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Street Tree Seeds
Seed price-list: 179

Currently available Street Tree Seeds: Species for which we have prices.
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Click here for the complete Street Tree Seeds including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Botanical name
Common Name

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Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Acacia acuminata

Acacia baileyana

Acacia baileyana Purpurea

Acacia bidwillii

Acacia dunnii

Acacia fimbriata

Acacia fimbriata hardy N Z

Acacia floribunda

Acacia floribunda hardy N Z

Acacia iteaphylla

Acacia longifolia

Acacia oshanesii

Acacia pendula

Acacia podalyriifolia

Acacia pravissima

Acacia prominens

Acacia pycnantha

Acacia retinodes

Acacia retinodes blue leaf form

Acacia salicina

Acacia spectabilis

Acacia stenophylla

Acmena smithii svs

Agonis flexuosa

Aleurites moluccana

Allocasuarina torulosa

Alphitonia excelsa b.s. reveg. grade svs

Alphitonia excelsa c.s. svs

Alphitonia petriei svs

Angophora costata

Angophora floribunda

Archontophoenix alexandrae

Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

Athrotaxis selaginoides

Banksia integrifolia

Betula pendula b.s.

Betula pendula c.s.

Brachychiton acerifolius

Brachychiton australis

Brachychiton bidwillii

Brachychiton discolor

Brachychiton diversifolius

Brachychiton populneus

Buckinghamia celsissima

Bursera simaruba

Callistemon citrinus

Callistemon citrinus b.s.

Callistemon coccineus

Callistemon polandii

Callistemon salignus

Callistemon salignus Rubra

Callistemon viminalis

Callitris columellaris

Callitris columellaris fa. intratropica

Calophyllum inophyllum svs

Carpentaria acuminata

Cassia brewsteri

Casuarina cunninghamiana

Casuarina equisetifolia

Casuarina glauca

Casuarina glauca v obesa

Celtis africana

Ceratonia siliqua

Clerodendrum tomentosum

Corymbia ficifolia b.s.

Corymbia ficifolia c.s.

Corymbia maculata b.s.

Corymbia maculata c.s.

Corymbia maculata hardy N Z

Corymbia papuana

Corymbia peltata

Corymbia polycarpa

Corymbia ptychocarpa

Corymbia setosa

Corymbia torelliana

Cupaniopsis anacardioides

Dalbergia sissoo

Dalbergia sissoo prov. Australia

Darlingia darlingiana

Elaeocarpus reticulatus

Erythrina vespertilio

Eucalyptus accedens

Eucalyptus alba

Eucalyptus albopurpurea

Eucalyptus aspratilis

Eucalyptus celastroides ssp celastroides

Eucalyptus cinerea b.s.

Eucalyptus cinerea c.s.

Eucalyptus cinerea coated seed

Eucalyptus cloeziana

Eucalyptus coccifera hardy NZ

Eucalyptus cosmophylla

Eucalyptus crebra

Eucalyptus crenulata

Eucalyptus curtisii

Eucalyptus decipiens

Eucalyptus decurva

Eucalyptus dielsii

Eucalyptus elata

Eucalyptus eremophila b.s.

Eucalyptus eremophila c.s.

Eucalyptus eremophylla red flg. form

Eucalyptus erythronema red - yellow form

Eucalyptus gardneri

Eucalyptus globulus c.s.

Eucalyptus globulus ssp. bicostata

Eucalyptus globulus ssp. maidenii

Eucalyptus globulus ssp. maidenii c.s.

Eucalyptus kitsoniana

Eucalyptus kochii

Eucalyptus kochii ssp. plenissima

Eucalyptus kruseana

Eucalyptus lansdowneana

Eucalyptus lehmannii

Eucalyptus leucoxylon

Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. macrocarpa

Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. megalocarpa

Eucalyptus loxophleba

Eucalyptus macarthurii

Eucalyptus macrandra

Eucalyptus mannifera

Eucalyptus mannifera ssp praecox hardy NZ

Eucalyptus megacornuta b.s.

Eucalyptus melliodora

Eucalyptus melliodora hardy NZ

Eucalyptus microcarpa

Eucalyptus miniata c.s.

Eucalyptus nicholii

Eucalyptus occidentalis

Eucalyptus petiolaris

Eucalyptus phoenicea

Eucalyptus pulchella

Eucalyptus pulchella hardy NZ

Eucalyptus rossii

Eucalyptus rubida

Eucalyptus sargentii

Eucalyptus scoparia

Eucalyptus sideroxylon

Eucalyptus sideroxylon Rosea

Eucalyptus sideroxylon Rosea hardy NZ

Eucalyptus smithii

Eucalyptus spathulata

Eucalyptus spathulata ssp. grandiflora

Eucalyptus steedmanii

Eucalyptus stricklandii

Eucalyptus tereticornis

Eucalyptus torquata

Eucalyptus torquata x woodwardii Torwood

Eucalyptus viminalis

Eucalyptus viminalis c.s.

Eucalyptus viminalis ssp. cygnetensis

Eucalyptus woodwardii

Eucryphia lucida

Ficus macrophylla

Firmiana simplex

Flindersia australis

Flindersia schottiana

Fraxinus griffithii

Fraxinus uhdei

Gleditsia triacanthos

Grevillea robusta

Gymnocladus dioicus

Harpephyllum caffrum

Lagunaria patersonia

Melaleuca bracteata

Melaleuca leucadendra

Melaleuca leucadendra fine leaved form

Melaleuca quinquenervia

Melaleuca styphelioides

Melia azedarach

Melicope elleryana svs

Muntingia calabura

Phoenix dactylifera

Polyalthia longifolia Pendula vsvs

Polyalthia longifolia vsvs

Quercus chrysolepis svs

Robinia pseudoacacia

Schinus molle

Schinus terebinthifolius

Searsia lancea

Swietenia mahagoni

Terminalia catappa

Tilia americana dry seed

Tilia cordata dry seed

Tilia cordata prov. UK

Tilia cordata prov. UK stratified seed

Tilia cordata select EU

Tilia cordata stratified seed

Tristaniopsis laurina

Umbellularia californica

Botanical name
Common Name

Search Street Tree Seeds by Hardiness Zone
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Search Street Tree Seeds by height
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Less than