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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Amaranthaceae Photos

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Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Achyranthes altissima
Achyranthes amaranthoides
Achyranthes aquatica
Achyranthes argentea
Achyranthes aspera
Achyranthes atropurpurea
Achyranthes bidentata
Achyranthes corymbosa
Achyranthes fauriei
Achyranthes ferruginea
Achyranthes halimifolia
Achyranthes indica
Achyranthes japonica
Achyranthes lanuginosa
Achyranthes lappacea
Achyranthes longifolia
Achyranthes muricata
Achyranthes mutica
Achyranthes nivea
Achyranthes obtusifolia
Achyranthes repens
Achyranthes rotundata
Achyranthes sanguinolenta
Achyranthes splendens
Acnida australis
Acnida cannabina
Acnida cuspidata
Acnida floridana
Acnida tuberculata
Aerva javanica
Aerva lanata
Aerva leucura
Aerva persica
Aerva sanguinolenta
Aerva tomentosa
Alternanthera achyrantha
Alternanthera amoena
Alternanthera angustifolia
Alternanthera aquatica
Alternanthera bettzickiana
Alternanthera brasiliana
Alternanthera caracasana
Alternanthera dentata
Alternanthera denticulata
Alternanthera ficoidea
Alternanthera ficoidea Purple Knight
Alternanthera ficoidea Royal Tapestry
Alternanthera ficoidea Snowball
Alternanthera halimifolia
Alternanthera iresinoides
Alternanthera nana
Alternanthera nodiflora
Alternanthera olivacea
Alternanthera philoxeroides
Alternanthera pubiflora
Alternanthera pungens
Alternanthera repens
Alternanthera sessilis green leaved form
Alternanthera sessilis red lvd. form
Alternanthera sissoo sp name not yet recognised
Amaranthus acanthochiton
Amaranthus acutilobus
Amaranthus albus
Amaranthus angustifolius
Amaranthus arenicola
Amaranthus ascendens
Amaranthus asplundii
Amaranthus australis
Amaranthus bigelovii
Amaranthus blitoides
Amaranthus blitum ssp oleraceum Groene Amarant
Amaranthus blitum ssp oleraceus Roter Meier
Amaranthus bouchonii
Amaranthus brownii
Amaranthus buchtienianus
Amaranthus californicus
Amaranthus cannabinus
Amaranthus cardenasianus
Amaranthus caudatus Candelabra
Amaranthus caudatus Coral Fountain
Amaranthus caudatus Dreadlocks
Amaranthus caudatus Emerald Tassels
Amaranthus caudatus Love Lies Bleeding
Amaranthus caudatus mixed
Amaranthus caudatus Red Octopus
Amaranthus caudatus Viridis Green Cascade
Amaranthus Chinese Giant Orange
Amaranthus chlorostachys
Amaranthus crassipes
Amaranthus crispus
Amaranthus cruentus
Amaranthus cruentus Alamos
Amaranthus cruentus Alegria
Amaranthus cruentus Amont
Amaranthus cruentus Autumn Palette
Amaranthus cruentus Autumns Touch
Amaranthus cruentus Bronze Standard
Amaranthus cruentus Chihuahuan Ornamental
Amaranthus cruentus Foxtail
Amaranthus cruentus Golden Giant organic
Amaranthus cruentus Guatemalan
Amaranthus cruentus Hot Biscuits
Amaranthus cruentus Marbled
Amaranthus cruentus Mayo Grain
Amaranthus cruentus Mexican Grain
Amaranthus cruentus Mountain Pima Greens
Amaranthus cruentus Multicolor
Amaranthus cruentus Nepal
Amaranthus cruentus Oeschberg
Amaranthus cruentus Paiute
Amaranthus cruentus Popping
Amaranthus cruentus Red Army
Amaranthus cruentus Red Army for micro amaranth re
Amaranthus cruentus Red Army organic
Amaranthus cruentus Red Cathedral
Amaranthus cruentus Red Cathedral Superior
Amaranthus cruentus Red selection
Amaranthus cruentus Red Spike
Amaranthus cruentus Rodale K432
Amaranthus cruentus Southern Tepehuan Baute
Amaranthus cruentus Split Personality
