Bromeliaceae, list-prix téléchargeable. (Format .txt)

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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Acanthostachys pitcairnoides
Acanthostachys strobilacea
Aechmea allegrensis
Aechmea allenii
Aechmea angustifolia
Aechmea angustifolia dark form
Aechmea aquilega
Aechmea araneosa
Aechmea araneosa x chantini
Aechmea bambusoides
Aechmea beeriana
Aechmea Bert
Aechmea blanchetiana
Aechmea blumenavii
Aechmea bracteata
Aechmea brevicollis
Aechmea bromeliifolia
Aechmea bromeliifolia x chantinii
Aechmea Burgundy Red Princess
Aechmea Burgundy select form
Aechmea caesia
Aechmea calyculata
Aechmea calyculata v gigantea
Aechmea calyculata x caudata
Aechmea calyculata x chantinii
Aechmea calyculata x miniata v discolor
Aechmea candida
Aechmea cariocae
Aechmea catingae v catingae
Aechmea caudata
Aechmea caudata v caudata
Aechmea caudata v variegata
Aechmea chantinii
Aechmea chantinii Pink Goddess
Aechmea chantinii v rubra
Aechmea chantinii x fulgens
Aechmea chantinii x ramosa
Aechmea chlorophylla
Aechmea cleistogama
Aechmea coelestis
Aechmea coelestis v acutifolia
Aechmea coelestis v albomarginata
Aechmea coerulescens
Aechmea coerulescens v. lueddemanniana
Aechmea comata
Aechmea comata v comata
Aechmea comata v makoyana
Aechmea conifera
Aechmea correia - araujei
Aechmea cylindrata
Aechmea cylindrata v strictifolia
Aechmea cylindrica
Aechmea dactylima
Aechmea David Barry
Aechmea dealbata
Aechmea dichlamydea v trinitense
Aechmea dichlamydea x weilbachii
Aechmea discolor
Aechmea distichantha
Aechmea distichantha v distichantha
Aechmea distichantha v glaziovii
Aechmea distichantha x araneosa
Aechmea drakeana
Aechmea Electra
Aechmea emmerichii
Aechmea equadoriana
Aechmea fasciata
Aechmea fasciata Silver Queen
Aechmea fasciata Super Selection
Aechmea fasciata v albomarginata
Aechmea fasciata v purpurea
Aechmea fasciata v variegata
Aechmea Fascinii
Aechmea Fascinii Albomarginata
Aechmea fendleri
Aechmea fernandae
Aechmea filicaulis
Aechmea filicaulis v rubra
Aechmea fosteriana
Aechmea Fosters Favorite
Aechmea Fosters Favorite v Favorite
Aechmea fulgens
Aechmea fulgens v discolor
Aechmea fulgens v fulgens
Aechmea gamosepala
Aechmea glutinosa
Aechmea gracilis
Aechmea hellae
Aechmea hoppi
Aechmea hostilis
Aechmea Hummel No. 1
Aechmea Hummel No. 4
Aechmea Hummel No. 9
Aechmea hyb Bert
Aechmea hyb weilbachii x araneosa
Aechmea hyb. Maginallii (a.miniata x fulgens d.)
