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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Acanthocarpus preissii
Arthropodium candidum
Arthropodium candidum Maculatum
Arthropodium candidum Purpureum
Arthropodium cirrhatum
Arthropodium cirrhatum Matapouri Bay
Arthropodium milleflorum
Arthropodium minus
Arthropodium strictum
Chamaescilla corymbosa
Chamaescilla corymbosa v latifolia
Chamaescilla spiralis
Cordyline australis
Cordyline australis Purpurea
Cordyline australis Red Robyn
Cordyline australis Variegata
Cordyline banksii
Cordyline banksii Purpurea
Cordyline baueri Red Sensation
Cordyline bicolor
Cordyline congesta
Cordyline indivisa c.s.
Cordyline indivisa Rubra
Cordyline mauritiana
Cordyline neocaledonica
Cordyline obtecta Norfolk Island
Cordyline obtecta Purpurea
Cordyline obtecta Three Kings
Cordyline obtecta Three Kings Bronze
Cordyline petiolaris
Cordyline pumilio
Cordyline rubra
Cordyline sellowiana
Cordyline sp. unident. Wide Leaf
Cordyline stricta
Cordyline terminalis
Cordyline terminalis Hawaiian Ti Red
Cordyline terminalis hybrids mix
Cordyline terminalis Rubra
Cordyline terminalis Special Pink
Cordyline terminalis Tricolor
Cordyline terminalis Variegata
Cordyline terminalis White
Cordyline trilocular (sic)
Dichopogon capillipes
Dichopogon fimbriatus
Dichopogon mix D. fimbriatus and strictus
Dichopogon preissii
Dichopogon strictus
Eustrephus latifolius
Laxmannia gracilis
Laxmannia minor
Laxmannia paleacea
Laxmannia squarrosa
Lomandra brittanii
Lomandra caespitosa
Lomandra confertifolia
Lomandra densiflora
Lomandra drummondii
Lomandra effusa
Lomandra hermaphrodita
Lomandra hystrix
Lomandra insularis
Lomandra integra
Lomandra leucocephala
Lomandra leucocephala ssp robusta
Lomandra longifolia
Lomandra longifolia Blue
Lomandra longifolia grey leaved form
Lomandra longifolia prov. Tas.
Lomandra maritima
Lomandra micrantha
Lomandra multiflora
Lomandra multiflora ssp dura
Lomandra nana
Lomandra nigricans
Lomandra obliqua
Lomandra odora
Lomandra preissii
Lomandra purpurea
Lomandra sericea
Lomandra sonderi
Lomandra sororia
Lomandra spartea
Lomandra spicata
Lomandra suaveolens
Sowerbaea juncea
Sowerbaea laxiflora
Thysanotus arenarius
Thysanotus dichotomus
Thysanotus manglesianus
Thysanotus multiflorus
Thysanotus patersonii
Thysanotus pyramidalis
Thysanotus sparteus
Thysanotus thyrsoideus

Renseignements et Modalités de Vente - Codes-Prix - Couriel - Catalogues des semances

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