Amaranthus cruentus Tarahumara Okite
Amaranthus cruentus Towers Green
Amaranthus cruentus Towers Mix
Amaranthus cruentus Towers Red
Amaranthus cruentus Velvet Curtains
Amaranthus cruentus x Hopi Red Dye Amaranth
Amaranthus deflexus
Amaranthus dubius Calaloo - Bayam Bhaji
Amaranthus emarginatus
Amaranthus fimbriatus
Amaranthus floridanus
Amaranthus gracilis
Amaranthus graecizans
Amaranthus greggii
Amaranthus hybrid
Amaranthus hybridus
Amaranthus hybridus Opopeo
Amaranthus hypochondriacus
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Burgundy
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Chinese Giant Orange
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Grain d Or
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Grain dOr organic seed
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Green Giant
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Green Giant for micro a
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Green Giant organic see
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Green Thumb
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Guarijio Grain
Amaranthus hypochondriacus New Mexico
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Pigmy Torch
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Rio San Lorenzo
Amaranthus hypochondriacus x Plainsman
Amaranthus interruptus
Amaranthus macrocarpus
Amaranthus Magic Fountains mix
Amaranthus mangostanus
Amaranthus melancholicus
Amaranthus muricatus
Amaranthus oleraceus
Amaranthus orientalis
Amaranthus palmeri
Amaranthus polygamus
Amaranthus polygonoides
Amaranthus powellii
Amaranthus pringlei
Amaranthus pumilus
Amaranthus quitensis
Amaranthus retroflexus
Amaranthus rubra
Amaranthus scariosus
Amaranthus silvestris
Amaranthus sp Tarahumara Okite
Amaranthus spinosus
Amaranthus standleyanus
Amaranthus tamariscina
Amaranthus tenuifolius
Amaranthus thellungianus
Amaranthus thunbergii
Amaranthus torreyi
Amaranthus tricolor Amar Peet
Amaranthus tricolor Aurora Yellow
Amaranthus tricolor Calaloo green
Amaranthus tricolor Calaloo red
Amaranthus tricolor Carnival
Amaranthus tricolor Early Splendour
Amaranthus tricolor Elephant Head organic seed
Amaranthus tricolor Flaming Fountain
Amaranthus tricolor Hinn Choy
Amaranthus tricolor Illumination
Amaranthus tricolor Josephs Coat
Amaranthus tricolor Lotus Purple
Amaranthus tricolor Molten Fire
Amaranthus tricolor Passion
Amaranthus tricolor Passion for micro amaranth pas
Amaranthus tricolor Poinsettia Mix
Amaranthus tricolor Polish
Amaranthus tricolor Red Army
Amaranthus tricolor Red Sea
Amaranthus tricolor Splendens
Amaranthus tricolor Splendens Perfecta
Amaranthus tricolor variegated
Amaranthus tricolor variegated organic seed
Amaranthus tricolor white leaf
Amaranthus tuberculatus
Amaranthus watsonii
Amaranthus wrightii
Amblogyna torreyi
Blitum cristatum
Blutaparon portulacoides
Blutaparon vermiculare
Bosea amherstiana
Bosea yervamora
Caraxeron vermicularis
Celosia argentea
Celosia argentea Enterprise Dark Pink filmcoated s
Celosia argentea Enterprise White
Celosia argentea Enterprise Wine-red filmcoated
Celosia argentea Sparkler Carmine
Celosia argentea Startrek Lilac filmcoated
Celosia argentea Startrek Rose-pink filmcoated
Celosia argentea v. cristata
Celosia argentea v. cristata dwarf mixed
Celosia argentea v. spicata wild form
Celosia baccata
Celosia cristata Amigo Mahogany Red
Celosia cristata Amigo Mixed
Celosia cristata Amigo Neon Rose
Celosia cristata Amigo Yellow
