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Arid and Dry Condition Plant Seed List
Seed price-list: 57

Currently available Arid and Dry Condition Plant Seed List: Species for which we have prices.
Arid and Dry Condition Plant Seed List Photos

Click here for the complete Arid and Dry Condition Plant Seed List including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Common Name

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Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Abronia villosa v aurita

Abutilon palmeri

Acacia adoxa

Acacia adsurgens

Acacia ampliceps

Acacia ancistrocarpa

Acacia andrewsii

Acacia aneura

Acacia arida

Acacia aspera

Acacia assimilis

Acacia atkinsiana

Acacia auriculiformis

Acacia barbinervis

Acacia brachystachya

Acacia burrowii

Acacia calamifolia

Acacia cambagei

Acacia chippendalei

Acacia colei

Acacia colletioides

Acacia cometes

Acacia coolgardiensis

Acacia coriacea

Acacia coriacea ssp sericophylla

Acacia cowleana

Acacia craspedocarpa

Acacia cultriformis

Acacia cuspidifolia

Acacia cuthbertsonii

Acacia dawsonii

Acacia denticulosa

Acacia dictyophleba

Acacia eremaea

Acacia estrophiolata

Acacia farnesiana (not to Australia)

Acacia fauntleroyi

Acacia gerrardii

Acacia gillii

Acacia gonophylla

Acacia grasbyi

Acacia greggii

Acacia gregorii

Acacia haematoxylon

Acacia hakeoides

Acacia harpophylla svs

Acacia hemignosta

Acacia hemiteles wheatbelt form

Acacia holosericea

Acacia inaequilatera

Acacia jennerae

Acacia karoo

Acacia kempeana

Acacia ligulata

Acacia lineata

Acacia loderi

Acacia lysiphloia

Acacia macradenia

Acacia merinthophora

Acacia montana

Acacia monticola

Acacia montis-usti

Acacia mucronata

Acacia murrayana

Acacia nigrescens

Acacia notabilis

Acacia nyssophylla

Acacia orthocarpa

Acacia pachyacra

Acacia pachycarpa

Acacia papyrocarpa

Acacia pendula

Acacia perryi

Acacia pervillei Benth.

Acacia prainii

Acacia pruinocarpa

Acacia pruinosa

Acacia pyrifolia

Acacia quadrimarginea

Acacia ramulosa

Acacia redolens low form

Acacia reficiens

Acacia rehmanniana

Acacia rigens

Acacia rossei

Acacia sclerosperma

Acacia semilunata

Acacia stigmatophylla

Acacia stricta

Acacia stricta hardy N Z

Acacia tenuissima

Acacia tetragonophylla

Acacia tortilis

Acacia tumida

Acacia tysonii

Acacia uncinella

Acacia victoriae

Acacia wanyu

Acanthus mollis

Acanthus spinosus

Acer monspessulanum d.w.

Achillea clypeolata

Achillea millefolium

Achillea millefolium organic seeds

Achillea nobilis

Achillea nobilis organic seed

Achnatherum coronata

Aciphylla aurea

Actinostrobus acuminatus

Adansonia digitata

Adenium obesum

Adenium obesum ssp. somalense

Adenolobus gariepensis

Agapanthus campanulatus

Agapanthus praecox dwarf blue

Agapanthus praecox dwarf white

Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis dark blue

Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis large blue selec

Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis large white sele

Agapanthus praecox ssp praecox

Agapanthus praecox ssp praecox white form

Agapanthus praecox tall white form

Agastache rupestris Apache Sunset

Agave aktites

Agave albescens

Agave americana

Agave andreae

Agave angustifolia

Agave asperrima

Agave asperrima ssp. potosiensis

Agave asperrims ssp. zarcensis

Agave attenuata

Agave aurea

Agave aurea v. capensis (name unresolved)

Agave avellanidens

Agave bovicornuta

Agave cerulata

Agave chazaroi

Agave chiapensis

Agave chrysantha

Agave colorata

Agave deserti

Agave deserti v. simplex

Agave difformis

Agave durangensis

Agave felgeri

Agave filifera

Agave funkiana

Agave garciae-mendozae

Agave geminiflora

Agave gentryi

Agave gentryi La Escondida

Agave gomezpompae (name unresolved)

Agave guadalajarana

Agave horrida

Agave impressa

Agave kavandivi (name unresolved)

Agave kerchovei

Agave kristenii (name unresolved)

Agave lechuguilla

Agave marmorata

Agave mitis v. albidior

Agave montana

Agave obscura

Agave ocahui

Agave ocahui v. longifolia

Agave ornithobroma

Agave ortgiesiana

Agave palmeri dwarf form

Agave parryi Grant Co. NM

Agave parryi ssp. neomexicana

Agave parryi ssp. parryi

Agave parvidentata Volc. Santa Ana El Salvador

Agave parviflora Ruby Az. cit (not to USA)

Agave peacockii

Agave pelona

Agave pendula

Agave petrophila

Agave potatorum

Agave rhodacantha

Agave rhodacantha Dwarf

Agave rutteniae

Agave rzedowskiana

Agave salmiana

Agave schidigera White Stripe

Agave schottii

Agave seemanniana

Agave shawii ssp. goldmaniana

Agave shrevei ssp. magna (ssp. unresolved)

Agave shrevei ssp. matapensis (ssp. unresolved)

Agave sobria

Agave striata ssp. falcata

Agave striata ssp. falcata Blue

Agave stricta

Agave stringens

Agave subsimplex

Agave temacapulinensis (name unresolved)

