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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Click here for the currently available Geraniaceae: species for which we have prices.

Geraniaceae Photos
Click on a species name to see the web-page for that species,
with price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Campylia veronicaefolia

Erodium acaule

Erodium amanum

Erodium arabicum

Erodium botrys

Erodium carvifolium

Erodium castellanum

Erodium cheilanthifolium

Erodium chrysanthum

Erodium ciconium

Erodium cicutarium

Erodium corsicum

Erodium crinitum

Erodium cygnorum

Erodium foetidum

Erodium glandulosum

Erodium gruinum

Erodium guttatum

Erodium hoefftianum

Erodium hymenodes

Erodium incarnatum

Erodium laciniatum

Erodium macradenum

Erodium malacoides

Erodium manescavi hort. c.s.

Erodium manescavii hort. b.s.

Erodium moschatum

Erodium oxyrhynchum

Erodium pelargoniiflorum Sweetheart

Erodium petraeum

Erodium pulverulentum

Erodium reichardii Album

Erodium reichardii Roseum

Erodium rupestre

Erodium salzmannii

Erodium sebaceum

Erodium semenovii

Erodium stephanianum

Erodium stevenii

Erodium supracanum

Erodium texanum

Erodium trichomanifolium

Erodium trifolium

Erodium variabile

Erodium willkomminianum

Geranium aculeolatum

Geranium aequale

Geranium aequatoriale

Geranium affine

Geranium albanum

Geranium albicans

Geranium albidum

Geranium albiflorum

Geranium album

Geranium alpicola

Geranium amatolicum

Geranium amoenum

Geranium andersonii

Geranium andicola

Geranium andringitrense

Geranium angelense

Geranium angustipetalum

Geranium Ann Folkard

Geranium Anne Thompson

Geranium antisanae

Geranium antrorsum

Geranium apricum

Geranium arabicum

Geranium arachnoideum

Geranium arboreum

Geranium ardjunense

Geranium argenteum proteg.

Geranium argentinum

Geranium aristatum

Geranium asiaticum

Geranium asphodeloides

Geranium asphodeloides Starry Night white

Geranium atlanticum

Geranium atropurpureum v cowenii

Geranium auritum

Geranium austroapennium

Geranium ayacuchense

Geranium ayavacense

Geranium azorelloides

Geranium balgooyi

Geranium balkanum

Geranium bangii

Geranium baschkyzylsaicum

Geranium baurianum

Geranium bellum

Geranium bequaertii

Geranium berterianum

Geranium betonicum

Geranium bicknellii

Geranium bifolium

Geranium biuncinatum

Geranium blandfordianum

Geranium Blue Cloud

Geranium bockii

Geranium bohemicum Orchid Blue

Geranium bohemicum Orchid Blue scarified

Geranium bolivianum

Geranium botrys

Geranium brasiliense

Geranium brycei

Geranium bubonifolium

Geranium butuoense

Geranium caeruleatum

Geranium caespitosum

Geranium caffrum

Geranium californicum

Geranium campanulatum

Geranium campii

Geranium canariense

Geranium canescens

Geranium canopurpureum

Geranium carmineum

Geranium carolinianum

Geranium cataractarum

Geranium caucense

Geranium cazorlense

Geranium chamaense

Geranium chaparense

Geranium charlesii

Geranium charucanum

Geranium chelikii

Geranium chilense

Geranium chilloense

Geranium chimborazense

Geranium chinchense

Geranium chinense

Geranium christensenianum

Geranium cinereum Ballerina

Geranium cinereum v subcaulescens

Geranium clarkei Kashmir Blue

Geranium clarkei Kashmir Purple

Geranium clarum

Geranium collae

Geranium collinum

Geranium columbianum

Geranium columbinum

Geranium comarapense

Geranium commutatum

Geranium confertum

Geranium contortum

Geranium core-core

Geranium coriandrifolium

Geranium costaricense

Geranium Country Garden Mixture

Geranium crassipes

Geranium crassiusculum

Geranium crenatifolium

Geranium cruceroense

Geranium cuatrecasasii

Geranium cuchillense

Geranium cucullatum

Geranium cuneatum

Geranium dahuricum

Geranium dalmaticum

Geranium dalmaticum Album

Geranium davisianum

Geranium delavayi

Geranium delphinifolium

Geranium deltoideum

Geranium dielsianum

Geranium diffusum

Geranium digitatum

Geranium discolor

Geranium dissectum

Geranium divaricatum

Geranium dolomiticum

Geranium donianum

Geranium drakensbergense

Geranium drakensbergensis

Geranium dregei

Geranium drummondii

Geranium duclouxii

Geranium durangense

Geranium ecuadoriense

Geranium editum

Geranium eginense

Geranium elatum

Geranium endressii hort.

Geranium endressii hybs.

