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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Click here for the currently available Hemerocallidaceae: species for which we have prices.

Hemerocallidaceae Photos
Click on a species name to see the web-page for that species,
with price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Agrostocrinum scabrum

Agrostocrinum stypandroides

Caesia lateriflora

Caesia micrantha

Caesia parviflora

Caesia vittata

Cookia australis

Crinum angustifolium svs

Crinum obliquum

Excremis coarctata

Geitonoplesium cymosum

Hemerocallis Abstract Art

Hemerocallis Alec Allen

Hemerocallis Alice In Wonderland

Hemerocallis American Revolution

Hemerocallis Amigos Guitar

Hemerocallis Archangel

Hemerocallis Arctic Snow

Hemerocallis Artists Favourite

Hemerocallis Atlanta Full House

Hemerocallis aurantiaca

Hemerocallis Aztec Furnace

Hemerocallis Baby Betsy

Hemerocallis Bald Eagle

Hemerocallis Ben Arthur Davis

Hemerocallis Bertie Ferris

Hemerocallis Black Magic

Hemerocallis Bonanza

Hemerocallis Breakaway tetraploid

Hemerocallis Buzz Bomb

Hemerocallis Cameo Princess

Hemerocallis Cape Cod

Hemerocallis Charming Heart

Hemerocallis Cherry Lace

Hemerocallis Chicago Sunrise

Hemerocallis citrina Baroni

Hemerocallis Contessa

Hemerocallis Corky

Hemerocallis Cranberry Baby

Hemerocallis Dance Ballerina Dance

Hemerocallis darrowiana

Hemerocallis Day Lily Hybrids

Hemerocallis disticha

Hemerocallis Doll House

Hemerocallis dumortieri

Hemerocallis Edelweiss

Hemerocallis Eenie Allegro

Hemerocallis Eenie Weenie

Hemerocallis Eruption

Hemerocallis esculenta

Hemerocallis exaltata

Hemerocallis Fairy Tale Pink

Hemerocallis forrestii

Hemerocallis Friendly Reminder

Hemerocallis fulva

Hemerocallis fulva fl pl Kwanzo

Hemerocallis Giant Tetra

Hemerocallis Gingerbread Man

Hemerocallis Golden Chimes

Hemerocallis Golden Luster

Hemerocallis Golden Scroll

Hemerocallis Golliwog

Hemerocallis hakuunensis

Hemerocallis Holiday Happiness

Hemerocallis hongdoensis

Hemerocallis Humdinger

Hemerocallis Hyperion

Hemerocallis Ice Carnival

Hemerocallis koraensis

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus fl pl

Hemerocallis Little Women

Hemerocallis littoralis

Hemerocallis littorea

Hemerocallis longituba

Hemerocallis Mahogany Treasure

Hemerocallis Mariska

Hemerocallis Metaphor

Hemerocallis micrantha

Hemerocallis middendorffii

Hemerocallis middendorffii v esculenta

Hemerocallis middendorffii v exaltata

Hemerocallis Mini Stella

Hemerocallis minor

Hemerocallis mix full range

Hemerocallis mix miniature hybrids

Hemerocallis mixed hybrid Day Lilies

Hemerocallis multiflora

Hemerocallis nana

Hemerocallis Nashville

Hemerocallis pedicellata

Hemerocallis Petite Ballet

Hemerocallis Pink Sleigh (!)

Hemerocallis Pistachio Mint

Hemerocallis plicata

Hemerocallis Precious One

Hemerocallis Real Wind

Hemerocallis Rebel Boy

Hemerocallis sempervirens

Hemerocallis sendaica

Hemerocallis sieboldii

Hemerocallis Siloam Tiny Mite

Hemerocallis spp. and vars. small flowered mix

Hemerocallis spp. select mix

Hemerocallis Stella d Oro tetraploid group

Hemerocallis taeanensis

Hemerocallis Tetraploid Group

Hemerocallis Thames River

Hemerocallis thunbergii

Hemerocallis Tootsie Rose

Hemerocallis vespertina

Hemerocallis Victoria Aden

Hemerocallis x luteola

Hemerocallis yezoensis

Herpolirion novae-zelandiae

Johnsonia lupulina

Johnsonia pubescens

Pasithea caerulea

Pasithea coerulea

Phormium aloides

Phormium cookianum

Phormium cookianum Duet variegated dwarf

Phormium cookianum hybs pink striped

Phormium cookianum purple red

Phormium cookianum Purpureum

Phormium cookianum seed ex dwarf vars

Phormium cookianum seed ex Emerald Green

Phormium cookianum seed ex variegated vars

Phormium cookianum Tricolor

Phormium Cream Beauty

Phormium forsterianum

Phormium Maori Chief

Phormium Pink Panther

Phormium Rainbow Surprise

Phormium sp. unident.

Phormium spp. mixed

Phormium tenax

Phormium tenax aff. prov. Chatham Is.

Phormium tenax Atropurpureum

Phormium tenax Atropurpureum Select Red

Phormium tenax Bronze (seed from)

Phormium tenax New Hybrids mix

Phormium tenax Variegatum

Phormium tenax Veitchianum

Phormium tenax Williamsii Variegated

Rhuacophila javanica

Simethis planifolia

Stypandra glauca

Stypandra grandiflora

Stypandra imbricata

Thelionema caespitosum

Tricoryne elatior

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