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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Agathis alba
Agathis atropurpurea
Agathis australis svs
Agathis borneensis
Agathis flavescens
Agathis kinabaluensis
Agathis labillardieri
Agathis lanceolata
Agathis lenticuka
Agathis microstachys
Agathis montana
Agathis moorei
Agathis orbicula
Agathis ovata
Agathis robusta svs
Agathis silbae
Agathis vitiensis
Araucaria angustifolia svs
Araucaria araucana svs
Araucaria bernieri svs
Araucaria bidwillii vsvs
Araucaria biramulata
Araucaria columnaris vsvs
Araucaria cunninghamii svs
Araucaria goroensis
Araucaria heterophylla
Araucaria heterophylla hybrid prov. Hawaii
Araucaria humboldtensis
Araucaria laubenfelsii
Araucaria luxurians vsvs
Araucaria montana
Araucaria muelleri
Araucaria nemorosa
Araucaria schmidii
Araucaria scopulorum
Araucaria smithii
Araucaria subulata
Dammara alba
Dammara australis
Dammara macrophylla
Dammara robusta
Dombeya acutangula
Dombeya autumnalis
Dombeya bagshawei
Dombeya buettneri
Dombeya burgessiae
Dombeya cacuminum
Dombeya calantha
Dombeya cayeuxii
Dombeya cymosa
Dombeya erythroleuca
Dombeya goetzenii
Dombeya hybrid
Dombeya Kakimaya
Dombeya kirkii
Dombeya mollis
Dombeya pulchra
Dombeya quinqueseta
Dombeya rotundifolia
Dombeya schimperiana
Dombeya shupangae
Dombeya tiliacea
Dombeya torrida
Dombeya wallichii
Dombeya wallichii Variegata
Dombeya wittei
Eutacta muelleri
Eutassa heterophylla
Wollemia nobilis

Renseignements et Modalités de Vente - Codes-Prix - Couriel - Catalogues des semances

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