoenus corniculatus

Schoenus curvifolius

Schoenus ferrugineus proteg.

Schoenus juncoides

Schoenus nigricans

Schoenus pauciflorus

Scirpoides holoschoenus

Scirpoides vulgaris

Scirpus ancistrochaetus

Scirpus asiaticus

Scirpus atrovirens

Scirpus aucklandicus

Scirpus barbata

Scirpus californicus

Scirpus chinensis

Scirpus ciliaris

Scirpus compressus

Scirpus consanguineus

Scirpus cyperinus

Scirpus cyperoides

Scirpus densus

Scirpus fuirenoides

Scirpus grossus

Scirpus hallii

Scirpus hispidulus

Scirpus inundatus

Scirpus juncoides

Scirpus kysoor

Scirpus lateriflorus

Scirpus lithospermus

Scirpus litoralis

Scirpus longii

Scirpus microcarpus

Scirpus mucronatus

Scirpus nevadensis

Scirpus olneyi

Scirpus orientalis

Scirpus pallidus

Scirpus paludosus

Scirpus pendulus

Scirpus radicans

Scirpus robustus

Scirpus sellowianus

Scirpus squarrosus

Scirpus subulatus

Scirpus supinus

Scirpus sylvaticus

Scirpus tortilis

Scirpus triangulatus

Scirpus tuberosus

Scirpus yagara

Sclaria verticillata

Scleria cochinchinensis

Scleria elata

Scleria lithosperma

Scleria macrophylla

Scleria microcarpa

Scleria mitis

Scleria paludosa

Scleria pauciflora

Scleria polycarpa

Scleria racemosa

Scleria sphaerocarpa

Scleria sumatrensis

Scleria sylvestris

Scleria tessellata

Scleria verticillata

Tetraria sp. unident.

Tetraria thermalis

Torulinium confertum

Torulinium ferax

Torulinium odoratum

Trichophorum alpinum

Trichophorum cespitosum

Uncinia compacta

Uncinia divaricata

Uncinia egmontiana

Uncinia rubra

Uncinia sp. unident prov. Chile

Uncinia uncinata

Uncinia uncinata v rubra

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