Celosia cristata Armor mix of 4 colours
Celosia cristata Armor orange
Celosia cristata Armor purple
Celosia cristata Armor red
Celosia cristata Armor yellow
Celosia cristata Bombay Bordeaux filmcoated
Celosia cristata Bombay Bordeaux pellets
Celosia cristata Bombay Candy filmcoated seeds
Celosia cristata Bombay Cherry filmcoated seeds
Celosia cristata Bombay Fidor filmcoated seed
Celosia cristata Bombay Figo filmcoated seed
Celosia cristata Bombay Fire filmcoated seed
Celosia cristata Bombay Firosa filmcoated seed
Celosia cristata Bombay Fisal filmcoated seed
Celosia cristata Bombay Fivio filmcoated seed
Celosia cristata Bombay Mixed pellets
Celosia cristata Bombay Orange filmcoated
Celosia cristata Bombay Orange pellets
Celosia cristata Bombay Pink filmcoated
Celosia cristata Bombay Pink pellets
Celosia cristata Bombay Pure Gold pellets
Celosia cristata Bombay Purple filmcoated
Celosia cristata Bombay Purple pellets
Celosia cristata Bombay Rose filmcoated
Celosia cristata Bombay Rose pellets
Celosia cristata Bombay Salmon filmcoated seed
Celosia cristata Bombay Salmon pellets
Celosia cristata Bombay Sunshine filmcoated seed
Celosia cristata Bombay Velvet filmcoated
Celosia cristata Bombay Velvet pellets
Celosia cristata Bombay Wine-red filmcoated
Celosia cristata Bombay Wine-red pellets
Celosia cristata Bombay Yellow Gold filmcoated
Celosia cristata Bombay Yellow Gold pellets
Celosia cristata Crest apricot
Celosia cristata Crest crimson
Celosia cristata Crest formula mixture
Celosia cristata Crest gold
Celosia cristata Crest orange
Celosia cristata Crest pink
Celosia cristata Crest red
Celosia cristata Crest red and gold
Celosia cristata Crest rose
Celosia cristata Crest scarlet
Celosia cristata Crest violet
Celosia cristata Dwarf Coral Garden Mix o p
Celosia cristata Fire Chief
Celosia cristata Fire Glow
Celosia cristata Jewel Box Mixed
Celosia cristata Jura Salmon filmcoated seed
Celosia cristata Madras Scarlet filmcoated seed
Celosia cristata Madras Scarlet pellets
Celosia cristata Mano de Gato
Celosia cristata Mano de Obispo
Celosia cristata Nana Cockscomb Mixed
Celosia cristata Nana Jessica Brick Red
Celosia cristata Nana Jessica Carmine
Celosia cristata Nana Jessica Cherry Red
Celosia cristata Nana Jessica Golden
Celosia cristata Nana Jessica Lemon
Celosia cristata Nana Jessica Mixed
Celosia cristata Nana Jessica Orange
Celosia cristata Nana Jessica Pink
Celosia cristata Nana Jessica Red
Celosia cristata Nana Jessica Salmon
Celosia cristata Nana Jessica Yellow-orange
Celosia cristata Spring Green filmcoated seed
Celosia cristata Spring Green pellets
Celosia cristata Tall Varieties Mixed o p
Celosia cristata Toreador Scarlet semi-tall
Celosia Gilberts Giant mix
Celosia isertii
Celosia Kurume formula mix
Celosia Kurume open mix
Celosia laxa
Celosia leptostachya
Celosia Olympia Mixed
Celosia Olympic Cream
Celosia Olympic Flame
Celosia Olympic Gold
Celosia Olympic Mixture of 5 vars
Celosia Olympic Orange
Celosia Olympic Rose
Celosia paniculata
Celosia plumosa Apricot Brandy
Celosia plumosa Castle mix of 4 colours
Celosia plumosa Castle orange
Celosia plumosa Castle pink
Celosia plumosa Castle scarlet
Celosia plumosa Castle yellow
Celosia plumosa Century cream
Celosia plumosa Century fire
Celosia plumosa Century mixture semi-tall
Celosia plumosa Century red
Celosia plumosa Century rose
Celosia plumosa Century yellow
Celosia plumosa Chantal Mixed dwarf
Celosia plumosa Fairy Fountains mixed