Geranium endressii Pink Lace

Geranium escalonense

Geranium exallum

Geranium exellii

Geranium f1 Avanti formula mix

Geranium f1 Breakaway Red

Geranium f1 Breakaway Salmon

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Cherry

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Light Pink

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Mixed

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Red

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Salmon

Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Scarlet

Geranium f1 Century Mixed

Geranium f1 Coral CZ

Geranium f1 Elite Mixed formula

Geranium f1 Elite Pink

Geranium f1 Elite Red

Geranium f1 Elite Salmon

Geranium f1 Elite Scarlet

Geranium f1 Elite White

Geranium f1 Guantum Mixed

Geranium f1 Horizon Appleblossom

Geranium f1 Horizon Coral Glow

Geranium f1 Horizon Coral Spice

Geranium f1 Horizon Deep Red

Geranium f1 Horizon Deep Salmon

Geranium f1 Horizon Deep Scarlet

Geranium f1 Horizon Frosty Rose

Geranium f1 Horizon Lavender

Geranium f1 Horizon Light Salmon

Geranium f1 Horizon Mixed

Geranium f1 Horizon Neon Rose

Geranium f1 Horizon Orange

Geranium f1 Horizon Orange Ice

Geranium f1 Horizon Picotee Cherry

Geranium f1 Horizon Picotee Mixed

Geranium f1 Horizon Picotee Red

Geranium f1 Horizon Picotee Salmon

Geranium f1 Horizon Picotee Violet

Geranium f1 Horizon Red

Geranium f1 Horizon Red Ice

Geranium f1 Horizon Rose

Geranium f1 Horizon Rosy Glow

Geranium f1 Horizon Scarlet

Geranium f1 Horizon Star

Geranium f1 Horizon Tangerine

Geranium f1 Horizon Violet

Geranium f1 Horizon White

Geranium f1 Infinity Scarlet

Geranium f1 Inspire Appleblossom

Geranium f1 Inspire Mixed

Geranium f1 Inspire Rose

Geranium f1 Inspire Salmon

Geranium f1 Inspire Scarlet

Geranium f1 Inspire White

Geranium f1 Maverick Appleblossom

Geranium f1 Maverick Coral

Geranium f1 Maverick Glow cherry red

Geranium f1 Maverick Lavender

Geranium f1 Maverick Light Salmon

Geranium f1 Maverick Mixed

Geranium f1 Maverick Orange

Geranium f1 Maverick Orchid

Geranium f1 Maverick Pink

Geranium f1 Maverick Quicksilver pale pink bicolou

Geranium f1 Maverick Red

Geranium f1 Maverick Rose

Geranium f1 Maverick Salmon

Geranium f1 Maverick Salmon Confetti

Geranium f1 Maverick Scarlet

Geranium f1 Maverick Scarlet Eye

Geranium f1 Maverick Scarlet Picotee

Geranium f1 Maverick Star pink rose eye

Geranium f1 Maverick Violet

Geranium f1 Maverick Violet Picotee

Geranium f1 Maverick White

Geranium f1 Moulin Rouge

Geranium f1 Multibloom Bright Rose

Geranium f1 Multibloom Capri coral rose

Geranium f1 Multibloom Lavender

Geranium f1 Multibloom Light Salmon

Geranium f1 Multibloom Mixed

Geranium f1 Multibloom Orchid

Geranium f1 Multibloom Pink

Geranium f1 Multibloom Red

Geranium f1 Multibloom Salmon

Geranium f1 Multibloom Scarlet

Geranium f1 Multibloom Scarlet Eye

Geranium f1 Multibloom White

Geranium f1 Nano Mixed nat. dwarf

Geranium f1 Orange Appeal

Geranium f1 Picotee Mixed series of 5

Geranium f1 Pinto White to Rose

Geranium f1 Pulsar Bi-colour Red and White

Geranium f1 Pulsar Deep Rose

Geranium f1 Pulsar Lavender

Geranium f1 Pulsar Mixed

Geranium f1 Pulsar Pink

Geranium f1 Pulsar Red

Geranium f1 Pulsar Rose

Geranium f1 Pulsar Salmon

Geranium f1 Pulsar Salmon Orange

Geranium f1 Pulsar Scarlet

Geranium f1 Pulsar Violet

Geranium f1 Pulsar White

Geranium f1 Quantum Mixed stellate type

Geranium f1 Ripple Blueberry darker fleck

Geranium f1 Ripple Mixed

Geranium f1 Ripple Raspberry

Geranium f1 Ripple Strawberry

Geranium f1 Summer Showers Pink ivy cascade

Geranium f1 Summer Showers Rose ivy cascade

Geranium f1 Tornado Bi-colour Duet ivy trailing

Geranium f1 Tornado Carmine ivy trailing

Geranium f1 Tornado Fuchsia ivy trailing

Geranium f1 Tornado Lilac ivy trailer

Geranium f1 Tornado Mix ivy trailer

Geranium f1 Tornado Pink ivy trailer

Geranium f1 Tornado Red ivy trailer

Geranium f1 Tornado Rose ivy trailer

Geranium f1 Tornado White ivy trailer

Geranium f1 Venus

Geranium f1 Video Mixed early dwarf

Geranium f2 Cabaret Mixed

Geranium f2 Capri Mixed multiflora

Geranium f2 Fleurz Blush ivy trailer

Geranium f2 Fleurz Lavender ivy trailer

Geranium f2 Fleurz Pink ivy trailer

Geranium f2 Fleurz Red ivy trailer

Geranium f2 Lucky Charm Mixed - Lucky Break

Geranium f2 Lustre Bi-colour red white edge