Agave tenuifolia

Agave triangularis

Agave triangularis Subintegra

Agave utahensis v. nevadensis

Agave valenciana

Agave victoriae-reginae

Agave victoriae-reginae Huasteca Canyon

Agave vilmoriniana

Agave warelliana

Agave winteriana x

Agave xylonacantha

Agonis flexuosa

Akebia quinata (mu tong 1)

Alcea rosea

Alcea rosea Berry Cheesecake

Alcea rosea Black single

Alcea rosea Blackberry Ripple

Alcea rosea Blackberry Sorbet formula mix

Alcea rosea Brides Bouquet

Alcea rosea Burgundy Towers

Alcea rosea Celebrations Bold Mix

Alcea rosea Celebrations Pastel Mixture annual

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Appleblossom

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Chamois

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Chestnut Brown

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Golden - Sunshine - Yel

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Maroon

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Maroon c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Mix formula c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Mix formula r.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Mixture o.p.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Peaches and Dreams

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Pink treated seed

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Rose

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Rose Pink

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Rose Pink c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Salmon Pink

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Salmon Pink c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Scarlet

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Scarlet c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Violet

Alcea rosea Chaters Double Violet c.s.

Alcea rosea Chaters Double White

Alcea rosea Double Banana

Alcea rosea Double Blackberry

Alcea rosea Double Creme de Cassis

Alcea rosea Double Fiesta Time ts

Alcea rosea Double Mixed

Alcea rosea Double OHara

Alcea rosea Double Peaches and Dreams

Alcea rosea Double Rose

Alcea rosea Double Scarlet

Alcea rosea Double The Bride

Alcea rosea Double The Bride rs

Alcea rosea Double White

Alcea rosea Fruity Mixed

Alcea rosea Fruity Mixed rs

Alcea rosea Halo Apricot

Alcea rosea Halo Blossom

Alcea rosea Halo Blush

Alcea rosea Halo Candy

Alcea rosea Halo Cerise

Alcea rosea Halo Cream

Alcea rosea Halo Lavender

Alcea rosea Halo Mixed

Alcea rosea Halo Peach

Alcea rosea Halo Pink

Alcea rosea Halo Red

Alcea rosea Halo White

Alcea rosea Halo White ts

Alcea rosea Happy Lights Mixed single

Alcea rosea Lemon Light

Alcea rosea mixed

Alcea rosea Night - Day

Alcea rosea Nigra - Jet Black

Alcea rosea Nigra c.s.

Alcea rosea Nigra Jet Black organic seed

Alcea rosea Queeny Mixed

Alcea rosea Simplex single mix

Alcea rosea Single Choice Mix tall

Alcea rosea Snow Peaks

Alcea rosea Spotlight Blacknight

Alcea rosea Spotlight Mars Magic

Alcea rosea Spotlight Polarstar

Alcea rosea Spotlight Radiant Rose

Alcea rosea Spotlight Sunshine

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Apricot

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Carmine Rose

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Crimson

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Lemon

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Lilac

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities mix

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Pink

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Purple

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities Rose

Alcea rosea Spring Celebrities White

Alcea rosea Summer Carnival Mix doubles

Alcea rosea The Bridesmaid mix

Alcea rosea Very Berry mix

Alcea rugosa

Allium senescens ssp glaucum

Allocasuarina acutivalvis

Allocasuarina corniculata

Allocasuarina decaisneana

Aloe aculeata

Aloe affinis

Aloe africana

Aloe ammophila

Aloe arborescens cit II

Aloe barberae

Aloe boylei

Aloe branddraaiensis

Aloe brevifolia

Aloe broomii cit

Aloe cameronii

Aloe castanea

Aloe chabaudii

Aloe citrina

Aloe classenii

Aloe claviflora

Aloe comosa

Aloe cooperi

Aloe cryptopoda

Aloe decurva

Aloe dewetii

Aloe dhufarensis

Aloe dichotoma cit

Aloe dyeri

Aloe elegans

Aloe excelsa

Aloe ferox cit II

Aloe fosteri

Aloe gariepensis red fls.

Aloe gerstneri

Aloe globuligemma

Aloe hereroensis cit

Aloe humilis

Aloe kraussii

Aloe lineata

Aloe longibracteata

Aloe lutescens orange fld. form

Aloe macroclada

Aloe maculata

Aloe mandotoensis

Aloe marlothii

Aloe mawii

Aloe menyharthii

Aloe microstigma

Aloe mudenensis

Aloe mutabilis

Aloe omavandae

Aloe parvibracteata

Aloe peglerae

Aloe penduliflora

Aloe petricola

Aloe plicatilis

Aloe pluridens

Aloe pretoriensis

Aloe rauhii (not to USA)

Aloe rupestris

Aloe secundiflora

Aloe speciosa

Aloe spectabilis

Aloe spicata

Aloe striata

Aloe striata v. stricta

Aloe suprafoliata

Aloe tenuior

Aloe thraskii

Aloe transvaalensis

Aloe umfoloziensis

Aloe vanbalenii

Aloe vaombe High Plateau

Aloe variegata

Aloe vera

Aloe viguieri

Aloe vryheidensis

Aloe wickensii

Aloe wickensii v lutea

Aloe zebrina

Alyogyne hakeifolia

Ammi majus

Amorpha canescens c.s.

Amphipogon caricinus

Anacampseros arachnoides

Androsace alpina hort.

Anemocarpa podolepidium

Antirrhinum sempervirens

Apatesia helianthoides

Apatesia maughanii

Apatesia pillansii

Arbutus andrachne

Arbutus unedo c.s. svs

Arctostaphylos pungens d.b.

