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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Click here for the currently available Ranunculaceae: species for which we have prices.

Ranunculaceae Photos
Click on a species name to see the web-page for that species,
with price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Acaena sp unident 1552

Aconitum alboviolaceum

Aconitum altissimum

Aconitum anadyrense

Aconitum anthora

Aconitum arcuatum

Aconitum austroyunnanense

Aconitum axilliflorum

Aconitum baicalense

Aconitum bisma

Aconitum brachypodum

Aconitum Bressingham Spire

Aconitum Cally Mix

Aconitum cammarum

Aconitum cammarum Bicolor

Aconitum carmichaelii

Aconitum carmichaelii Arendsii Group

Aconitum carmichaelii Barkers Variety

Aconitum carmichaelii Blue Bishop

Aconitum carmichaelii Latecrop or Spatlese

Aconitum carmichaelii v carmichaelii

Aconitum chinense

Aconitum columbianum

Aconitum columbianum yellow form

Aconitum compactum

Aconitum coreanum

Aconitum degenii

Aconitum dielsianum

Aconitum episcopale

Aconitum excelsum

Aconitum falconeri

Aconitum ferox

Aconitum fischeri

Aconitum forrestii

Aconitum fusungense

Aconitum grignae

Aconitum gymnandrum aff

Aconitum hemsleyanum

Aconitum hemsleyanum Red Wine

Aconitum henryi

Aconitum heterophyllum

Aconitum Ivorine

Aconitum jaluense

Aconitum japonicum

Aconitum kirinense

Aconitum krylovi

Aconitum kuznetzowii

Aconitum lamarckii

Aconitum lasiostomum

Aconitum luridum

Aconitum lycoctonum ssp lycoctonum

Aconitum lycoctonum ssp septentrionale

Aconitum manshuricum

Aconitum maximum

Aconitum moldavicum

Aconitum nagarum

Aconitum napellus

Aconitum napellus Bergfurst

Aconitum napellus Carneum

Aconitum napellus Newry Blue

Aconitum napellus Sparks Variety

Aconitum napellus ssp firmum

Aconitum napellus ssp hians

Aconitum napellus ssp pyramidalis Album

Aconitum napellus ssp vulgare

Aconitum napellus ssp vulgare Albidum

Aconitum noveboracense

Aconitum novoluridum

Aconitum orientale

Aconitum palmatum

Aconitum paniculatum

Aconitum pendulum

Aconitum ranunculiflorum

Aconitum reclinatum

Aconitum rostratum

Aconitum sachalinense

Aconitum sajanense

Aconitum scaposum v vaginatum

Aconitum schukinii

Aconitum seoulense

Aconitum sp. unident. ex ACE 1449

Aconitum sp. unident. Nepal

Aconitum Sparks Variety

Aconitum Stainless Steel

Aconitum stoloniferum

Aconitum tauricum

Aconitum tokii

Aconitum uncinatum

Aconitum variegatum

Aconitum volubile

Aconitum vulparia

Aconitum xx

Aconitum yezoense

Actaea arizonica

Actaea asiatica

Actaea cimicifuga

Actaea cimicifuga foetida Elstead

Actaea cimicifuga White Pearl

Actaea cordifolia

Actaea cordifolia x

Actaea dahurica

Actaea dioica

Actaea elata

Actaea europaea

Actaea heracleifolia

Actaea japonica

Actaea pachypoda

Actaea pachypoda fa rubrocarpa

Actaea pachypoda Silver Leaf

Actaea podocarpa

Actaea racemosa

Actaea racemosa Purpurea

Actaea ramosa

Actaea ramosa Atropurpurea

Actaea rubra

Actaea rubra Alba

Actaea rubra ssp arguta

Actaea simplex

Actaea simplex Atropurpurea Group

Actaea simplex Brunette

Actaea simplex dark leaved mix

Actaea simplex Pritchards Giant

Actaea spicata

Actaea spicata v acuminata

Actaea vaginata

Actinospora dahurica

Adonis aestivalis

Adonis altaicus

Adonis amurensis

Adonis amurensis Pleniflora

Adonis annua

Adonis brevistyla

Adonis chrysocyathus

Adonis flammea

Adonis microcarpa

Adonis multiflora

Adonis vernalis hort. svs

Alcea rosea

Alcea sp. unident. prov Turkey

Allium paucifolium

Allium texanum

Anemoclema glaucifolium

Anemona pulsatilla Bells Violet cs

Anemona pulsatilla cs strat

Anemone acutiloba

Anemone alpina bs

Anemone alpina cs

Anemone alpina red form cs

Anemone alpina ssp alpina

Anemone alpina ssp apiifolia cs

Anemone alpina ssp myrrhidifolia (ssp name unresol

Anemone altaica

Anemone ambigua

Anemone americana

Anemone angulosa

Anemone apennina

Anemone apennina Petrovac

Anemone apennina v albiflora

Anemone baldensis

Anemone barbulata

Anemone begoniifolia

Anemone biarmiensis

Anemone biflora

Anemone blanda

Anemone blanda Atrocaerulea

Anemone blanda blue shades

Anemone blanda Charmer

Anemone blanda mix

Anemone blanda Radar

Anemone blanda Rosea

Anemone blanda White Splendour

Anemone bungeana

Anemone canadensis

Anemone caroliniana bs

Anemone caroliniana cs

Anemone cathayensis

Anemone cernua

Anemone collesina

Anemone cordata

Anemone coronaria De Caen bicolor

Anemone coronaria De Caen Hollandia scarlet

Anemone coronaria De Caen Mixed formula

Anemone coronaria De Caen Mixed o p

Anemone coronaria De Caen Mr Fokker

Anemone coronaria De Caen Mrs Fokker

Anemone coronaria De Caen Sylphide light purple

Anemone coronaria De Caen The Bride white

Anemone coronaria hyb f1 Mona Lisa mix

Anemone coronaria hyb Mona Lisa Wine - White bicol

Anemone coronaria hyb St Brigid Lord Lieutenant

Anemone coronaria hyb St Brigid Mixed formula

Anemone coronaria hyb St Brigid Mixed o p

Anemone coronaria hyb St Brigid Mount Everest

Anemone coronaria hyb St Brigid The Admiral

Anemone coronaria mix hort.

Anemone crinita

Anemone cylindrica

Anemone dahurica

Anemone davidii

Anemone decapetala bs

Anemone demissa

Anemone dichotoma

Anemone drummondii bs

Anemone elongata

Anemone eranthoides

Anemone fannini

Anemone flaccida

Anemone flavescens

Anemone fulgens x

Anemone fulgens x Multipetala

Anemone glaucifolia

Anemone groenlandica

Anemone helleborifolia

Anemone hortensis

Anemone hortensis ssp heldreichii

Anemone hupehensis

Anemone hupehensis September Charm

Anemone hupehensis v japonica

Anemone hupehensis v japonica alba

Anemone hupehensis v japonica dark pink form

Anemone hupehensis v japonica Hadspen Abundance

Anemone hupehensis v japonica Pamina

Anemone hupehensis v japonica Pink Saucer

Anemone hupehensis v japonica Prince Henry

Anemone hupehensis v japonica Whirlwind

Anemone hybrida x Konigin Charlotte bs

Anemone hybrida x unident. bs

Anemone lesseri x bs (unresolved name)

Anemone lipsiensis x

Anemone macrophylla (name unresolved)

Anemone magellanica

Anemone mexicana

Anemone moorei

Anemone multifida

Anemone multifida fa saxicola

Anemone multifida fa tetonensis

Anemone multifida Major

Anemone multifida mixed

Anemone multifida rose form

Anemone multifida Rubra

Anemone multifida v globosa

Anemone multifida yellow form bs

Anemone narcissiflora

Anemone narcissiflora small seeded form

Anemone narcissiflora ssp. zephyra

Anemone narcissiflora v caucasica

Anemone narcissiflora v nipponica

Anemone narcissiflora v zephyra

Anemone nemorosa

Anemone nemorosa Alba Plena - Vestal

Anemone nemorosa Allenii

Anemone nemorosa blue

Anemone nemorosa Blue Centred Double

Anemone nemorosa Bowles Purple

Anemone nemorosa Bracteata

Anemone nemorosa Green Fingers

Anemone nemorosa Hannah Gubbay

Anemone nemorosa Hilda

Anemone nemorosa Leeds Variety

Anemone nemorosa Lychette

Anemone nemorosa Monstrosa

Anemone nemorosa Pentre Pink

Anemone nemorosa Rosea

Anemone nemorosa Royal Blue

Anemone nemorosa Virescens

Anemone nemorosa Wilkes White

Anemone nigricans

Anemone nikoensis

Anemone occidentalis

Anemone occidentalis a

Anemone ochotensis

Anemone palmata b.s.

