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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Click here for the currently available Zingiberaceae: species for which we have prices.

Zingiberaceae Photos
Click on a species name to see the web-page for that species,
with price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Achasma macrocheilos

Achasma megalocheilos

Aframomum alboviolaceum

Aframomum angustifolium

Aframomum giganteum

Aframomum granum-paradisi

Aframomum korarima

Aframomum melegueta

Aframomum sceptrum

Alpingera martinica

Alpinia aquatica

Alpinia arctiflora

Alpinia caerulea

Alpinia caerulea Red Back

Alpinia calcarata

Alpinia chinensis

Alpinia coerulea

Alpinia conchigera

Alpinia elatior

Alpinia exaltata

Alpinia formosana

Alpinia galanga

Alpinia globosa

Alpinia griffithii

Alpinia hainanensis

Alpinia henryi

Alpinia hookeriana

Alpinia intermedia

Alpinia japonica Kinisiana

Alpinia javanica

Alpinia Jungle King

Alpinia Jungle Queen

Alpinia katsumadae

Alpinia katsumadai

Alpinia kiushiana

Alpinia latilabre

Alpinia latilabris

Alpinia luteocarpa

Alpinia magnifica

Alpinia malaccensis

Alpinia mutica

Alpinia nigra

Alpinia nutans

Alpinia officinarum

Alpinia oxymitra

Alpinia oxyphylla

Alpinia purpurata Kazu pink

Alpinia purpurata pink

Alpinia purpurata red

Alpinia purpurata red dwarf

Alpinia rafflesiana

Alpinia sp. Borneo

Alpinia sp. Samar mix

Alpinia sp. Sayal

Alpinia sp. Silver

Alpinia sp. Vietnam mix

Alpinia vittata

Alpinia zerumbet

Alpinia zerumbet Upright Shell Ginger

Alpinia zerumbet Variegata

Alpinia zerumbet Variegata Chinese Beauty

Alpinia zerumbet Variegata Dwarf

Amomum aculeatum

Amomum amarum

Amomum aromaticum

Amomum coccineum

Amomum compactum

Amomum foetens

Amomum globosum

Amomum gracile

Amomum granum-paradisi

Amomum harmandii

Amomum hemisphaericum

Amomum korarima

Amomum littorale

Amomum longiligulare

Amomum longipes

Amomum magnificum

Amomum maximum

Amomum megalocheilos

Amomum montanum

Amomum spiceum

Amomum subulatum

Amomum uliginosum

Amomum verum

Amomum villosum

Amomum villosum v. xanthioides

Amomum zingiber

Baccharis sp unident

Boesenbergia aurantiaca

Boesenbergia Horn of Plenty

Boesenbergia rotunda

Brachychilum horsfieldii

Burbidgea nitida Salmon Mousse

Burbidgea schizocheila

Caulokaempferia sikkimensis

Cautleya gracilis

Cautleya gracilis v. robusta

Cautleya spicata

Cenolophon oxymitrum

Chamaecostus cuspidatus

Cheilocostus speciosus

Cheilocostus speciosus Variegatus

Costus afra

Costus allenii

Costus amazonicus Variegated

Costus barbatus

Costus curvibracteatus

Costus curvibracteatus x Green Mountain

Costus dinklagei

Costus dubius

Costus erythrocoryne

Costus erythrophyllus

Costus French Kiss

Costus guanaiensis v tarmicus

Costus guanaiensis v. macrostrobilus

Costus guianensis

Costus Hieroglyphics

Costus lima

Costus lucanusianus

Costus malortieanus

Costus megalobractea

Costus pictus

Costus pulverulentus

Costus Red Rose

Costus ricus

Costus scaber

Costus sp. unident.