Aechmea kertesziae
Aechmea kertesziae v kertesziae
Aechmea kuntzeana
Aechmea lamarchei
Aechmea lasseri
Aechmea lindenii
Aechmea lingulata
Aechmea lingulata v gigantea
Aechmea lingulata v roesii
Aechmea longifolia
Aechmea lueddemanniana
Aechmea luedemanniana v. variegata
Aechmea luteocarpa
Aechmea lyman - smithii
Aechmea macrophylla
Aechmea maculata
Aechmea magdalenae
Aechmea maginalii x
Aechmea mariae - reginae
Aechmea mertensii
Aechmea mexicana
Aechmea miniata
Aechmea miniata v discolor
Aechmea miniata x calyculata
Aechmea multiflora
Aechmea nallyi
Aechmea nallyi v variegata
Aechmea nervata
Aechmea nudicaulis
Aechmea nudicaulis v aequalis
Aechmea nudicaulis v aureolineata
Aechmea nudicaulis v aureorosea
Aechmea nudicaulis v capitata
Aechmea nudicaulis v cuspidata
Aechmea nudicaulis v. flavomarginata
Aechmea nudicaulis v. gigantea
Aechmea nudicaulis v. lineata
Aechmea nudicaulis v. maculata
Aechmea nudicaulis v. marginata
Aechmea nudicaulis v. purpurea
Aechmea nudicaulis v. regularis
Aechmea nudicaulis v. simulans
Aechmea nudicaulis v. tabularis
Aechmea nudicaulis x fasciata
Aechmea nudicaulis x fosteriana
Aechmea organensis
Aechmea orlandiana
Aechmea ornata
Aechmea ornata v. nationalis
Aechmea ornata v. ornata
Aechmea ortgiesii
Aechmea pectinata
Aechmea penduliflora
Aechmea penduliflora v. rubra
Aechmea pennae
Aechmea phanerophlebia
Aechmea phanerophlebia v. rosea
Aechmea pimenti - velosoi
Aechmea pineliana
Aechmea pineliana v. minuta
Aechmea podantha
Aechmea Popcorn
Aechmea prava
Aechmea pseudonudicaulis
Aechmea pubescens
Aechmea pubescens v. rubra
Aechmea purpureorosea
Aechmea racinae
Aechmea racinae v. tubiforme
Aechmea ramosa
Aechmea ramosa x fulgens v. discolor
Aechmea recurvata
Aechmea recurvata v. benrathii
Aechmea recurvata v. ortgiesii
Aechmea recurvata v. recurvata
Aechmea recurvata x calyculata
Aechmea Red Ribbon
Aechmea Redwing
Aechmea ringens
Aechmea roberto - seidelii
Aechmea Royal Wine
Aechmea saetifera
Aechmea saxicola
Aechmea seideliana
Aechmea sergipana
Aechmea serrata
Aechmea smithiorum
Aechmea sphaerica
Aechmea sphaerocephala
Aechmea sphaeroglossa
Aechmea strobilacea
Aechmea tillandsioides
Aechmea tillandsioides v kienastii
Aechmea tillandsioides v lutomanana
Aechmea tocantina
Aechmea triangularis
Aechmea triticina
Aechmea Valencia
Aechmea veitchii
Aechmea victoria - reginae
Aechmea victoriana
Aechmea victoriana v discolor
Aechmea victoriana x distichantha
Aechmea warasii
Aechmea weberbauera
Aechmea weilbachii
Aechmea weilbachii v leodiensis
Aechmea weilbacihii x araneosa
Aechmea wittmackiana
Aechmea zebrina
Ananas ananassoides
Ananas bracteatus
Ananas bracteatus Variegatus
Ananas comosus
Ananas comosus Cayenne
Ananas comosus Variegatus
Ananas erectifolius
Ananas fritzmuelleri
Ananas hybrid
Ananas lucidus
Ananas macrodontes
Ananas magdalenae
Ananas microcephalus
Ananas nanus
Ananas parguazensis
Ananassa bracteata
Anapseudananas hybrid
Andrea selloana
Araeococcus flagellifolius
Araeococcus parviflorus
Araeococcus pectinatus
Billbergia alfonsi-joannis
Billbergia amoena
Billbergia amoena v. amoena
Billbergia amoena v. carnea
Billbergia amoena v. cylindrica
Billbergia amoena v. rubra
Billbergia amoena v. rubra x vittata
Billbergia amoena v. seideliana
Billbergia amoena v. viridiflora
Billbergia Anubis
Billbergia bivittata
Billbergia brasiliensis
Billbergia brauteana
Billbergia bucholtzii
Billbergia Burgundy
Billbergia calophylla
Billbergia cappei
Billbergia castelensis
Billbergia Catherine Wilson