Anemone palmata hort. c.s.

Anemone palmata Lutea bs hort.

Anemone parviflora

Anemone patens b.s.

Anemone patens c.s.

Anemone patens Wolfgangiana

Anemone patens yellow form

Anemone pavonina

Anemone polyanthes

Anemone pratensis

Anemone pratensis Rubra

Anemone pratensis ssp. nigricans

Anemone pratensis ssp. nigricans organic seed

Anemone pulsatilla

Anemone pulsatilla Alba b.s.

Anemone pulsatilla Alba Bells White

Anemone pulsatilla Alba Bells White stratified see

Anemone pulsatilla b.s.

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Pearl

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Red

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Red stratified seed

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Rose

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Rose stratified seed

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Violet

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Violet b.s.

Anemone pulsatilla Bells Violet stratified seed

Anemone pulsatilla Bells White

Anemone pulsatilla blue form

Anemone pulsatilla Blues Mixed

Anemone pulsatilla Dissecta Mixed

Anemone pulsatilla Eva Constance

Anemone pulsatilla fringed form

Anemone pulsatilla Gotlandica b.s.

Anemone pulsatilla Heiler Hybrids mix

Anemone pulsatilla Pasque Flower Mixture r.s.

Anemone pulsatilla Perlen Glocke c.s.

Anemone pulsatilla prov. Poland

Anemone pulsatilla purple form

Anemone pulsatilla Red and Pink Mix

Anemone pulsatilla red form

Anemone pulsatilla Rose Bells - Rosen Glocke

Anemone pulsatilla Rubra - Red Bells b.s.

Anemone pulsatilla Rubra - Red Bells c.s.

Anemone pulsatilla Rubra - Rote Glocke strat.

Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis

Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis Budapest

Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis Papageno Mix bs

Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis Prima Papageno Mix

Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis white form

Anemone pulsatilla Star

Anemone pulsatilla stratified seed

Anemone pulsatilla v badraensis

Anemone pulsatilla Violacea

Anemone pulsatilla white fringed form bs

Anemone quinquefolia

Anemone raddeana

Anemone ranunculoides

Anemone ranunculoides semi plena

Anemone ranunculoides ssp wockeana

Anemone reflexa

Anemone rigida

Anemone riparia

Anemone rivularis

Anemone rivularis ex CC 4857

Anemone rupestris

Anemone rupicola bs

Anemone September Sprite

Anemone serotina

Anemone sherriffii

Anemone sibirica

Anemone slavica

Anemone sp. unident.

Anemone sp. unident. white

Anemone speciosa

Anemone spp. mix

Anemone sylvestris Elise Fellman - Plena

Anemone sylvestris hort.

Anemone sylvestris Madonna

Anemone taraoi

Anemone tenuifolia

Anemone tetrasepala

Anemone tomentosa

Anemone tomentosa Robustissima

Anemone tomentosa Rose Beauty

Anemone transsilvanica

Anemone trifolia proteg.

Anemone trullifolia

Anemone trullifolia alba

Anemone tuberosa pink fl.

Anemone tuberosa white fl.

Anemone vernalis v pyrenaica

Anemone vesicatoria svs

Anemone virginiana

Anemone vitifolia

Anemonella thalictroides

Anemonella thalictroides Cameo

Anemonella thalictroides Double Green

Anemonella thalictroides Full Double White

Anemonella thalictroides Green Hurricane

Anemonella thalictroides Schoaffs Double Pink

Anemonella thalictroides semi-double

Anemonella thalictroides single pink

Anemonidium dichotomum

Anemonoides altaensis

Anemonoides altaica

Anemonoides amurensis

Anemonoides raddeana

Anemonopsis macrophylla

Anemonopsis macrophylla White Swan

Aquilegia advena

Aquilegia afghanica

Aquilegia Alchemists Gold select dwarf mix

Aquilegia Aline Fairweather

Aquilegia Allan Dickinson

Aquilegia alpina Alba hort.

Aquilegia alpina Carl Ziepke

Aquilegia alpina Hensoll Harebell

Aquilegia alpina hort

Aquilegia alpina wild form hort.

Aquilegia amurensis

Aquilegia anemonoides

Aquilegia Apple Blossom

Aquilegia aragonensis

Aquilegia atrata

Aquilegia atrovinosa

Aquilegia aurea

Aquilegia Ballerina

Aquilegia baluchistanica

Aquilegia barbaricina

Aquilegia barnebyi

Aquilegia barnebyi small form

Aquilegia bertolonii Alba proteg.

Aquilegia bertolonii hort.

Aquilegia Blackcap

Aquilegia Blue Berry

Aquilegia Blue Dream

Aquilegia Blue Moon

Aquilegia borodinii

Aquilegia brachyceras

Aquilegia brevistyla

Aquilegia buergeria

Aquilegia buergeriana

Aquilegia buergeriana Calimero

Aquilegia Burnished Rose

Aquilegia caerulea

Aquilegia caerulea Biedermeier Mix

Aquilegia caerulea Blue Dream

Aquilegia caerulea deep blue prov. NM

Aquilegia caerulea Dragonfly dwarf hybrid mix

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Blue Jay dark blue

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Bluebird mid blue a

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Bunting light blue

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Cardinal dark red a

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Dove pure white

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Goldfinch light yel

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Mix

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Nightingale lavende

Aquilegia caerulea f1 Songbird Robin large rose an

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Alaska - Swan White

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Colorado - Swan Violet

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Florida - Swan Yellow

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Georgia - Swan Red - W

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Kansas - Swan Red - Go

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Louisiana - Swan Burgu

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Montana - Swan Rose -

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Oregon - Swan Pink - Y

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Series Mix - Swan Mix

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Vermont - Swan Lavende

Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Virginia - Swan Blue -

Aquilegia caerulea Heavenly Blue

Aquilegia caerulea hybrid special strain mix

Aquilegia caerulea Koralle

Aquilegia caerulea Maxi large yellow

Aquilegia caerulea McKana Hybrids Mix

Aquilegia caerulea Mrs Nicholls

Aquilegia caerulea Mrs Scott Elliotts Variety Mixe

Aquilegia caerulea Red Hobbit

Aquilegia caerulea Rhubarb - Custard

Aquilegia caerulea Rose Queen

Aquilegia caerulea Snow Star

Aquilegia caerulea Star Blue

Aquilegia caerulea Star Red - Crimson

Aquilegia caerulea Star White - Kristalle

Aquilegia caerulea v ochroleuca

Aquilegia caerulea vars. mixed

Aquilegia caerulea wild form hort.

Aquilegia caerulea x Sunshine

Aquilegia canadensis

Aquilegia canadensis Corbett

Aquilegia canadensis Hummingbird red and yellow dw

Aquilegia canadensis hybrid mix

Aquilegia canadensis Little Lanterns

Aquilegia canadensis Nana

Aquilegia canadensis Pink Lanterns

Aquilegia cazoriensis

Aquilegia Celestial Queen

Aquilegia champagnatii

Aquilegia chaplinei

Aquilegia chitralensis

Aquilegia chrysantha

Aquilegia chrysantha Denver Gold

Aquilegia chrysantha Denver Gold organic seed

Aquilegia chrysantha dwarf form

Aquilegia chrysantha wild form hort.

Aquilegia chrysantha Yellow Queen

Aquilegia clematidea

Aquilegia clematiflora Firewheel

Aquilegia coerulea

Aquilegia colchica

Aquilegia Coral

Aquilegia cultorum

Aquilegia Danish Dwarf

Aquilegia desertorum

Aquilegia dicentrifolia

Aquilegia dichroa

Aquilegia dinarica

Aquilegia discolor

Aquilegia discolor hybrids

Aquilegia Double Black

Aquilegia Double Pleat Blackberry

Aquilegia Double Pleat Blue and White

Aquilegia Double Pleat Pink and White

Aquilegia Double Red - White

Aquilegia Double Rubies

Aquilegia Double White

Aquilegia dumeticola

Aquilegia einseleana

Aquilegia elegantissima

Aquilegia elegantula

Aquilegia euchroma

Aquilegia eximia

Aquilegia f1 Music Blue-white

Aquilegia f1 Music Harmony Mixed

Aquilegia f1 Music Pink-white

Aquilegia f1 Music Pure White

Aquilegia f1 Music Red-gold

Aquilegia f1 Music Red-white

Aquilegia f1 Music Yellow

Aquilegia f1 Olympia Blue-white

Aquilegia f1 Olympia Red-gold

Aquilegia f1 Origami Blue and White

Aquilegia f1 Origami Mixed

Aquilegia f1 Origami Pink and White

Aquilegia f1 Origami Red and White

Aquilegia f1 Origami Rose and White

Aquilegia f1 Origami White

Aquilegia f1 Origami Yellow

Aquilegia f1 Spring Magic Navy-White

Aquilegia f1 Spring Magic Pale Red-White

Aquilegia Firecracker

Aquilegia flabellata

Aquilegia flabellata Alba -Angel White

Aquilegia flabellata Angel Blue

Aquilegia flabellata Blackcurrant Ice

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo Blue and White dwarf

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo Mixed dwarf

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo pale Red and White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo Rose and White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo Soft Pink