Celosia plumosa Fashion Look Mix
Celosia plumosa Fontana mix of 3 sorts
Celosia plumosa Fontana orange
Celosia plumosa Fontana red
Celosia plumosa Fontana yellow
Celosia plumosa Forest Fire
Celosia plumosa Forest Fire Improved
Celosia plumosa Fresh Look Mix
Celosia plumosa Fresh Look Orange
Celosia plumosa Fresh Look Red
Celosia plumosa Fresh Look Yellow - Gold
Celosia plumosa Golden Triumph
Celosia plumosa Ice Cream Banana
Celosia plumosa Ice Cream Cherry
Celosia plumosa Ice Cream Mix
Celosia plumosa Ice Cream Orange
Celosia plumosa Ice Cream Peach
Celosia plumosa Ice Cream Strawberry
Celosia plumosa Kimono Super Dwarf mix
Celosia plumosa Lilliput Golden Feather
Celosia plumosa Lilliput Kewpie Mixed
Celosia plumosa Lilliput Mixture of 3 colours
Celosia plumosa Lilliput Orange
Celosia plumosa Lilliput Scarlet
Celosia plumosa Nana Glitters Carmine
Celosia plumosa Nana Glitters Mixed
Celosia plumosa Nana Glitters Orange
Celosia plumosa Nana Glitters Pink
Celosia plumosa Nana Glitters Salmon
Celosia plumosa Nana Glitters Scarlet
Celosia plumosa Nana Glitters Yellow
Celosia plumosa Nana Mixed
Celosia plumosa Plume Carmine
Celosia plumosa Plume Cream
Celosia plumosa Plume Golden
Celosia plumosa Plume Orange
Celosia plumosa Plume Scarlet Red
Celosia plumosa Plume tall mix formula
Celosia plumosa Plume tall mix o p
Celosia plumosa Plume Wine Red
Celosia plumosa Plume Yellow
Celosia plumosa Sunday Bronze filmcoated seed
Celosia plumosa Sunday Dark Pink filmcoated seed
Celosia plumosa Sunday Orange filmcoated seed
Celosia plumosa Sunday Red filmcoated seed
Celosia plumosa Sunday Salmon filmcoated seed
Celosia plumosa Sunday Wine Red filmcoated seed
Celosia polysperma
Celosia spicata Celway Lemon filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Celway Orange filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Celway Purple filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Celway Red filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Celway Salmon filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Celway Terracotta filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Celway White filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Enterprise Dark Pink filmcoated se
Celosia spicata Enterprise White filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Enterprise Wine Red filmcoated see
Celosia spicata Flamingo Feather pink
Celosia spicata Flamingo Feather purple
Celosia spicata Kosmo Pink
Celosia spicata Kosmo Purple Red filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Kosmo Vanilla
Celosia spicata Pink Panther filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Punky Red
Celosia spicata Sharon
Celosia spicata Spiky Pink filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Spiky Purple filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Startrek Lilac filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Startrek Rose Pink filmcoated seed
Celosia spicata Xanthippe
Celosia tomentosa
Celosia trigyna
Centrostachys aquatica
Chamissoa altissima
Cyathula achyranthoides
Cyathula capitata
Cyathula officinalis (chuan niu xi)
Cyathula prostrata
Deeringia amaranthoides
Deeringia baccata
Deeringia celosioides
Deeringia polysperma
Desmochaeta achyranthoides
Digera muricata
Euxolus muricatus
Froelichia floridana
Froelichia gracilis
Gomphrena affinis
Gomphrena affinis c.s.
Gomphrena brasiliana
Gomphrena canescens
Gomphrena celosioides
Gomphrena cunninghamii
Gomphrena cunninghamii c.s.