Billbergia chiapensis
Billbergia chlorantha
Billbergia chlorosticta
Billbergia collevii
Billbergia debilis
Billbergia distachia
Billbergia distachia v distachia
Billbergia distachia v. maculata
Billbergia elegans
Billbergia Elvenia Slosson
Billbergia euphemiae
Billbergia euphemiae v. saundersioides
Billbergia Fantasia
Billbergia Fantasia x leptopoda
Billbergia Fascinator B windii x saundersii
Billbergia forgetiana
Billbergia Hallelujah x Darth Vader
Billbergia horrida
Billbergia horrida v. horrida
Billbergia horrida v. tigrina
Billbergia intermedia
Billbergia iridifolia
Billbergia iridifolia v. concolor
Billbergia iridifolia v. iridifolia
Billbergia kuhlmannii
Billbergia leptopoda
Billbergia leptopoda x Fantasia
Billbergia lietzei
Billbergia macrantha
Billbergia macrocalyx
Billbergia magnifica
Billbergia meyeri
Billbergia morelii
Billbergia Muriel Waterman
Billbergia nana
Billbergia nana v viridis
Billbergia nutans
Billbergia nutans v lineata
Billbergia nutans v maculata
Billbergia nutans v. schimperiana
Billbergia pioupionii
Billbergia Pixie
Billbergia Platinum
Billbergia porteana
Billbergia pyramidalis
Billbergia pyramidalis v. concolor
Billbergia pyramidalis v. pyramidalis
Billbergia pyramidalis v. variegata
Billbergia pyramidalis x amoena
Billbergia Richard Kennedy
Billbergia rosea
Billbergia sanderana
Billbergia Santa Barbara
Billbergia seidelii
Billbergia speciosa
Billbergia striata Santa Barbara
Billbergia Thelma Darling Hodge
Billbergia Theodore L Mead
Billbergia Theodore L Mead x sanderana
Billbergia thyrsoides x amoena
Billbergia tweediana v latisepala
Billbergia tweedieana
Billbergia venezuelana
Billbergia Violet Queen
Billbergia viridiflora
Billbergia vittata
Billbergia windii x
Billbergia zebrina
Brocchinia reducta
Bromelia antiacantha
Bromelia balansae
Bromelia chrysantha
Bromelia fastuosa
Bromelia karatas
Bromelia landbeckii
Bromelia longifolia
Bromelia nidus-puellae
Bromelia pinguin
Bromelia plumieri
Bromelia pyramidalis
Bromelia sagenaria
Bromelia serra
Bromelia sp unident. Mk. 3
Bromelia sp unident. Mk.2
Bromelia trianae
Bromeliad Dwarf Mix
Bromeliad sp unident Corazon de Fuego
Canistrum aurantiacum
Canistrum auratum
Canistrum cyathiforme
Canistrum fosterianum
Canistrum fosterianum v. pardinum
Canistrum giganteum
Canistrum leopardinum
Canistrum lindenii
Canistrum lindenii v exiguum Variegatum
Canistrum lindenii v roseum
Canistrum lindenii v roseum fa procerum
Canistrum lindenii v striatum
Canistrum lindenii v viridis
Canistrum lindenii Variegatum
Canistrum perplexum
Canistrum roseum
Canistrum seidelianum
Catopsis berteroniana
Catopsis floribunda
Catopsis morrenianum
Catopsis sessiliflora
Chevalieria magdalenae
Chevalieria veitchii
Cleome uniglandulosa
Cryptanthus acaulis
Cryptanthus acaulis v argenteus
Cryptanthus acaulis v ruber larger form
Cryptanthus acaulis v ruber small form
Cryptanthus aurantiacus
Cryptanthus beuckeri
Cryptanthus bivittatus v major
Cryptanthus bivittatus v minor
Cryptanthus bivittatus v rubra
Cryptanthus bromelioides
Cryptanthus bromelioides v diversicolor
Cryptanthus bromelioides v tricolor
Cryptanthus Carneval de Rio
Cryptanthus chinensis
Cryptanthus dianae
Cryptanthus dianae v rosea
Cryptanthus diversifolius
Cryptanthus farinosus
Cryptanthus Feuerzauber
Cryptanthus fosterianus
Cryptanthus It
Cryptanthus osyanus x
Cryptanthus Pink Starlite
Cryptanthus praetextus
Cryptanthus pseudoscaposus
Cryptanthus racinae
Cryptanthus scaposus
Cryptanthus seidelianus