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Cameo White dwarf

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Blue-White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Mixed

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Pale Red-Yell

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Pink-White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic White

Aquilegia flabellata f1 Spring Magic Yellow

Aquilegia flabellata fa alba White Jewel

Aquilegia flabellata hybrids - cvs mix

Aquilegia flabellata Ministar

Aquilegia flabellata prov. Mt Horohora

Aquilegia flabellata seeds from Rebun-to cv

Aquilegia flabellata v pumila

Aquilegia flabellata v pumila fa alba Angel White

Aquilegia flabellata v pumila Kurilensis

Aquilegia flabellata v pumila Kurilensis Rosea

Aquilegia flabellata v pumila Rosea

Aquilegia flabellata v pumila Select blue

Aquilegia flabellata v pumila Yezoense

Aquilegia flabellata yellow form

Aquilegia Flamingo Blue

Aquilegia Flamingo Pink

Aquilegia flavescens

Aquilegia formosa

Aquilegia formosa v pauciflora

Aquilegia formosa v truncata

Aquilegia fragrans

Aquilegia fragrans ex CC 5233

Aquilegia Fragrant Fantasy

Aquilegia glandulosa

Aquilegia gracillima

Aquilegia grahamii

Aquilegia grata

Aquilegia guarensis

Aquilegia haylodgensis

Aquilegia helenae

Aquilegia hinckleyana

Aquilegia hirsutissima

Aquilegia Honey Dew

Aquilegia hybrid unident.

Aquilegia hybrid yellow - orange

Aquilegia hybrida Sahin long spurred

Aquilegia hybs dwarf mixed

Aquilegia Ice Blue

Aquilegia Ice Cream Mixed

Aquilegia Ice Cream Strawberry

Aquilegia Iceberg

Aquilegia incurvata

Aquilegia Irish Elegance

Aquilegia jonesii

Aquilegia jonesii x saximontana

Aquilegia kareliniana

Aquilegia karelinii

Aquilegia kitaibelii

Aquilegia kuhistanica

Aquilegia kurramensis

Aquilegia lactiflora

Aquilegia lakitensis

Aquilegia Langdons Rainbow mix

Aquilegia laramiensis

Aquilegia latiuscula

Aquilegia leptoceras

Aquilegia Lime Frost

Aquilegia linifolia

Aquilegia litardierei

Aquilegia longissima

Aquilegia maimanica

Aquilegia maruyamana

Aquilegia Mellow Yellow

Aquilegia micrantha X

Aquilegia microcentra

Aquilegia Milk and Honey

Aquilegia montisicciana

Aquilegia moorcroftiana x Honeydew

Aquilegia nevadensis

Aquilegia nigricans

Aquilegia nivalis

Aquilegia nugorensis

Aquilegia Nuthatch

Aquilegia olympica blue form

Aquilegia olympica pink form

Aquilegia ottonis ssp amaliae

Aquilegia ottonis ssp amaliae prov. Greece

Aquilegia oxysepala

Aquilegia pancicii

Aquilegia parviflora

Aquilegia paui

Aquilegia Perfumed Garden

Aquilegia Pink Cascade

Aquilegia Pom-poms Carmine and White

Aquilegia Pom-poms Crimson Buttons

Aquilegia Pom-poms Mixed

Aquilegia Pom-poms Violet

Aquilegia pubescens

Aquilegia pubiflora

Aquilegia pyrenaica

Aquilegia pyrenaica dwarf form

Aquilegia pyrenaica prov. Pyrenees

Aquilegia rockii

Aquilegia Roman Bronze

Aquilegia Rose Queen

Aquilegia Royal Purple

Aquilegia Sahins Long Spurred mix

Aquilegia saximontana

Aquilegia saximontana x jonesii

Aquilegia scopulorum

Aquilegia scopulorum Perplexans

Aquilegia secundiflora

Aquilegia shockleyi

Aquilegia sibirica

Aquilegia sibirica Biedermeier blue

Aquilegia sibirica Biedermeier Mixed dwarf

Aquilegia Silver Edge

Aquilegia Simones White

Aquilegia skinneri

Aquilegia skinneri Ruby Francis

Aquilegia skinneri Tequila Sunrise

Aquilegia Snow Queen

Aquilegia Snowballs

Aquilegia sp. unident.

Aquilegia sp. unident. blue - white 10cm.

Aquilegia sp. unident. fl. pl. white

Aquilegia sp. unident. Kurdistanica

Aquilegia sp. unident. yellow long spurred

Aquilegia spp. - vars. UK National Collection Mix

Aquilegia spp. and vars. mix Cottage Garden

Aquilegia spp. and vars. most fragrant mix

Aquilegia spp. and vars. rock garden mix

Aquilegia spp. mixed Russian

Aquilegia Star Blue

Aquilegia Star Crimson - Red

Aquilegia Star Crystal

Aquilegia Star Gold

Aquilegia Star Snow

Aquilegia Starburst Mixed

Aquilegia stuartii

Aquilegia Sunburst Ruby

Aquilegia Sweet Lemon Drops

Aquilegia Sweet Rainbows

Aquilegia Sweet Surprise frag blue-black

Aquilegia taygetea

Aquilegia thalictrifolia

Aquilegia transsilvanica

Aquilegia triternata

Aquilegia triternata hybrids

Aquilegia truncata

Aquilegia turkestanica

Aquilegia viridiflora

Aquilegia viridiflora Chocolate Soldier

Aquilegia viridiflora x

Aquilegia viscosa proteg.

Aquilegia vulgaris

Aquilegia vulgaris Adelaide Addison

Aquilegia vulgaris Aline Fairweather

Aquilegia vulgaris Altrosa

Aquilegia vulgaris Anemonaeflora

Aquilegia vulgaris Antique Pink

Aquilegia vulgaris Baicalensis Group

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Black

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Bordeaux

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Christa blue white edged

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Nancy

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Nora

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Purple

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Rose

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Series Mix formula

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow Series Mix o p

Aquilegia vulgaris Barlow White

Aquilegia vulgaris Black Double

Aquilegia vulgaris Black Single

Aquilegia vulgaris blue form

Aquilegia vulgaris Chelsea Physic

Aquilegia vulgaris Clematiflora Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris Clematiflora Hybrids

Aquilegia vulgaris Clematiflora Mix

Aquilegia vulgaris Clematiflora Rosea

Aquilegia vulgaris Clematiflora Royal Purple

Aquilegia vulgaris Clematiflora Rubra

Aquilegia vulgaris Clematiflora White

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Dark Purple

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Mix

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Red

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Rose

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine Salmon Rose

Aquilegia vulgaris Clementine White

Aquilegia vulgaris Coral

Aquilegia vulgaris fa inversa

Aquilegia vulgaris Gisela Powell

Aquilegia vulgaris golden foliage

Aquilegia vulgaris Grandmothers Garden mix

Aquilegia vulgaris Green Apples

Aquilegia vulgaris Guinness William - Magpie

Aquilegia vulgaris Guinness William - Magpie doubl

Aquilegia vulgaris hybs. - vars. mix Cottage Garde

Aquilegia vulgaris Leprechaun Gold

Aquilegia vulgaris Lime Sorbet

Aquilegia vulgaris Magpie

Aquilegia vulgaris Magpie Double

Aquilegia vulgaris Matthew Strominger

Aquilegia vulgaris Maxi Yellow

Aquilegia vulgaris Mellow Yellow

Aquilegia vulgaris Miss M I Huish

Aquilegia vulgaris Mrs Fincham

Aquilegia vulgaris Munstead White

Aquilegia vulgaris Oranges and Lemons

Aquilegia vulgaris organic seed

Aquilegia vulgaris Patricia Zavros

Aquilegia vulgaris pink - white

Aquilegia vulgaris Pink Layered

Aquilegia vulgaris Pink Petticoat double

Aquilegia vulgaris Pom-pom Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris Pom-pom White

Aquilegia vulgaris purple

Aquilegia vulgaris purple form

Aquilegia vulgaris Rubra

Aquilegia vulgaris Snow Queen

Aquilegia vulgaris Star Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris Star Red

Aquilegia vulgaris stellata form

Aquilegia vulgaris stellata form pink

Aquilegia vulgaris stellata form purple

Aquilegia vulgaris stellata white form

Aquilegia vulgaris Strawberry Ice Cream

Aquilegia vulgaris Sunburst Ruby

Aquilegia vulgaris tall double mix spurless

Aquilegia vulgaris Tall Form

Aquilegia vulgaris Tower Dark Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris Tower Formula Mix doubles