Costus spicatus

Costus spiralis

Costus stenophyllus

Costus tappenbeckianus

Costus villosissimus

Costus woodsonii

Curcuma aeruginosa

Curcuma alismatifolia

Curcuma alismatifolia Pink Wonder

Curcuma alismatifolia White Wonder

Curcuma amada Mango Ginger

Curcuma angustifolia

Curcuma aromatica

Curcuma attenuata

Curcuma aurantiaca

Curcuma australasica

Curcuma caulina

Curcuma cordata

Curcuma elata

Curcuma flaviflora

Curcuma gracillima Burnt Burgundy

Curcuma gracillima Candy Cane

Curcuma gracillima Lavender Stripe

Curcuma Green Goddess

Curcuma harmandii

Curcuma inodora

Curcuma Khymer Orange

Curcuma kwangsinensis

Curcuma longa

Curcuma longa Turmeric yellow dye from rhizomes

Curcuma Maroon Beauty

Curcuma ornata

Curcuma parviflora

Curcuma petiolata

Curcuma petiolata Variegata

Curcuma phaeocaulis

Curcuma roscoeana

Curcuma sessilis

Curcuma Siam Diamond

Curcuma Siam Ruby

Curcuma Sleeping Princess

Curcuma sumatrana

Curcuma Taksin Gem

Curcuma thorelii

Curcuma thorelii dwarf

Curcuma xanthorrhiza

Curcuma yunnanensis

Curcuma zedoaria

Dimerocostus sp. a

Dimerocostus strobilaceus

Elettaria atropurpurea

Elettaria cardamomum Broad Leaf

Elettaria cardamomum db

Elettaria cardamomum Narrow Leaf

Elettaria coccinea

Elettaria hemisphaerica

Elettaria major

Elettaria pallida

Elettaria speciosa

Etlingera elatior mixed forms

Etlingera elatior Pink

Etlingera elatior red

Etlingera elatior white

Etlingera harmandii

Etlingera hemisphaerica

Etlingera hemispherica

Etlingera hieroglyphica

Etlingera littoralis

Etlingera maingayii

Etlingera Pink Tulip

Etlingera Red Tulip

Etlingera solaris

Etlingera venusta

Globba aurantiaca

Globba Bamboo Leaf

Globba clarkei bulbils

Globba Compacta

Globba Emerald Isle

Globba japonica

Globba marantina

Globba multiflora

Globba obscura

Globba patens

Globba pendula

Globba platystachya

Globba racemosa

Globba schomburgkii

Globba winitii

Globba winitii Mauve Dancing Girl

Globba winitii Red Leaf

Globba winitii White Dragon

Guillainia purpurata

Hedychium Anne Bishop

Hedychium aurantiacum

Hedychium Ayo

Hedychium chrysoleucum

Hedychium coccineum

Hedychium coccineum Orange Bottlebrush

Hedychium coccineum Tara

Hedychium coccineum v angustifolium Peach

Hedychium coccineum v aurantiacum

Hedychium coronarium

Hedychium coronarium v flavescens

Hedychium deceptum (name unresolved)

Hedychium densiflorum

Hedychium densiflorum Assam Orange

Hedychium Double Eagle

Hedychium elatum

Hedychium Elizabeth

Hedychium ellipticum

Hedychium Fiesta

Hedychium Filigree

Hedychium Fireworks

Hedychium flavescens

Hedychium flavum

Hedychium Forrestii

Hedychium gardnerianum

Hedychium gardnerianum Tara

Hedychium Giant Moth

Hedychium Gold Flame

Hedychium Goldspot

Hedychium gracile

Hedychium Greenei

Hedychium greenii

Hedychium griffithianum

Hedychium Himalayan Lipstick

Hedychium horsfieldii

Hedychium Kai Yang

Hedychium Kewense

Hedychium Kinkaku

Hedychium Lemon Beauty

Hedychium Lemon Sherbet

Hedychium longicornutum

Hedychium Luna Moth

Hedychium muluense

Hedychium Mutant

Hedychium philippinense

Hedychium Pink Flame

Hedychium Pink Sparks

Hedychium Pink V

Hedychium pradhanii

Hedychium Samsheri

Hedychium sp. unident. Nepal

Hedychium spicatum

Hedychium spicatum v acuminatum

Hedychium spp. mixture

Hedychium stenopetalum

Hedychium thyrsiforme

Hedychium Tropic Bird

Hedychium Twengwainran

Hedychium venustum

Hedychium villosum

Hedychium villosum v tenuiflorum

Hedychium White Starburst

Hedychium Yellow Kahili

Hellenia coerulea

Hitchenia caulina

Hitcheniopsis kunstleri

Hornstedtia scottiana

Hornstedtia tomentosa

Kaempferia angustifolia

Kaempferia atrovirens

Kaempferia elegans

Kaempferia galanga

Kaempferia gilbertii

Kaempferia gilbertii 3-d

Kaempferia laotica aff. Satin Checks

Kaempferia laotica aff. Shazam

Kaempferia marginata

Kaempferia ovalifolia

Kaempferia pulchra

Kaempferia pulchra Silver Spot

Kaempferia pulchra v. masonii

Kaempferia roscoeana

Kaempferia roscoeana purple

Kaempferia rotunda

Kaempferia sikkimensis

Kaempferia sp. nov. Red Leaf

Kaempferia sp. unident. blue

Kaempferia Thai Blue

Languas japonica

Languas speciosa

Monocostus uniflorus

Nicolaia atropurpurea

Nicolaia hemisphaerica

Nicolaia pallida

Nicolaia solaris

Nicolaia speciosa

Phaeomeria pallida

Phaeomeria speciosa

Renealmia alpinia

Renealmia aromatica

Renealmia exaltata

Renealmia oligosperma

Renealmia thyrsoides

Riedelia sp. unident.

Roscoea alpina

Roscoea alpina pink form

Roscoea auriculata

Roscoea auriculata Beesiana

Roscoea auriculata Beesiana white form

Roscoea australis

Roscoea cautleyoides

Roscoea cautleyoides deeper yellow

Roscoea cautleyoides Early Purple

Roscoea cautleyoides Jeffrey Thomas

Roscoea cautleyoides Kew Beauty

Roscoea cautleyoides Purple Queen

Roscoea humeana

Roscoea mix 3 plants our selection

Roscoea purpurea

Roscoea scillifolia

Roscoea scillifolia darker form

Roscoea scillifolia white form

Roscoea tibetica

Scaphochlamys biloba

Scaphochlamys kunstleri

Siphonochilus aethiopicus

Siphonochilus decorus

Siphonochilus kirkii

Siphonochilus roseus

Siphonochilus sp. unident.

Smithatris supraneanae

Tapeinochilus ananassae

Tapeinochilus queenslandii

Zerumbet speciosum

Zingiber chrysanthum

Zingiber citriodorum Chiang Mai Princess

Zingiber clarkei

Zingiber collinsii

Zingiber Globba Marantina

Zingiber Ivory Ice

Zingiber longipedunculatum

Zingiber macradenium

Zingiber Milky Way

Zingiber mioga

Zingiber montanum

Zingiber multibracteatum

Zingiber neglectum

Zingiber nigrum

Zingiber officinale

Zingiber ottensii

Zingiber purpureum

Zingiber Rafaels Chocolate

Zingiber rubens

Zingiber spectabile

Zingiber sylvaticum

Zingiber Thai Giant

Zingiber Thomas

Zingiber zerumbet

Zingiber zerumbet Darceyi

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