Cryptanthus undulatus
Cryptanthus zonatus hybrid
Cryptanthus zonatus v fosterianus
Cryptanthus zonatus Viridis
Deuterocohnia brevifolia
Deuterocohnia chlorantha
Deuterocohnia longipetala
Deuterocohnia lorentziana
Deuterocohnia meziana
Deuterocohnia schreiteri
Dyckia altissima
Dyckia brevifolia
Dyckia distachya
Dyckia encholirioides
Dyckia floribunda
Dyckia fosteriana
Dyckia fosteriana Silver Queen
Dyckia frigida
Dyckia glomerata
Dyckia goiana
Dyckia hybrid mix
Dyckia Lad Cutak
Dyckia leptostachya
Dyckia maritima
Dyckia marnier-lapostollei
Dyckia rariflora
Dyckia remotiflora
Dyckia remotiflora v montevidensis
Dyckia sp unident
Dyckia spp mix
Dyckia sulphurea
Dyckia tuberosa
Dyckia velascana
Encholirium magalhaesii
Fascicularia bicolor svs
Fascicularia micrantha vsvs
Fascicularia pitcairnifolia
Fosterella penduliflora
Fosterella schiedosperma
Gloriosa greenii (name unresolved)
Greigia landbeckii
Greigia sphacelata
Guzmania acorifolia
Guzmania Amarant
Guzmania angustifolia
Guzmania berteroniana
Guzmania brasiliensis
Guzmania calothyrsus
Guzmania cardinalis
Guzmania Claret
Guzmania conifera
Guzmania danielii
Guzmania Decora
Guzmania dissitiflora
Guzmania donnellsmithii
Guzmania Empire
Guzmania erythrolepis
Guzmania fuerstenbergiana
Guzmania gloriosa
Guzmania Grand Prix
Guzmania Isis
Guzmania lindenii
Guzmania lingulata
Guzmania lingulata splendens v. striata
Guzmania lingulata v. lingulata
Guzmania lingulata v. minor
Guzmania Luna
Guzmania lychnis
Guzmania magnifica
Guzmania major x minor
Guzmania Marlebeca
Guzmania melionis
Guzmania membranacea
Guzmania Meyers Favourite
Guzmania minor
Guzmania minor orange form
Guzmania minor v. lineata
Guzmania minor v. variegata
Guzmania monostachia
Guzmania musaica
Guzmania musaica v. zebrina
Guzmania nicaraguensis
Guzmania patula
Guzmania peacockii
Guzmania Rondo
Guzmania sanguinea
Guzmania sanguinea v brevipedicillata
Guzmania sanguinea v pedicillata
Guzmania Symphonie
Guzmania tricolor
Guzmania tricolor v acutifolia
Guzmania tricolor v variegata
Guzmania Tupi
Guzmania Vesta
Guzmania Vulkan
Guzmania wittmackii
Guzmania zahnii
Hechtia aquamarina (name unresolved
Hechtia argentea Tlacotepec Pue.
Hechtia argentea Victoria Gto.
Hechtia cpnzattiane
Hechtia galeottii
Hechtia glomerata
Hechtia lanata
Hechtia lepidophylla
Hechtia michoacana (name unresolved)
Hechtia montana
Hechtia myriantha
Hechtia nuusaviorum
Hechtia perotensis
Hechtia podantha
Hechtia pueblensis (name unresolved)
Hechtia reticulata
Hechtia rosea
Hechtia sp. unident. CM 010
Hechtia sp. unident. CM 012
Hechtia sphaeroblasta
Hechtia texensis
Hechtia tillandsioides
Hohenbergia augusta
Hohenbergia belemii
Hohenbergia brachycephala
Hohenbergia correia-araujei
Hohenbergia disjuncta
Hohenbergia lanata
Hohenbergia megalantha
Hohenbergia membranostrobilis
Hohenbergia penduliflora
Hohenbergia portoricensis
Hohenbergia ridleyi
Hohenbergia stellata
Hohenbergia vestita
Karatas plumieri
Karatas princeps
Lamprococcus vallerandii
Lymania alvimii
Lymania smithii
Navia arida
Navia brevifolia
Neoglaziovia concolor
Neoglaziovia variegata
Neoregelia albiflora
Neoregelia alvimii
Neoregelia alvimii v donatoi
Neoregelia ampullacea
Neoregelia ampullacea v purpurea
Neoregelia angustifolia
Neoregelia bahiana
Neoregelia bahiana v viridis
Neoregelia binottii
Neoregelia brevifolia
Neoregelia carcharodon
Neoregelia carcharodon v rubra
Neoregelia cariacea
Neoregelia carolinae
Neoregelia carolinae brighter red bracts
Neoregelia carolinae dark fld. var.