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Arctotis acaulis mix

Arctotis cuprea

Arctotis lanceolata

Arctotis leiocarpa

Arctotis revoluta

Arctotis stoechadifolia

Arenaria hookeri v desertorum

Argemone hispida

Argemone mexicana

Argemone polyanthemos

Argyrocytisus battandieri

Argyroderma delaetii Aureum

Argyroderma delaetii Roseum

Aristolochia littoralis

Artemisia arbuscula

Artemisia campestris ssp variabilis

Artemisia dracunculus Russian Tarragon

Artemisia dracunculus Russian Tarragon organic

Artemisia lercheana

Artemisia ludoviciana

Artemisia nova

Artemisia spinescens

Artemisia stelleriana Moris Strain

Artemisia tridentata Big Sagebrush

Arum purpureospathum

Asclepias asperula

Asclepias tuberosa

Asclepias tuberosa organic seed

Asclepias tuberosa ssp. interior

Asclepias verticillata

Aspalathus linearis Rooibos

Asphodeline liburnica

Asphodeline lutea

Asphodelus albus

Asphodelus fistulosus

Asphodelus ramosus

Astilbe chinensis v taquetii hyb lilac shades

Astragalus kentrophyta v. coloradoensis

Astragalus utahensis

Atalaya hemiglauca

Athanasia dentata

Athanasia trifurcata

Atriplex canescens

Atriplex halimus

Atriplex holocarpa

Atriplex lentiformis

Atriplex nummularia

Atriplex polycarpa

Atriplex semibaccata

Atriplex stipitata

Aurinia sinuata Pebbles

Babiana scariosa

Balaustion pulcherrimum

Banksia audax

Banksia elderiana

Banksia lanata

Banksia ornata

Banksia sceptrum

Banksia victoriae

Barleria obtusa

Beaucarnea guatemalensis

Beaucarnea hiriartiae (not to USA)

Beaucarnea recurvata c.s. (not to USA)

Beaucarnea sanctomariana (not to USA)

Beaucarnea stricta (not to USA)

Berlandiera lyrata Chocolate Drop

Berlandiera lyrata organic seed

Beschorneria wrightii

Beschorneria yuccoides

Bignonia capreolata

Borya sphaerocephala

Boscia albitrunca

Bossiaea walkeri

Bothriochloa decipiens

Bouteloua gracilis

Brachychiton australis

Brachychiton bidwillii

Brachychiton diversifolius

Brachychiton gregorii

Brachyscome ciliocarpa

Browallia americana sky blue

Browallia americana Snowwhite

Buchloe dactyloides

Buddleja globosa

Buddleja loricata

Buddleja saligna

Buddleja salviifolia

Bulbine alooides

Bulbine frutescens

Bulbinella graminifolia

Bupleurum fruticosum

Bupleurum spinosum

Burkea africana

Bursera hindsiana

Buxus sempervirens

Caesalpinia gilliesii

Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Caesalpinia pulcherrima fa. flava

Caesalpinia pulcherrima red-orange dwarf

Calandrinia ciliata Blanca

Calandrinia umbellata Ruby Tuesday

Calicotome spinosa

Calliandra eriophylla

Callirhoe involucrata

Callistemon coccineus

Callistemon rigidus

Callistemon salignus

Callistemon teretifolius

Callitris preissii

Calothamnus aridus

Calothamnus blepharospermus

Calothamnus chrysantherus

Calothamnus rupestris

Campsis grandiflora

Campsis radicans

Capparis mitchellii

Carex pensylvanica

Carex rosea

Carissa haematocarpa

Carmichaelia williamsii

Carpobrotus deliciosus

Carpobrotus edulis

Caryopteris incana

Caryopteris incana Blue Myth

Cassia nemophila

Cassia sturtii

Casuarina cristata

Casuarina equisetifolia

Catananche caerulea

Ceanothus americanus

Ceanothus ovatus

Ceiba pentandra

Celtis occidentalis northern prov.

Celtis reticulata

Cenchrus ciliaris

Cenchrus setigerus

Centaurea pulcherrima

Centranthus ruber

Cephalophyllum loreum

Cephalophyllum niveum

Cerastium tomentosum

Cerastium tomentosum Celine

Ceratotheca triloba

Cercidium microphyllum

Cercidium torreyanum

Cercis siliquastrum

Cercocarpus montanus

Chaenactis fremontii

Chamaemelum nobile

Chamaemelum nobile organic seed

Chamelaucium uncinatum

Cheiridopsis candidissima

Cheiridopsis namaquensis

Chelidonium majus Flore Pleno

Chenopodium nitrariaceum

Chilopsis linearis

Chloris virgata

Cirsium eriophorum

Cistus albidus

Cistus clusii

Cistus creticus

Cistus creticus ssp eriocephalus (Viv.) Greuter -

Cistus crispus

Cistus ladanifer

Cistus laurifolius

Cistus libanotis

Cistus monspeliensis

Cistus populifolius proteg.

Cistus salviifolius

Cistus spp. mixed

Citrullus ecirrhosus

Cladoraphis cyperoides

Cleome chilensis

Cleome isomeris

Cleretum bellidiformis

Cleretum bellidiformis mix

Clinopodium nepeta Marvelette Blue

Clinopodium nepeta Marvelette White

Clinopodium nepeta organic seeds

Clinopodium nepeta ssp nepeta Blue Cloud

Clinopodium nepeta ssp nepeta White Cloud

Cochlospermum religiosum

Codonocarpus cotinifolius svs

Codonocarpus pyramidalis svs

Coleonema album

Colophospermum mopane

Colutea arborescens

Conophytum calculus

Conospermum stoechadis

Conostylis aculeata

Coronilla emerus

Coronilla juncea

Coronilla minima

Corydalis lutea svs

Corymbia collina

Corymbia dichromophloia c.s.