Aquilegia vulgaris Tower Light Pink

Aquilegia vulgaris Tower White

Aquilegia vulgaris Triple Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris Triple Dark Purple

Aquilegia vulgaris Triple Mauve

Aquilegia vulgaris Triple Series Mixed

Aquilegia vulgaris Triple White

Aquilegia vulgaris v flore pleno blue

Aquilegia vulgaris v flore pleno pink

Aquilegia vulgaris v flore pleno Ruby Port

Aquilegia vulgaris v flore-pleno Dorothy Rose

Aquilegia vulgaris v flore-pleno mix

Aquilegia vulgaris v flore-pleno purple

Aquilegia vulgaris v flore-pleno Tower Light Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris v flore-pleno white

Aquilegia vulgaris v vervaeneana

Aquilegia vulgaris v vervaeneana double white

Aquilegia vulgaris v vervaeneana pink

Aquilegia vulgaris Variegata

Aquilegia vulgaris Variegata Blue Stems

Aquilegia vulgaris Vervaeneana Group

Aquilegia vulgaris Warwick

Aquilegia vulgaris Westfield

Aquilegia vulgaris wild forms mixed

Aquilegia vulgaris William Guinness

Aquilegia vulgaris Winky Double Dark Blue - White

Aquilegia vulgaris Winky Double Mixed formula

Aquilegia vulgaris Woodside Blue

Aquilegia vulgaris Woodside Gold

Aquilegia vulgaris Woodside Strain variegated

Aquilegia vulgaris Woodside Variegata

Aquilegia vulgaris Woodside White

Aquilegia White Angel

Aquilegia Winky Double Rose - White

Aquilegia Winky Double White - White

Aquilegia Winky Early Sky Blue

Aquilegia Winky Purple and White

Aquilegia Winky Red and White

Aquilegia Winky Rose - Rose

Aquilegia Winky Single Blue - White

Aquilegia Winky Single Mixed

Aquilegia Winky Single White

Aquilegia Woodside Blue

Aquilegia Woodside Mix variegated

Aquilegia Woodside Red

Aquilegia Woodside White

Aquilegia yabeana

Arabis blepharophylla

Asteropyrum cavaleriei

Asteropyrum cavalierei

Atragene japonica

Atragene zeylanica

Baccharis rhomboidalis

Beesia deltophylla

Callianthemum coriandrifolium

Callianthemum kernerianum

Caltha alba

Caltha leptocephala Jackson Co.

Caltha leptosepala Mesa Co.

Caltha leptosepala ssp. howellii

Caltha novae-zelandae

Caltha obtusa

Caltha palustris

Caltha palustris Flore Pleno

Caltha palustris ssp laeta

Caltha palustris Stagnalis

Caltha palustris v alba

Caltha palustris v himalensis

Caltha palustris v palustris

Caltha sagittata

Caltha silvestris

Caltha sinogracilis ssp rubriflora

Ceratocephala falcata

Ceratocephala orthoceras

Ceratocephala testiculata

Chaenomeles spp. and vars. mix

Cimicifuga arizonica

Cimicifuga calthifolia

Cimicifuga heracleifolia

Cimicifuga palmata

Cimicifuga podocarpa

Clematis acerifolia

Clematis addisonii

Clematis aethusifolia

Clematis afoliata

Clematis akebioides

Clematis alpina b.s.

Clematis alpina c.s.

Clematis alpina ex Pink Flamingo

Clematis alpina Frances Rivis

Clematis alpina Frankie

Clematis alpina light blue form

Clematis alpina Rubra

Clematis alpina v ochotensis

Clematis alpina varieties mixed

Clematis apiifolia

Clematis Arctic Queen

Clematis argentilucida

Clematis aristata

Clematis aristata prov. Tas.

Clematis arizonica

Clematis armandii

Clematis aromatica

Clematis aspleniifolia

Clematis Aureolin

Clematis australis c.s.

Clematis austrojapanensis

Clematis Bill MacKenzie

Clematis Blue Eclipse

Clematis bojeri

Clematis boninensis

Clematis brachiata

Clematis brevicaudata

Clematis buchananiana

Clematis campaniflora

Clematis campaniflora Lisboa

Clematis Carnaby

Clematis chiisanensis

Clematis chrysocoma

Clematis cirrhosa

Clematis cirrhosa v balearica

Clematis columbiana

Clematis columbiana blue and pink form

Clematis columbiana v tenuiloba Big Horn Mts

Clematis columbiana v tenuiloba Ylva

Clematis Columella

Clematis commutata

Clematis Constance

Clematis courtoisii

Clematis crassifolia

Clematis crispa

Clematis daurica

Clematis delavayi

Clematis delicata

Clematis denticulata

Clematis diversifolia x Hendersonii

Clematis Doctor Ruppel

Clematis douglasii v scottii

Clematis drummondii

Clematis durandii x

Clematis Early Sensation

Clematis eriostemon

Clematis Etoile Rose

Clematis fargesii

Clematis Fascination

Clematis filamentosa

Clematis finetiana

Clematis flabellata

Clematis flammula b.s.

Clematis flammula c.s.

Clematis florida

Clematis foetida

Clematis forsteri

Clematis fremontii b.s.

Clematis fruticosa

Clematis fusca

Clematis fusca v violacea

Clematis fusijamana

Clematis gampiniana

Clematis gentianoides

Clematis glauca

Clematis glycinoides

Clematis Golden Tiara

Clematis gratopsis

Clematis H F Young seed from

Clematis Hanajima

Clematis Hendersonii

Clematis heracleifolia b.s.

Clematis heracleifolia c.s.

Clematis heracleifolia ssp davidiana

Clematis hirsutissima Mesa Co. CO

Clematis hirsutissima Sherida Co. WY

Clematis hirsutissima very fuzzy white form

Clematis hookeriana

Clematis hybrida Daihelios

Clematis Hythe Cygnet

Clematis ianthina

Clematis integrifolia

Clematis integrifolia Bells

Clematis integrifolia Blue Ribbons

Clematis integrifolia Mongolian Bells mix

Clematis integrifolia organic seed

Clematis integrifolia Rosea

Clematis intricata

Clematis japonica

Clematis koreana

Clematis koreana v carunculosa Korean Beauty

Clematis koreana v fragrans

Clematis ladakhiana

Clematis lasiandra

Clematis lasiantha

Clematis ligusticifolia

Clematis linearifolia

Clematis Lunar Lass b.s.

Clematis macropetala

Clematis macropetala blue form

Clematis macropetala hybrids mix c.s.

Clematis macropetala Markhams Pink seed from

Clematis macropetala x C. alpina Rosy O Grady

Clematis mandschurica

Clematis marata

Clematis marmoraria

Clematis mauritiana

Clematis microphylla

Clematis Minuet

Clematis montana Alba

Clematis montana Elizabeth

Clematis montana mixed

Clematis montana pink to red

Clematis montana v rubens

Clematis montevidensis

Clematis morefieldii

Clematis Mrs P B Truax

Clematis napaulensis

Clematis Nelly Moser

Clematis neomexicana aff.

Clematis occidentalis

Clematis orientalis

Clematis oweniae aff.

Clematis paniculata

Clematis patens

Clematis peterae

Clematis petriei

Clematis pitcheri

Clematis potaninii b.s.

Clematis potaninii c.s.

Clematis pubescens

Clematis quadribracteolata

Clematis recta b.s.

Clematis recta c.s.

Clematis recta Grandiflora

Clematis recta Purpurea b.s.

Clematis recta Purpurea c.s.

Clematis rehderiana

Clematis Rosy Pagoda

Clematis scottii

Clematis serratifolia

Clematis sibirica

Clematis songarica

Clematis sp. unident. 1036

Clematis sp. unident. aff. C. integrifolia L Baika

Clematis sp. unident. not woody bs

Clematis speciosa

Clematis speciosa pink fld. form

Clematis spp. mix herbaceous non-climbers

Clematis spp. mixed climbers

Clematis spp. rare mix

Clematis stans c.s.

Clematis stewartiae

Clematis tangutica b.s.

Clematis tangutica c.s.

Clematis tangutica ssp. obtusiuscula

Clematis terniflora

Clematis texensis

Clematis The President

Clematis trifida

Clematis tubulosa

Clematis tubulosa v davidiana

Clematis versicolor

Clematis verticillaris

Clematis villosa

Clematis viorna

Clematis virginiana

Clematis vitalba b.s.

Clematis vitalba c.s.

Clematis viticella b.s.

Clematis viticella c.s.