Geranium f2 Lustre Mixed formula

Geranium f2 Lustre Pink

Geranium f2 Lustre Rose

Geranium f2 Lustre Salmon

Geranium f2 Lustre Scarlet

Geranium f2 Lustre White

Geranium f2 Paintbox Mixed

Geranium f2 Palladium Mixed

Geranium f2 Spirit Orange

Geranium f2 Spirit Pink

Geranium f2 Spirit Red

Geranium f2 Spirit Rose

Geranium f2 Spirit Salmon

Geranium f2 Spirit Star

Geranium f2 Spirit White

Geranium f2 Summer Showers Burgundy ivy cascade

Geranium f2 Summer Showers Fuchsia ivy cascade

Geranium f2 Summer Showers Mixed ivy cascade

Geranium f2 Summer Showers White Blush ivy cascade

Geranium f2 Summertime Mixed fast trailer

Geranium fallax

Geranium fargesii

Geranium farreri

Geranium favosum

Geranium ferganense

Geranium fiebrigianum

Geranium filipes

Geranium finitimum

Geranium flaccidum

Geranium flanaganii

Geranium foetidum

Geranium franchetii

Geranium fremontii

Geranium frigidurbis

Geranium fuscicaule

Geranium geissei

Geranium gentryi

Geranium glaberrimum

Geranium glanduligerum

Geranium glandulosum

Geranium goldmanii

Geranium gorbizense

Geranium gracile

Geranium grandistipulatum

Geranium graniticola

Geranium grossularioides

Geranium guamanense

Geranium guatemalense

Geranium gymnocaulon v pumilum

Geranium hanaense

Geranium harmsii

Geranium harveyi

Geranium hattae

Geranium hayatanum

Geranium heinrichsae

Geranium henryi

Geranium hermanniaefolium

Geranium hernandesii

Geranium herrerae

Geranium herzogii

Geranium hillebrandii

Geranium himalayense

Geranium himalayense Irish Blue

Geranium himalayense Plenum

Geranium hintonii

Geranium hispidissimum

Geranium holm-nielsenii

Geranium holosericeum

Geranium homeanum

Geranium huantense

Geranium humboldtii

Geranium humile

Geranium hybrid aff incanum x robustum

Geranium hyperacrion

Geranium hystricinum

Geranium ibericum

Geranium igualatense

Geranium imbaburae

Geranium incanum

Geranium incanum pink form

Geranium incanum white or pink

Geranium incanum x Silver Cloak

Geranium jaekelae

Geranium jahnii

Geranium jinchuanense

Geranium Johnsons Blue

Geranium kashmirianum

Geranium kauaiense

Geranium kerberi

Geranium kilimandscharicum

Geranium killipianum

Geranium killipii

Geranium kishtvariense

Geranium knuthianum

Geranium knuthii

Geranium koreanum

Geranium kotschyi

Geranium krameri

Geranium kurdicum

Geranium laciniatum

Geranium lacustre

Geranium laevigatum

Geranium lainzii

Geranium lambertii

Geranium lanuginosum

Geranium lasiocaulon

Geranium lasiopus

Geranium latilobum

Geranium latum

Geranium laxicaule

Geranium lazicum

Geranium lechleri

Geranium lentum

Geranium leptodactylon

Geranium leucanthum

Geranium libani

Geranium libanoticum

Geranium lignosum

Geranium lilacinum

Geranium limae

Geranium linearilobum

Geranium loxense

Geranium lozanoi

Geranium lucidum

Geranium macrorrhizum

Geranium macrorrhizum Album

Geranium macrorrhizum Bevans Variety

Geranium macrorrhizum Czakor

Geranium macrorrhizum Ingwersens Variety

Geranium macrorrhizum Purple-Red wild form

Geranium macrorrhizum Snow Sprite

Geranium macrorrhizum Variegatum

Geranium macrorrhizum White Ness

Geranium macrostylum

Geranium macrostylum Leonidas

Geranium maculatum

Geranium maculatum Album

Geranium maculatum Choc-Leaf

Geranium maderense

Geranium maderense Guernsey White

Geranium magellanicum

Geranium magnificum x

Geranium magniflorum

Geranium makmelicum

Geranium malacoides

Geranium malpasense

Geranium malviflorum

Geranium maniculatum

Geranium mascatense

Geranium mathewsii

Geranium matucanense

Geranium maximowiczii

Geranium melanopotamicum

Geranium meridense

Geranium mexicanum

Geranium mlanjense

Geranium mogotocorense

Geranium molle

Geranium mollendiense

Geranium monanthum

Geranium montanum

Geranium monticola

Geranium moorei

Geranium moupinense

Geranium multiceps

Geranium multiflorum

Geranium multipartitum

Geranium multisectum

Geranium myrrhifolium

Geranium nakaoanum

Geranium nanum

Geranium napuligerum

Geranium natalense

Geranium neglectum

Geranium neohispidum

Geranium neopumilum

Geranium nervosum

Geranium Nimbus

Geranium niuginiense

Geranium nivale

Geranium niveum

Geranium nodosum

Geranium nuristanicum

Geranium nyassense

Geranium oaxacanum

Geranium obtusisepalum

Geranium ocellatum

Geranium ochsenii

Geranium Orchid Blue

Geranium oreganum

Geranium orientali-tibeticum

