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Organic Seeds from Certified Sources
Seed price-list: 148

Currently available Organic Seeds from Certified Sources: Species for which we have prices.
Organic Seeds from Certified Sources Photos

Click here for the complete Organic Seeds from Certified Sources including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Common Name

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Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Achillea millefolium organic seeds

Achillea millefolium Proa organic seed

Acmella oleracea fa purpurea

Acmella oleracea fa purpurea organic seed

Agastache aurantiaca Apricot Sprite organic seed

Agastache foeniculum organic seed

Agastache rugosa Korean Mint - Zest organic seed

Agastache rugosa Liquorice Blue organic

Agastache rugosa organic seed

Agastache rupestris organic seed

Agrimonia eupatoria organic seed

Agrimonia procera organic seed

Agrostemma githago organic seed

Ajuga reptans organic seed

Alcea rosea Nigra Jet Black organic seed

Alchemilla xanthochlora organic seeds

Allium cepa 8006 salad onion

Allium cepa f1 Hytech organic seed

Allium cepa Gabriella organic seed

Allium cepa North Holland Blood Red organic seed

Allium cepa Sturon organic

Allium cepa White Lisbon organic seed

Allium fistulosum organic seed

Allium fistulosum salad onion sel. 8007

Allium porrum Atlanta organic

Allium porrum Bandit organic seed

Allium porrum Geant d Hiver sel. Hannibal organic

Allium porrum Tadorna organic

Allium ramosum organic seed

Allium schoenoprasum medium lvd. organic seeds

Allium schoenoprasum Polyvit organic seeds

Allium tuberosum organic seed

Allium ursinum organic seed

Althaea officinalis organic seed

Amaranthus hypochondriacus Grain dOr organic seed

Amaranthus tricolor Golden

Amaranthus tricolor Golden organic seed

Ammi visnaga organic seed

Anacyclus pyrethrum organic seed

Anacyclus pyrethrum v depressus Silberkissen organ

Anchusa officinalis organic seeds

Anethum graveolens Diana organic

Anethum graveolens Dukat for micro dill dukat

Anethum graveolens Dukat organic seed

Anethum graveolens Greensleeves organic

Anethum graveolens Hera organic

Anethum graveolens Mammoth organic seed

Anethum graveolens organic seed

Angelica archangelica organic

Angelica dahurica organic seeds

Anthoxanthum odoratum organic seed

Anthriscus cerefolium Crispum organic

Anthriscus cerefolium Fijne Krul organic seed

Anthyllis vulneraria cs organic seed

Apium graveolens Celery Utah organic seed

Apium graveolens v rapaceum Celeriac Prinz organic

Aquilegia chrysantha Denver Gold organic seed

Aquilegia vulgaris organic seed

Arctium lappa organic seed

Aristolochia clematitis organic seed

Artemesia absinthum organic seed

Artemisia absinthium Silverado organic seeds

Artemisia annua organic seed

Artemisia dracunculus Russian Tarragon organic

Artemisia scoparia

Asclepias tuberosa organic seed

Asclepias tuberosa Oro organic

Astragalus mongholicus organic seed

Astragalus propinquus organic seed

Atropa belladonna organic seed

Avena sativa Cayuse organic seed

Barbarea vulgaris organic

Bellis perennis organic seeds

Berlandiera lyrata organic seed

Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Bolivar organi

Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Chioggia organ

Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Detroit 2 Boli

Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Detroit 2 orga

Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Detroit Dark R

Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris f1 Beetroot Red Ace

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Bulls Blood organic see

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Chard Rhubarb organic s

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Erbette organic