Clematis viticella fa albiflora

Clematis viticella Minuet

Clematis viticella wine red form

Clematis welwitschii

Clematis x Clematopsis nat. hybrid

Clematis zeylanica

Consolida ambigua

Consolida ambigua Earlybird Resistant blue

Consolida ambigua Earlybird Resistant Formula Mix

Consolida ambigua Earlybird Resistant lilac

Consolida ambigua Earlybird Resistant pink

Consolida ambigua Earlybird Resistant purple

Consolida ambigua Earlybird Resistant violet

Consolida ambigua Earlybird Resistant white

Consolida ambigua Hyacinth Flowered Dwarf double m

Consolida ambigua Hyacinth Flowered Tall double mi

Consolida ambigua Splish-Splash

Consolida ambigua Stock-flowered Mix dwarf o p

Consolida Appleblossom stock-flowered dwarf

Consolida DelQIS Carmine Rose filmcoated seed glas

Consolida DelQIS Deep Blue filmcoated seed glass c

Consolida DelQIS Deep Blue glass cutflower

Consolida DelQIS pure WHITE filmcoated seed glass

Consolida DelQIS pure WHITE glass cut-flower

Consolida DelQIS Salmon Pink filmcoated seed glass

Consolida DelQIS Salmon Pink glass cutflower

Consolida Exquisite Blue Bell

Consolida Exquisite Blue Spire

Consolida Exquisite Carmine King

Consolida Exquisite Lilac Spire

Consolida Exquisite Mixed

Consolida Exquisite Rose Queen

Consolida Exquisite Scarlet Spire

Consolida Exquisite White King

Consolida Fancy Purple Picotee

Consolida Giant Imperial Mix

Consolida Grey stock-flowered dwarf

Consolida Imperial Blue Bell

Consolida Imperial Blue Cloud

Consolida Imperial Blue Spire

Consolida Imperial Braveheart

Consolida Imperial Carmine Rose - King

Consolida Imperial Dark Rose - Rosalie - Rose Quee

Consolida Imperial Dazzler scarlet

Consolida Imperial Deep Rose

Consolida Imperial Earl Grey

Consolida Imperial Lilac Spire

Consolida Imperial Limelight dark blue

Consolida Imperial Limelight light blue

Consolida Imperial Limelight light pink

Consolida Imperial Limelight lilac

Consolida Imperial Limelight mixture

Consolida Imperial Limelight rose

Consolida Imperial Limelight white

Consolida Imperial Los Angeles pink

Consolida Imperial Miss California deep pink

Consolida Imperial Miss France carmine rose

Consolida Imperial Mixed

Consolida Imperial Mixed organic seeds

Consolida Imperial Pink Perfection - Queen

Consolida Imperial Salmon Beauty - Spire

Consolida Imperial Scarlet

Consolida Imperial White Spire - King

Consolida minus

Consolida Ocean Mixed

Consolida orientalis

Consolida orientalis mix

Consolida QIS Carmine

Consolida QIS Carmine filmcoated seed

Consolida QIS Dark Blue

Consolida QIS Dark Blue filmcoated

Consolida QIS Formula Mix

Consolida QIS Light Blue

Consolida QIS Lilac

Consolida QIS Lilac filmcoated

Consolida QIS Pink

Consolida QIS Rose

Consolida QIS Rose filmcoated

Consolida QIS White

Consolida QIS White filmcoated

Consolida regalis

Consolida regalis Cloud Bicolour

Consolida regalis Cloud Blue

Consolida regalis Cloud Lavender

Consolida regalis Cloud Mixture

Consolida regalis Cloud Snow

Consolida regalis Fancy Blue Purple

Consolida regalis Fancy Rose Striped double

Consolida regalis Fancy Smokey Eyes

Consolida regalis Frosted Skies white and blue

Consolida regalis King Size Scarlet

Consolida regalis Misty Lavender

Consolida scleroclada

Consolida Sublime Azure Blue

Consolida Sublime Blue and White Bi-colour

Consolida Sublime Bright Carmine

Consolida Sublime Bright Pink

Consolida Sublime Brilliant Salmon

Consolida Sublime Dark Blue

Consolida Sublime Dark Pink

Consolida Sublime Lilac

Consolida Sublime Mixed

Consolida Sublime Mixture formula

Consolida Sublime Pale Pink

Consolida Sublime White

Consolida Summer Sun Bright Rose

Consolida Summer Sun Dark Blue

Consolida Summer Sun Pure White

Consolida Summer Sun Salmon

Consolida Sydney Blue Picotee filmcoated

Consolida Sydney Light Blue filmcoated

Consolida Sydney Lilac filmcoated

Consolida Sydney Pink filmcoated

Consolida Sydney Purple filmcoated

Consolida Sydney Rose filmcoated

Consolida Sydney White filmcoated

Consolida The Blues

Consolida The Pinks

Consolida White King

Coptis chinensis

Coptis japonica

Coptis trifolia ssp groenlandica

Delphinium albocoeruleum

Delphinium alpestre

Delphinium altissimum

Delphinium ambiguum

Delphinium andersonii

Delphinium andesicola

Delphinium B and L mix dwarf named varieties

Delphinium bakeri

Delphinium barbeyi

Delphinium beesianum

Delphinium bicolor

Delphinium bicornutum

Delphinium biternatum

Delphinium Blue Fountains Mixture

Delphinium Blue Springs Mixed dwarf

Delphinium brunonianum

Delphinium bulleyanum

Delphinium burkei

Delphinium californicum

Delphinium californicum ssp interius (Eastw.) Ewan

Delphinium cardinale

Delphinium carolinianum

Delphinium carolinianum ssp virescens

Delphinium cashmerianum

Delphinium Centurion Mixture formula

Delphinium cheilanthum

Delphinium ciliatum

Delphinium coelestinum

Delphinium confusum prov Kazakhstan

Delphinium corymbosum

Delphinium Cottage Garden Mix

Delphinium crispulum

Delphinium Crown Mixed

Delphinium cultorum

Delphinium cuneatum

Delphinium cuyamacae

Delphinium dactylocarpum

Delphinium dasyanthum

Delphinium dasycaulon

Delphinium decorum

Delphinium delavayi

Delphinium denudatum

Delphinium dictyocarpum

Delphinium dipterocarpum

Delphinium duhmbergii

Delphinium Dwarf Pacific Light Blue white bee

Delphinium Dwarf Pacific Mixed

Delphinium dyctyocarpum

Delphinium elatum

Delphinium elatum Belladonna Maxima cutflower

Delphinium elatum Belladonna Mixture

Delphinium elatum Bellamosum

Delphinium elatum Blue Donna

Delphinium elatum Blue Shadow

Delphinium elatum Casablanca

Delphinium elatum Cliveden Beauty sky-blue

Delphinium elatum Connecticut Yankee Mix

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Blue

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Deep Purple

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Lavender

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Light Blue

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora Mauve

Delphinium elatum f1 Aurora White

Delphinium elatum f1 Guardian Blue

Delphinium elatum f1 Guardian Early Blue

Delphinium elatum f1 Guardian Lavender

Delphinium elatum f1 Guardian Mixed

Delphinium elatum f1 Guardian White

Delphinium elatum f1 Mini Stars Mix

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millenium Double Innocenc

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millenium Double Stars mi

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Black Eyed Ang

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Blue Lace

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Blushing Bride

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Cobalt Dreams

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Dusky Maidens

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Green Twist

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Lilac Ladies

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Morning Lights

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium New Zealand Hy

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Pagan Purples

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Pink Blush

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Pink Punch

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Purple Passion

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Royal Aspirati

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Sunny Skies

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Super Stars Mi

Delphinium elatum f1 New Millennium Sweethearts

Delphinium elatum Foersters Hybrids

Delphinium elatum Monarch Strain Mixed

Delphinium elatum Oriental Blue

Delphinium elatum Oriental Sky

Delphinium elatum prov. Altai Mts.