Geranium orientalitibeticum

Geranium ornithopodioides

Geranium ornithopodon

Geranium ovale

Geranium oxonianum Claridge Druce

Geranium paishanense

Geranium palcaense

Geranium pallens

Geranium pallidifolium

Geranium palmatipartitum

Geranium palmatum

Geranium paludosum

Geranium palustre

Geranium pamiricum

Geranium papuanum

Geranium paramicola

Geranium parodii

Geranium Pastel Clouds

Geranium patagonicum

Geranium pavonianum

Geranium peloponnesiacum

Geranium Perdita

Geranium Persian Carpet

Geranium persicum

Geranium peruvianum

Geranium petraeum

Geranium petri-davisii

Geranium pflanzii

Geranium phaeum

Geranium phaeum Album

Geranium phaeum Lily Lovell

Geranium phaeum Samobor

Geranium phaeum Variegatum

Geranium Philippe Vapelle

Geranium philippii

Geranium pichinchense

Geranium pilgerianum

Geranium pinetophilum

Geranium Pink Ghost

Geranium Pink Lace

Geranium piurense

Geranium planum

Geranium platyanthum

Geranium platypetalum

Geranium platyrenifolium

Geranium pogonanthum

Geranium polyanthes

Geranium ponticum

Geranium potentillifolium

Geranium potentilloides

Geranium potosinum

Geranium praemorsum

Geranium pratense

Geranium pratense blue form

Geranium pratense Dark - Midnight Reiter strain

Geranium pratense fa albiflorum Snowflakes

Geranium pratense mixed colours

Geranium pratense Mrs Kendall Clarke

Geranium pratense Okey Dokey

Geranium pratense Painters Palette mixed

Geranium pratense Pastel Palette mix

Geranium pratense Pink Splash

Geranium pratense Purple Haze

Geranium pratense Rose Queen

Geranium pratense Silver Queen

Geranium pratense Splish-Splash scarified

Geranium pratense Striatum - Splish-Splash

Geranium pratense Victor Reiter junior strain

Geranium pringlei

Geranium procurrens

Geranium pseudofarreri

Geranium pseudosibiricum

Geranium psilostemon

Geranium psilostemon Fluorescent

Geranium psilostemon Red Propellers

Geranium pulchrum

Geranium pulverulentum

Geranium purpureum

Geranium pusillum

Geranium pylzowianum

Geranium pyrenaicum

Geranium pyrenaicum Bill Wallis

Geranium pyrenaicum cvs mixed

Geranium pyrenaicum fa albiflorum

Geranium pyrenaicum Isparta

Geranium pyrenaicum Summer Sky

Geranium pyrenaicum Summer Snow

Geranium raimondii

Geranium rapulum

Geranium rectum

Geranium Red Propellers

Geranium reflexum

Geranium refractum

Geranium regelii

Geranium reichardii

Geranium reinii

Geranium renardii

Geranium renardii hybrids

Geranium renifolium

Geranium repens

Geranium reptans

Geranium retectum

Geranium retrorsum

Geranium reuteri

Geranium rhomboidale

Geranium richardsonii

Geranium riversleaianum

Geranium rivulare

Geranium robertianum

Geranium robertianum Album

Geranium robertianum Celtic White dwarf

Geranium robertianum organic seed

Geranium robustipes

Geranium robustum

Geranium robustum Silver Cloak

Geranium rosthornii

Geranium rotundifolium

Geranium rubescens

Geranium rubifolium

Geranium ruizii

Geranium rupicola

Geranium ruprechtii

Geranium sanguineum

Geranium sanguineum Album

Geranium sanguineum Dwarf Purple

Geranium sanguineum fa nanum

Geranium sanguineum John Elsley

Geranium sanguineum Lancastriense

Geranium sanguineum Max Frei

Geranium sanguineum Shepherds Warning

Geranium sanguineum Striatum

Geranium sanguineum Vision Light Pink

Geranium sanguineum Vision Violet

Geranium santacruzense

Geranium santanderiense

Geranium saxatile

Geranium schiedeanum

Geranium schimpffii

Geranium schlechteri

Geranium schlechteri aff.

Geranium schultzei

Geranium scissum

Geranium scullyi

Geranium sebosum

Geranium seemannii

Geranium selloi

Geranium sepalo-roseum

Geranium sericeum

Geranium sessiliflorum

Geranium sessiliflorum Nigricans

Geranium sessiliflorum Porters Pass

Geranium sessiliflorum Rubrum

Geranium shensianum

Geranium shikokianum

Geranium siamense

Geranium sibbaldioides

Geranium sibiricum

Geranium sidaefolium

Geranium Silver Shadow

Geranium sinense

Geranium skottsbergii

Geranium smithianum

Geranium soboliferum

Geranium sodiroanum

Geranium solanderi

Geranium solitarium

Geranium sophiae

Geranium soratae

Geranium sp. unident. ex AGS 2002 - 3325

Geranium sp. unident. large pink fl.

Geranium sp. unident. mauve fl. grey palmate lvs.

Geranium sp. unident. mauve-pink fl. divided lvs.

Geranium sp. unident. pink fl. 5 lobed lvs.

Geranium sp. unident. purple fl.