Beta vulgaris v flavescens Large Ribbed Dark Green

Blitum bonus-henricus cs organic seed

Blitum capitatum organic seed

Borago officinalis Alba organic seed

Borago officinalis organic seed

Brassica juncea Mustard Osaka Purple organic seed

Brassica juncea Mustard Red Giant organic seed

Brassica juncea Mustard Sefiron organic seed

Brassica juncea Mustard sprouting seed organic

Brassica napus Swede Lomond organic seed

Brassica oleracea Broccoletti sprouting seeds orga

Brassica oleracea Broccoli de Ciccio organic

Brassica oleracea Brussels Groninger organic seed

Brassica oleracea Cabbage Cuor di Bue organic seed

Brassica oleracea Cabbage Enkhuizen Glory organic

Brassica oleracea Calabrese Green Sprouting organi

Brassica oleracea Cauliflower Goodman organic seed

Brassica oleracea Cauliflower Snowball organic see

Brassica oleracea f1 Broccoli Santee organic seed

Brassica oleracea f1 Brussels Nautic organic seed

Brassica oleracea f1 Cabbage Kalibro

Brassica oleracea f1 Calabrese Fiesta organic seed

Brassica oleracea f1 Cauliflower Belot organic see

Brassica oleracea f1 Cauliflower Goodman organic s

Brassica oleracea f1 Cauliflower Medaillon organic

Brassica oleracea f1 Cauliflower Veronica green or

Brassica oleracea f1 Cauliflower Veronica Romanesc

Brassica oleracea f1 Savoy Cantasa organic

Brassica oleracea Kale Lacinato Rainbow organic se

Brassica oleracea Kale Westland Winter organic

Brassica oleracea Kohl-rabi Azur Star organic seed

Brassica oleracea Savoy Vertus organic seed

Brassica rapa Feuilles de navet Namenia organic se

Brassica rapa Mizuna Green organic seed

Brassica rapa Pak Choi Tatsoi organic seed

Brassica rapa ssp japonica Mizuna organic

Brassica rapa Turnip Purple Top Milan organic seed

Bulbine frutescens organic seed

Bupleurum rotundifolium Griffithii organic

Calendula officinalis Erfurter Orange farbigen org

Calendula officinalis Mayaan organic

Calendula officinalis organic seed

Calendula officinalis Triangle Flashback organic

Calluna vulgaris cs organic seed

Caltha palustris organic seed

Camelina sativa organic seed

Camellia sinensis organic svs

Campanula rapunculus organic seed

Capsicum annuum California Wonder organic seed

Capsicum annuum Californian Wonder Golden organic

Capsicum annuum Cayenne organic

Capsicum annuum f1 Bendigo organic seed

Capsicum annuum Golden Greek Pepperoncini organic

Capsicum annuum Hungarian Hot Wax organic seed

Capsicum annuum Wisconsin Lakes

Capsicum baccatum Criolla Sella

Capsicum baccatum v baccatum Bolivian Wild

Capsicum chinense f1 Habanero Orange organic seeds

Cardamine pratensis organic seed

Cardiospermum halicacabum organic seed

Carlina acaulis ssp caulescens organic seed

Carthamus tinctorius organic seed

Carthamus tinctorius Zanzibar organic

Carum carvi organic seed

Centaurea atropurpurea organic seed

Centaurea cyanus organic seed

Centaurea cyanus wild form organic seed

Centaurea montana organic seed

Chamaemelum nobile organic seed

Chasmanthium latifolium c.s. organic

Chelidonium majus organic seed

Chenopodium foliosum organic seed

Cicer arietinum Chick Pea sprouting organic seed

Cichorium endivia Blond Full Heart organic

Cichorium endivia Pancalieri organic seed

Cichorium intybus Chicory Pain de Sucre organic se

Cichorium intybus Grumolo Verde organic seeds

Cichorium intybus Palla Rossa 3 organic seed

Cichorium intybus Pan di Zucchero organic seeds

Cicorium intybus Chicory Leonardo organic seed

Citrullus lanatus Crimson Sweet organic seed

Citrullus lanatus Malali organic

Claytonia perfoliata organic seed

Clematis integrifolia organic seed

Clinopodium nepeta organic seeds

Cnicus benedictus organic seed

Cnidium monnieri organic seed

Cochlearia officinalis organic seed

Codonopsis pilosula organic seed

Colchicum autumnale organic seed

Coriandrum sativum Cilantro Santo organic seed