Delphinium elatum Steichen Strain mix

Delphinium elatum White Swan

Delphinium Emerald Pacific Mixture semi-tall doubl

Delphinium exaltatum

Delphinium Exquisite Blue Bell

Delphinium Exquisite Blue Spire

Delphinium Exquisite Carmine King

Delphinium Exquisite Mixed Colours

Delphinium Exquisite Rose Queen

Delphinium Exquisite Scarlet Spire

Delphinium Exquisite White King

Delphinium f1 Centurion Gentian Blue

Delphinium f1 Centurion Lavender

Delphinium f1 Centurion Pink

Delphinium f1 Centurion Rose

Delphinium f1 Centurion Royal Purple

Delphinium f1 Centurion Sky Blue

Delphinium f1 Centurion White

Delphinium f1 Diamonds Blue

Delphinium f1 Millennium Innocence

Delphinium f1 Millennium Misty Mauves

Delphinium f1 Millennium Moonlight Blues

Delphinium f1 Raider Mixed

Delphinium f1 Raider Pink Shades

Delphinium f2 New Century Dreaming Spires Mix

Delphinium f2 New Century Ebony in Snow

Delphinium f2 New Century Fantasy Mix

Delphinium f2 New Century green tinged mix

Delphinium f2 New Century Ivory Towers white bees

Delphinium f2 New Century lilac shades mix

Delphinium f2 New Century Moody Blues mixed bees

Delphinium f2 New Century Rosy Future mixed bees

Delphinium f2 New Century Violets mixed bees

Delphinium fissum

Delphinium flexuosum

Delphinium formosum

Delphinium forrestii

Delphinium freynii

Delphinium geranifolium

Delphinium geranifolium dwarf form

Delphinium geyeri

Delphinium glareosum

Delphinium glaucescens

Delphinium glaucum

Delphinium grandiflorum

Delphinium grandiflorum Atlantic Blue dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Blue Mirror

Delphinium grandiflorum Blue Pygmy

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly Blue dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly Light Blue dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly Mixed dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly Rose dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly White dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Delfi Blue dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Delfi White

Delphinium grandiflorum dwarf dark blue

Delphinium grandiflorum dwarf light blue

Delphinium grandiflorum dwarf rose pink

Delphinium grandiflorum dwarf vars mixed

Delphinium grandiflorum dwarf white

Delphinium grandiflorum Gentian Blue Dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Sky-blue Dwarf

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Blues

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Clouds blue - white

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Colours mix

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Morning pink

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Nights deep blue

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Skies sky blue

Delphinium grandiflorum Summer Stars white

Delphinium grandiflorum white form

Delphinium gypsophilum

Delphinium halteratum

Delphinium hansenii

Delphinium hesperium ssp pallescens

Delphinium hybrids mix

Delphinium hybridum

Delphinium kamaonense

Delphinium Karl Foerster Mixed blue and white

Delphinium King Size Scarlet

Delphinium kinkiense

Delphinium laxiflorum

Delphinium leroyi

Delphinium leucophaaeum

Delphinium likiangense

Delphinium luteum

Delphinium maackianum

Delphinium macrocentrum

Delphinium Magic Fountain Cherry Blossom white bee

Delphinium Magic Fountain Dark Blue dark bees

Delphinium Magic Fountain Dark Blue white bees

Delphinium Magic Fountain Lavender white bees

Delphinium Magic Fountain Lilac white bees

Delphinium Magic Fountain Mid-blue white bee

Delphinium Magic Fountain Mixed

Delphinium Magic Fountain Sky Blue white bees

Delphinium Magic Fountain White

Delphinium Magic Fountain White dark bee

Delphinium Maxima

Delphinium menziesii

Delphinium mirabile

Delphinium mix B and L named varieties

Delphinium nelsonii

Delphinium Novo

Delphinium novomexicanum

Delphinium nudicaule

Delphinium nudicaule Fox

Delphinium nudicaule Laurin

Delphinium nudicaule Redcap dwarf delph.

Delphinium nuttallianum

Delphinium nuttallii

Delphinium occidentale

Delphinium ochroleucum

Delphinium oliverianum

Delphinium oxysepalum

Delphinium Pacific Astolat Group pink shades dark

Delphinium Pacific Black Knight Group dark blue bl

Delphinium Pacific Blue Bird Group blue white bee

Delphinium Pacific Blue Dawn dark blue white bee

Delphinium Pacific Blue Jay Group blue dark bee

Delphinium Pacific Camelliard Group lavender white

Delphinium Pacific Clear Springs Mix dwarf

Delphinium Pacific Galahad Group all white

Delphinium Pacific Giant Round Table Group Mix for

Delphinium Pacific Guinevere Group lavender white

Delphinium Pacific Hybrids Mixture o.p.

Delphinium Pacific King Arthur Group purple white

Delphinium Pacific Lancelot lavender white bee

Delphinium Pacific Percival Group white black bee

Delphinium Pacific Premium Astolat

Delphinium Pacific Premium Black Knight

Delphinium Pacific Premium Blue Bird

Delphinium Pacific Premium Blue Jay

Delphinium Pacific Premium Camelliard

Delphinium Pacific Premium Formula Mixture

Delphinium Pacific Premium Galahad

Delphinium Pacific Premium Guinevere

Delphinium Pacific Premium King Arthur

Delphinium Pacific Premium Percival

Delphinium Pacific Premium Summer Skies

Delphinium Pacific Round Table Group Mix o.p.

Delphinium Pacific Summer Skies Group light blue

Delphinium Pacific Summer Skies light blue white b

Delphinium parishii

Delphinium parrishii smaller form

Delphinium parryi ssp. purpureum

Delphinium pentagynum

Delphinium peregrinum

Delphinium przewalskii

Delphinium pubescens

Delphinium puniceum

Delphinium pylzowii

Delphinium Raider Blue

Delphinium Raider Mixed

Delphinium ramosum

Delphinium requienii

Delphinium robustum

Delphinium rugulosum

Delphinium scabriflorum

Delphinium scaposum

Delphinium schmalhausenii

Delphinium scopulorum

Delphinium semibarbatum

Delphinium Six Hills Giant

Delphinium sp. unident. 20cm. prov. China

Delphinium sp. unident. ex ARGS 1630

Delphinium sp. unident. wild coll. UK

Delphinium species x

Delphinium speciosum

Delphinium spp. deluxe mixture

Delphinium stachydeum

Delphinium staphisagria hort.

Delphinium staphisagria large seeded form

Delphinium szowitsianum

Delphinium tatsienense

Delphinium tatsienense Sky Lights Mix

Delphinium tenuisectum

Delphinium Tom Pouce Gentian Blue dwarf

Delphinium Tom Pouce Mixed dwarf

Delphinium Tom Pouce Sky Blue dwarf

Delphinium Tom Pouce Snow White dwarf

Delphinium treleasei

Delphinium tricorne

Delphinium triste

Delphinium trolliifolium

Delphinium turkmenum

Delphinium uliginosum

Delphinium variegatum

Delphinium venulosum Blue Bouquet

Delphinium verdunense proteg.

Delphinium vestitum

Delphinium villosum

Delphinium virescens

Delphinium virescens v wootonii

Delphinium viridescens

Delphinium wellbyi

Delphinium xantholeucum

Delphinium yunnanense

Dichocarpum auriculatum

Eranthis cilicica

Eranthis hybrid (seed bearing)

Eranthis hyemalis

Eranthis hyemalis Aurantiaca

Eranthis hyemalis Cilicica Group

Eranthis hyemalis Schwefelglanz

Eranthis lobulata ssp elatior

Eranthis pinnatifida

Eranthis stellata

Eranthis tubergenii x

Fragaria vesca Fructu-alba

Garidella nigellastrum Blue Butterflies proteg.

Glaucidium palmatum

Glaucidium palmatum v leucanthum

Halerpestes cymbalaria

Halerpestes salsuginosa

Hegemone lilacina name unresolved WCSP

Helleborus anemone centred mix

Helleborus argutifolius

Helleborus argutifolius Pacific Frost variegated

Helleborus argutifolius Silver Lace

Helleborus argutifolius Sterling Silver

Helleborus atrorubens

Helleborus atrorubens fa cupreus

Helleborus Black Beauty mix

Helleborus croaticus

Helleborus cyclophyllus

Helleborus Double Roses

Helleborus dumetorum

Helleborus dumetorum b

Helleborus dumetorum ssp atrorubens

Helleborus foetidus

Helleborus foetidus Gold Bullion

Helleborus foetidus Italian Type

Helleborus foetidus Miss Jekylls Scented

Helleborus foetidus Sopron

Helleborus foetidus Wester Flisk Group

Helleborus hybrids black purple slate grey mix

Helleborus hybrids mauve

Helleborus hybrids primrose and yellow

Helleborus hybrids select spotted forms

Helleborus hybrids Tasmanian Doubles

Helleborus hybrids white

Helleborus hybridus Amber Queen

Helleborus hybridus Ashwood Garden hybrids

Helleborus hybridus Ashwood White

Helleborus hybridus Blacks Purples Slate Mix

Helleborus hybridus cream or pale yellow

Helleborus hybridus cream rose spotted

Helleborus hybridus dark purple

Helleborus hybridus Double Red Frills

Helleborus hybridus Double Vision

Helleborus hybridus Mrs Betty Ranicar

Helleborus hybridus Newest Hybrids

Helleborus hybridus Picotee

Helleborus hybridus pink dark spots

Helleborus hybridus Primrose Yellow

Helleborus hybridus purple

Helleborus hybridus purple-black double

Helleborus hybridus red

Helleborus hybridus red brown lined

Helleborus hybridus red shades

Helleborus hybridus slate blue

Helleborus hybridus Spotted Mix

Helleborus hybridus unidentified mix

Helleborus hybridus Ushba

Helleborus hybridus white

Helleborus hybridus white double

Helleborus hybridus white red spots

Helleborus hybridus Winter Jewel Mixture

Helleborus lividus

Helleborus lividus Elegance

Helleborus lividus hybrid

Helleborus multifidus ssp bocconei

Helleborus multifidus ssp hercegovinus

Helleborus multifidus ssp istriacus

Helleborus multifidus ssp multifidus

Helleborus niger Blackthorn Group

Helleborus niger Grandiflorus

Helleborus niger hort.