Geranium sparsiflorum

Geranium spp. and vars. mixed

Geranium spp. and vars. ornamental mix

Geranium spp. Hardy Mixed Select

Geranium spp. mix unident. South Africa

Geranium squamosum

Geranium staffordianum

Geranium stapfianum

Geranium stipulaceum

Geranium stoloniferum

Geranium stramineum

Geranium strictipes

Geranium strigosum

Geranium stuebelii

Geranium subacaulescens

Geranium subacutum

Geranium subargenteum

Geranium subcompositum

Geranium subglabrum

Geranium sublaevispermum

Geranium submolle

Geranium subnudicaule

Geranium subscandens

Geranium subulatostipulatum

Geranium Summer Cloud

Geranium superbum

Geranium suzukii

Geranium swatense

Geranium sylvaticum

Geranium sylvaticum Amy Doncaster

Geranium sylvaticum Mayflower

Geranium sylvaticum v albiflorum

Geranium tafiense

Geranium tanii

Geranium tenue

Geranium texanum

Geranium thessalum

Geranium thunbergii

Geranium thunbergii Jesters Jacket variegated

Geranium tiguense

Geranium totorense

Geranium tracyi

Geranium transbaicalicum

Geranium transversale

Geranium traversii

Geranium trianae

Geranium trifolium

Geranium trilophum

Geranium tripartitum

Geranium trolliifolium

Geranium tuberaria

Geranium tuberosum

Geranium tuberosum Atlanticum

Geranium tucumanum

Geranium umbelliforme

Geranium unguiculatum

Geranium uralense

Geranium vagans

Geranium velutinum

Geranium venezuelae

Geranium venturianum

Geranium versicolor

Geranium viscosissimum

Geranium vulcanicola

Geranium wakkerstroomianum

Geranium wakkerstroomianum w Lydenburg

Geranium wallichianum Buxtons Variety - Blue

Geranium wallichianum Syabru

Geranium wardii

Geranium weberbauerianum

Geranium weddellii

Geranium whartonianum

Geranium wilhelminae

Geranium Winscombe

Geranium wislizeni

Geranium wlassovianum

Geranium yaanense

Geranium yeoi

Geranium yesoense v nipponicum

Geranium yoshinoi

Geranium yuexiense

Geranium yunnanense

Hoarea trifoliolata

Jenkinsonia antidysenterica

Monsonia angustifolia

Monsonia brevirostrata

Monsonia burkeana

Monsonia emarginata

Monsonia luderitziana aff.

Monsonia praemorsa

Monsonia speciosa

Monsonia spp. mix

Monsonia umbellata

Myrrhidium urbanum

Pelargonium abrotanifolium

Pelargonium abrotanifolium aff

Pelargonium acetosum

Pelargonium aciculatum

Pelargonium acraeum

Pelargonium acugnaticum

Pelargonium aestivale

Pelargonium alatum

Pelargonium album

Pelargonium alchemilloides

Pelargonium alchemilloides dark zoned form

Pelargonium alchemilloides Drakensberg form

Pelargonium alchemilloides large green lvs.

Pelargonium alchemilloides lobed leaf green

Pelargonium alchemilloides lobed leaf red

Pelargonium alchemilloides Louwsburg form

Pelargonium alchemilloides pink fld form

Pelargonium alchemilloides round leaf green

Pelargonium alchemilloides round leaf red

Pelargonium alchemilloides white form

Pelargonium Alpha fancy leaf

Pelargonium alpinum

Pelargonium Als Pyramide

Pelargonium alternans

Pelargonium Always zonal

Pelargonium Andersonii

Pelargonium anethifolium

Pelargonium antidysentericum

Pelargonium apetalum

Pelargonium appendiculatum

Pelargonium Apricot Blossom ivy

Pelargonium ardens x

Pelargonium aridicola

Pelargonium aridum

Pelargonium Aroma Scented

Pelargonium asarifolium

Pelargonium Asperum

Pelargonium Atomic Snowflake

Pelargonium auritum ssp auritum

Pelargonium auritum ssp carneum

Pelargonium auritum ssp carneum white form

Pelargonium australe

Pelargonium australe prov Tas

Pelargonium Baby Snooks pansy fld.

Pelargonium balbisianum

Pelargonium barklyi

Pelargonium Better Times zonal

Pelargonium betulifolium

Pelargonium betulinum

Pelargonium betulinum pink form

Pelargonium betulinum white form

Pelargonium Birds Egg Double zonal

Pelargonium Black Lace regal

Pelargonium Blandfordianum

Pelargonium Blazonry

Pelargonium Bluebeard ivy

Pelargonium boranense

Pelargonium bowkeri

Pelargonium bowkeri golden form

Pelargonium brevirostre

Pelargonium Brilliant

Pelargonium Brunswick

Pelargonium bubonifolium

Pelargonium burtoniae

Pelargonium caespitosum

Pelargonium caffrum

Pelargonium caledonicum

Pelargonium caledonicum x auritum

Pelargonium caledonicum x rapaceum

Pelargonium campestre

Pelargonium Camphor Rose

Pelargonium candicans

Pelargonium Candy Dancer

Pelargonium capillare

Pelargonium capitatum

Pelargonium capitatum Attar of Roses

Pelargonium capitatum Variegatum

Pelargonium Carltons Pansy

Pelargonium carneum

Pelargonium carnosum

Pelargonium carnosum Ferulaceum

Pelargonium Caroline Schmidt

Pelargonium Catford Belle mini-regal

Pelargonium caucalifolium v caucalifolium

Pelargonium caucalifolium v convolvulifolium

Pelargonium caylae

Pelargonium ceratophyllum

Pelargonium chamaedrifolium

Pelargonium Charity

Pelargonium chelidonium Mooreesburg form

Pelargonium chelidonium Tulbagh form

Pelargonium Chelsea Gem

Pelargonium Chocolate Peppermint

Pelargonium christopheranum

Pelargonium citriodorum

Pelargonium citronellum

Pelargonium Citrosa

Pelargonium citrosum (name unresolved)

Pelargonium Clorinda

Pelargonium Clorinda Golden

Pelargonium Clorinda Variegated

Pelargonium columbinum

Pelargonium congestum

Pelargonium Congo regal

Pelargonium convolvulifolium

Pelargonium Copthorne

Pelargonium cordifolium

Pelargonium coronopifolium

Pelargonium cortusifolium

Pelargonium cotyledonis

Pelargonium Countess of Scarborough

Pelargonium crassicaule

Pelargonium crassipes

Pelargonium Creamy Nutmeg

Pelargonium crispum

Pelargonium crispum Variegatum

Pelargonium crithmifolium

Pelargonium crithmifolium aff. larger fl.