Corymbia opaca

Corymbia papuana

Corymbia setosa

Corymbia terminalis

Corymbia zygophylla

Corynephorus canescens

Cotinus coggygria

Crassula atropurpurea

Crassula perforata

Crocus sativus autumn flg. bulbs

Crotalaria cunninghamii

Crotalaria eremaea

Crotalaria medicaginea

Crotalaria novae-hollandiae

Cryptostegia madagascariensis

Cucumis metuliferus

Cucurbita ficifolia

Cucurbita maxima Mogongo

Cucurbita metuliferus

Cyanella alba

Cymopterus megacephalus

Cynodon dactylon

Cynodon dactylon La Paloma

Dalea gattingeri

Dalea gattingeri Stephanie

Dalea purpurea

Dasylirion acrotrichum

Dasylirion berlandieri

Dasylirion cedrosanum

Dasylirion longissimum

Dasylirion miquihuanense

Datura discolor

Daviesia incrassata

Delosperma congestum

Delosperma cooperi

Delosperma John Proffit

Delphinium scaposum

Dendrocalamus strictus svs

Dendromecon harfordii

Dianthus anatolicus

Dianthus caespitosus

Dianthus nardiformis

Dianthus pyrenaicus

Dichelostemma capitatum

Dichelostemma pulchellum

Dichelostemma volubile

Dicrastylis exsuccosa v. elliptica

Dicrastylis flexuosa

Dimorphotheca cuneata orange form

Dimorphotheca cuneata white form

Dimorphotheca Silverhill white

Dimorphotheca sinuata

Dimorphotheca sinuata mixed flake seed (from disc

Dimorphotheca sinuata mixed stick seed (from ray f

Dinteranthus vanzylii

Dioscorea elephantipes

Dioscorea sylvatica

Diospyros lycioides ssp. lycioides svs

Diplopeltis eriocarpa

Diplopeltis huegelii

Diplosoma luckhoffii

Dissocarpus paradoxus

Dodonaea aptera

Dodonaea boroniifolia

Dodonaea lanceolata

Dodonaea lobulata

Dodonaea microzyga

Dodonaea petiolaris

Dodonaea viscosa

Dodonaea viscosa Purpurea

Dodonaea viscosa ssp angustissima (ssp D)

Dodonaea viscosa ssp. angustifolia (ssp C)

Dolichandra unguis-cati

Dorotheanthus apetalus

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato Bright Red

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato Dark Pink

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato Mixed

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato Orange

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato White

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato Yellow Shades

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Sparkles Mixture

Dorycnium hirsutum

Dorycnium hirsutum organic seed

Dorycnium pentaphyllum

Dracaena draco

Drosanthemum hispidum

Dysphania ambrosioides

Dysphania rhadinostachya

Echinocereus triglochidiatus

Echinops ritro b.s.

Echinops ritro c.s.

Echinops ritro c.s. organic seed

Echinops ritro White Globe r.s.

Enchylaena tomentosa

Ephedra viridis

Eragrostis curvula

Eragrostis eremea (name unresolved)

Eragrostis eriopoda

Eremophila bignoniiflora

Eremophila cuneifolia

Eremophila delisseri

Eremophila deserti

Eremophila duttonii

Eremophila exilifolia

Eremophila forrestii

Eremophila freelingii

Eremophila georgei

Eremophila gilesii

Eremophila granitica

Eremophila linearis

Eremophila longifolia

Eremophila maculata

Eremophila miniata

Eremophila scoparia

Eremophila serrulata

Erica discolor

Erica verecunda

Erigeron compositus v discoideus

Erigeron karvinskianus

Erigeron karvinskianus Profusion

Erigeron karvinskianus Stallone

Eriocephalus africanus

Eriogonum umbellatum

Eriophyllum nevinii

Eryngium amethystinum

Eryngium yuccifolium

Erythrina vespertilio

Erythrina zeyheri

Erythrophleum chlorostachys

Eschscholzia californica

Eschscholzia lobbii

Eschscholzia lobbii Sundew

Eucalyptus accedens

Eucalyptus aspratilis

Eucalyptus bancroftii

Eucalyptus behriana

Eucalyptus brachycalyx

Eucalyptus brachycorys

Eucalyptus burdettiana

Eucalyptus calycogona

Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Eucalyptus camaldulensis hardy N Z

Eucalyptus camaldulensis prov. Katherine arid

Eucalyptus camaldulensis prov. Lake Coorong

Eucalyptus camaldulensis prov. Lake Hindmarsh

Eucalyptus camaldulensis prov. Lake Indoon

Eucalyptus camaldulensis prov. Petford

Eucalyptus camaldulensis ssp. obtusa prov. Silvert

Eucalyptus camaldulensis ssp. obtusa prov. WA

Eucalyptus campaspe

Eucalyptus carnea

Eucalyptus celastroides ssp celastroides

Eucalyptus cladocalyx

Eucalyptus cladocalyx Nana

Eucalyptus clelandii

Eucalyptus concinna

Eucalyptus coolabah

Eucalyptus coolabah prov. NSW

Eucalyptus cooperiana

Eucalyptus cornuta

Eucalyptus corrugata

Eucalyptus crucis

Eucalyptus cylindriflora

Eucalyptus cylindrocarpa

Eucalyptus desmondensis

Eucalyptus dielsii

Eucalyptus diptera

Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha b.s.

Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha c.s.

Eucalyptus dundasii

Eucalyptus ebbanoensis

Eucalyptus eremicola

Eucalyptus eremophila b.s.

Eucalyptus eremophila c.s.

Eucalyptus eremophylla red flg. form

Eucalyptus erythrocorys b.s.

Eucalyptus erythrocorys c.s.

Eucalyptus ewartiana

Eucalyptus falcata

Eucalyptus fasciculosa

Eucalyptus flocktoniae

Eucalyptus formanii

Eucalyptus forrestiana b.s.

Eucalyptus forrestiana c.s.

Eucalyptus fraseri

Eucalyptus gamophylla

Eucalyptus gomphocephala b.s.

Eucalyptus gomphocephala Swan Coastal

Eucalyptus gongylocarpa

Eucalyptus griffithsii

Eucalyptus halophila

Eucalyptus incrassata

Eucalyptus intertexta

Eucalyptus kochii ssp. borealis

Eucalyptus kondininensis

Eucalyptus lansdowneana

Eucalyptus lansdowneana hardy NZ

Eucalyptus leptophylla

Eucalyptus lesouefii

Eucalyptus leucasii (name unresolved)

Eucalyptus leucoxylon

Eucalyptus leucoxylon hardy NZ

Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. macrocarpa

Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. megalocarpa

Eucalyptus longicornis

Eucalyptus loxophleba

Eucalyptus lucasii

Eucalyptus macrandra

Eucalyptus mannensis

Eucalyptus melanoxylon

Eucalyptus merrickiae

Eucalyptus microtheca

Eucalyptus myriadena

Eucalyptus nutans

Eucalyptus obtusiflora

Eucalyptus occidentalis

Eucalyptus oldfieldii

Eucalyptus oleosa

Eucalyptus orbifolia

Eucalyptus oxymitra

Eucalyptus pachyphylla

Eucalyptus pellita

Eucalyptus pileata

Eucalyptus platycorys

Eucalyptus pterocarpa

Eucalyptus pyriformis

Eucalyptus ravida

Eucalyptus rhodantha

Eucalyptus roycei

Eucalyptus rudis

Eucalyptus salmonophloia

Eucalyptus salubris

Eucalyptus sargentii

Eucalyptus sessilis

Eucalyptus sheathiana

Eucalyptus shirleyi

Eucalyptus staigeriana

Eucalyptus stoatei b.s.

Eucalyptus stowardii

Eucalyptus striaticalyx b.s.

Eucalyptus stricklandii

Eucalyptus talyuberlup

Eucalyptus tetraptera b.s.

Eucalyptus tetrodonta

Eucalyptus thozetiana

Eucalyptus todtiana

Eucalyptus torquata

Eucalyptus torquata x woodwardii Torwood

Eucalyptus transcontinentalis

Eucalyptus trivalvis

Eucalyptus umbra

Eucalyptus uncinata

Eucalyptus wandoo

Eucalyptus woodwardii

Eucalyptus youngiana

Euclea crispa

Euclea pseudebenus

Euclea tomentosa

Euphorbia characias

Euphorbia characias ssp. wulfenii

Euphorbia coralloides

Euphorbia cyparissias

Euphorbia mellifera

Euphorbia myrsinites

Euphorbia pithyusa

Euryops speciosissimus

Eutaxia microphylla v microphylla

Felicia muricata

Ferula communis

Festuca californica blue leaf form

Festuca californica green leaf form

Festuca valesiaca Glaucantha

Ficus cordata

Ficus pumila

Fockea crispa

Fouquieria diguetii

Fouquieria splendens

Fremontodendron californicum

Gaillardia aristata

Gaillardia aristata wild form

Gaillardia pinnatifida

Gaillardia pulchella

Gasteria disticha

Gastrolobium spinosum

Gaura coccinea

Gaura lindheimeri Cool Breeze

Gaura lindheimeri Sparkle White

Gaura lindheimeri Summer Breeze

Gaura lindheimeri The Bride

Gaura longiflora

Gazania hybrida Sunshine Mixture bs

Gazania rigens Dwarf Mixed r.s.

Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss Red

Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss White Flame

Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss Yellow

Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss Yellow Flame

Gazania rigens f1 Daybreak Red Stripe

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Bronze

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Flame Mixed striped

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Frosty Mixed silvery leaved

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Golden Flame

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Mahogany

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Mixed

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Orange

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Orange Flame

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Rose

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss White

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Yellow

Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Yellow Flame

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Bronze Shades

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Clear Orange

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Mixed

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Pink Shades

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Red Shades

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Red Stripe

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Rose Stripe

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Tiger Stripes

Gazania rigens f1 New Day White

Gazania rigens f1 New Day Yellow

Gazania rigens Mixed c.s.

Gazania rigens Promesa clear orange r.s.

Gazania rigens Sunshine Hybrids Mix r.s.

Gazania rigens Sunshine Hybrids Mixed b.s.

Gazania rigens Talent Mixed

Gazania rigens Talent Orange

Gazania rigens Talent Red Shades

Gazania rigens Talent Rose Shades

Gazania rigens Talent White

Gazania rigens Talent Yellow

Geissorhiza heterostyla

Genista hispanica

Genista tinctoria

Geranium lucidum

Geranium sanguineum

Geranium sanguineum Album

Geranium sanguineum fa nanum

Geranium sanguineum Lancastriense

Geranium sanguineum Striatum

Geum triflorum

Globularia punctata

Globularia vulgaris c.s.