Gomphrena decumbens
Gomphrena dispersa Pink Pinheads cs
Gomphrena Fireworks
Gomphrena flaccida
Gomphrena globosa and haageana QIS Mix Sunburst
Gomphrena globosa Aurea-superba
Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Buddy purple compact
Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Cissy white rs
Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Dolly lilac-rose rs
Gomphrena globosa Dwarf Mixture rs
Gomphrena globosa Lavender Lady
Gomphrena globosa Pink
Gomphrena globosa Purple rs
Gomphrena globosa QIS Formula Mix
Gomphrena globosa QIS Lilac
Gomphrena globosa QIS Pink
Gomphrena globosa QIS Purple
Gomphrena globosa QIS Rose
Gomphrena globosa QIS White
Gomphrena globosa Rose Bicolour
Gomphrena globosa Rose rs
Gomphrena globosa Salmon rs
Gomphrena globosa Strawberry Fair cs
Gomphrena globosa Tall Mixture formula cs
Gomphrena globosa Tall Mixture o p cs
Gomphrena globosa Tall Mixture o p rs
Gomphrena globosa Tall Purple-violet
Gomphrena globosa Tall Purple-violet rs
Gomphrena globosa Tall Rose rs
Gomphrena globosa Tall Salmon rs
Gomphrena globosa Tall White bs
Gomphrena globosa Tall White rs
Gomphrena haageana Carmine
Gomphrena haageana Mixture
Gomphrena haageana Orange
Gomphrena haageana QIS Orange
Gomphrena haageana QIS Red
Gomphrena haageana Strawberry Fields rs
Gomphrena paniculata
Gomphrena parviflora
Gomphrena pulchella
Gomphrena rodantha
Gomphrena rosea
Gomphrena serrata
Gomphrena vermicularis
Guilleminea densa
Halopeplis amplexicaulis
Halopeplis perfoliata
Hebanthe eriantha
Hebanthe paniculata
Henonia deserti
Hermbstaedtia fleckii
Hermbstaedtia glauca
Illecebrum achyrantha
Illecebrum densum
Illecebrum verticillatum
Iresine diffusa
Iresine glomerata
Iresine herbstii
Iresine herbstii Aurea Reticulata
Iresine herbstii Brilliantissima
Iresine javanica
Iresine lindenii
Iresine paniculata
Iresine persica
Iresine Purple Lady
Leucosphaera bainesii
Mengea californica
Mogiphanes glauca
Narcissus Garden Princess
Nototrichium divaricatum
Nototrichium humile
Oplotheca gracilis
Pfaffia glauca
Pfaffia glomerata
Pfaffia iresinoides
Pfaffia paniculata
Philoxerus portulacoides
Philoxerus vermicularis
Psilotrichum ferrugineum
Ptilotus aervoides
Ptilotus astrolasius
Ptilotus atriplicifolius
Ptilotus auriculifolius
Ptilotus axillaris
Ptilotus calostachyus
Ptilotus calostachyus b.s.
Ptilotus carinatus
Ptilotus clementii
Ptilotus declinatus
Ptilotus divaricatus
Ptilotus drummondii
Ptilotus exaltatus
Ptilotus exaltatus b.s.
Ptilotus exaltatus Joey
Ptilotus exaltatus v semilunatus
Ptilotus gaudichaudi
Ptilotus gomphrenoides
Ptilotus helipteroides
Ptilotus humilis
Ptilotus macrocephalus
Ptilotus macrostachya
Ptilotus manglesii
Ptilotus nobilis
Ptilotus obovatus b.s.
Ptilotus obovatus c.s.
Ptilotus polakii
Ptilotus polystachyus
Ptilotus polystachyus Maroon Tips
Ptilotus rotundifolius
Ptilotus schwartzii
Ptilotus sericostachyus
Ptilotus spathulatus
Ptilotus spathulatus prov. Tas
Pupalia atropurpurea
Pupalia lappacea
Sarratia berlandieri
Sericocoma bainesii
Telanthera bettzickiana
Telanthera olivacea
Tidestromia lanuginosa
Trichinium alopecuroides
Trichinium obovatum

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