Pelargonium crithmifolium aff. smaller flower

Pelargonium Crystal Palace Gem

Pelargonium cucullatum ssp cucullatum

Pelargonium cucullatum ssp strigifolium

Pelargonium cucullatum ssp tabulare

Pelargonium curviandrum Oudtshoorn

Pelargonium Czar

Pelargonium dasyphyllum

Pelargonium Deans Delight

Pelargonium denticulatum

Pelargonium denticulatum very finely cut form

Pelargonium desertorum

Pelargonium Desrumeaux ivy

Pelargonium dichondrifolium

Pelargonium dipetalum

Pelargonium Distinction

Pelargonium diversifolium

Pelargonium divisifolium

Pelargonium dolomiticum

Pelargonium domesticum

Pelargonium Dominican Species Mixed

Pelargonium Dr Livingstone

Pelargonium drummondii

Pelargonium Duke of Edinburgh ivy

Pelargonium Earliana pansy fld

Pelargonium echinatum

Pelargonium echinatum large clear purple

Pelargonium echinatum pastel pink Anenous Pass

Pelargonium echinatum purple Clanwilliam

Pelargonium elatum

Pelargonium elegans

Pelargonium ellaphiae

Pelargonium ellaphiae x rapaceum

Pelargonium ellaphieae

Pelargonium elongatum

Pelargonium elongatum v tabulare

Pelargonium Empress of Russia regal

Pelargonium endlicherianum

Pelargonium engleranum

Pelargonium englerianum

Pelargonium erlangerianum

Pelargonium exhibens

Pelargonium exstipulatum

Pelargonium Fair Ellen

Pelargonium fasciculatum

Pelargonium fergusoniae

Pelargonium ferulaceum

Pelargonium Filbert

Pelargonium Filicifolium

Pelargonium fissifolium Worcester

Pelargonium Flower Basket regal

Pelargonium fragile

Pelargonium fragrans x

Pelargonium fragrans x Variegatum

Pelargonium Frank Headley

Pelargonium Frensham

Pelargonium Fringed Apple

Pelargonium frutetorum

Pelargonium fruticosum

Pelargonium fruticosum pink form

Pelargonium fulgidum

Pelargonium fulgidum orange form

Pelargonium Gardeners Joy regal

Pelargonium Gay Baby ivy

Pelargonium Georgia Peach regal

Pelargonium gibbosum

Pelargonium Ginger

Pelargonium glaucifolium x

Pelargonium glechomoides

Pelargonium glutinosum

Pelargonium glutinosum aff.

Pelargonium glutinosum Carneum

Pelargonium Golden Harry Hieover

Pelargonium grandicalcaratum

Pelargonium grandiflorum

Pelargonium graveolens

Pelargonium graveolens x Lady Plymouth

Pelargonium graveolens x Robers Lemon Rose

Pelargonium grenvilliae

Pelargonium greytonense

Pelargonium griseum

Pelargonium grossularioides

Pelargonium grossularioides (L) L Her

Pelargonium grossularioides v anceps

Pelargonium Happy Thought fancy lvd.

Pelargonium hararense

Pelargonium harveyanum

Pelargonium hederifolium

Pelargonium helmsii

Pelargonium hermanniifolium

Pelargonium heterophyllum

Pelargonium hirsutum v melananthum

Pelargonium hirtipetalum

Pelargonium hirtum

Pelargonium hispidum

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Magic Scarlet

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Appleblossom

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Coral

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Formula Mix

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Pink

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Red

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Rose

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Salmon

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Salmon Impr.