Helleborus niger Josef Lemper

Helleborus niger Maximus

Helleborus niger Potters Wheel

Helleborus niger Praecox Hybrid

Helleborus niger spotted form

Helleborus niger ssp macranthus

Helleborus niger ssp macranthus Roseus

Helleborus niger Sunrise

Helleborus niger Sunset

Helleborus niger White Magic

Helleborus odorus

Helleborus orientalis

Helleborus orientalis green

Helleborus orientalis Helen Ballard Doubles

Helleborus orientalis Helen Ballard Group

Helleborus orientalis Helen Ballard Strain

Helleborus orientalis Hybrids

Helleborus orientalis Ladies Double Mixed

Helleborus orientalis Lady Blue (Schmiemann)

Helleborus orientalis Lady Metallic Blue

Helleborus orientalis Lady Picotee

Helleborus orientalis Lady Pink

Helleborus orientalis Lady Pink Spotted

Helleborus orientalis Lady Red

Helleborus orientalis Lady White

Helleborus orientalis Lady White Red spotted

Helleborus orientalis Lady Yellow

Helleborus orientalis mixed Select Forms

Helleborus orientalis New Hybrids

Helleborus orientalis pink

Helleborus orientalis purple

Helleborus orientalis Queen Amber

Helleborus orientalis Queen Double Mixed

Helleborus orientalis Queen Emerald

Helleborus orientalis Queen Gala

Helleborus orientalis Queen Ice

Helleborus orientalis Queen of Hearts

Helleborus orientalis Queen of Spades

Helleborus orientalis Queen of the Night

Helleborus orientalis Queen Washfield

Helleborus orientalis red shades

Helleborus orientalis Ritas Black

Helleborus orientalis select exhibition mix

Helleborus orientalis ssp abchasicus

Helleborus orientalis ssp guttatus

Helleborus orientalis ssp orientalis

Helleborus orientalis white

Helleborus orientalis Winter Joy Bouquet

Helleborus orientalis Winter Queen Mixture

Helleborus orientalis yellow

Helleborus Pink Picotee

Helleborus purpurascens

Helleborus Sopron

Helleborus sp. unident. Croatia

Helleborus Speckled Pink

Helleborus spp. - hybs. doubles select

Helleborus spp. - vars. Cottage Garden Mix

Helleborus spp. and vars. mix

Helleborus spp. and vars. special select mix

Helleborus spp. mix

Helleborus sternii x

Helleborus sternii x Blackthorn Strain

Helleborus sternii x Broughton Beauty

Helleborus thibetanus

Helleborus torquatus

Helleborus torquatus hybrids green

Helleborus vesicarius

Helleborus viridis

Helleborus viridis ssp occidentalis

Helleborus Weyanoke mixed

Hepatica acutiloba

Hepatica americana svs

Hepatica angulosa

Hepatica asiatica

Hepatica henryi

Hepatica nobilis

Hepatica nobilis Alba

Hepatica nobilis mix

Hepatica nobilis red form

Hepatica nobilis Rosea

Hepatica nobilis v acuta

Hepatica nobilis v japonica blue

Hepatica nobilis v japonica f magna light purple

Hepatica nobilis v japonica f magna pink

Hepatica nobilis v japonica f magna purple

Hepatica nobilis v japonica f magna rose

Hepatica nobilis v japonica f magna white

Hepatica nobilis v japonica mixed

Hepatica nobilis v japonica red

Hepatica nobilis v obtusa

Hepatica nobilis v pyrenaica Semiplena

Hepatica transsilvanica

Hepatica transsilvanica Blue Jewel

Hepatica transsilvanica De Bois Strain

Hepatica transsilvanica Eisvogel

Hepatica transsilvanica Pink

Hepatica yamatana

Heuchera spp and hybs red foliage mix

Heuchera versicolor

Hydrastis canadensis hort.

Hydrastis caroliniensis

Isopyrum adoxoides

Isopyrum anemonoides

Isopyrum auriculatum

Isopyrum biternatum

Isopyrum cavaleriei

Isopyrum dicarpon

Isopyrum fumarioides

Isopyrum grandiflorum

Isopyrum thalictroides

Isopyrum vaginatum

Knowltonia filia ssp filia

Knowltonia sp. unident.

Knowltonia transvaalensis v transvaalensis

Kumlienia hystriculus

Lavandula mix 6 species - varieties unmixed

Leptopyrum fumarioides

Malus pumila Dolgo

Malus pumila prov. USA

Megaleranthis saniculifolia

Myosurus minimus

Naravelia zeylanica

Nigella arvensis

Nigella bucharica Blue Stars (name unresolved)

Nigella ciliaris Pinwheel

Nigella collection 4 spp organic

Nigella damascena

Nigella damascena Albion Black Pod

Nigella damascena Albion Green Pod

Nigella damascena Albion Marbles Mixed

Nigella damascena Albion Mixed Pods

Nigella damascena Blue Midget

Nigella damascena Cramers Plum

Nigella damascena Delft Blue

Nigella damascena Double Flowered Mixture

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll Dark Blue - Indigo

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll Mixed

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll Rose

Nigella damascena Miss Jekyll White

Nigella damascena Moody Blues

Nigella damascena Mulberry Rose

Nigella damascena Neon organic

Nigella damascena Oxford Blue

Nigella damascena Oxford Blue Black Pod

Nigella damascena Persian Jewels Indigo

Nigella damascena Persian Jewels Mixed

Nigella damascena Persian Jewels Red

Nigella damascena Persian Jewels Rose

Nigella damascena Persian Violet

Nigella damascena rose

Nigella damascena Shorty Blue compact

Nigella damascena sky-blue

Nigella damascena Spectrum Mix full range

Nigella damascena Standard Mixture

Nigella damascena University Mix

Nigella damascena white form

Nigella garidella

Nigella hispanica

Nigella hispanica dark blue

Nigella hispanica white form

Nigella orientalis Transformer

Nigella orientalis Transformer filmcoated seeds

Nigella oxypetala

Nigella papillosa African Bride

Nigella papillosa Curiosity

Nigella papillosa Delft Blue

Nigella papillosa Midnight

Nigella papillosa White and Purple Mix - Ebony - I

Nigella sativa

Nigella sativa Habat Soda

Nigella sativa organic seed

Nigella segetalis

Nigella spp. and forms mix

Paraquilegia anemonoides

Pityrosperma acerinum

Pulsatilla ajanensis

Pulsatilla alba bs

Pulsatilla albana

Pulsatilla albana bs

Pulsatilla albana Lutea bs

Pulsatilla albana v armena

Pulsatilla ambigua bs

Pulsatilla aurea cs

Pulsatilla bungeana

Pulsatilla campanella

Pulsatilla cernua bs

Pulsatilla chinensis

Pulsatilla dahurica

Pulsatilla flavescens

Pulsatilla Fringed Forms mix

Pulsatilla gayeri x

Pulsatilla georgica bs

Pulsatilla georgica ex JJH

Pulsatilla grandis

Pulsatilla halleri bs hort.

Pulsatilla halleri hort.