Coriandrum sativum Coriander Slow Bolt organic see

Coriandrum sativum Jantar 2x oil

Coriandrum sativum Marino organic seed

Coriandrum sativum organic seed

Coriandrum sativum Rani leaf Coriander organic

Coriandrum sativum Spice Coriander for seed organi

Cota tinctoria organic seed

Cucumis melo Hales Best Jumbo organic seed

Cucumis sativus Diamant gherkin organic seed

Cucumis sativus f1 Flamingo organic seed

Cucumis sativus f1 Styx organic seed

Cucumis sativus Marketmore ridge organic

Cucumis sativus Tanja organic seed

Cucurbita maxima Marina di Chioggia organic seed

Cucurbita moschata Waltham Butternut organic seed

Cucurbita pepo f1 Mashed Potato white acorn squash

Cucurbita pepo f1 Parthenon courgette organic seed

Cucurbita pepo Genovese courgette organic seed

Cucurbita pepo Nero di Milano courgette organic

Cucurbita pepo Uchiki Kuri organic seed

Cucurbita pepo Waltham Butternut organic

Cucurbita pepo Zucchini Black

Cucurbita pepo Zucchini Goldy organic seed

Cynara cardunculus Cardoon organic seed

Cynara scolymus Arad organic seed

Cynoglossum officinale organic seed

Daucus carota ssp sativa Amsterdam BAK2 Amfine ear

Daucus carota ssp sativa Autumn King 2 organic see

Daucus carota ssp sativa Berlikum 2 organic seed

Daucus carota ssp sativa Early Nantes 2 organic se

Daucus carota ssp sativa f1 Flyaway organic seed

Daucus carota ssp sativa f1 Napoli organic seed

Daucus carota ssp sativa f1 Resistafly organic see

Daucus carota ssp sativa f1 Starca organic seed

Daucus carota ssp sativa f1 White Satin organic se

Daucus carota ssp sativa Flakkee organic seed

Daucus carota ssp sativa Nantes 2 organic seed

Daucus carota ssp sativa Resistafly organic

Dianthus carthusianorum organic seed

Dianthus superbus organic seed

Digitalis grandiflora organic seed

Digitalis lanata Cafe Creme organic seed

Digitalis lanata organic seed

Digitalis purpurea Berggold high digitalin organic

Digitalis purpurea ssp purpurea organic seed

Diplotaxis erucoides organic seed

Diplotaxis tenuifolia organic seed

Dorycnium hirsutum organic seed

Dracocephalum moldavicum Arat high oil organic

Dracocephalum moldavicum organic seed

Echinacea angustifolia organic seeds

Echinacea pallida organic seed

Echinacea paradoxa organic seed

Echinacea purpurea organic seed

Echinacea tennesseensis organic seed

Echinacea tennesseensis Rocky Top Hybrids organic

Echinops ritro c.s. organic seed

Echium russicum organic seed

Echium vulgare organic seed

Epilobium angustifolium organic seed

Epilobium hirsutum organic seeds

Eruca vesicaria ssp sativa organic seed

Eruca vesicaria ssp sativa Rocket organic seed

Eruca vesicaria ssp sativa Rocket sprouting seed o

Eruca vesicaria ssp sativa Victoria organic seed

Eruca vesicaria Wild Rocket organic seed

Eryngium maritimum organic seed

Eschscholzia californica organic seed

Eupatorium cannabinum organic seed

Euphorbia lathyris organic seed

Filipendula ulmaria organic seed

Foeniculum vulgare f1 Orion bulbing fennel organic

Foeniculum vulgare organic seed

Foeniculum vulgare Purpureum - Bronze organic seed

Foeniculum vulgare Zefa Fino bulbing fennel organi

Fragaria vesca Alexandria organic seed

Fragaria vesca organic seed

Galega officinalis organic seed

Galium verum organic seed

Gentiana asclepiadea organic seed

Geranium robertianum organic seed

Geum urbanum organic seed

Glaucium flavum organic seed

Glycyrrhiza echinata organic seed

Glycyrrhiza glabra organic seed

Gomphrena globosa Tall Mixture o p rs

Grindelia robusta organic seeds

Hedera helix organic seed

Helianthus annuus Giant Single Head organic seed

Helianthus annuus Henry Wilde organic seeds

Helichrysum italicum organic seed

Humulus lupulus organic seed

Hyoscyamus niger organic seed

Hypericum perforatum organic seed

Hypericum perforatum Taubertal organic seed