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Scarlet

Pelargonium hort. f1 Black Velvet Violet

Pelargonium hort. f1 Horizon Red

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Appleblossom

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Carmine Red

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Carmine Rose

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Deep Red

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Formula Mixture

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Light Salmon

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Orange

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Pink White Eye

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Pure White

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Red

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Red White Eye

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Rose

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Rose Red Eye

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Salmon

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Salmon Pale Edged

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Scarlet

Pelargonium hort. f1 Vogue Violet

Pelargonium hort. f2 Cabaret Mixed

Pelargonium hort. f2 Choice Mixed Colours

Pelargonium hort. f2 Multiflora Summer Bouquet

Pelargonium hort. f2 Paintbox Mixed improved

Pelargonium hort. f2 Summertime Formula Mix

Pelargonium hort. f2 Summertime Mixture o p

Pelargonium hort. Maverick Mixed

Pelargonium hortorum

Pelargonium humansdorpense

Pelargonium hybrid - P tricolor x ovale

Pelargonium hyperluceum

Pelargonium hypoleucum

Pelargonium hystrix

Pelargonium hystrix Calvinia Karoo

Pelargonium hystrix Matjiesfontein Karoo

Pelargonium incarnatum

Pelargonium incrassatum

Pelargonium incrassatum bright pink

Pelargonium incrassatum bright to deep cerise

Pelargonium inodorum

Pelargonium inquinans

Pelargonium iocastum

Pelargonium ionidiflorum

Pelargonium jacobii

Pelargonium Joy Lucille

Pelargonium Joy Lucille Variegated

Pelargonium Juniper

Pelargonium karooicum

Pelargonium kewense

Pelargonium klinghardtense

Pelargonium La France ivy

Pelargonium laevigatum

Pelargonium lanceolatum

Pelargonium laxum

Pelargonium leipoldtii

Pelargonium Lemon Crispum

Pelargonium leptum

Pelargonium Lillian Pottinger

Pelargonium Lilo Cascade

Pelargonium Lime

Pelargonium limoneum

Pelargonium Little Gem

Pelargonium Little Rascal pansy

Pelargonium littorale

Pelargonium lobatum

Pelargonium longicaule ssp longicaule

Pelargonium longifolium

Pelargonium luridum

Pelargonium luridum Dirkiesdorp - Wakkerstroom

Pelargonium luteolum

Pelargonium Mabel Grey

Pelargonium Mabel regal

Pelargonium madagascariense

Pelargonium Madame Salleron

Pelargonium magenteum

Pelargonium marginatum

Pelargonium melissimum

Pelargonium Mexican Beauty ivy

Pelargonium minimum

Pelargonium Mint Rose

Pelargonium mirabile

Pelargonium Mme Buchner zonal

Pelargonium Mme Layal pansy fld

Pelargonium mollicomum

Pelargonium moniliforme

Pelargonium monstrum

Pelargonium mossambicense

Pelargonium Mrs Kingsley

Pelargonium Mrs Parker fancy lvd.

Pelargonium Mrs Pollock

Pelargonium Mrs Taylor

Pelargonium multibracteatum

Pelargonium multicaule

Pelargonium multicaule ssp multicaule

Pelargonium multiradiatum

Pelargonium mutans

Pelargonium myrrhifolium aff.

Pelargonium myrrhifolium v coriandrifolium

Pelargonium myrrhifolium v myrrhifolium

Pelargonium nanum

Pelargonium Needham Market mini regal

Pelargonium nelsonii

Pelargonium nephrophyllum

Pelargonium nervifolium cream

Pelargonium nervifolium white

Pelargonium Nervosum

Pelargonium Nutmeg Lavender

Pelargonium oblongatum

Pelargonium ocellatum

Pelargonium ochroleucum

Pelargonium odoratissimum

Pelargonium oenothera

Pelargonium Old Spice

Pelargonium oreophilum

Pelargonium otaviense

Pelargonium ovale ssp hyalinum

Pelargonium ovale ssp hyalinum x tricolor

Pelargonium ovale ssp ovale

Pelargonium ovale ssp veronicifolium

Pelargonium ovatostipulatum

Pelargonium oxaliodes

Pelargonium panduriforme

Pelargonium paniculatum

Pelargonium papilionaceum

Pelargonium parvipetalum

Pelargonium Patricia Andrea zonal

Pelargonium patulum

Pelargonium Peacock

Pelargonium peltatum

Pelargonium peltatum f1 Summer Showers mix

Pelargonium peltatum f2 Speedy Mixed

Pelargonium peltatum S1 Carmine

Pelargonium peltatum S1 Cherry

Pelargonium peltatum S1 Fuchsia

Pelargonium peltatum S1 Lilac

Pelargonium peltatum S1 Orchid

Pelargonium peltatum S1 Pink Shades

Pelargonium peltatum S1 Red

Pelargonium peltatum S1 Rose Shades

Pelargonium peltatum S1 White

Pelargonium peltatum ssp lateripes

Pelargonium petroselinifolium

Pelargonium petroselinifolium Khamiesberg

Pelargonium pilosellifolium

Pelargonium Pink Paradox

Pelargonium Pink Rosebud zonal

Pelargonium pinnatum

Pelargonium plurisectum

Pelargonium Polka regal

Pelargonium praemorsum ssp praemorsum

Pelargonium Pretty Polly

Pelargonium Prince of Orange zonal

Pelargonium Prince Rupert

Pelargonium Prince Rupert Variegated

Pelargonium pseudofumarioides

Pelargonium pseudoglutinosum

Pelargonium pulchellum

Pelargonium pulverulentum

Pelargonium punctatum

Pelargonium Purple Unique

Pelargonium qiunatum

Pelargonium quercetorum

Pelargonium quercifolium aff.

Pelargonium quinquelobatum

Pelargonium radens

Pelargonium radens v radula

Pelargonium radens x vitifolium hybrid

Pelargonium radicatum

Pelargonium Radula

Pelargonium radulifolium

Pelargonium ranunculophyllum

Pelargonium rapaceum

Pelargonium rapaceum white

Pelargonium Red Rose

Pelargonium Red Rosebud zonal

Pelargonium redactus

Pelargonium reflexipetalum

Pelargonium reflexum

Pelargonium renifolium

Pelargonium reniforme

Pelargonium ribifolium

Pelargonium Robert Fish

Pelargonium Rococo zonal

Pelargonium rodneyanum

Pelargonium Rogers Delight

Pelargonium Rosie O Day

Pelargonium rotundipetalum

Pelargonium Rouletta

Pelargonium Royal Ascot

Pelargonium Royal Blood

Pelargonium rubiginosum

Pelargonium salmoneum

Pelargonium Sancho Panza mini regal

Pelargonium sanguineum x

Pelargonium saxifragoides

Pelargonium scabroide

Pelargonium scabrum

Pelargonium scarboroviae

Pelargonium schizopetalum

Pelargonium schlechteri

Pelargonium schlechteri n Drakensberg KZN

Pelargonium senecioides

Pelargonium sericifolium

Pelargonium setulosum

Pelargonium sibthorpifolium

Pelargonium sibthorpiifolium

Pelargonium sidaefolium

Pelargonium sidoides black

Pelargonium sidoides mauve

Pelargonium sidoides pale brown to mauve-black

Pelargonium Sixth Scent mix fragrant

Pelargonium Skies of Italy fancy lvd

Pelargonium Snowflake

Pelargonium somalense

Pelargonium sp. nov. Hoarea sect. Klein Roggeveld

Pelargonium sp. nov. Hoarea sect. Nardouwsberg

Pelargonium sp. nov. Hoarea sect. Robertson

Pelargonium sp. unident. 1m. shrub aromatic

Pelargonium sp. unident. ann. pink fl.