Glottiphyllum depressum

Glottiphyllum fergusoniae

Gomphocarpus fruticosus

Gomphocarpus fruticosus Super Puffs

Goniolimon speciosum

Goodenia scaevolina

Goodenia scapigera

Gossypium anomalum

Gossypium australe

Gossypium hirsutum

Gossypium sturtianum

Grass mix Easy-Lawn minimum maintenance

Grass mix long term pasture s. Europe arid conditi

Grevillea candelabroides

Grevillea deflexa

Grevillea didymobotrya

Grevillea dielsiana

Grevillea dryandri

Grevillea eriostachya

Grevillea hookeriana

Grevillea juncifolia

Grevillea leucopteris

Grevillea plurijuga

Grevillea polybotrya

Grevillea pteridifolia

Grevillea pterosperma prov. WA

Grevillea robusta

Grevillea sarissa

Grevillea stenobotrya

Grevillea thelemanniana

Grevillea wickhamii

Gunniopsis quadrifida

Gyrostemon ramulosus

Hakea adnata

Hakea amplexicaulis

Hakea arida (name unresolved)

Hakea brooksiana

Hakea bucculenta

Hakea ceratophylla

Hakea chordophylla

Hakea cinerea

Hakea commutata

Hakea conchifolia

Hakea coriacea

Hakea corymbosa

Hakea costata

Hakea crassifolia (name unresolved)

Hakea cucullata

Hakea cyclocarpa

Hakea dactyloides

Hakea francisiana

Hakea incrassata

Hakea invaginata

Hakea leucoptera

Hakea minyma

Hakea multilineata

Hakea neurophylla

Hakea nitida

Hakea nodosa

Hakea obliqua ssp obliqua

Hakea obliqua ssp parviflora

Hakea orthorrhyncha

Hakea pandanicarpa ssp pandanicarpa

Hakea petiolaris

Hakea planifolia name unresolved

Hakea platysperma

Hakea plurinervia

Hakea preissii

Hakea sericea

Hakea sericea pink flg. form

Hakea stenocarpa

Hakea strumosa

Hakea suaveolens

Hakea suberea

Hakea sulcata

Hakea trifurcata

Hakea undulata

Hakea victoriae

Haloragis erecta

Haloragodendron glandulosum

Hechtia aquamarina (name unresolved

Hechtia podantha

Hedyotis crouchiana

Helenium amarum Goldfield

Helenium autumnale wild form

Helianthemum apenninum

Helianthus maximiliani

Helichrysum italicum

Helichrysum italicum organic seed

Helichrysum microphyllum Silver Mist pellets

Helichrysum setosum

Helichrysum stoechas

Helipterum stipitatum

Hemiandra linearis

Hemiandra pungens

Hemiandra pungens prostrate form

Hermannia comosa

Hermannia desertorum

Hesperaloe campanulata

Hesperaloe funifera

Hesperaloe parviflora

Hesperoyucca whipplei

Heterolepis aliena

Hibiscus trionum

Holodiscus discolor

Hovea pungens

Hovea ramulosa

Hybanthus floribundus

Hyparrhenia hirta

Iberis gibraltarica

Idria columnaris Kellogg

Indigofera monophylla

Ipomoea carnea

Ipomoea costata

Ipomoea muelleri

Ipomopsis rubra

Iris lutescens

Isomeris arborea

Isopogon anemonifolius

Isopogon attenuatus b.s.

Ixia latifolia

Ixia rapunculoides

Jamesia americana

Jatropha curcas

Juniperus oxycedrus ssp. oxycedrus c.s.

Juniperus virginiana

Keckiella antirrhinoides ssp antirrhinoides

Kennedia beckxiana

Kennedia coccinea

Kennedia coccinea Jarrah Forest form

Kennedia eximia

Kennedia macrophylla

Kennedia microphylla

Kennedia nigricans

Kennedia prostrata

Kennedia prostrata Jarrah Forest form

Kennedia rubicunda

Kennedia spp. mix

Keraudrenia integrifolia

Kirkia acuminata

Koeleria vallesiana

Kunzea ambigua

Kunzea baxteri

Kunzea ericifolia

Kunzea montana

Kunzea pulchella

Kunzea recurva

Lagunaria patersonia

Lambertia formosa

Lantana camara

Lapeirousia macrospatha

Lapeirousia plicata

Larrea tridentata

Lasiurus scindicus

Lavandula angustifolia

Lavandula lanata

Layia platyglossa

Lebeckia cytisoides

Lechenaultia linarioides

Leptosema chambersii

Leptospermum brachyandrum

Leptospermum coriaceum

Leptospermum grandiflorum

Leptospermum juniperinum

Leptospermum laevigatum

Leptospermum petersonii

Leptospermum polygalifolium

Leptospermum polygalifolium Copper Glow

Leptospermum rotundifolium

Lessertia spinescens

Leucaena cunninghamii

Leucophyta brownii b.s.

Leucophyta brownii c.s.

Leucospermum vestitum

Leymus arenarius

Liatris punctata

Limonium purpuratum

Linum grandiflorum Rubrum

Livistona mariae

Lobelia tupa

Lomandra longifolia

Lomatium grayi

Lonicera etrusca

Lonicera fragrantissima

Lonicera implexa

Lonicera tatarica

Lonicera tatarica Arnold Red

Luma apiculata svs

Lupinus texensis

Lycium chinense c.s.

Lycium ferocissimum

Lygeum spartum

Lysiphyllum carronii (Bauhinia carronii)

Macgregoria racemigera

Mahonia repens

Maireana amoena

Maireana aphylla

Maireana astrotricha b.s.