Neoregelia carolinae v kermesiana
Neoregelia carolinae v lilacina
Neoregelia carolinae v marechalii
Neoregelia carolinae v rosea striata
Neoregelia carolinae v tricolor
Neoregelia carolinae x carcharodon
Neoregelia carolinae x johannis
Neoregelia carolinae x Oh No
Neoregelia carolinae x Takamura
Neoregelia carolinae x tristis
Neoregelia Casemir Marobe
Neoregelia Catherine Wilson
Neoregelia Charm
Neoregelia chlorosticta
Neoregelia compacta
Neoregelia compacta v striata
Neoregelia concentrica
Neoregelia concentrica v plutonii
Neoregelia concentrica x Medium Rare
Neoregelia cruenta
Neoregelia cyanae
Neoregelia diamentinensis
Neoregelia eleutheropetala
Neoregelia farinosa
Neoregelia Fireball
Neoregelia fluminensis
Neoregelia Grande
Neoregelia hoehneana
Neoregelia indecora
Neoregelia intermedia
Neoregelia Island Sunset
Neoregelia johannis
Neoregelia Justins Song
Neoregelia kautskyi
Neoregelia laevis
Neoregelia Leopard Ray
Neoregelia leprosa
Neoregelia leucophoea
Neoregelia macrosepala
Neoregelia magdalenae
Neoregelia magdalenae v teresae
Neoregelia marmorata
Neoregelia melanodonta
Neoregelia meyendorfii
Neoregelia meyendorfii v minor
Neoregelia monstruosa
Neoregelia morrisoniana
Neoregelia nivea
Neoregelia Nonis
Neoregelia Oh No
Neoregelia olens
Neoregelia oligantha
Neoregelia ossifraga
Neoregelia pabstiana
Neoregelia Painted Lady
Neoregelia pascoaliana
Neoregelia pauciflora
Neoregelia paulistana
Neoregelia pineliana
Neoregelia princeps select forms
Neoregelia puncata v punctata
Neoregelia punctatissima
Neoregelia Royal Burgundy
Neoregelia sarmentosa
Neoregelia sarmentosa v chlorosticta
Neoregelia Secret Heart
Neoregelia seideliana
Neoregelia Sheva
Neoregelia simulans
Neoregelia Spec. 695
Neoregelia spectabilis
Neoregelia spectabilis v rubra
Neoregelia stolonifera
Neoregelia tigrina
Neoregelia tristis
Neoregelia tristis v maculata
Neoregelia tristis x carolinae
Neoregelia tristis x farinosa
Neoregelia uleana
Neoregelia Volkerts Favorite
Neoregelia wilsoniana
Neoregelia zonata
Nidularium alvimii
Nidularium angraensis
Nidularium angustinum
Nidularium aureostriatum
Nidularium billbergioides
Nidularium billbergioides v billbergioides
Nidularium billbergioides v citrinum
Nidularium billbergioides v variegata
Nidularium burchellii
Nidularium chantrieri
Nidularium chloro - marechallii
Nidularium deleonii
Nidularium edmundoi
Nidularium ferdinando - coburgii
Nidularium fraudulentum
Nidularium fulgens
Nidularium fulgens v rosea
Nidularium gamosepalum
Nidularium innocenti
Nidularium innocenti v bicolor
Nidularium innocenti v innocenti
Nidularium innocenti v lineatum
Nidularium innocenti v nana
Nidularium innocenti v paxianum
Nidularium innocenti v purpureum
Nidularium innocenti v seidelianum
Nidularium innocenti v striatum
Nidularium innocenti v wittmackianum
Nidularium innocentii
Nidularium longiflorum
Nidularium lyman-smithii
Nidularium Madame Marobe
Nidularium microps
Nidularium microps v bicense
Nidularium microps v pallidum
Nidularium neglectum
Nidularium picinguabensis
Nidularium pictum
Nidularium princeps
Nidularium procerum
Nidularium procerum v cariacicaensis
Nidularium procerum v kermesianum
Nidularium procerum v procerum
Nidularium procerum v violacea
Nidularium purpureum
Nidularium regelioides
Nidularium rosulatum