Pelargonium sp. unident. Hoarea dark red fl.

Pelargonium sp. unident. large pink fl.

Pelargonium sp. unident. sprawling perenn. variega

Pelargonium sp. unident. subterr. tuber

Pelargonium sp. unident. trifol. Hoarea pink

Pelargonium spinosum

Pelargonium splendide

Pelargonium spp. mix South African

Pelargonium spp. mix unidentif.

Pelargonium spp. mixed aromatic foliage

Pelargonium Spring Park mini regal

Pelargonium stenopetalum x

Pelargonium stipulaceum

Pelargonium Strawberry

Pelargonium subherbaceum

Pelargonium sublignosum

Pelargonium suburbanum ssp bipinatifidum

Pelargonium suburbanum ssp suburbanum

Pelargonium suburbanum white form

Pelargonium succulentum

Pelargonium Sugar Baby ivy

Pelargonium Sunset Ivy

Pelargonium Swarlberg

Pelargonium Sweet Miriam

Pelargonium Sybil Holmes ivy

Pelargonium tabulare

Pelargonium tenuicaule

Pelargonium ternatum

Pelargonium ternifolium

Pelargonium tetragonum

Pelargonium The Boar

Pelargonium tomentosum

Pelargonium tongaense

Pelargonium Torento

Pelargonium torulosum

Pelargonium tragacanthoides

Pelargonium transparense

Pelargonium transvaalense

Pelargonium triandrum

Pelargonium tricolor white and red

Pelargonium tricolor white black throat

Pelargonium tricuspidatum

Pelargonium trifidum

Pelargonium trifoliatum

Pelargonium trifoliolatum

Pelargonium triphyllum

Pelargonium triste

Pelargonium undulatum

Pelargonium unicolorum

Pelargonium urbanum

Pelargonium usambarense

Pelargonium Vancouver Centennial

Pelargonium viciifolium

Pelargonium vinaceum

Pelargonium violiflorum

Pelargonium viscosissimum

Pelargonium vitifolium

Pelargonium Voodoo regal

Pelargonium White Boar

Pelargonium White Mesh ivy

Pelargonium whytei

Pelargonium worcesterae

Pelargonium xerophyton

Pelargonium zonale

Pelargonium zonale f1 Apollo White

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Appleblossom

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Carmine Rose

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border mixture formula

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Pink

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Pink Bicolor

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Red

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Rose

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Rose bicolour

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Salmon

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Scarlet

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Starry

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border Violet

Pelargonium zonale f1 Border White

Pelargonium zonale f1 Bright Eyes

Pelargonium zonale f1 Cherie Salmon Rose

Pelargonium zonale f1 Deep Rose

Pelargonium zonale f1 Lavender

Pelargonium zonale f1 Magic Beauty Mixed

Pelargonium zonale f1 Magic Pink

Pelargonium zonale f1 Magic Red

Pelargonium zonale f1 Magic Rose

Pelargonium zonale f1 Magic Salmon

Pelargonium zonale f1 Mustang Cherry Red

Pelargonium zonale f1 Red

Pelargonium zonale f1 Rose

Pelargonium zonale f1 Salmon

Pelargonium zonale f1 Scarlet

Pelargonium zonale f1 Sprinter Scarlet

Pelargonium zonale f1 Violet

Pelargonium zonale f2 Colorama mix

Pelargonium zonale f2 Colorama Red - White

Pelargonium zonale f2 Colorama Rose

Pelargonium zonale f2 Colorama Salmon Red

Pelargonium zonale f2 Colorama Scarlet

Pelargonium zonale f2 Colorama White

Pelargonium zonale f2 Fiesta Appleblossom

Pelargonium zonale f2 Fiesta Carmine

Pelargonium zonale f2 Fiesta Formula Mix

Pelargonium zonale f2 Fiesta Red

Pelargonium zonale f2 Fiesta Rose

Pelargonium zonale f2 Fiesta Salmon

Pelargonium zonale f2 Fiesta Violet

Pelargonium zonale f2 Fiesta White

Pelargonium zonale f2 Mixture o p

Pelargonium zonale f2 Rose

Pelargonium zonale f2 Scarlet

Pelargonium zonale f2 White

Pelargonium zonale Florist Strain

Pelargonium zonale hybrids

Pelargonium zonale Lustre formula mixture

Sarcocaulon camdeboense

Sarcocaulon ciliatum

Sarcocaulon crassicaule

Sarcocaulon herrei Steinkopf

Sarcocaulon inerme (name not yet approved)

Sarcocaulon lheritieri

Sarcocaulon marlothii - mossamedense

Sarcocaulon multifidum mixed

Sarcocaulon multifidum pink

Sarcocaulon multifidum white

Sarcocaulon patersonii

Sarcocaulon peniculinum

Sarcocaulon salmoniflorum

Sarcocaulon sp nov yellow fl

Sarcocaulon sp unident pale cream fl

Sarcocaulon vanderietae

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