Hypericum perforatum Topaz organic seed

Hyssopus officinalis organic seeds

Inula helenium organic seeds

Iris pseudacorus organic seed

Iris sibirica wild form organic seed

Iris versicolor organic seed

Lactuca sativa Attraktion organic seed

Lactuca sativa Batavian - Laibacher Eis organic se

Lactuca sativa Bergamo organic seed

Lactuca sativa Buttercrunch organic

Lactuca sativa Cantarix red salad organic seed

Lactuca sativa Deer-Tongue Red organic seed

Lactuca sativa Eraclea organic seed

Lactuca sativa Four Seasons - Vierjahreszeiten org

Lactuca sativa Gilaad organic seed

Lactuca sativa Grasse de Morges romaine organic

Lactuca sativa Green Oakleaf organic seed

Lactuca sativa Jabeque organic seed

Lactuca sativa Lollo Bionda organic seed

Lactuca sativa Lollo Rossa organic seed

Lactuca sativa Matilda butterhead organic seed

Lactuca sativa Maureen little gem type organic

Lactuca sativa May King organic seed

Lactuca sativa Merveille d Hiver organic seed

Lactuca sativa Merveille des Quatre Saisons organi

Lactuca sativa Oak Leaf green organic

Lactuca sativa Oak Leaf red organic

Lactuca sativa Paris Island Cos organic seed

Lactuca sativa Pomegranate Crunch organic seed

Lactuca sativa Robella oakleaf organic seeds

Lactuca sativa Roxy butterhead organic

Lactuca sativa Rubens cos organic

Lactuca sativa Salad Bowl Green organic seed

Lactuca sativa Salad Bowl Red organic seed

Lactuca sativa Salad Mix - Mesclun organic seed

Lactuca sativa Saladin organic seed

Lactuca sativa Tonale iceberg organic seed

Lactuca sativa Tonale iceberg organic seeds

Lactuca sativa Tuska multi-leaf red organic seed

Lactuca sativa Wintercrop butterhead organic seed

Lactuca sativa Winterwunder pommee organic seed

Lathyrus odoratus Old Spice Mixed organic seed

Lavandula angustifolia Munstead organic seed

Lavandula angustifolia organic seed

Lavandula latifolia organic seed

Lens culinaris della Val di Nievole organic seed

Lens culinaris Lentil sprouting seed organic

Leonurus cardiaca organic seeds

Lepidium sativum

Lepidium sativum organic seed

Lepidium sativum Sprint organic fast cress

Leuzea carthamoides organic seed

Levisticum officinale organic seeds

Lobelia inflata organic seed

Lolium multiflorum Westerwold green manure organic

Lycium barbarum c.s. organic seed

Lycopersicon esculentum Cornue des Andes

Lycopersicon esculentum Gardeners Delight organic

Lycopersicon esculentum Matina organic seed

Lycopersicon esculentum Moneymaker organic seed

Lycopersicon esculentum St. Pierre organic seed

Lycopersicon esculentum Sweetie organic seed

Lycopersicon esculentum Yellow Perfection organic

Lycopus europaeus organic seed

Lysimachia vulgaris organic seed

Lythrum salicaria organic seed

Malva sylvestris organic seed

Malva sylvestris v. mauritiana organic seeds

Malva sylvestris Zebrina organic seed

Marrubium vulgare organic seed

Marrubium vulgare Pompon organic seeds

Matricaria recutita Chamomile organic seed

Matricaria recutita Zloty Lan high oil organic see

Medicago sativa cover crop green manure organic se

Medicago sativa sprouting seed organic

Melilotus officinalis organic seed

Melissa officinalis Lemona organic seed

Melissa officinalis organic seed

Melissa officinalis Quedlinburger Niederliegende o

Melissa officinalis ssp. altissima organic seed

Mentha aquatica organic seed

Mentha pulegium organic seed

Mentha spicata organic seed

Mirabilis jalapa mix organic seed

Monarda didyma organic seed

Monarda fistulosa organic seed

Myosotis alpestris organic seed

Myrrhis odorata organic seed

Nasturtium officinale organic seed

Nepeta cataria organic seed

Nepeta racemosa organic seeds

Nigella sativa organic seed

Ocimum americanum Lemon Basil organic seed

Ocimum americanum Lime Basil organic seed

Ocimum americanum organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Aromatto organic