Maireana brevifolia

Maireana campanulata

Maireana carnosa

Maireana georgei

Maireana melanocoma

Maireana planifolia

Maireana platycarpa

Maireana pyramidata

Maireana sedifolia

Maireana tomentosa

Maireana trichoptera

Maireana triptera b.s.

Maireana villosa

Malephora crocea

Malephora lutea

Marrubium incanum

Massonia depressa

Maytenus tenuispina

Maytenus undata

Medicago arborea

Melaleuca armillaris

Melaleuca bracteata

Melaleuca brevifolia

Melaleuca eleuterostachya

Melaleuca filifolia

Melaleuca glomerata

Melaleuca halmaturorum

Melaleuca incana

Melaleuca lanceolata

Melaleuca megacephala

Melaleuca striata

Melaleuca thyoides

Melaleuca uncinata prov. NSW

Melaleuca uncinata prov. WA

Melasphaerula ramosa

Melianthus major

Melittis melissophyllum

Melolobium candicans

Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Michauxia campanuloides

Minuria cunninghamiana

Minuria denticulata

Monachather paradoxus

Monarda fistulosa

Monarda fistulosa organic seed

Monilaria moniliformis

Moraea lewisiae

Moraea polyanthos darker form

Moraea serpentina

Muehlenbeckia astonii (name unresolved)

Muehlenbeckia cunninghamii (unresolved)

Myoporum insulare

Myoporum montanum

Myoporum platycarpum

Myriocephalus guerinae

Myrsine africana svs

Myrtus communis

Myrtus communis Compacta

Nandina domestica

Nepeta cataria

Nepeta cataria Citriodora

Nepeta cataria Citriodora Lemony

Nepeta cataria Citriodora organic seeds

Nepeta cataria organic seed

Nepeta racemosa

Nepeta racemosa Alba

Nepeta racemosa Felix

Nepeta racemosa organic seeds

Nepeta racemosa Select deeper blue

Nerium oleander hort.

Newcastelia cephalantha

Newcastelia cladotricha

Nitraria billardieri (name unresolved)

Nolina durangensis

Nolina excelsa (name unresolved)

Nolina hibernica La Siberica

Nolina longifolia

Nolina matapensis

Nolina microcarpa

Nolina nelsonii

Nolina palmeri v. brandegeei

Nolina texana

Nymania capensis

Oenothera macrocarpa

Olea europaea

Olea europaea ssp cuspidata

Olearia pimeleoides

Olneya tesota

Ononis spinosa

Origanum majorana

Origanum majorana for micro marjoram

Origanum majorana organic seed

Origanum majorana Tetrata

Origanum onites

Origanum syriacum

Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum Greek Oregano

Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum organic seeds

Oryzopsis hymenoides

Oryzopsis hymenoides Rimrock

Osteospermum ecklonis

Osteospermum sinuatum

Othonna arborescens

Owenia acidula d.b.

Owenia reticulata

Ozothamnus lepidophyllus

Parkinsonia aculeata

Parkinsonia africana

Paronychia kapela

Paronychia kapela ssp. serpyllifolia

Parthenocissus quinquefolia

Parthenocissus tricuspidata

Parthenocissus tricuspidata Veitchii

Peganum harmala

Pelargonium crithmifolium

Penstemon confertus

Penstemon eatonii

Penstemon grandiflorus War Axe mix

Penstemon heterophyllus

Penstemon heterophyllus Blue Springs

Penstemon palmeri

Penstemon pseudospectabilis

Penstemon smallii

Penstemon strictus

Penstemon virens

Penstemon whippleanus

Perovskia atriplicifolia

Perovskia atriplicifolia Blue Steel

Perovskia atriplicifolia Taiga

Petalostylis labicheoides

Petrophile serruriae

Petrophile teretifolia

Phacelia bolanderi

Phacelia campanularia

Phacelia sericea

Phedimus selskianus

Phillyrea angustifolia

Phillyrea latifolia

Phlomis chrysophylla

Phlomis fruticosa

Phlomis italica

Phlomis lychnitis

Phlomis purpurea

Phlomis russeliana

Phlomis samia

Pimelea ammocharis

Pistacia atlantica

Pistacia lentiscus c.s.

Pistacia vera

Pithecellobium flexicaule

Pittosporum phillyraeoides

Pittosporum tobira

Podolobium ilicifolium

Polygala pinifolia

Pomaderris kumeraho

Prismatocarpus crispus

Prochnianthes mexicana

Prosopis juliflora

Prosopis pubescens

Prosopis uniflora

Protea laurifolia

Protea lorifolia

Prumnopitys taxifolia

Pseudopanax ferox

Psorothamnus spinosus

Pteronia glauca

Ptilotus manglesii

Ptilotus obovatus b.s.

Ptilotus obovatus c.s.

Punica granatum

Punica granatum Nana

Punica granatum Nana Orange Master dwarf

Pycnanthemum virginianum

Quercus coccifera svs

Quercus douglasii svs

Quercus ilex svs

Quercus virginiana

Regelia ciliata

Regelia cymbifolia

Regelia inops

Regelia velutina

Retama monosperma

Retama raetam

Rhamnus alaternus

Rhigozum obovatum

Rhodanthe floribunda

Rhodanthe polygalifolia

Rhodiola atropurpurea

Rhodocoma arida

Rhus glabra

Rhus trilobata

Romneya coulteri

Romulea hirta

Rosa banksiae

Rosa brunonii

Rosa chinensis

Rosa chinensis Tokyo Rose mix

Rosa chinensis v. minima Angel Wings

Rosa chinensis v. minima Fairy Rose - Angel Rose

Rosa moschata

Rosa primula d.b.