Nidularium rutilans
Nidularium rutilans x lubbersii
Nidularium scheremetievii
Nidularium scheremetiewii
Nidularium seidelii
Nidularium seidelii v welteri
Nidularium Souvenir de Casimir Marobe
Nidularium viridum
Ochagavia carnea
Ochagavia litoralis
Orthophytum alvimii
Orthophytum disjunctum
Orthophytum foliosum
Orthophytum fosteranum
Orthophytum glabrum
Orthophytum leprosus
Orthophytum rositae
Orthophytum saxicola
Orthophytum seidelianum
Orthophytum vagans
Pholidophyllum zonatum
Pitcairnia altensteiniana
Pitcairnia altensteinii
Pitcairnia andreana
Pitcairnia archeri
Pitcairnia atrorubens
Pitcairnia barillettii
Pitcairnia bifrons
Pitcairnia bracteata
Pitcairnia caricifolia
Pitcairnia chiapensis
Pitcairnia corallina
Pitcairnia darblayana
Pitcairnia decidua
Pitcairnia diffusa
Pitcairnia elongata
Pitcairnia feliciana
Pitcairnia flammea
Pitcairnia flammea v. floccosa
Pitcairnia grafii
Pitcairnia hartwegii
Pitcairnia heterophylla
Pitcairnia heterophylla v. albiflora
Pitcairnia imbricata
Pitcairnia imbricata prov. Columbia
Pitcairnia imbricata prov. Tamanzunchale Mex
Pitcairnia integrifolia
Pitcairnia jaliscana
Pitcairnia karwinskyana
Pitcairnia maidifolia
Pitcairnia megasepala
Pitcairnia modesta
Pitcairnia morelii
Pitcairnia piepenbringii
Pitcairnia platyphylla
Pitcairnia punicea
Pitcairnia recurvata
Pitcairnia roezlii
Pitcairnia sceptigera
Pitcairnia seidelii
Pitcairnia sp. Lago Lindo
Pitcairnia sp. Las Cruces
Pitcairnia spectabilis
Pitcairnia spicata
Pitcairnia tabuliformis
Pitcairnia trianae
Pitcairnia undulata
Pitcairnia xanthocalyx
Portea fosteriana
Portea kermesiana
Portea kermesiana v. rubra
Portea kermesina
Portea leptantha
Portea petropolitana
Portea petropolitana v. extensa
Portea petropolitana v. noettigii
Portea silveirae
Pourretia platanifolia
Prionophyllum maritimum
Pseudananas macrodontes
Pseudananas sagenarius
Puya alpestris
Puya angusta
Puya berteroana
Puya boliviensis
Puya castellanosii
Puya chilensis
Puya clavo-hercules Lago Verdes Ecuador
Puya coerulea
Puya coerulea v. monter
Puya coerulea v. violacea
Puya coquimbensis
Puya dasylirioides
Puya dyckioides
Puya flavovirens
Puya floccosa
Puya gilmartiniae
Puya harmsii
Puya herzogii Wittm.
Puya laxa
Puya macrocarpa
Puya mirabilis
Puya raimondii
Puya sp. unident.
Puya spathacea
Puya spp. mixed
Puya venusta
Puya weberiana
Puya yakespala
Quesnelia alvimii
Quesnelia arvensis
Quesnelia augusto-coburgii
Quesnelia blanda
Quesnelia edmundoi
Quesnelia humilis
Quesnelia imbricata
Quesnelia indecora
Quesnelia liboniana
Quesnelia marmorata
Quesnelia quesneliana
Quesnelia seideliana
Quesnelia testuda
Racinaea dielsii
Racinaea pallidoflavens
Racinaea pendulispica
Racinaea undulifolia
Renealmia alpinia
Renealmia aromatica
Renealmia exaltata
Renealmia oligosperma
Renealmia thyrsoides
Ronnbergia explodens
Schlumbergera bridgesii x Noel Hybrids
Schlumbergera buckleyi
Schlumbergera Christmas Candy fuchsia picotee
Schlumbergera exotica
Schlumbergera kautskyi
Schlumbergera microsphaerica
Schlumbergera obtusangula
Schlumbergera opuntioides
Schlumbergera Peter Pan pink
Schlumbergera russelliana
Schlumbergera Sunset yellow pink tinged
Schlumbergera truncata
Streptocalyx floribundus
Streptocalyx fuerstenbergiana
Streptocalyx longifolius
Streptocalyx poeppigii
Streptocalyx seidelii