Ocimum basilicum Ashalim super sweet organic

Ocimum basilicum Bush fine leaved organic seeds

Ocimum basilicum Cardinal organic

Ocimum basilicum Chen super sweet organic

Ocimum basilicum Cinnamon Basil organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Corsican Basil organic seed

Ocimum basilicum f1 Adi organic seed

Ocimum basilicum f1 Genovese Aroma 2 organic seed

Ocimum basilicum f1 Nufar organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Fino Verde organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Genovese organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Monica

Ocimum basilicum Napolitano organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Persian Basil organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Petra organic

Ocimum basilicum Purpureum - Dark Opal organic see

Ocimum basilicum Romanesco organic seeds

Ocimum basilicum Rosie organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Sweet Basil organic

Ocimum basilicum Sweet Genovese organic seed

Ocimum basilicum Thai Basil organic seed

Ocimum basilicum v. purpurascens Red Rubin organic

Ocimum basilicum x

Ocimum minimum organic seed

Ocvimum basilicum f1 Nufar organic

Oenothera biennis organic seed

Origanum majorana organic seed

Origanum onites organic seed

Origanum syriacum organic seed

Origanum syriacum Zaatar Cleopatra

Origanum vulgare organic seeds

Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum organic seeds

Paeonia officinalis ssp. banatica organic seed

Papaver rhoeas organic seed

Papaver somniferum mix organic seed

Pastinaca sativa organic seeds

Perilla frutescens v crispa Shiso Green for micro

Perilla frutescens v crispa Shiso Red organic seed

Petasites hybridus organic seeds

Petroselinum crispum curly organic seed

Petroselinum crispum double curled organic seed

Petroselinum crispum Green Pearl organic seed

Petroselinum crispum Italian Giant organic seed

Petroselinum crispum Mooskrause organic seed

Petroselinum crispum moss curled organic seed

Petroselinum crispum plain leaved organic seed

Petroselinum crispum smooth organic

Petroselinum crispum v tuberosum Hamburg organic s

Peucedanum ostruthium organic seeds

Phacelia tanacetifolia green manure organic seed

Phaseolus coccineus Enorma organic seed

Phaseolus coccineus Lady Di runner bean organic se

Phaseolus coccineus Scarlet Emperor runner bean or

Phaseolus vulgaris Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco organi

Phaseolus vulgaris Cannellino organic

Phaseolus vulgaris Cantare French dwarf bean organ

Phaseolus vulgaris Cobra organic seed

Phaseolus vulgaris Domino organic seed

Phaseolus vulgaris Helda organic seed

Phaseolus vulgaris Markant organic seed

Phaseolus vulgaris Parker dwarf French bean treate

Physalis alkekengi v franchetii Gigantea organic s

Physalis peruviana Colombia Select

Pimpinella anisum organic seed

Pimpinella saxifraga hort. organic seed

Pisum sativum Kelvedon Wonder organic

Pisum sativum Norli mangetout organic

Pisum sativum Progress No 9 organic seed

Pisum sativum Rondo organic seed

Plantago asiatica organic seed

Plantago coronopus Minutina organic seed

Plantago lanceolata Libor organic seed

Plantago lanceolata organic

Plantago major Atropurpurea organic seed

Plantago major organic seed

Platycodon grandiflorus organic seed

Polemonium caeruleum Pearl Blue organic seed

Pollen and Nectar Mix annual 4 spp.