Pulsatilla halleri ssp mix

Pulsatilla halleri ssp slavica Alba bs

Pulsatilla halleri ssp slavica bs

Pulsatilla halleri ssp styriaca bs

Pulsatilla halleri ssp taurica cs

Pulsatilla hybrid pink fringed bs

Pulsatilla jarmilae

Pulsatilla koreana

Pulsatilla ludoviciana bs

Pulsatilla montana bs

Pulsatilla montana cs

Pulsatilla nigricans

Pulsatilla nigricans cs

Pulsatilla nigricans organic seed

Pulsatilla nipponica

Pulsatilla occidentalis bs

Pulsatilla occidentalis cs

Pulsatilla serotina bs

Pulsatilla sp. unident. prov. Tyrol

Pulsatilla sp. unident. white fringed

Pulsatilla sp. unident. yellow

Pulsatilla spp. mix

Pulsatilla sukaczewii bs

Pulsatilla sulphurea (name unresolved)

Pulsatilla tatewakii Kudo name unresolved

Pulsatilla turczaninowii

Pulsatilla ucrainica

Pulsatilla vernalis

Pulsatilla zimmermannii

Ranunculus abortivus

Ranunculus aconitifolius

Ranunculus aconitifolius flore-pleno

Ranunculus acriformis

Ranunculus acris

Ranunculus acris Citrinus

Ranunculus acris dwarf form

Ranunculus acris flore-pleno

Ranunculus adoneus

Ranunculus aestivalis

Ranunculus aleae

Ranunculus alismifolius

Ranunculus alpestris

Ranunculus amphitrichus

Ranunculus amplexicaulis

Ranunculus anemoneus

Ranunculus aquatilis

Ranunculus arvensis

Ranunculus ascendens

Ranunculus asiaticus

Ranunculus asiaticus Aviv peony fld. mixture

Ranunculus asiaticus Aviv Pink

Ranunculus asiaticus Aviv Red

Ranunculus asiaticus Aviv White

Ranunculus asiaticus Aviv Yellow

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale Mixed

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale Orange bicol.

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale Pink

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale Pink bicol.

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale Red

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale Rose

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale Tangerine

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale White

Ranunculus asiaticus f1 Bloomingdale Yellow

Ranunculus asiaticus Giant Flowered Doubles Mix

Ranunculus asiaticus Magic Mixed pellets

Ranunculus asiaticus mixed bulbs

Ranunculus asiaticus Puniceus

Ranunculus asiaticus Tomer Mix

Ranunculus asiaticus Tomer Pink

Ranunculus asiaticus Tomer Red

Ranunculus asiaticus Tomer White

Ranunculus asiaticus Tomer Yellow

Ranunculus asiaticus white

Ranunculus auricomus

Ranunculus baldschuanicus

Ranunculus baurii

Ranunculus bilobus

Ranunculus bongardii

Ranunculus buchananii

Ranunculus bulbosus

Ranunculus bullatus

Ranunculus calandrinioides

Ranunculus californicus

Ranunculus cantoniensis

Ranunculus carpaticus

Ranunculus cassubicus

Ranunculus chinensis

Ranunculus circinatus

Ranunculus colonorum

Ranunculus cortusifolius

Ranunculus creticus

Ranunculus crithmifolius

Ranunculus croaticus

Ranunculus cymbalaria

Ranunculus enysii

Ranunculus eschscholtzii

Ranunculus falcatus

Ranunculus fascicularis

Ranunculus ficaria

Ranunculus ficaria Brazen Hussy

Ranunculus ficaria Collarette

Ranunculus ficaria Cupreus

Ranunculus ficaria Double Bronze

Ranunculus ficaria Double Cream

Ranunculus ficaria Flore Pleno

Ranunculus ficaria Green Petal

Ranunculus ficaria Salmons White

Ranunculus ficariifolius

Ranunculus flagelliformis

Ranunculus flammula

Ranunculus franchetti

Ranunculus friesianus

Ranunculus glaberrimus

Ranunculus glacialis

Ranunculus gmelinii

Ranunculus gouanii

Ranunculus gracilipes

Ranunculus gramineus

Ranunculus gramineus Pardal

Ranunculus haasti ssp piliferus

Ranunculus haastii

Ranunculus hederaceus

Ranunculus hispidus

Ranunculus illyricus

Ranunculus inamoenus

Ranunculus insignis

Ranunculus japonicus

Ranunculus lanuginosus

Ranunculus lappaceus

Ranunculus lapponicus

Ranunculus latifolius

Ranunculus lingua Grandiflorus

Ranunculus lingua proteg.

Ranunculus lyallii

Ranunculus marginatus

Ranunculus millefoliatus proteg.

Ranunculus monroi

Ranunculus montanus

Ranunculus muelleri

Ranunculus multifidus

Ranunculus muricatus

Ranunculus nemorosus

Ranunculus nepalensis

Ranunculus occidentalis

Ranunculus ophioglossifolius proteg.

Ranunculus orthorhynchus

Ranunculus pachyrrhizus

Ranunculus parnassifolius

Ranunculus parviflorus

Ranunculus pasquinus

Ranunculus peduncularis

Ranunculus peltatus

Ranunculus pensylvanicus

Ranunculus platanifolius

Ranunculus platanifolius aff prov. Andorra

Ranunculus polyanthemos

Ranunculus praemorsus

Ranunculus pyrenaeus

Ranunculus reconditus

Ranunculus repens

Ranunculus reptans

Ranunculus rhomboideus

Ranunculus rivularis

Ranunculus salsuginosa

Ranunculus sardous

Ranunculus sceleratus

Ranunculus seguieri

Ranunculus semiverticillatus

Ranunculus serbicus

Ranunculus sericophyllus

Ranunculus sp. unident. yellow

Ranunculus spp. mixed peony flowered bulbs

Ranunculus tachiroei

Ranunculus testiculatus

Ranunculus thora

Ranunculus triternatus

Ranunculus uncinatus

Ranunculus uniflorus

Semiaquilegia adoxoides

Semiaquilegia ecalcarata

Semiaquilegia ecalcarata Early Dwarf

Semiaquilegia ecalcarata Flore Pleno

Semiaquilegia ecalcarata hybrids

Semiaquilegia hyb

Sorbus americana prov. Nova Scotia

Souliea vaginata

Thalictrum actaeifolium

Thalictrum afghanicum

Thalictrum alpinum

Thalictrum aquilegifolium v. sibiricum

Thalictrum aquilegifolium yellow form

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium Album

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium New Hybrids

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium Purpureum

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium Spiky Dots Mixed

Thalictrum baicalense

Thalictrum chelidonii

Thalictrum chinense

Thalictrum clavatum

Thalictrum collinum

Thalictrum cooleyi

Thalictrum coreanum

Thalictrum coriaceum

Thalictrum cultratum

Thalictrum dasycarpum

Thalictrum delavayi

Thalictrum delavayi Album

Thalictrum delavayi Hewitts Double

Thalictrum delavayi large flowered form

Thalictrum delavayii v decorum

Thalictrum dioicum

Thalictrum diplocarpum

Thalictrum dunense

Thalictrum elegans

Thalictrum fendleri

Thalictrum fendleri v polycarpum

Thalictrum finetii

Thalictrum flavum ssp. flavum

Thalictrum flavum ssp. glaucum

Thalictrum flexuosum

Thalictrum foeniculaceum

Thalictrum foetidum

Thalictrum foliolosum

Thalictrum glandulosissimum

Thalictrum glaucum

Thalictrum heliophilum

Thalictrum ichangense

Thalictrum integrilobum

Thalictrum isopyroides

Thalictrum jacquinianum

Thalictrum javanicum

Thalictrum kemense

Thalictrum lucidum

Thalictrum lutea

Thalictrum majus

Thalictrum medium

Thalictrum minus

Thalictrum minus Adiantifolium

Thalictrum minus ssp. minus

Thalictrum minus ssp. pseudominus

Thalictrum minus ssp. saxatile

Thalictrum minus v. hypoleucum

Thalictrum morisonii

Thalictrum odoratum

Thalictrum pedunculatum

Thalictrum petaloideum

Thalictrum polycarpum

Thalictrum polymorphum

Thalictrum pubescens

Thalictrum pubescens Purple Haze

Thalictrum reniforme

Thalictrum revolutum

Thalictrum rhynchocarpum

Thalictrum rochebrunnianum (name unresolved)

Thalictrum rostellatum

Thalictrum rugosum

Thalictrum sachalinense

Thalictrum saxatile

Thalictrum sibiricum

Thalictrum simplex

Thalictrum sp. unident. Nepal

Thalictrum sphaerostachyum (name unresolved)

Thalictrum spp. mixed

Thalictrum squarrosum

Thalictrum tuberosum

Thalictrum tubiferum

Thalictrum uchiyamae (name unresolved)

Trautvetteria carolinensis

Trollius acaulis

Trollius albiflorus

Trollius altaicus

Trollius asiaticus

Trollius chinensis

Trollius chinensis Morning Sun

Trollius cultorum x Alabaster

Trollius cultorum x Golden King

Trollius cultorum x Golden Queen

Trollius cultorum x New Hybrids

Trollius cultorum x New Moon

Trollius cultorum x Orange Globe

Trollius cultorum x Orange Princess

Trollius europaeus

Trollius europaeus fa. compactus Lemon Supreme

Trollius hondoensis

Trollius ircuticus

Trollius kytmanovii

Trollius laxus

Trollius lilacinus

Trollius pumilus

Trollius ranunculinus

Trollius riederianus

Trollius sp unident ex ACE 1818

Trollius spp. mix

Trollius vaginatus

Trollius vitalii

Trollius yunnanensis

Xanthorhiza simplicissima

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