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Fungus Mycelium
Seed price-list: 184

Currently available Fungus Mycelium: Species for which we have prices.
Fungus Mycelium Photos

Click here for the complete Fungus Mycelium including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Symgrow is a range of advanced certified ORGANIC mycorrhizal soil treatment agents that enable faster, healthier root growth by fungal symbiosis, and consequent healthier and faster plant development with improved resistance to adverse conditions Each type of Symgrow contains spores of a spectrum of fungus species to suit the specific application

For the smaller application and for convenience, Symgrow Tablets are recommended. These tablets, containing 12 species of mycorrhizal fungi, may be used singly for small pot or garden plants, or several tablets each for larger plants, shrubs and small trees

Symgrow Micronised Endo-Ecto Seed Mix contains 4 species of endo- and 7 species of ectomycorrhizal fungi, and is used for coating seeds before sowing, enhancing root system growth and disease resistance. The 1 ounce pack of powder is sufficient to coat 1 pound of seeds (28 grams powder,- 450 grams seeds) The powder may also be applied to seed rows before or during sowing by hand or machine, and may be applied, well mixed, with other powdered products This inoculum may be well mixed with planting soil before or during filling pots and trays, - it may also be mixed into compost solutions at 1 pound per 50 gallons (450 grams powder to 190 litres of solution)

Symgrow Soluble for Potting Soils contains 11 species of endo- and 9 species of ectomycorrhizal fungi, 2 species of Trichoderma and 19 species of beneficial bacteria. It is an effective addition to rooting media and potting composts, also very good for root injection, in porous planting media, and for spraying wrapped root balls before backfilling. For these purposes 1 ounce of soluble powder should be mixed in 12 gallons of water (28 grams of powder to 55 litres) 1 ounce in solution will treat 125-250 plants covering an area of 250 square feet (28 grams to 55 sq. metres)

Symgrow Root Tip Gel provides for quick recovery on transplant and subsequent luxuriant growth of garden, landscape and potted plants & shrubs, significantly reducing transplant shock, drought stress and diseases. It contains the same 12 species of fungi as Symgrow Tablets, plus humic acids, vitamins, kelp, cytokinins and polymers to help retain moisture and stick to the root. One ounce of powder dissolved in 1 quart of water (28 grams to 1.1 litres) can inoculate up to 60 plants, and pro rata

Symgrow for Vegetables contains a blend of mycorrhizal species selected specifically for vegetables. It may be applied directly to roots on planting, or to the base of plant cuttings, banded in plant rows, or mixed directly into pots or trays

Symgrow for Lawns consists of 3 species of endomycorrhizal fungi, plus additional beneficial organisms for control of lawn disease related pathogens. Recommended application rate is 2 to 7 pounds per 1000 sq. feet (1-3 kg. per 90 sq. metres) during preparation of a new lawn, or at periodic aeration of existing lawn

Symgrow Hydro for hydroponic applications consists of 4 endomycorrhizal fungi species reduced to below 220 micron particle size, and suitable for circulatory or spray systems at 2 grams or more per gallon of water (4 grams or more per 10 litres)

* Appropriate filter masks should always be used when handling fine powders *
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Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Acer pseudoplatanus select stand UK

Agaricus campestris white

Armillaria mellea dried mycelium preparation

Coprinus comatus dried mycelium preparation

Edible fungus nutrient substrate dried 30 x 30cm.

Flammulina velutipes dried mycelium preparation

Ganoderma lucidum mycelium plugs

Grifolia frondosa mycelium plugs

Hericium abietis mycelium plugs

Laetiporus conifericola

Lentilula edodes mycelium plugs

Lentinus edodes dried mycelium preparation

Matthiola incana White Wonder

Pholiota aegerita dried mycelium preparation

Pleurotus cornucopiae dried mycelium preparation

Pleurotus eryngii dried mycelium preparation

Pleurotus ostreatus dried mycelium preparation

Pleurotus ostreatus mycelium plugs

Pleurotus pulmonarius

Pleurotus salmonarius dried mycelium preparation

Stropharia ferrii dried mycelium preparation

Symgrow for Lawns organic

Symgrow for Vegetables organic

Symgrow Root Tip Gel organic

Trametes versicolor

Botanical name
Common Name

Search Fungus Mycelium by Hardiness Zone
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Search Fungus Mycelium by height
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