Streptocalyx vallerandii
Tillandsia aeranthos
Tillandsia aeris-incola
Tillandsia aloifolia
Tillandsia anceps
Tillandsia araujea
Tillandsia argentea
Tillandsia baileyi
Tillandsia balbisiana
Tillandsia bandensis
Tillandsia bergeri
Tillandsia brachycaulos
Tillandsia bulbosa
Tillandsia butzii
Tillandsia cacticola
Tillandsia candida
Tillandsia capillaris
Tillandsia capitata v rubra
Tillandsia caput-medusae
Tillandsia caulescens
Tillandsia chlorantha
Tillandsia circinnata
Tillandsia complanata
Tillandsia crispa
Tillandsia crocata
Tillandsia cyanea
Tillandsia cyanea Arborea
Tillandsia decomposita
Tillandsia decomposita v nova
Tillandsia diaguitensis
Tillandsia dielsii
Tillandsia donatoi
Tillandsia dura
Tillandsia duratii
Tillandsia eltoniana
Tillandsia Emilie
Tillandsia fasciculata
Tillandsia fasciculata v. tricolor
Tillandsia fendleri
Tillandsia festucoides
Tillandsia filifolia
Tillandsia flabellata
Tillandsia flabellata v. maxima
Tillandsia flexuosa
Tillandsia fraseri
Tillandsia friesii
Tillandsia funckiana
Tillandsia gardneri
Tillandsia geissei
Tillandsia geminiflora
Tillandsia geminiflora v. geminiflora
Tillandsia geminiflora v. gigantea
Tillandsia geminiflora v. incana
Tillandsia globosa
Tillandsia globosa v. crinita
Tillandsia grabneri
Tillandsia hamaleana
Tillandsia harrisii
Tillandsia incarnata
Tillandsia ionantha
Tillandsia ionantha Chestnut
Tillandsia ionantha v. scaposa
Tillandsia ixioides v. occidentalis
Tillandsia juncea
Tillandsia kammii
Tillandsia karwinskyana
Tillandsia kautskyi
Tillandsia lampropoda
Tillandsia latifolia
Tillandsia leiboldiana
Tillandsia leiboldiana v guttata
Tillandsia leonaniana
Tillandsia lepisosepala
Tillandsia lindenii
Tillandsia linearis
Tillandsia loliacea
Tillandsia lorentziana
Tillandsia magnusiana
Tillandsia mallemontii
Tillandsia mauryana
Tillandsia meridionalis
Tillandsia montana
Tillandsia multicaulis
Tillandsia myosura
Tillandsia ortgiesiana
Tillandsia pallidoflavens
Tillandsia paraensis
Tillandsia paucifolia
Tillandsia pectinata
Tillandsia pernambucensis
Tillandsia pohliana
Tillandsia polystachia
Tillandsia prodigiosa
Tillandsia Professor Rau
Tillandsia pruinosa
Tillandsia pulchella
Tillandsia pulchella v vaginata
Tillandsia punctulata
Tillandsia recurvata
Tillandsia regnellii
Tillandsia remota
Tillandsia Rosita
Tillandsia rubida
Tillandsia schiedeana
Tillandsia schiedeana v minor
Tillandsia schreiteri
Tillandsia seideliana
Tillandsia seleriana
Tillandsia setacea
Tillandsia simulata
Tillandsia Spec.M.T.
Tillandsia Spec.S.F.A.
Tillandsia spiculosa
Tillandsia spiculosa v ustulata (triticea)
Tillandsia sprengeliana
Tillandsia streptocarpa
Tillandsia streptocarpa v bahiana
Tillandsia streptophylla
Tillandsia stricta
Tillandsia sucrei
Tillandsia tenuifolia
Tillandsia tenuifolia v tenuifolia
Tillandsia tenuifolia v vaginata
Tillandsia tenuifolia v violacea
Tillandsia tricholepis
Tillandsia tricholepis v gigantea
Tillandsia tricolor
Tillandsia tricolor v melanocrator
Tillandsia unca
Tillandsia undulifolia
Tillandsia usneoides
Tillandsia usneoides v tiliforme
Tillandsia usneoides v viridiflora
Tillandsia utricularia
Tillandsia utriculata
Tillandsia variabilis
Tillandsia vernicosa
Tillandsia vestita
Tillandsia viridiflora
Tillandsia xerographica
Tillandsia xiphioides
Tillansia sp.