Rosmarinus officinalis Rosita

Rudbeckia fulgida v deamii

Ruellia humilis

Ruscus aculeatus

Ruta graveolens

Sabal mexicana

Salvia africana-lutea

Salvia apiana

Salvia argentea

Salvia barrelieri

Salvia clevelandii hybrids seed ex Winnifred Gilma

Salvia coccinea

Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Coral Nymph dwarf

Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Forest Fire

Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Lady in Red

Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Sage Mixture

Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Snow Nymph

Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel Lavender

Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel Pink

Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel Red

Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel White

Salvia columbariae

Salvia daghestanica

Salvia disermas pink form

Salvia disermas white form

Salvia forsskaolei

Salvia hians

Salvia hispanica Chia

Salvia hispanica organic seed

Salvia macrophylla purple under leaf

Salvia macrophylla upright form

Salvia mellifera

Salvia pachyphylla

Salvia sclarea Clary

Sansevieria hyacinthoides

Santolina chamaecyparissus

Santolina chamaecyparissus ssp tomentosa organic s

Santolina chamaecyparissus ssp viridis

Santolina rosmarinifolia

Satureja montana Citriodora

Satureja montana Winter Savory

Satureja montana Winter Savory organic seed

Satureja subspicata organic seed

Scabiosa cretica silvery leaved form

Schinus molle

Schizachyrium scoparium

Schoenia filifolia ssp subulifolia

Schotia afra

Scutellaria baicalensis

Scutellaria baicalensis BLBP 02

Scutellaria baicalensis organic seeds

Scutellaria baicalensis Oriental Blue

Searsia ciliata

Searsia lancea

Searsia leptodictya

Searsia longispina

Sedum album

Sedum kamtschaticum

Sedum ochroleucum

Sedum telephium

Sempervivum montanum

Sempervivum spp. and vars. mix

Sempervivum tectorum

Senecio cineraria Candicans

Senecio cineraria Cirrus

Senecio cineraria Diamond

Senecio cineraria Silver Dust

Senecio cineraria Silver Dust pellets

Senna artemisioides

Senna artemisioides ssp. coriacea

Senna covesii

Senna glutinosa ssp. ferraria

Senna glutinosa ssp. glutinosa

Senna glutinosa ssp. pruinosa

Senna pleurocarpa v. pleurocarpa

Sesbania punicea

Sesleria sadleriana

Sideritis scardica Ossa

Silene Shocking Pink

Simmondsia chinensis

Solanum sturtianum

Spartium junceum

Sporobolus airoides

Stachys cretica

Stachys palaestina

Stipa barbata

Stipa barbata Silver Feather

Stipa calamagrostis

Stipa capillata

Stipa elegantissima c.s.

Stipa gigantea

Stipa pennata

Stipa tenacissima

Stomatium alboroseum

Stylobasium spathulatum

Swainsona canescens

Swainsona formosa

Swainsona galegifolia

Swainsona stipularis

Swainsona swainsonioides

Syncarpha milleflora

Talinum calycinum

Tanacetum cinerariifolium

Tanacetum cinerariifolium High Potency

Tanacetum cinerariifolium organic seeds

Tarchonanthus camphoratus

Templetonia egena

Templetonia retusa

Tetraclinis articulata

Tetradenia barberae

Tetradenia riparia

Tetradium daniellii

Tetragonia tetragonioides

Teucrium chamaedrys

Teucrium chamaedrys wild form

Teucrium flavum

Teucrium hircanicum

Teucrium lucidrys x (name unresolved)

Thamnochortus platypteris

Themeda triandra c.s. eastern states

Thymus capitatus

Thymus mastichina

Thymus serpyllum

Thymus serpyllum Magic Carpet lemon thyme

Thymus serpyllum organic seed

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Tradescantia ohiensis

Tripleurospermum maritimum

Turf consolidation mix for arid conditions

Tylecodon wallichii

Ursinia sericea

Ventilago viminalis

Verbena bonariensis

Verbena tenuisecta Desert Jewels Mixed

Verbena tenuisecta Lady Vervaine mixed

Verbena tenuisecta purple

Viburnum tinus

Vitex agnus-castus hort. c.s.

Vitex agnus-castus organic hort

Vitex doniana prov. Turiani Tanzania

Vitex negundo

Washingtonia filifera

Washingtonia robusta

Washingtonia sp. Filibusta

Willdenowia incurvata

Xanthorrhoea drummondii

Xanthorrhoea johnsonii

Xerophyllum tenax

Xerophyta viscosa

Yakirra australiensis

Yucca aloifolia

Yucca angustissima

Yucca arkansana

Yucca baccata

Yucca baileyi

Yucca brevifolia

Yucca brevifolia v. jaegeriana

Yucca campestris

Yucca carnerosana

Yucca cernua

Yucca coahuilensis

Yucca constricta

Yucca declinata

Yucca elata

Yucca elata v. verdiensis

Yucca elephantipes

Yucca filamentosa

Yucca filifera

Yucca flaccida

Yucca glauca

Yucca glauca ssp. albertana

Yucca harrimaniae

Yucca lacandonica

Yucca mixtecana

Yucca neomexicana

Yucca reverchonii

Yucca rigida

Yucca rostrata

Yucca schidigera

Yucca thompsoniana

Yucca torreyi

Yucca valida

Yucca whipplei ssp whipplei

Zinnia f1 Short Stuff Mixed

Zinnia grandiflora

Ziziphus jujuba b.s.

Ziziphus jujuba v. spinosa b.s.

Zoysia japonica

Zygochloa paradoxa

Botanical name
Common Name

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