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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Nyctaginaceae Photos

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Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Abronia ameliae
Abronia angustifolia v arizonica
Abronia breviflora
Abronia carnea
Abronia crux-maltae
Abronia elliptica
Abronia fragrans v fragrans
Abronia latifolia
Abronia macrocarpa
Abronia maritima
Abronia micrantha
Abronia turbinata
Abronia umbellata
Abronia villosa
Abronia villosa Milka
Abronia villosa v aurita
Abronia wootonii
Allionia albida
Allionia choisyi
Allionia incarnata
Allionia pumila
Allionia rotundifolia
Boerhavia coccinea
Boerhavia diffusa
Boerhavia erecta
Boerhavia fallacissima
Boerhavia hispida name unresolved
Boerhavia repens
Boerhavia spicata
Boerhavia viscosa
Bougainvillea Barbara Karst
Bougainvillea Blueberry Ice
Bougainvillea Blushing Beauty
Bougainvillea buttiana
Bougainvillea California Gold
Bougainvillea collection 4 colours
Bougainvillea collection 8 colours
Bougainvillea Coral
Bougainvillea Crimson Lake
Bougainvillea Dauphine
Bougainvillea Dixie
Bougainvillea Double Gold
Bougainvillea Double Orange
Bougainvillea Double Pink
Bougainvillea Double Red
Bougainvillea Double White
Bougainvillea Dr. David Barry
Bougainvillea glabra
Bougainvillea glabra Variegata
Bougainvillea Gold Fish
Bougainvillea Golden Glow
Bougainvillea Harrisii
Bougainvillea Helen Johnson
Bougainvillea hyb mix
Bougainvillea hybrid
Bougainvillea Isobel
Bougainvillea Jamaica Orange
Bougainvillea Jamaica Red
Bougainvillea Jennifer Fernie
Bougainvillea Juanita Hatten
Bougainvillea Kauai Royale
Bougainvillea Louis Watten
Bougainvillea Mardi Gras
Bougainvillea Orange Fiesta
Bougainvillea P Js Weeping Beauty
Bougainvillea Pagoda Pink
Bougainvillea Pink Pixie
Bougainvillea Rainbow Gold
Bougainvillea Raspberry Ice
Bougainvillea Red Fantasy
Bougainvillea Royal Bengal Red
Bougainvillea Royal Purple
Bougainvillea San Diego Red
Bougainvillea spectabilis
Bougainvillea Summer Snow
Bougainvillea Surprise
Bougainvillea Texas Dawn
Bougainvillea Thimbra
Bougainvillea Tropical Bouquet
Bougainvillea Turkish Delight
Bougainvillea Vera Blakeman
Bougainvillea Vickie
Bougainvillea White
Bougainvillea Yellow
Calyxhymenia expansa
Commicarpus fallacissimus
Commicarpus pentandrus
Guapira discolor
Guapira longifolia
Ipomoea nil Candy Pink
Mirabilis dichotoma
Mirabilis elegans
Mirabilis expansa
Mirabilis himalaica
Mirabilis jalapa Bicolors Mixed
Mirabilis jalapa Broken Colours Mix
Mirabilis jalapa California Wild Magenta
Mirabilis jalapa Cherry Pie
Mirabilis jalapa Custard and Cream
Mirabilis jalapa Fellows Pastels
Mirabilis jalapa Fireworks cherry
Mirabilis jalapa Limelight rose
Mirabilis jalapa Lutea
Mirabilis jalapa Marbles Mixed
Mirabilis jalapa Marbles white - red mix
Mirabilis jalapa Marbles white - yellow mix
Mirabilis jalapa Marbles yellow - red mix
Mirabilis jalapa Mauve-Violet
Mirabilis jalapa mix formula
Mirabilis jalapa mix o.p.
Mirabilis jalapa Pink
Mirabilis jalapa prov. Ecuador
Mirabilis jalapa Red
Mirabilis jalapa Red Glow
Mirabilis jalapa Rose
Mirabilis jalapa Salmon
Mirabilis jalapa Striped Mix
Mirabilis jalapa Tea Time Mixture
Mirabilis jalapa Tea Time Red
Mirabilis jalapa Tea Time Rose
Mirabilis jalapa Tea Time White
Mirabilis jalapa Tea Time Yellow
Mirabilis jalapa White - Alba
Mirabilis jalapa Yellow
Mirabilis laevis
Mirabilis longiflora
Mirabilis macfarlanei
Mirabilis micranthus
Mirabilis multiflora
Mirabilis nyctaginea
Mirabilis prostrata
Mirabilis pumila
Mirabilis rotundifolia
Mirabilis viscosa
Nyctago mirabilis
Oxybaphus coccineus
Oxybaphus himalaicus
Oxybaphus pumilus
Oxybaphus rotundifolius
Pisonia alba
Pisonia discolor
Pisonia excelsa
Pisonia grandis
Pisonia rotundata
Pisonia umbellifera
Pisonia umbellifera Variegata
Pisonia zapallo
Quamoclidion oxybaphoides
Salpianthus macrodontus
Tripterocalyx carneus
Tripterocalyx crux-maltae
Tripterocalyx micranthus
Tripterocalyx wootonii

Renseignements et Modalités de Vente - Codes-Prix - Couriel - Catalogues des semances

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