Primula veris organic seeds

Prunella vulgaris BLBP 01 organic seed

Prunella vulgaris organic

Pulmonaria officinalis organic seeds

Pulsatilla nigricans organic seed

Pycnanthemum pilosum organic seed

Raphanus sativus Leaf Radish Daikon for micro radi

Raphanus sativus Radish Black Spanish round organi

Raphanus sativus Radish Cherry Belle organic seed

Raphanus sativus Radish French Breakfast 3 organic

Raphanus sativus Radish Giant of Sicily organic se

Raphanus sativus Radish Long White Daikon organic

Raphanus sativus Radish Mixed Varieties organic se

Raphanus sativus Radish Rudolph organic seed

Raphanus sativus Radish Saxa 2 early round organic

Raphanus sativus Radish Scarlet Globe organic seed

Raphanus sativus Radish Sparkler organic seed

Raphanus sativus Radish White Pearl organic seed

Rehmannia glutinosa

Reseda lutea organic seed

Rheum hybridum x Glaskins Perpetual organic seed

Rheum hybridum x organic seeds

Rheum hybridum x Victoria organic seed

Rheum rhabarbarum x organic seed

Rosmarinus officinalis organic seeds

Rumex acetosa organic seed

Rumex acetosa Sorrel Green de Belleville organic s

Rumex acetosella organic seed

Rumex sanguineus v. sanguineus c.s. organic seed

Ruta graveolens organic seed

Salvia judaica Jerusalem Purple organic

Salvia officinalis organic seeds

Salvia sclarea organic seed

Sanguisorba minor organic

Sanicula europaea organic seed

Santolina villosa organic seed

Saponaria officinalis organic seed

Satureja hortensis Summer Savory organic seed

Satureja montana Winter Savory organic seed

Scutellaria baicalensis organic seeds

Scutellaria barbata organic

Secale cereale organic

Sedum rupestre organic seed

Sideritis syriaca organic seed

Silene flos-cuculi organic seed

Silybum marianum organic seed

Sinapis alba White Mustard organic seed

Sinapis alba White Mustard sprouting seed organic

Solanum melongena Black Beauty organic seed

Solanum melongena Long Purple organic seed

Solidago virgaurea organic seed

Spinacia oleracea f1 Palco organic seed

Spinacia oleracea Spinach American Giant organic s

Spinacia oleracea Spinach Giant Winter - Viroflex

Spinacia oleracea Spinach Matador organic seed

Stachys officinalis organic seed

Stevia rebaudiana organic seed

Stureja hortensis

Symgrow for Lawns organic

Symgrow for Vegetables organic

Symgrow Root Tip Gel organic

Symphytum officinale organic seed

Tagetes lucida organic seed

Tanacetum balsamita organic seed

Tanacetum cinerariifolium organic seeds

Tanacetum parthenium organic seed

Tanacetum vulgare organic seed

Taraxacum officinale organic seed

Thymus pulegioides organic seed

Thymus serpyllum organic seed

Thymus vulgaris French Summer - Provence Thyme org

Thymus vulgaris organic seed

Thymus vulgaris Thyme-English-German Winter organi

Trifolium incarnatum organic green manure

Trifolium pratense organic

Trifolium pratense Red Clover sprouting seed organ

Trifolium repens organic seed green manure

Trigonella caerulea organic seed

Trigonella foenum-graecum organic seed

Trigonella foenum-graecum sprouting seed organic

Triticum aestivum organic seed

Tropaeolum minus Jewel Mix organic seed

Tropaeolum minus organic seed

Tropaeolum peltophorum Tall Single Mixed organic

Tussilago farfara organic seed

Urtica dioica organic seed

Vaccinium vitis-idaea c.s. organic seed

Valeriana officinalis BLBP 19 organic seed

Valeriana officinalis organic seed

Valerianella locusta organic

Valerianella locusta Vit organic seed

Verbascum densiflorum organic seed

Verbascum nigrum organic seed

Verbascum thapsus organic

Verbena bonariensis organic seed

Verbena officinalis organic seed

Vicia faba Aquadulce broad bean organic seed

Vicia faba Aquadulce Super organic

Vicia faba Express organic seed

Vicia faba Witkiem Manita organic seed

Vicia sativa Tares green manure organic seed

Vigna angularis Adzuki Bean sprouting seeds organi

Vigna radiata Mung Bean sprouting seed organic

Viola tricolor Gemini

Viola tricolor organic seed

Vitex agnus-castus organic hort

Xanthium sibiricum organic seeds

Botanical name
Common Name

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