Vriesea altodaserra
Vriesea amazonica
Vriesea atra
Vriesea barclayana
Vriesea barilletii
Vriesea biguassuensis
Vriesea bitumiformis
Vriesea bituminosa
Vriesea bleheri
Vriesea botafogensis
Vriesea brassicoides
Vriesea Brentwood
Vriesea brusquensis
Vriesea carinata
Vriesea chrysostachia
Vriesea chrysostachya v chrysostachya
Vriesea corcovadensis
Vriesea declinata
Vriesea delicatula
Vriesea drepanocarpa
Vriesea duvaliana
Vriesea Eico
Vriesea Elan
Vriesea ensiformis
Vriesea ensiformis v. ensiformis
Vriesea ensiformis v. striata
Vriesea ensiformis x incurvata
Vriesea ensiformis x phillipocoburgii
Vriesea erythrodactylon
Vriesea erythrodactylon v. striata
Vriesea Fascination
Vriesea Favorite
Vriesea fenestralis
Vriesea fenestralis x racinae
Vriesea flammea
Vriesea Flammenschwert
Vriesea fluminensis
Vriesea fosteriana
Vriesea fosteriana v. seideliana
Vriesea fosteriana v. seideliana pallida
Vriesea fosteriana v. seideliana rubra
Vriesea fosteriana x platynema
Vriesea friburgensii
Vriesea friburgensis v. paludosa
Vriesea fulgida
Vriesea Gemma
Vriesea geniculata
Vriesea gigantea
Vriesea gigantea v. seideliana
Vriesea gladioliflora
Vriesea glutinosa
Vriesea Goldfisch
Vriesea graciliscapa
Vriesea gradata
Vriesea grande
Vriesea guttata
Vriesea guttata v. striata
Vriesea heliconioides
Vriesea heterostachys
Vriesea hieroglyphica
Vriesea hieroglyphica v. zebrina
Vriesea hoehneana
Vriesea imperialis
Vriesea incurvata
Vriesea incurvata v. longiflora
Vriesea inflata
Vriesea inflata v. seideliana
Vriesea intermedia x Mint Julep
Vriesea itatiaia
Vriesea jonghii
Vriesea Komet
Vriesea longicaulis
Vriesea longifolia
Vriesea longiscapa
Vriesea lubbersii
Vriesea Mariae
Vriesea modesta
Vriesea Morreniana
Vriesea muelleri
Vriesea neoglutinosa
Vriesea odorata
Vriesea oligantha
Vriesea ospinae
Vriesea ospinae v. gruebneri
Vriesea ourensis
Vriesea paratiensis
Vriesea pardalina
Vriesea pauperrima
Vriesea Perfecta
Vriesea petropolitana
Vriesea petropolitana v. virosa
Vriesea philippocoburgii
Vriesea philippocoburgii v. philippocoburgii
Vriesea platynema
Vriesea platynema v. albolineata
Vriesea platynema v. flava
Vriesea platynema v. rosea
Vriesea platynema v. striata
Vriesea platynema v. variegata
Vriesea platynema v. variegata x guttata
Vriesea platystachys
Vriesea platzmannii
Vriesea Poelmannii Selecta
Vriesea poenulata
Vriesea procera
Vriesea procera v. debilis
Vriesea procera v. procera
Vriesea procera v. rubra
Vriesea psittacina
Vriesea psittacina v. psittacina
Vriesea psittacina v. rubrobracteata
Vriesea racinae
Vriesea rastroensis
Vriesea regina
Vriesea regnelli
Vriesea reitzii
Vriesea retroflexa
Vriesea Rex
Vriesea roberto - seidelii
Vriesea rodigasiana
Vriesea rodigasiana v. maculata
Vriesea rodigasiana v. purpurea
Vriesea rodigasiana v. striata
Vriesea rubida x cardinalis
Vriesea Rubin
Vriesea Sanderiana
Vriesea sanguinolenta
Vriesea sanguinolenta Rubra
Vriesea saundersii
Vriesea scalaris
Vriesea Sceptre d Or
Vriesea sceptrum v. flavobracteatum
Vriesea seideliana
Vriesea simplex
Vriesea simplex v. gigantea
Vriesea sparsiflora
Vriesea splendens
Vriesea splendens Selecta
Vriesea splendens v. major
Vriesea splendens v. mortefontanensis
Vriesea Splendide
Vriesea sucrei
Vriesea taritubensis
Vriesea triangularis
Vriesea unilateralis
Vriesea vagans
Vriesea vigeri
Vriesea weberi
Vriesea zamorensis
Werauhia ororiensis
Werauhia tonduziana
Wittrockia amazonica
Wittrockia bahiana
Wittrockia campos - portoi
Wittrockia paradoxa
Wittrockia smithii
Wittrockia superba

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